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June 22 - Biden & Co. Planning Another "Pandemic"

June 21, 2022

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Biden tells us there is definitely going to be another "pandemic," and we need more money for that! 

BIDEN: "We need more money. We don't just need more money for vaccines for children, we need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There's gonna be another pandemic."


Vaccine Carnage In The ER , a nurse speaks out
URGENT: The Covid vaccine paper on declining sperm counts is even worse than it seems at first

Psy ops new employment opportunity for actors--credit Jim Stone

Sage of Quay™ Blog: New Embalmer Steps Forward With Horrific Post Jab Clots

A Public Health Emergency in Canada: All-Cause Excess Mortality Accelerates Beginning in Summer 2021
New Brunswick is the only province in Canada that has so openly acknowledged the need to investigate the excess deaths problem occurring countrywide

Canadians that were injured by COVID-19 vaccines say they are frustrated by the slow response taken by the federal government and Canada's healthcare system, with many also questioning why the mainstream media has not been covering their stories.

"All I ask for is any kind of resources for us. You can't sleep, you can't walk, you can't exercise, you can't do anything. You can't even think with the brain fog," said Dawood Al-Janaby. "I was ignored, I was left alone, and I'm not sure how long I'll survive this."

Westjet Airlines shits in the punch bowl- denies passage to unvaxed senior

Niel MCCoy Ward thinks Blockade of Kaliningrad Could Trigger WW3 because NATO is pledged to Defend Lithuania

Biden has pledged full US involvement

fidelito-self-defence.jpgJustin Trudeau informs his subjects: 'You have no right to self defense'
Joe Biden has used similar rhetoric; the globalists need a disarmed populace before they can fully implement the Great Reset and global totalitarianism

Earth to Justin Trudeau, under what line of reasoning, legally or logically, could you possibly argue your case in a court of law, that someone who is under attack from gunfire is only allowed to defend against that gunfire with a knife, a baseball bat or something that doesn't go "bang"? This is insane. And Trudeau knows it. That's what makes him a totalitarian.


The argument that Putin's multi polar world is actually what the WEF wants-My view is that if that was what they wanted, they could have it without the cost

"I have lost numerous  people I thought were long term, Jew aware, deeply awake friends over stating unequivocally that Russia/Putin are NOT heroes, are NOT in any way going to save humanity from Satan's crushing domination. I continue to recognise this as fact, and will not waver as the Ordo ab Chaos Punch and Judy Show, orchestrated by International Jewry through their Jesuit, Masonic and myriad other tools proceeds inexorably, daily on the world stage.  This presentation attached, though rare, shares what I see as the Truth re. Russia/Putin and the role they play as controlled "opposition."  Thought you would appreciate this."

Putin- Connecting the Dots
Reader Robert replies-

The pictures of Putin and Schwab were taken several years ago and does not necessarily mean that they have a cordial relationship now.
On the surface of it, the WEF has good intentions - until you talk to some of its members. The devil is in the details.
Meanwhile, unless one is privy to Putin's innermost thoughts, we don't really know where he stands. A full Epiphany is certainly possible - but so is a Grand Deception.
Cleveland Rabbi Indicted for Attempting to have Sex with a Minor

pritzkers.jpgThe Billionaire Pritzker Family -- Fucked-up Jews Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities (SSI)

The wealthy, powerful, and sometimes very weird Pritzker cousins have set their sights on a new God-like goal: using gender ideology to remake human biology

Watch Brazilian president Bolsonaro call out the "global elite" the communists vote fraud and more in this epic 8 minute video


Paul Joseph Watson

US Navy Releases Bizarre Training Video Urging Recruits to Create Pronoun "Safe Space"

China and Russia are laughing.

The nearly four-minute Navy video emphasizes how members can create "a safe space" for their colleagues by using "inclusive language" that signals they are "allies" who "accept everybody," reports the Washington Free Beacon.

These pussies will be annihilated in a shooting war

Brenda-Lucki-gun-control-1024x576.jpg(Brenda Lucki, RCMP Chief. Like her job, her hat is too large for her head.)

Did Brenda Lucki use a massacre to help Trudeau?

In RCMP officer's notes allege that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki "promised" the Prime Minister's Office and Public Safety Minister that the weapons used in the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting would be released early, despite the risks that posed to the integrity of the murder investigations, and that it would be used to support to future gun control legislation.


Overwhelmed Canadian passport offices suspend hundreds of employees

Raven loves man who saved him- Such affection he shakes his tail feathers every time!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "June 22 - Biden & Co. Planning Another "Pandemic" "

Tony B said (June 22, 2022):

You won't lose me over Putin but I read the man's words and they are too direct, too absolutely exposing and demonizing of the Rothschild "west" at its top to be fake.

It seems pretty obvious to me that those who constantly bellow that Putin is part of the control group are too married to their hard-set message that every leader in the world just has to be part of the satanism at the top.

I'll stick with the words of Sister Lucia that, because Russia' s (communist) errors are now worldwide, God is using Russia to chastise the world.

Perhaps these Putin downers don't want to admit that the whole Rothschild west is only getting the payback it so richly deserves. When those things happen the innocent suffer the same punishment as the guilty, as far as this world is concerned. If no one offs Rothschild's Schwab, et al, (or higher) we're likely in for some hard times.

Too many writers seem to be desperately clinging, in one way or another, to the U.S. as "God's country." They'd better check on which "god" it has been following for the last century and take a good look at his minions who, for some decades, have been running things.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at