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June 10 - FBI Arrest GOP Gov Frontrunner in Michigan

June 9, 2022

kelly-cover-740x495.jpg(left, Ryan Kelley)

The FBI has been politicized like the Gestapo and the KGB

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The US Communist Party is using peaceful Jan 6 protest against their stealing the Presidential election as a pretext to harass and persecute any patriot within ten miles of the event.

Ryan Kelley was arrested by the FBI and faces misdemeanor charges over his alleged participation in last year's Capitol Hill protest

Ryan Kelley, the leading Republican candidate in Michigan's gubernatorial election, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday and charged with several misdemeanors over his alleged participation in the pro-Trump protest on Capitol Hill last January. Kelley's arrest, which came hours before Democrats kicked off a Congressional hearing into the protest, has been condemned by conservatives.

In supporting documents released by the attorney's office, the FBI said it had received multiple tips of Kelley's presence at the Capitol in the days following the riot.

The FBI found no evidence that Kelley had entered the Capitol building but alleged he was among the crowd on Capitol grounds for roughly two hours.

BREAKING: Rep. Troy Nehls Calls Out The J6 Committee For Failing To Hold Capitol Police Accountable For The Infamous Riots

Since when does the FBI raid a person's home for a misdemeanor?

'It'll change history': Jan. 6 panel hypes first public hearing

The sh*t show begins tonight. Expect BS piled high and deep.

Satanic elements in Euro vision song contest

Reader--"This is the video of this year Eurovision analyzed, all mystical symbolism included. Whats gonna happen in June 22, i have no idea, maybe even nuclear war (last snap- kinda hints on it), but to Russians its the date when WW2 started. Do not ignore this video, its important. Do not forget that you can turn on English subtitles for it."
"There also hidden messages in the clip, Musk girlfriend made. And all about China."

China planning to start war to divert attention from failing economy?


Most remaining mask mandates in Ontario set to end this weekend

Ontario's COVID-19 mask mandates will expire this weekend for hospitals, health care settings and public transit, but continue in long-term care facilities and retirement homes.


whiny-bitch.jpgEva Vlaardingerbroek discusses the rise in sudden adult death syndrome with Mark Steyn


One more time: where is the spike protein?
by Jon Rappoport

"I believe the answer is clear. The scientists and bureaucrats in charge don't want to run the test. They want to avoid finding out whether the one thing the vaccine is supposed to achieve isn't being achieved. They want to avoid finding out the vaccine, on their own terms, is a total failure."


According to The Age, an Australian daily, on Thursday, former Brighton student Liam Arnold-Levy testified that no action was taken after someone punched him in the stomach and threatened to slit his throat, nor when others called him "Jewboy," "f***ing Jew," and told him to "die in an oven." In another incident, a school official allegedly accused him of "being dramatic" when a group of female students "violently" pushed him.

Adults Weren't Taking Me Seriously': Student Details Antisemitic Bullying in Suit Against Melbourne School


Jews in Germany 'Under Massive Threat,' Community Leader Warns

 In 2021 German Jews were the target of 3,028 antisemitic hate crimes involving verbal abuse and assault, including a 12 percent increase in the number of antisemitic crimes committed by right-wing extremists. Nearly half of all incidents recorded, which rose 30% from the previous year, occurred during Israel's 2021 operation in Gaza.

Dr. Mercola - Scientism, Not Science, Rules the Roost

As Russell Brand said, the trouble with following the science is that science follows the money


Canadian Media Celebrate All-Time High Immigration, All-Time Low Birth Rates

Majority In Canada Believe Government Cannot Be Trusted: Poll

Additionally, Abacus informs us that 44% of Canadians polled believe that "much of the messaging being received from Canadian media is false."


Paul Joseph Watson ridicules Gay Pride Month

RCMP entered Newfoundland home while family slept, questioned child

Website dedicated to adverse reaction experienced by healthcare professionals

 2 days ago Dr. Cassandra Balomiri

It's been more than 1 year since those vaccines destroyed my life. AZ in mai and Pfizer in June. Some symptoms got indeed better but unfortunately I am left with many autoimmune issues, positive ANA, maybe will develop Hashimoto from the positive anti TPO....i have the diagnose " undifferentiated connective tissue disorder " with joint pain and Raynaud along other issues that are not autoimmune...and a chronic autoimmune disease won't just disappear or get better with time. i cannot deal with the fact that i did the right thing and I developed now at least one autoimmune disease, being only 30 and perfectly healthy before. But being on other Forums I know I am unfortunately not the only one. Bonus I will probably lose my job soon since, as doctor, i am FORCED to get the vaccine or no job! Even though I have seen many doctors no one would write in a referral that I should not take any vaccine anymore. Life completely ruined and even after so long time there is no acknowledge, no help...


Sudden vaccines deaths are now so common they've assigned a SYNDROME name for it: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)


BOMBSHELL: Pfizer's own documents admit that mRNA covid vaccines will result in mass depopulation


mex-cops.jpgMexican cops supplement their income

Cops' shakedown ruins Mexico City visit for Canadian travelers
3 motorcycle police demanded a US $500 bribe from visitor in rental car

cops underpaid

20 pesos = one usd; 15.5 = one CAD

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "June 10 - FBI Arrest GOP Gov Frontrunner in Michigan "

SR said (June 10, 2022):

I wasn't sure who I was going to support in the upcoming August Primary here in Michigulag. It all seems beyond hope with these criminals running America and Canada into the ground. I saw Ryan Kelley in a recent debate with 8 of the 10 candidates participating. Three of these candidates recently had their ballot petitions disqualified and won't be on the ballot. Ryan then became the top contender, so now out come the Dogs. He is the most impressive of the lot, so I did some research to learn more about his priorities if he wins. My goodness, too good to be true. I sent him a campaign donation and will vote for him and pray he isn't another RINO Bait & Switcher. Here's a link to his website:

Since when is it criminal to protest a Coup d'Etat, which is what happened on Jan.6, 2021? Congress certified Election Theft aided and abetted by the RINO State Legislature right here in Lansing.

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