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June 12- Justin Bieber, Poster Boy for COVID Vaccines

June 11, 2022

Justin-Bieber-Cancels-World-Tour-Reveals-His-Face-is-Paralyzed-3154219118.jpg(Pop singer Justin Bieber took toxic 'vaccine' against rebranded flu)

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Is it unChristian to gloat over the misfortune of glitterati who ignored your warnings?

In a world gone insane, schadenfreude is all that's left.

'Please pray for me': Justin Bieber reveals he's been struck by facial paralysis from rare syndrome and shares fears as he struggles to eat after being forced to cancel tour dates

    The 28-year-old pop star took to his Instagram on Friday to share a three-minute video explaining the diagnosis
    Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a complication of shingles that can lead to temporary facial paralysis
    This has not been an easy year for the Bieber family as Justin's wife Hailey was hospitalized in March for a small blood clot in her brain which gave her stroke-like symptoms

Makow---Although this  type of shingles is a typical adverse reaction to COVID vaccines, there is no mention of his vaccine status.

You'd think he would have gotten the "Jew call" but he is a goy after all.

Beachmilk on GAB- I've got an alternate theory on what's going on with Justin Bieber, because I don't think his Globalist controllers gave this high profile satanic Freemason the real COVID vaccine.His current 'condition' is meant to normalize 'rare' medical conditions in younger people, and to act as a distraction from the approaching economic and supply chain crisis. There will be many more phoney stories like this to come!

Anon Said:

Justin Bieber attended a Bible Study group that I went to in Beverly Hills.
I have not gone in over a year, but in the past I have personally seen him there. 

When I heard that Justin got this face paralysis, the first thing I thought was that it was from the C-Shot injury.
And I thought that since Justin embraced Christianity--the powers that be did not protect him--he never got the memo or the placebo 


Dr. Joseph Mercola--The Thought Crimes of the Jew York Times

Organized Jewry is eating America alive and Americans are doing nothing about it


coal-power.jpeg(Credit snippets and snappets)

CDC dials back monkeypox hoax


Uvalde School Shooting HOAX - 2022 Documentary


Chris Pirnak- Scare tactics in the alt-media; While a force majeure is coming, the timeline to war is longer than most think


Russia, which is now far more Christian than America, just introduced new law criminalizing "LGBT propaganda"


 Russia Today---Involving kids in drag-queen shows is deviance, not Pride

The annual Pride Month has gone from normalizing relations between consenting adults to sexualizing children

drag-queen-story-hour3-3728269916.jpg(Get em while they're young)

NYC Spending over $200K on drag queen shows at NYC schools, records show

New York is showering taxpayer funds on a group that sends drag queens into city schools -- often without parental knowledge or consent -- even as parents in other states protest increasingly aggressive efforts to expose kids to gender-bending performers.

JP Sears -  Brandon's 10 Most Honest Lies So Far...

Russ Winter

The Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines


Russ Winter- The New Underworld Order Egregore

Hillaire Belloc writes: "Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening of the 20th century, those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood was the exception."


vaxx-putin.jpgHere's "CONCLUSIVE PROOF" that Putin is not an NWO globalist or Zionist sympathizer or Chabad Lubavitcher.

Putin is what Putin does

More than 80 NYC teachers are accused of submitting fake vaccine cards as part of $1.5m scheme 'run by a holistic pediatric center'


Toronto to offer monkeypox vaccination clinics targeting high-risk communities, beginning Sunday

Brits want to be replaced

Immigration officers attempting to arrest a suspect have today been forced into a tactical retreat after being confronted by crowds of Londoners shouting 'let him go'


image(2).pngMonkeypox is Following the COVID Playbook Step by Step

Yesterday it was reported that the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has "upgraded" monkeypox to a "notifiable disease", meaning any positive test must be immediately reported to the government agency.

Ever one for subtlety, the Telegraph's front page reports this as "monkeypox upgraded to same level as leprosy and the plague"

Across the pond, the US CDC has made the curiously synchronised decision to increase their travel alert on Monkeypox to level 2, which recommends people "practice enhanced precautions".

For those who haven't got to that stage yet, consider all the ways that monkeypox is following the exact same path as "Covid"...

    The monkeypox outbreak was "predicted" by an exercise a few months before it happened. Just like Covid.
    hopeful crumbs

CDC Director Says Monkeypox Not Airborne

No deaths yet associated with the disease
    In case you didn't click on that link..The Jew Call proves Organized Jewry was behind 9-11. We have traitors running the show.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "June 12- Justin Bieber, Poster Boy for COVID Vaccines"

RH said (June 12, 2022):

“Is it unChristian to gloat over the misfortune of detestable people who ignored your warnings?”

Yes, I believe so just as is it calling people useless eaters. But we are only human and still have our soul.. They lost their souls.

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