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June 23 - US is Only Country that Poisons Babies, Biden Boasts

June 22, 2022


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The U.S. is now the only country in the world that vaccinated children as young as six months old, and President Biden exclaimed 'we're the only country in the world doing this right now' on Tuesday

'You're discrediting yourself!' Expert SLAMS FDA's approval of COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 saying there is little evidence that they are needed as some parents of America's youngest kids line up to get them the shot
Children under the age of five received their first doses of COVID-19 vaccines after the shot's controversial approval last week
The HHS says that it has distributed 2.7 million shots to pharmacies around the country already, and expects to send out ten million as part of this batch
    Children face limited risk from the virus, according to official data, as severe infection and deaths caused by the virus are rare


Dr. Milton Wolf on Gab

MINDBOGGLING: The government acknowledges it has no studies of Covid vaccinations for kids that show decreased mortality or hospitalizations, nor does it have any long-term safety data, yet they not only approved the injections, they urge parents to give them.
This violates a lifetime of training and every standard of care we once held dear.

"If we as a society can not protect our own children from vampirical pharmaceutical corporations, then nothing else matters. No amount of voting will ever fix this....Every other country in the world is refusing to play ball with this satanic agenda when it comes to inoculating their babies.

COVID seems to affect BLUE states only- Florida giving child vaxes a pass
U.S. Navy Releases Video Training Sailors to Use 'Right' Pronouns, Not 'Misgender' Colleagues

Reader- "Put a fork in us Henry. We're done. Look at looks like it's for kindergartners."

Paul Joseph Watson - Clown world police

UK policed will no longer investigate burglaries because they are too busy rounding up people who use wrong pronouns.

amlo-assange.jpgAMLO to bring up case of Wikileaks founder Assange during meeting with Biden

'He's the best journalist of our time and has been unfairly treated'


Whistleblower Says With 120,000 Troops Still Unvaccinated, Army May Move June 30 Deadline Far Into Future

An active-duty senior Army official told The Defender, on condition of anonymity, the U.S. Army is strongly considering pushing the June 30 deadline for compliance with the military's COVID-19 vaccine mandate far into the future -- but will not announce the date change until closer to, or even after, the upcoming deadline.


Alfred Kinsey: The Lying Godfather of Fraudulent Sexual Research

Two of his "co-investigators" were serial rapists: Rex King, known as "Mr. Green," who was Jewish and the writer of the never-seen pedo diaries, which revealed 800 accounts of child rape involving both sexes; and Fritz von Balluseck, charged of the rape-murder of a 10-year-old girl in Berlin (plea bargained to numerous cases of child molestation). For years, both men submitted written accounts of their various boy and girl rapes to Kinsey for inclusion in his database. King had a tall tale of putting a stop watch to measure little kid's orgasms.

John Money, the Charlatan Godfather of the Transgender Movement


First It Was Cattle Dropping Dead, Now Wheat Crops in Kansas Are Being Wiped Out on a Massive Scale


BROWN.jpg(Ungrateful Antwon Brown)

Black sucker punches Libtard Mayor at celebration of Black liberation from slavery

Louisville Democratic Mayor Greg Fischer Gets Punched in The Face at Juneteenth Celebration

Canadian media tries to regain lost credibility by turning on Fidelito

"His days are numbered"

'Disinformation' Police to Silence ALL Non-Government Narratives, Warns Former Fed

Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of their Fans? Impacts of Covid-19 Vaccine


Polish reader- I just got information from Polish website that Russia and WHO will continue cooperation.

Russia experiments its Sputnik vaccine on children and inoculates its citizens with expired vaccines.

"Putin is not a savior and the Ukraine war is just another phase of implementing NWO"

This is certainly true if the WEF agenda is for the US to be destroyed

Almost 70% of UK women have periods issues. MSM say it's due to stress and poor diet. It can't be due to the gene therapy they've received. How long this dystopia will last?


Exposing George Soros' $18 Billion Control Over the Mainstream Media

WHO IS FUNDING the various left-wing groups throughout the country that cause havoc on the streets? Who is then funding the local prosecutors that release these individuals back into society? Who is then subsidizing the media outlets (in one way or another) to not report accurately on all of these events? The answer, by and large, is GEORGE SOROS. The man who you're not allowed to name. The Man Behind the Curtain. Watch the full interview detailing how his billions of dollars works to destabilize American society


Where did Money Pock$ come from?

"What a coincidence that FDA approved a sketchy monkeypox vaccine in 2019.

There are now 2500 moneypox cases diagnosed in the current outbreak, in over 40 countries, and not a single death that anyone can point to, outside of Africa. Maybe ever. One moneypox death is said to have occurred this year in Nigeria, a country of 206 million people, but without any confirmatory details.  I think the authorities have been desperate to locate a death. Only CDC can confirm a case, which means CDC has the ability to decide how many US cases there are. Canada offered vaccine to high risk men who have sex with men last week, and the UK is doing so now, as reported by the AP on June 21."

gillumobama-e1544108435742.jpgDeSantis 2018 Opponent Andrew Gillum Arrested For Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, False Statements - Faces Up to 45 Years in Prison

Gonzalo Lira---Israel Provokes Russia

Lira--"Russophobia endemic among Jews - America will be defeated by Russia and use nuclear weapons to hide their shames"

Organized Jewry hates any people that refuses to submit to Jewish hegemony.


Australia has become an 'international laughing stock' over energy crisis

Green energy has led Australia to power blackouts

Florida will not be killing six month old babies with phoney vaccines- De Santis

Lithuania expands Kaliningrad blockade

Pope Francis is behind Corona virus and the Jabs: Dr. Bryan Ardis - James Japan

This Jesuit Pope Francis said, "There are only two things the world needs right now. The world needs to defund all of their militaries and reduce their personnel. And then the second thing the whole world needs is more vaccinations. "

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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