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June 11 -- Biden is Destroying US Military say Ret'd Generals

June 10, 2022


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Retired generals will expose Biden's 'deliberate' destruction of US military.

'Biden's betrayal of our military with unlawful orders for all service members to be vaccinated with the experimental EUA COVID shot is weakening our military, jeopardizing national security and putting every American at risk.'

President Joe Biden is using COVID to engineer a systematic destruction of America's military and national security through a purging of the most experienced and well-trained personnel and replacing them with "woke" indoctrinated extreme leftists who place ideology before God, Corps, Duty, Honor, and Country, according to former generals, high ranking officers, military rights attorneys, military and civilian physicians, and America's leading health watchdog, Truth for Health Foundation.


 New whistleblower documents describe the scope of the planned operations of the Biden Admin's Ministry of Truth.  

1)  The Ministry would regulate "[d]isinformation related to the origins and effects of COVID-19 vaccines or the efficacy of masks."

2) The Ministry would provide marching orders to Twitter & other social media. A plain violation of the 1st amendment:
"The Department has been working on plans to 'operationalize' its relationships with private social media companies to implement its public policy goals."
A White teacher in an all black school

75% unteachable

Things I saw:

    Students robbing grocery stores in uniform
    Students talking about their grandmothers giving oral sex to animals for crack
    Students having sex in empty classrooms
    Students not understanding that the world was not in black and white before color photographs
    Students with extremely intimidating fathers trying to make the grade but not able to comprehend basic depth of knowledge questions that a first grader would be able to achieve
    Boys hitting girls
    Open drug use
    Amazing how working age people disabilities skyrocketed after the vaxx rollout began. Imagine maiming one tenth of your population
    Xfiles predictive programming--Using vaccines to change our DNA


t-a-gays.jpgGCP (God's Chosen People)  MARCH IN Tel Aviv PRIDE PARADE.

'We won't let anyone feel afraid': Over 100K march in Tel Aviv Pride Parade


Police Recommending Trudeau Invoke Emergencies Act "A Work Of Fiction"
"Now we know not a single police force in this country made that recommendation."


MSM tries to discredit the truth

Reader--"It almost looks like anyone who questions the official narrative is suspect.  Freedom of thought is dangerous to these people.
to me."

WASHINGTON -- The social media posts are of a distinct type. They hint darkly that the CIA or the FBI are behind mass shootings. They traffic in racist, sexist and homophobic tropes. They revel in the prospect of a "white boy summer."
White nationalists and supremacists, on accounts often run by young men, are building thriving, macho communities across social media platforms like Instagram, Telegram and TikTok, evading detection with coded hashtags and innuendo.
Their snarky memes and trendy videos are riling up thousands of followers on divisive issues including abortion, guns, immigration and LGBTQ rights. The Department of Homeland Security warned Tuesday that such skewed framing of the subjects could drive extremists to violently attack public places across the U.S. in the coming months.
These type of threats and racist ideology have become so commonplace on social media that it's nearly impossible for law enforcement to separate internet ramblings from dangerous, potentially violent people, Michael German, who infiltrated white supremacy groups as an FBI agent, told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Reversible neurological and brain MRI changes following COVID-19 vaccination: A case report

New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete - (Terrifying) Is this why they are vaxing our military?


diversity-training.pngThe Jews at Netflix: What Can't We Get Away With?




Not exactly

Solid Evidence Emerges That Plot To Assassinate Justice Kavanaugh Was Orchestrated By Democrat Party

If failure to defend judges constitutes a Demonrat plot


Washington Commanders Fine Coach Jack Del Rio $100,000 for Rejecting Partisan Jan. 6 Narrative

An NFL coach will pay big for expressing his opinion on the Capitol incursion.

Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was fined a whopping $100,000 by head coach Ron Rivera on Friday.

The fine was levied in response to Del Rio's remarks contrasting the 2021 incursion with riots and destruction instigated by anti-police activists following the death of George Floyd in 2020.


fidelito-flag.pngSpecial Olympics Drops COVID Vaccine Mandate After Florida Threatens $27.5 Million Fine + More


White House Earmarks $10 Billion for More COVID Vaccines as CDC Says 82 Million Doses Wasted Since Rollout

The Biden administration said this week it is diverting more than $10 billion in COVID-19 testing and relief funds to buy more COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 82 million doses of the vaccine have gone to waste since the December 2020 rollout.

Obtaining Mexican Residency is Easy... in Theory

Mexico never banned foreigners from entering and it didn't shut down businesses, impose mask mandates, or implement a vaccine passport on a national scale.

And that means if there is another outbreak (or some other emergency that apparently calls for global fascism), there's a decent chance Mexico will once again remain sane.



Canada: Foods banks stretched thin as food prices rise, increasing hunger and food insecurity
This happened in Spain, for not wearing a mask in Dec 2020.

Never forgive, never forget.

-- Antonio Tweets  (@AntonioTweets2) June 7, 2022

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Jerry said (June 11, 2022):

Why do you conspiracy theorists, alt media, independent real news, call the criminals trying to destroy humanity, call them you call Ted Bundy ELITE, do you call the Green River Murder ELITE, do you call Son of Sam ELITE..the wanna be NWO is no better than these criminals..if any conspiracy theorists has any balls to call what it them by their real nomenclature..criminals against humanity and they must be stopped at all levels for our God given human rights and freedoms..The No World Order..sovereignty, peace, love, justice for humanity as God meant it to be.

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