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Juri Lina -- Putin is a NWO Pawn

June 6, 2022

(Classic thumb on knuckle Masonic hand shake)

"The Russian federation is governed by the same forces as USA" The empire of of bandits that raged inside the Soviet union was to continue in Russia. In reality very little has changed after the collapse of the communist block in December 1991, Jüri Lina wrote on January 22, 2021

Disclaimer-- I have huge respect for Juri Lina for exposing the satanist Jewish nature of Communism. However, this article, written before the Ukraine Special Operation, is misleading. Russia's break with the NWO is genuine and not a charade to start WW3, although the West has already destroyed itself. I believe Russia's action was unexpected and is the main reason the COVID hoax has been put in the back burner. Putin realized that Wall Street intended to plunder Russia. While Satanists are invited to dinner,  eventually they discover they're on the menu.

by Juri Lina
(Abridged by

 The "new" Cold War is just a hoax. Anyone who has not spoken to well-informed Russians will find it very difficult to form their own opinion on the situation in today's Russia. Most of the claims being spread in the West consist of Kremlin disinformation and even barefaced lies. The Western mass media suppress essential news from Russia. The country is in a zone of fog, about which they spread guesses and assumptions.

In reality very little has changed after the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991. The Western powers wanted the banditry that raged the Soviet Union to continue also in Russia after communism.

In essence, the state that arose in October 1917 has not disappeared somewhere, but has only changed color and shape. The USSR ceased to exist at midnight December 31, 1991. The United States, which had financed this empire, declared itself the winner after the Cold War. The Americans wrote the new constitution of Russia in 1993, in which Russian national interests was ignored. Organized crime was allowed to take over.

There were 1,500 U.S. advisers in the country in the years 1992-1994. It was the United States that was engaged in the privatization of Russian companies, this according to Vladimir Lisichkin, doctor of economics. 500 large companies, worth 200 billion dollars, were sold for 7.2 billion at the end of the year 1994. 30 percent of these enterprises went to foreigners.

The world's largest aluminum plant in Novokuznetsk was to be sold for $ 18 million, which quickly turned into 18 million rubles, a fraction of the original amount. The purchase price was to be paid in 5 years. The equipment alone was worth a billion dollars. ...The Russian ruble is issued by the Federal Reserve System. The Russian central bank was turn into a branch of the Federal Reserve System in New York.

According to "Putin's Encyclopedia" (Moscow 2006) by Nikolai Zinkovich, Vladimir Putin was discovered in 1990 by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in St. Petersburg. Kissinger is a high-ranking Freemason and one of the leaders of the B'nai B'rith...

The myth claims that NATO threatens Russia and wants to subjugate it. This is a game for the galleries.

litvin.jpg Former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko shortly before his death.

Former FSB colonel Alexander Litvinenko investigated Putin's contacts with various criminal gangs in St. Petersburg, where he stole aid shipments and smuggled cocaine through the local harbour. GRU military intelligence agents Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun poisoned Litvinenko in England with the radioactive substance Polonium.

Kremlin has seen to it that one opposition politician after another has been killed. The latest politician to be injured but survive an assassination attempt, was opposition leader Alexei Navalny. FSB agents tried to poison him in an operation on August 20, 2020, when he was on an aircraft flying from Tomsk to Moscow. The Soviet nerve agent Novichok was used...

The writer Pavel Bondarovsky, who lives in France, told me that all his friends now have left Russia, which has become an impossible country to live in. My book about the secret history of the Soviet union, "Under the Sign of the Scorpion", is not allowed to be sold in Moscow. Not even in book shops here in Sweden, but it is freely sold in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, England, Holland and other countries.

Russia's economic decline was caused by the systematic embezzlement of state resources. According to Professor Chris Miller, the Russian economy of today is in deep stagnation (Foreign Affairs, March 13, 2019). Russian Prime Minister Medvedev admitted in Crimea on July 26, 2016, that the country was running out of money.

The year before, inflation was 15 percent. In 2019, 900,000 small businesses went bankrupt and at [the end of] december 2020, 70 percent of [Russias] small companies were gone. Official figures claim that by 2020, 13.5 percent, or 30 million Russians, will be poor. The number of scientific articles has constantly decreased, which proves that Russia is a developing country.

The Soviet Union in 1986 published 7.6 percent of the world's scientific articles. The figure was down to 5 percent in the mid-1990s Russia, and ten years later to 2 percent. In 2016, only 73,000 articles were published in Russia, while 602,000 articles in the United States, 471,000 in China, 183,000 in United Kingdom, 166,000 in Germany and 113,000 in France. (Anatoli Karlin, The Unz Review, 13 March 2018.)

Organized crime in Russia has taken root at the highest level. In 2016, Argentine police uncovered a large-scale drug smuggling [operation] [originated] from the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires. After the police threatened to block the embassy, they was allowed into it on December 14, 2016. It emerged that since 2012, the first secretary of the embassy Oleg Vorobyov (FSB), had been sending cocaine from Buenos Aires to Moscow in diplomatic bags.

His partner, GRU officer Andrei Kovalchuk sometimes even used military transport aircraft [for the smuggling]. In the embassy's school, fully packed suitcases with 389 kg of pure cocaine were found. Kovalchuk was arrested in Germany. New cocaine seizures was again made by Argentine police at the Russian Embassy in 2018, this according to Moscow Times. According to several sources, Putin has his illegal money in Liechtenstein.

Thanks to KS!

juri3-3377299238.jpgJüri Lina is an Estonian-Swedish author and film producer, primarily known for his in-depth studies of communism's crimes against humanity and a comprehensive review of the Masons. Lina lived in Estonia until 1979, when he after KGB persecution, he moved to Sweden. In the Soviet union he was stigmatized as a traitor, and in 1985 accused of high treason in absence, in connection with the publication of his two books - 'Sovjet hotar Sverige' (Soviet threaten Sweden) and his autobiography 'Öised Päevad' (Nightly days). His best known books in English are Architects of Deception, Under the Sign of Scorpion and the video In the Shadow of Hermes.

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Comments for "Juri Lina -- Putin is a NWO Pawn "

KS said (June 7, 2022):

Regarding Putin and his motives to invade Ukraine, he off course had a legitime reason to put an end of Ukraine's 8 years of shelling of the Donbas region, but also reason to shield Russia itself from NATO expansion into a Ukraine hostile to Russia. Putin and his strategists would since years back have understod who was Russia's real enemys, ie. USA/NATO, as also recently USA have told that their goal is to weaken Russia to have a regime change in the country. There is the question why Putin waited 8 years after the US orchestrated Maidan coup, to try to stop the killing in Donbas. Did he neeed the time to build up Russia's military capability? Another question is if Putin was Glaspied in the same way Sadam Hussein was deceived by the American ambassador April Glaspie just before his invasion of Kuwait? An indication that Putin really might have jumped of the Globalist ship, is Henry Kissingers warning that it's time to try to bring peace in Ukraine, or else 20 years of Globalist winnings is in danger of backlash.

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