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May 25, 2022 - Are Kissinger and Soros on the Same Page?

May 24, 2022

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Is the Western coalition against Vladimir Putin fraying as the food and energy crisis deepens, and sanctions have proved self-destructive?

Blue-Checks' Furious After Henry Kissinger Says Ukraine Should Cede Territory For Peace With Russia

As The Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports, Kissinger's comments came amid growing signs that the Western coalition against Vladimir Putin is fraying badly as the food and energy crisis deepens, and that sanctions may have reached their limits.


"Civilization May Not Survive" - George Soros Tells Davos Crowd, Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or Else

    "Other issues that concern all of humanity -- fighting pandemics and climate change, avoiding nuclear war, maintaining global institutions -- have had to take a back seat to that struggle," Soros said, "That's why I say our (((civilization))) may not survive."

George Soros confirms- Putin is our only hope for freedom from the satanist NWO

Reader- "Apparently Soros and Kissinger are not on the same sheet of music on this topic. Soros wants regime change in Russia now. Kissinger has proposed that Ukraine cede the Donbass and Crimea to Russia and pledge neutrality. Kissinger has never been accused of being stupid, even at age 97. He knows enough to see that this situation could turn into a global conflagration, while Soros is fixated on punishing Putin and Russia for opposing the looting of Russia even to a slight degree, as in the Yukos oil nationalization. I never imagined that I would agree with Kissinger about anything. "


FThATr8XsAUMPuf.jpgThis is the real terrifying reason for the PCR test and the 5g. You need to watch this video.

Jim Stone- Texas shooting was a Leftist false flag designed to promote gun control.

The shooter was a transgender.

Buffalo Shooting Video FAKE! Compelling Forensic proof!

Indisputable forensic and investigative evidence that the video purported to be the Buffalo shooting was 100% fake. Professor Jim Fetzer, Private Investigator Brian Davidson, David Scorpio and Giuseppe Vafanculo shred the official Globalist traitorous narrative.

You Can't Make This Up: WHO Recommends PCR Tests For Monkeyhoax. Moderna Starting To Work on a Vaccine

Ron DeSantis: There Is 'No Way' Florida Will Support W.H.O. Global Pandemic Treaty


bancel11.pngModerna CEO Laments 'Throwing 30 Million Doses In The Garbage Because Nobody Wants Them'

"It's sad to say, I'm in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them. We have a big demand problem," Bancel told an audience at the World Economic Forum, adding that attempts to contact various governments to see if anyone wants to pick up the slack was a total fail.

Millions of people are living with a cardiac time bomb.

Every day TV script readers stare at the camera with a straight face and encourage people to send their kids up for this and stupid corrupt doctors administer it. Not a scrap of morality between them.

It is an absolute fact that all the runners who participated in the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday declared that they had been vaccinated for Covid-19.
Again I think this only applies to Israel. My hunch is that the Sanhedrin is in the same camp as Soros and Kissinger. The Rothschild Camp.


How COVID Became the Most Manipulated Disease Event in History

Russell L. Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon, outlines why he believes that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the media and public health officials have fed the public an unending series of lies, distortions and disinformation.

Navy Board Rules Against High Command's Orders Mandating Covid Shots


Western Populations Continue to Be Vaccinated for Illnesses That No Longer Exist in Western Countries


Navy Board Rules Against High Command's Orders Mandating Covid Shots


expose.pngOfficial Data shows Children are up to 303x more likely to die following Covid-19 Vaccination than Unvaccinated Children & the ONS is trying to hide it.

The Republican-controlled Indiana legislature voted to overturn Gov. Eric Holcomb's veto and enact a bill barring boys from participating in girls' sports.

Using 1% of the population to sabotage 99%
    In an effort to be more inclusive and welcoming to the LGBTQ community, the French city of Marseilles has removed mother and father from civil documents and replaced them with the terms "parent 1" and "parent 2".

Marcus Ray and His Forces Stand to Free Canada

Canadians, Soldiers, Police and out of Country Patriots have come together in masses, to end Corrupt Justine Trudaue and all his ASSOCIATED Tyrants.
To set Canada free once and for all !!!  This will come to a head this summer of 2022, there is 11 million Canadians backing them if they need help. Are you willing to stand to free our Country with them now ?


lich.pngMORGAN: The reprehensible persecution of Tamara Lich has to stop

The government actions against Trucker's Convoy organizer Tamara Lich have morphed into an all out vendetta and it's repugnant to behold. Crown prosecutor Moiz Karimjee sounded obsessive as he demanded Lich be tossed back into jail for the most flimsy of perceived bail violations.

Lich a victim of vindictive clowns

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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