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Headlines - 2021 Monkeypox Simulation: 3.2 Billion "Cases," 271 Million Deaths, May 2022- Dec. 2023

May 22, 2022

pox-map.jpg(Monkey pox has a strange predilection for countries inhabited by white people.)

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A  "tabletop" monkey pox WHO "simulation" which took place in March 2021 had a very exact timeline. (See page 10.)

The first monkeypox case would be detected May 15, 2022 (in reality it was May 7, 2022) and their timeline stretches to December 1, 2023.

 According to the simulation, on that date there would have been 3.2 billion cases of monkeypox, and 271 million deaths from monkeypox.

This simulation was conducted by Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit global security organization headquartered in Washington D.C.

All of the participants in this simulation are listed on page 9, and includes people from such organizations as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO.

Thanks to Edward Menez

Dr. Paul Alexander--A Smallpox Vaccine To Prevent Monkeypox Could Cause Global Smallpox (Variola) Epidemics

I warn, do not be that stupid, understand you have damaged the immune systems of m (b)illions with COVID vaccines. Experts are saying the smallpox vax 85% effective in monkey pox; this is NOT good news, for millions/billions are now immunocompromised from COVID vax; smallpox vax, potential re-introduction of smallpox.


First-ever Global Monkeypox Outbreak happens in exact week "Predicted" in Biosecurity Simulation a year before


Rare Monkeypox Virus Arrives, Just as Gates and WHO 'Predicted' - Vaccines 'Miraculously' Ready
 Monkeypox attack planned for May 2022 from a document created in November 2021.


Belgium becomes first country to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine: Anyone testing positive must isolate for 21 days as 14 countries now confirm outbreaks and doctors warn of 'significant rise' in UK cases

    Dr Claire Dewsnap is president of British Association for Sexual Health and HIV
    She says she expects to see 'really significant numbers' over the coming weeks
    It comes as British child in critical condition is among UK's 20 recorded cases
    Israel and Switzerland are latest countries to confirm they have recorded cases

Here we go again: MONKEYPOX is the next "scariant" being unleashed on the world to demand vaccine compliance


gates-depop6.jpg(The original name of the Bill & Melinda gates Foundation)
List of US politicians who are attending to WEF 2022. Link in comments. Look at Kerry's title.


A 1987 article about the triggering of AIDS due to smallpox vaxx

Stephen Lendman- The Monkeypox Scam
Stephen Lendman- Ukrainian Army Has Been Annihilated


AnAl Wins Election: Australia Is Screwed

Australia now faces an all out assault on the family, fresh Covid Tyranny and waves of boat people.

Commies force woman to create pro gay web site. She goes to Supreme Court to defend her right to say no. So these creeps went after her clients.

Gonzalo Lira
Inflation numbers on track fr total collapse of Western economies by year-end

Germany inflation up 30% annualized, due to energy


Lira- Russia miscalculated - Thought Zelinsky would sue for peace



John Kaminski- Although Australians had the choice to vote for anti-Lock-down parties, the sheeple of Australia voted the friend of the labor-rubber-bullet Victorian Premier Andrews, namely labor Albanese and the Greens for the next Federal government of Australia in. The Australian masochists who suffer from Stockholm syndrome love their oppressors. We will see much more of police-violence against Anti-lock-down protesters in Australia, from now on.

pjimage-2022-05-22T144127.691.jpgAmericans Housing Ukrainian Migrants Who Fled Amidst War Face 'Unbelievably Difficult' Process

The Uniting for Ukraine program, which is run by the Department of Homeland Security, is expected to resettle as many as 100,000 Ukrainian migrants into the U.S. They will not get the same benefits as most third worlders trafficked into the U.S. so the suckers who take them in will end up fitting the bill or they'll be on the streets.

John Kaminski-  Our nightmare will never end


Can you remember when your
government ever told the truth?


Awaken or die is now your last cry

Israeli fighter jets targeted by Russian missile over Syria



This is Michael Chertoff, co-author of the Patriot Act and a perpetrator of the Trump-Russia collusion lie in the 2016 election. He just replaced Nina Jankowicz as the new head of the Disinformation Governance Board. He is a dual citizen of Israel and his name means "devil" in Russian.

FDA to Decide 'In the Next Few Weeks' on Vaccine Boosters for Kids Under 5: White House
Bolsonaro Rejects WHO's Pandemic Treaty: 'Brazil Is Autonomous'


Saturdays demo, David Ickes speech


Your Government published data confirming it can take just 5 months for the Covid-19 Vaccinated to develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome whilst they had you worried about World War, the Cost of Living & Monkeypox

New data, recently published by the UK's Office for National Statistics, indicates that it only takes approximately 4 to 5 months after Covid-19 vaccination, for so much damage to have been done to the immune system that it can, unfortunately, lead to death, as many people have sadly already discovered.

Disgusting Trend in Our Schools Uncovered, Averaging Out to One Alleged Pedophile Busted Each Day


elephant.jpgPolish losers suggest Norway should share its gas windfall

Polish leaders are assholes- They should have admitted that Russia is justified and opposed sanctions. They are just WEF flunkies like all our "leaders" in the West.


Gen. Mark Milley warns West Point graduates of war against Russia, China


The full roster of Davos 2022 Attendees

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Headlines - 2021 Monkeypox Simulation: 3.2 Billion "Cases," 271 Million Deaths, May 2022- Dec. 2023"

K said (May 23, 2022):

Polish leaders are not so much assholes as idiots or agents of foreign capital (actually, it is possible that they are 2 in 1). Namely, as you know, we do not buy Russian gas any more due to the fact that Russians wanted to pay in rubles and our government did not agree to it. Consequently, we buy reverse gas from Germany - yes the same Russian gas only bought from Germany after adding a margin to the German price. And our Prime Minister Morawiecki considers this as independence from Russia and our strategic success as a country.

As an aside, Morawiecki recently saw Harari who, among other things, said that there is no contradiction between nationalism and globalism. Our prime minister considers him an authority.
I have also heard that there are already 2 battalions of the Polish army in Ukraine, equipped by the Americans, but most likely wearing Ukrainian uniforms. If this is confirmed, we have a pretext for the outbreak of World War III.

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