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May 28 - We Can Impose Our Will on the World - Klaws Swab

May 27, 2022

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 I had a good interview with Kate Dalley on Friday.

Klaus Schwab issues THREAT to Brazilian president for refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty

"Let's also be clear: The future is not just happening. The future is built by us, a powerful community - you, here in this room. We have the means to impose this state [of the future] on the world," Schwab said in a video posted on Twitter.  So much for democracy.
Globalists have entered the kill phase of Great Reset; Remember the Deagel population forecast? It now makes total sense.

 So the globalists have been meeting this week in Geneva at the World Health Assembly and they have been meeting in Davos at the World Economic Forum summit. The two cities, Geneva and Davos, are both located in Switzerland, about three hours apart by car. Between these two meetings, the globalist predator class will be getting their instructions on what to do and what to expect over the next 12 months. I am calling this 12-month window the opening salvo in the kill phase of the Great Reset.

Schwab opened the meeting at Davos by saying "the future is not just happening; the future is built by us, by a powerful community, as you here in this room."  Schwab said "we must prepare for an angrier world," which I take as a bad sign that the globalists are getting anxious, feeling that if they don't take drastic action soon all their plans to erect an end-times global government could be wasted.

The WEF want complete visibility of what you buy, what you eat, where and when you travel.

Vaccinated BYU Starting Hoops Center -- I will miss the rest of season due to 'heart damage'

Coach Mark Pope -- "He's in the best shape of his life, he's playing the best basketball of his life. He is the emotional leader of this entire team over the last two years."  What the Church-owned Deseret News is not reporting is that the perfectly healthy Harward was coerced by the LDS into getting the Vaccine and had just received an injection 8 days before the incident.

108 out of 800 pregnancies ended in spontaneous abortion in mRNA covid vaccine study. (The New England Journal of Medicine 2021)


We've been down this road before.

There is no need for mass vaccination against monkeypox but contact tracing and isolation remain essential to contain the outbreak, Rosamund Lewis, the head of the World Health Organization's smallpox department, said on Friday.


David Martin said that he is on the Prosecute Now Team and is involved in prosecuting the government of Canada and the US for collaborating on gain-of-function (GOF) research, which is medical research that involves mutating a pathogen to enhance its transmission and lethality in humans, when there was a moratorium on this research. He is also going after individuals, including Anthony Fauci, who violated the moratorium on GOF research. He charges that they have committed premeditated domestic terrorism, premeditated global terrorism and racketeering.

Fluoride.jpgRuss Winter--The Use of the Neurotoxin Fluoride for Influencing Brain Function

The continued use of fluoride in drinking water illustrates just how nasty and malevolent the criminals who rule the United States are. Only 2% of Europe fluoridates water. Fluoride is banned in China, where studies on large populations showed an I.Q. decrease. Parts of Canada have also banned it, as well as Japan and Israel.

More than 17,000 doctors and medical experts, including former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon, are calling for every pharmaceutical company that makes Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines" to be "immediately indicted for fraud."

If you are being coerced to get jabbed, here is what you should do


Senate GOP blocks Jewish "domestic terrorism" bill

All the domestic terrorism is coming from them.


lich.pngAlthough not in jail, Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich still can't be involved in organizing, participating, or signal boosting any protests. She is also banned from social media, restricting her communication with others to phone calls and texts.

Simpsons predicted monkeypox



This is what happens if you give up your guns: Australia announces TWO YEARS in prison for violating covid rules -

Ukrainian troops greatly outnumbered - ABC

Kiev has reportedly admitted its forces in Donbass are greatly outnumbered by the Russian troops. Moscow's forces have seven soldiers in Eastern Ukraine against each individual Ukrainian fighter, a Ukraine-based ABC correspondent, Tom Soufi Burridge, said on Twitter on Wednesday, citing Sergey Nikiforov, a spokesman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Gonzalo Lira believes there will be a coup that will depose Zelensky  after Donbass falls

Political situation is deteriorating on Ukraine-


In Stunning Shift, WaPo Admits Catastrophic-Conditions, Collapsing-Morale Of Ukraine Front-Line Forces

"Ukrainian leaders project an image of military invulnerability against Russia. But commanders offer a more realistic portrait of the war, where outgunned volunteers describe being abandoned by their military brass and facing certain death at the front."


Donkey_And_Carrot_678X.jpgJim Fetzer demolishes Uvalde shooting hoax on speakfreeradio

Fact Hunter George Hobbs hosts famed Sandy Hook debunker Jim Fetzer

The usual ingredients are all there:

    No blood
    No bodies
    No wounded
    No surveillance video of the event
    Cheesy "crying" acting
    Instantly obtained photos of all the victims
    Prearranged vigils popping up within 24 hours
    A "crazy" and dead gunman
    Conflicting and changing accounts

All fake.
Jim Stone- Revised timeline: After thinking a bit, this is probably what really happened with the "shooting"


Reader--"It's like they are discussing how to train or discipline their dogs ! We didn't vote for them but we will have to fight like Hell to keep them from imposing their sick fantasies on us."

floyd-criminal.jpegSalty Cracker

Mural of st. Floyd of fentanyl exacting ghetto communion upon a pregnant birthing person of color. Please make sure you tithe to your local blm to wash away your original sin of whiteness


Altyan Childs encore  -- Almost everyone with power and influence is a Satanist (Freemason)

Listener--"As a former Freemason, I can verify that the secret oaths and hand signs, and prayers are true.  I was shocked by what I heard and watched and truly believe he speaks the truth and sadly the lower degrees have no idea this is going on.  My prayers for his safety."


Tucker points out the lies surrounding shooting story


Why The Biden (((Team))) Is Purposefully Grinding Down The Middle Class

"The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation." ~ Vladimir Lenin

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Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "May 28 - We Can Impose Our Will on the World - Klaws Swab"

Tony B said (May 28, 2022):

You can bet Schwab is desperate. He'll never admit that Putin's Russia has blown his (Rothschild's) "great reset" to hell. Those satanists will do everything they can to establish it in their wholly owned "west" (18% of the world, is it?) but the rest of the world ain't buying anymore. It has to include all nations or the people in the abused nations will eventually overturn it.

Hopefully they push way too hard, too fast, in the US and the people finally get their guns out and get rid of the bastards. All of them.

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