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July 1 - Canada Down but Not Out

June 30, 2022

(July 1 is Canada Day)

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During the darkest days of the covid hoax, I was a political exile in Mexico, unsure if I would ever be able to return to my homeland. Thanks to Vlad Putin, the Satanists have relaxed their scamdemic and I have been reunited with my home, library, diaries and photo albums.

I had written Canada off but that was premature.  Sure, politically and culturally, it is on life support, like most of the satanist-infested West, but the economy is still humming. People are resilient and determined to rebuild. Canadians generally are nice people. Like the man in the Home Depot parking lot who volunteered to help me load a heavy toilet into my car.

I realize I love this country where I have lived most of my 72 years. I love the weather, except winter which I will spend in Mexico. I love the Canadian Football League which I have been following since 1960 when Russ Jackson was the QB of my hometown Ottawa Roughriders. I love my friends, the cannabis, the lakes, the albacore tuna and the medium roast coffee. (They don't do medium roast in Mexico.) I like being able to speak the language.  I belong here and will  fight to help restore this country to what it once was, the best place to live on earth.

Brad Salzburg---Justin Trudeau Cancels Canada Day, Is Cancelling Canada Next?

Is Canadian identity being eroded in step-by-step fashion?

"Signs are everywhere. A boarded-up Wellington St. on Canada Day. The near disappearance of our national anthem. A decline in the appearance of the Canadian flag. Every bit of it exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. Who knew the dissemination of the virus from China was to be instrumental in Canada's replication of their social model? Our Liberal government has transitioned Canada Day into Anti-Canada Day. Is this the end of the road for calculated punitive damages toward society?"

Chuck Baldwin ---The two gravest threats to our liberties today are 1) The Covid tyranny, and 2) Red Flag gun confiscation laws.


Stephen Lendman--US-Dominated NATO's Forever War Agenda

The 30-member hostile to peace and rule of law war-making alliance -- ahead to be 32 with Finland and Sweden added -- is holding its annual summit in Madrid, Spain to plot more ways of supporting Nazism in Ukraine to challenge Russia more belligerently than already.
Northern Truthseeker - You are Not Alone

"There is no way to sugarcoat it- Awakening to the realities of this world is brutal. It will have you running through the entire gamut of human emotions.   You have to master the art of diving down the darkest of rabbit holes only to come out and still function in daily life, and that's a skill people don't talk about enough.  Some of you are struggling with feeling disconnected from family and friends, it's as though they exist in another world."


page.png(The former Ellen Page)

Jordan Peterson suspended from Twitter for criticizing Elliot Page

Peterson said it was wrong for Page to have her breasts removed.

"Remember when pride was a sin?" he said. "And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician."

Twitter said Peterson was suspended for violating the platform's rules against hateful conduct. Twitter's rules state people cannot promote violence, threaten, or harass others based on their gender identity.

My 32 year old husband had a heart attack 2 days after the Pfizer shot.

My husband had his second shot in early 2021. He is 32 and in decent shape (probably 5'9, 180 lbs).

This was a couple days after the Pfizer shot. He woke me up at 4 am telling me he couldn't breathe and he needed to go to the hospital.


"Albert Bourla has already admitted that the original vax formulations no longer work. Data confirms this. "So, yeah, let's inject the leftover stock into babies". We're at war with some very evil people. And they refuse to debate" - Reid Sheftall, MD

Groomed - How Schools Sexualize Your Children

Reader- "horrific to see what goes on in some schools."
Insider says government is ordering placebo vaccines for insiders

 zev.pngDr. Vladimir 'Zev' Zelenko Passes Away  (He was battling cancer)

Statement by Zelenko Labs on the Passing of our Founder Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko.


How 19th Century women dressed

So many layers would pose a problem.


On May 28, Gonzalo Lira predicted political unrest and even revolution in the West in late fall and winter 2022-2023 when people start having to choose between food and gas and rent.


'Do I really need to request permission for my girl to be a girl?' Texas school is slammed by parents over its 'asinine' new dress code that bans all dresses, skirts and blouses

terry.jpgThis is Justin Terry the Texas school Superintendent making the Masonic hand sign. This satanic conspiracy pervades society.


The Inside Story of the Canadian Trucker Protests--Andrew Peloso and Jeremy Regoto

"You could tell they were fighting for something bigger than just becoming a viral hit overnight or trying to take power. They were fighting for their families. They didn't have a job to go back to, so this was their last shot. ... They really meant it when they parked on those streets of Ottawa."  -- Jan Jekielek


Amazing New Discoveries for Treating the Vaccine-Injured: Dr. Kory & Dr. Marik Break Down Their Findings [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


Tucker Carlson Interview with Canadian hockey legend Theo Fleury

This is a wide-ranging interview, with some frank comments on Trudeau - of whom he says: "He is the worst of the worst that Canada has to offer. He has no substance. He has no soul. He doesn't care about humanity. He only cares about himself and power."

Carlson remarks, "He's riding on a famous name," to which Fleury responds: "Yeah, but I don't believe he's running the country. I believe that there's certain entities that have entered our country and taken over. I believe he's being blackmailed by these entities."

"He wants to be a dictator. He wants to be in control of everything we do," Fleury says.


phones-bible.jpgAustralia Sees 963% Increase In Respiratory Virus Among 'Pandemic Babies' Who Have 'No Immunity'


Pictures of the monkey included.

The actor and writer, who describes himself as a 'proud openly gay man,' revealed he initially noticed spots in and around his 'underwear zone,' which indicated to him he had caught the virus.

They'll have a hard time making this their next scamdemic

Monkeypox vaccines offered to gay and bisexual men in New York, Canada and U.K.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on Thursday became the latest agency to begin offering monkeypox vaccines to sexually active gay and bisexual men.

All men over age 18 who have sex with men and have had multiple or anonymous partners in the last 14 days are eligible to get the shots, the department announced. The two-dose vaccine offered, called Jynneos, is FDA-approved for both monkeypox and smallpox.

july.pngThey jab Jews too

Israeli Health Officials Green Light COVID Vaccinations for Young Children

All members of the health ministry's expert advisory board agreed that the vaccine is safe for children under the age of five, though some experts cautioned that only those with underlying health conditions should be vaccinated


Everyone in Australia had to be COVID-19 vaccinated and that included pregnant women.

Now we have infants with no viral immunities...


Drums of war in the Baltic: B. Putin asked for emergency powers - General mobilization plan - Lukashenko talks about using nuclear weapons!

Translated from Russian

     B. Putin hastily passes a special bill requesting emergency powers for the Russian Armed Forces. The bill talks about a general conscription plan while putting the defense industry in a "state of war" asking them to work 24 hours a day without holidays and with triple shifts!

This is a bad development not only for the course of the war in Ukraine. Mainly, because the Russian leadership is preparing to expand the war outside of Ukraine. The bill makes reference to "military operations abroad" with a focus on Ukraine, but it lays the groundwork for Kaliningrad and the Baltic.

The Russian leadership sees an organized NATO plan in both the Baltics and in the case of Norway and is preparing to respond militarily if the blockades on both Kaliningrad and Svalbard are not lifted.

It is not excluded that, before reaching this point, he will attempt "something that will escalate" the situation around Ukraine, e.g. bombing NATO convoys outside Ukraine, etc.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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