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"Modern" is Jewish Satanism

September 2, 2022

"America in Primetime" an overview of TV drama and comedy since 1950 shows that 
TV is social engineering, i.e. satanic possession

We've reached the point in TV where the hero is a deviant, misfit
or weirdo. We cheer as he makes the world conform to him.

Where have we seen this before? The modern alienated anti-hero is the Luciferian JEW
at war with God (the Moral Order,) nature and society. "Modernism" is Jewish Satanism
i.e. Cabalism, a solipsism where they redefine reality according to their perversions and self interest. Sick is healthy.

Is it any surprise that Hollywood is dominated by Jews and homosexuals?

Luciferians always push the limits of what is acceptable and make the unacceptable acceptable.

We create our own misery by failing to worship God, who is the Truth at the heart of everything.

"We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order."  (Protocols of Zion,16 )

"We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion,12)

"All nations will be swallowed up in the pursuit of gain, and in the race for it will not take note of their common foe." (Protocols of Zion, 4)

"Television is the Satanic family altar," Anton LaVey, said in 1966, "Television is the major mainstream infiltration for the new satanic religion."

Sept 2--Disney Airs Sick Satanic Cartoon "Little Demon" Plot Features Demonic Pagan Rituals and a Single Mom knocked up By Satan

TV's Occult Message: Sick is Healthy
Slightly revised "Television Ruined My Life"  from Oct 2013, July 30, 2019 & Nov. 15 , 2021
by Henry Makow PhD

When I was a child in the 1950's, television was pretty wholesome. That's how I got hooked.

As a youth and young man, I was naive and idealistic. I assumed I lived in a benevolent and free society that was attempting to raise everyone to a higher level, materially and spiritually.  I looked to mass media and schooling for information, insight and guidance. 

After watching "America in Primetime", (2011) a four-part documentary history of TV, on Netflix, I realize that TV is not entertainment. It is social engineering. It made me dysfunctional and depressed. It has done this to millions of people.

feney.png"America in Primetime"  consists of interviews with dozens of TV writers and producers, and excerpts from their shows.  Although homosexuals and Jews make up perhaps 7% of the US population, they comprise about 70% of TV writers and producers. They hold up a mirror to life. If 70% were Irish Catholics, I'd feel the same way if they were degrading & subverting society. 

What Jews and gays have in common is that they are outsiders, many of whom feel unjustly persecuted and think their perversion & dysfunction should the norm.

Most of my fellow Jews don't know that Judaism is a Luciferian cult, a rebellion against God.  Cabalist (Illuminati) Jewish leaders wish to supplant God and redefine reality according to their perversity and self-interest. This is the New World Order.

They deny there is the natural and moral order, the Creator's instruction manual in the glove compartment (our soul) required reading for health and happiness.  They pay lip service to morality but do whatever they want.

The documentary pretends contemporary TV now depicts reality more truthfully. In fact, it has created this sick reality in its own perverted Illuminati image. Television is an indoctrination.  It has deliberately undermined what is healthy and inverted normal and abnormal. They actually have a show called "The New Normal."

NURSE-JACKIE-001.jpgThen, TV convinced us that there is something redeeming, ennobling and quintessentially human about being weird, sick and miserable. I've been in this "humanistic" space. It's mostly self-pity. 

(Nurse Jackie, played by Edie Falco)

Nurse Jackie, who is addicted to prescription drugs, torn between family and work and infidelity, has her consolations. The heroes of Weeds and Breaking Bad, normal middle-class people who become drug dealers and mobsters, have their moments of redemption. Jack Bauer, the hero of "24" does evil to protect us all from evil but, hey, life is complicated. Tony Soprano, a mobster who lives in a New Jersey suburb, wants the same things as we all do. Dexter is a serial killer who kills serial killers but don't judge him. When he was five, he saw his mother cut to pieces with a chainsaw! (At least, he wasn't sexually abused.)

"Audiences are more sophisticated," the writers tell us, "people want moral ambiguity."   Really? Do we want it or does Satan?       

We've reached the point where amoral and violent delinquents, misfits and weirdos are the norms. They have made the world conform to them.

The documentary is quite explicit: "
Whether they are oddballs, losers, or just plain weird, misfit characters have grown beyond comic stereotypes and are taking center stage with a vengeance, refusing to apologize for who they are."

Thus in HBO's "True Blood" the vampires demand "human rights." They want to be treated like other minorities.  One character is incensed when someone judges all vampires based on the behavior of a few. That's prejudice!

Freaks and Geeks. Six Feet Under. Seinfeld. Glee. Arrested Development. The Office.   Self-absorbed misfits, i.e. Jews and gays, are the "new normal." 

father-knows-best-tv-show-stilljpg-2dcccaa7ee852dfe.jpgHOW WE GOT HERE

In the 1950's, they had to rebuild, so the Illuminati gave us healthy values. "In 1950's television, the man of the house was king of his castle. Was it an illusion to begin with?"   Father Knows Best. Ozzie and Harriet. Leave it to Beaver. My Three Sons. 

Was it an illusion? I don't think so. Some things are hard-wired.  Most men want to rule their own roost. That doesn't mean we want to lord it over anyone. But every successful organization is a hierarchy and that applies to families as well. Only a monster has two heads. The division of labor made a lot of sense. If you want a man to shoulder responsibility for a family, he has to lead it. It must be his creation.

There was no moral ambiguity in the 1950's Westerns. Good versus evil. Gunsmoke. The Lone Ranger. Have Gun Will Travel. Men were men. They put their lives on the line to build a just society. Women supported and loved them for it.  Then, almost by clockwork, having set up this target, the Illuminati got to work destroying it. Birth control allowed women to be sexually independent. Why not be financially independent too?

A series of shows made women feel that being wives and mothers was "oppressive" i.e. healthy is sick. Homemaker and housewife became dirty words while fighting traffic every day to do some tedious work was invested with fairy dust. 

TV_mary_tyler_moore.jpgAmerica in Primetime: "Far removed from the model housewife of yesterday, women today on TV care less about pleasing others, and more about being true to themselves."

Why sacrifice for love when you can be selfish?  Sounds like Satan again doesn't it? Love is sacrifice. As if devotion to husband and family wasn't "being true to themselves?" As if career success is the path to fulfillment for most women.

The Mary Tyler Moore was the prototype of the "independent woman."  When her mother asks her father, "Did you take your pill?" Mary thinks she is talking to her.

"Yes," both father and daughter reply. Thus, the show taught young women to go on the pill and have extramarital sex.

sarah-jessica-parker8.jpg(Darren Starr, with Sarah Jessica Parker)

Women modelled themselves on Mary Tyler Moore, just like they imitated Sex in the City, 20 years later.

Lauren Hutton said this show depicted "women acting like gay men;" not surprising given its gay Jewish creator, Darren Starr.

 In the 80's, men started being portrayed as wimps.  Someone wrote Thirty Something should be called "Whine and neuroses."  The only exception to this trend was The Bill Cosby Show where the father was the head of the family. Turns out he was a deviant too.

Like men, women are also hardwired -- to want to belong to one man who returns their devotion. Most women want to put motherhood before career. Yet the freaks that control popular culture mess them up by telling them their natural biological instincts are wrong. Instead of saving themselves for their husband, they are "empowering themselves" by getting drunk and hooking up with strangers.


TV and movies initiate us into the satanic cult which is modern society. A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by making them sick. Because television and movies were my reference point, I was dysfunctional until almost 50. I was obsessed with relationships and sex as a panacea. I didn't know how to be a man. I idealized women and called it love.  There were no models of true masculinity. When dysfunctional sick people are your role models, you become dysfunctional.  Arrested development. Immaturity.  Three failed marriages. Confusion. Periods of depression. (I do take responsibility for being so trusting and gullible.)

Why are there so few positive role models on TV? Why so few examples of healthy, happy life?

My rehabilitation started when I started to question the messages I was getting and listened to my own instincts instead.

Liberals like to think the social trends of the last 50 years represent spontaneous social change. Rather, we were being degraded and inducted into a satanic cult. The Illuminati bankers are waging a diabolical war on us, and we don't even know it.

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Dr. E Michael Jones: Sexual Liberty as a Psy Op ---Goes into how Hollywood and TV became subverted with Kabbalist porn and cultural subversion etc....

First Comment by Eliezer

Television Not In Our Home (for 12 years)
Whereas a house is empty space, a home is sacred space. And we have through neglect, permitted the sacred to devolve into the mundane, even the profane. How many today for instance, sanctify or bless their meals? Wherein is the sanctity of modern life?
Too often we humans in the "developed world" opt to "live life" vicariously through a kaleidoscope of manufactured placebo experiences. "Central casting" is rife with occultic implications. The multiplier effect of modern technology has handed to a few the power to cast wider spells, gifting them with an ability to influence society disproportionate to their numbers -- a portal into every home. The primary characteristic of tell-a-vision is its convenience. We're caught up in a "tyranny of convenience" -- immersed in a controlled narrative that encourages voyeurism.
Jerry Mander writes in Four Reasons For The Elimination Of Television, "the medium (tell-a-vision) is NON REFORMABLE -- It's problems are in the technology itself & are so dangerous to personal health & sanity -- to the environment and to the democratic process, that TV ought to be eliminated for ever."  Would it be that those who conspire to "tell-you-THEIR-vision," those whom we wouldn't invite home for dinner, should then be granted a vicarious violation of our homes & sacred space? And because of its capacity for mass engineering of perspective, might not the "life" one "lives" thru TV not be our own?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""Modern" is Jewish Satanism "

James c said (September 3, 2022):

Our sick society in a nutshell: "You're not a real man unless you're financially successful; and you're not a real woman unless you're eternally young and voluptuous." Since financial success is increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain, and since eternal youth and voluptuousness are also impossible, we are led to believe that there are no real men and women any longer. IMO, it's all so much satanic b.s. Wealth and beauty are satanic standards of both manhood AND womanhood. The greatest man who ever lived was nothing to look at and he was often homeless. Television has made us vain, sick and empty.

Connie said (November 16, 2021):


The first comment should have mentioned Jerry Mander’s Four Reasons For The

Elimination Of Television was published in 1978 - over 40 years ago - and earlier still,

Marshall McLuhan claimed “the medium is the message” in Understanding Media (1964).. Isn’t it

amazing nobody was paying attention? I remember my mother being mesmerized watching TV in

the daytime, and her biggest nemesis was The Phil Donahue Show, the place many housewives

first learned what a homosexual was.

Paul said (July 30, 2019):

I saw only one clip of Nurse Jackie and I was sick to my stomach. She's in the operating room after an operation and the stressed-out doctor while exiting suddenly stops in front of her and massages her breasts for a few seconds and then exits wringing his hands over his out-of-control behavior. Nurse Jackie, though, takes like a man and challenges herself through self-talk to accept it as part of life, as a way to help the doctor and to understand the doctor and to not judge.

I couldn't believe it and Edie Falco should be thoroughly ashamed of herself for making money doing such sick things. The message was clear to all women that they should challenge themselves to accept worse and worse degrees of degradation.

A real-life example of this was a female boss who challenged herself to set aside all judgments and start accepting the North Korean leader no matter how many crimes he committed. And she would applaud any celebrity who "was brave enough" to visit the guy.

Peter C said (July 8, 2018):

I have on many occasions tried to explain to people how TV and the movies have been used to normalize homosexuality within our society. I'll give an example of a TV show with a gay character or theme (Three's Company or Bosom Buddies for instance) and people will reply that "oh no, those shows weren't gay-positive they were making fun of gays".

What these people don't understand is that prior to about 1980 homosexuality was something that was not mentioned, not celebrated, not part of polite society, and in general not something that most people even had any knowledge of.

It was 'the love that dare not speak its name', and it should have remained that way. But such shows were intended to bring the issue into the forefront of consciousnesses and portray it in a positive light.

Pop culture has been pushing only filth ever since and has been used towards making acceptable many other evils:

Single motherhood (Alice)
Divorce (Kate & Allie)
Rape & murder (Crime shows and hip-hop music)
Emasculation of men (Laverne & Shirley)
Multiculturalism (Little Mosque on the Prairie)

And of course the removal of God and spirituality from everyone's lives.

JG said (July 8, 2018):

You have to be very selective with what you watch on the major networks. They are mostly garbage including the liberal biased national news that omits progressive and positive news.

There are good independent religious networks that give bible study and positive news that are profitable.
There are good things and good people out there but you won't find them on sitcoms or in movie theatres where nothing is real.

Geno said (March 9, 2016):

Whenever I am around a TV at a motel or a friend's home. The blatant propaganda and programming jumps out at me but to the other's in the room they soak it up like zombie sponges. In my boredom of the internet I will watch Hulu and Netflix and see much of the same programming, woven into all the storylines, and because I am so offended by it, I will find a show that tends to do it less, as opposed to those that are designed for the purpose. Watch the Good Wife if you want sophisticated propaganda like Gloria Steinem and Vallerie Jarret making guest appearances. Oy vey.

And one note to you Henry I always felt your "save the males" and "exposing feminism" shot yourself and those of us who share your articles in the foot, because people are intellectually lazy and look for a shortcut soundbite, and those few words scare most people off--as programmed-- before they allow the essays a chance to be read and contemplated. I wish you would get rid of all that and find a more all encompassing soundbite to lure in, just as our enemies do. Something like, Examining brainwashing and its methodology. This allows for the mildly curious to actually read a bit further. Anyway, you have come a long way from your advice column to parents at age 12 huh? I watched you on What's My line. Can you tell us about that experience?

And you should also do an article on Hulu's "FREE" programming... 90% has peadophile themes, incest, and other deviancy woven in. Quite creepy. Watch two David Duchovney movies, one where his wife's soul switches bodies with his daughter and another about a marketing family called the Jones... Hard to miss the desensitization. Apparently having sex with our children is something elite Hollywood wants us to do.

RPM said (March 9, 2016):

Just read your latest piece on television. I'm a huge "Have Gun Will Travel Fan." Ironically, the show's star, Richard Boone was Jewish (mother) and later in life did films for Israel and the Zionist effort (IDF). He was also busted, with Peter Lawford hanging out at a Gay bar in Australia, back when those sorts of things were illegal.

Fifties TV needed traction. It was a new medium and they had to have as many eyeballs watching those shows as possible. There were TV sets that needed to be sold, ads that needed to be run, more and more products peddled to a post-war America. The programming was as predictably mainstream as possible.

Once the box was in almost every home, hitting critical mass, the "programming" changed. Shows like "Green Acres," "Petticoat Junction" and the "Beverly Hillbillies" were quickly displaced by "Bridget Loves Bernie," "Laugh In," "Julia," and "The Flip Wilson Show." This is right around the time that Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear formed "Tandem Productions" and re-wrote the face of TV with "All In The Family" and it's myriad of spinoffs. Coming from the other direction was James Brooks, MTM Productions and Mary Tyler Moore and it's various spinoffs. Between Brooks, Yorkin and Lear, those three men changed the medium and the message of TV forever.

Abe said (October 26, 2013):

I thought the following article on the use of behavioral psychology to manipulate and addict video gamers was relevant and might of interest to my fellow readers:

Doug P said (October 25, 2013):

I think there are some great shows on TV, Dexter is pure escapism but it does engage the audience in the question of questions: Does the end justify the means ?

Sons Of Anarchy is excellent as well - there are many lessons in this show about how deceit leads to more deceit and how its a downward spiral - its main character just seems to use bad to combat bad all the time. I have read that its based on Hamlet.

The Masters Of Sex is showing us how sex, when made separate from love, destroys us and its a great period piece. Another show "The Wire" really showed how corruption is part of how our cities operate, it shows us a truth that fighting it is very difficult.

You can learn a little about banking in Deadwood, as well as how corruption seeps into the smallest of political organizations and what seems like the good and the bad isn't always so.

I can't really say anything good about The Sopranos and many of the others. We all know why S.W.A.T. was created now don't we ?.

My Three Sons, Perry Mason (which was pure propaganda as any court show would be - ie makes the courts look like they have something to do with law when ordinary people are in them), Leave It To Beaver, were shows written for kids.

Ten or so years ago, TV was crap, but lately its gotten a lot better- I think that Hollywood is trying really hard to give us something better than it did in the past.

VP said (October 24, 2013):

The book Four Reasons For The Elimination Of Television is one of my favorite books – still very relevant (perhaps more so) and I believe way ahead of its time. Not often this book is mentioned. I haven’t owned or watched one in as long as I can remember and it’s refreshing to learn of others who also don’t.

A colleague I worked with years ago, on finding out I didn’t own or watch TV, said to me: “I cannot talk to you; we have nothing in common...”. I find it interesting how many people base conversations on or relate people/experiences to the programs they watch on TV, or speak about TV as if it were life experience. Generally speaking, if you have no idea what they’re talking about because you don’t watch TV, they will flounder attempting to describe whatever it is they’re trying to convey. Most will not even try – I can count on one hand the conversations that are not killed this way.

Debra said (October 24, 2013):

TV “programming” was / is called “programs” and “programming” on “networks” from the start. Why did people not see obvious grooming by the devil himself; Satan (the liar)?

The Illuminati (illumine/d not he, for he is darkness) is a programming network of devils working to turn everyone else into devils like themselves. It should be called devil vision.
The Way is narrow (Jesus said so), often difficult, requiring sacrifice and discipline daily. Instead the wide path of devil vision is allowed and holidays like Halloween are honored.

For their Halloween day, I was considering to wear a shirt to read “Suffer not a witch to live” Exodus 22:18, but was told I would be seen as a trouble rouser. What a sick, evil world!

DK said (October 24, 2013):

I appreciate what you have written and the conclusions who have drawn on your website; perhaps I have found a kindred spirit. It appears as if you write from the perspective of your personal observation and experience in effort to expose the Illuminati agenda in their various forms as they manifest the New World Order. In your most recent article you appeal to your fellow Jews to that Judaism is a Luciferian cult and a rebellion against God. The fact that you, being a Jew, identify the corruption of your own religion is most intriguing.

Myself, I am a former Constantinain (Lutheran Christian) and have for the most mart abandoned organized religion. I find that not all, but most religious leaders “wish to supplant God and redefine reality according to their perversity and self interest.” However, I have always had a keen interest in truth and a heart to discern the times. As a “Son of Issachar,” what do you suggest those in dispersion ought to do within their sphere of influence?


Assess your talents and put them to use. Don't ask me what to do, ask God.

If someone is a Christian, he believes in Christ. A Jew is a member of a tribe, not a religion. It is a question of blood and culture. He doesn't even have to believe in God, and as I said, many if not most don't.


Jo said (October 24, 2013):

The article "Television Ruined My Life" was a great one. However, the author mentioned "The Cosby Show" as an exception to the rule of making the husband weak and pathetic. The author said that Cliff Huxtable, the husband on "The Cosby Show", was a strong male leader in the home.

That is actually not true. Cliff was afraid of his wife, Clair, on very many occasions. Clair often took the leadership completely away from Cliff. Likewise, their oldest daughter, Sondra, made life a living hell for her boyfriend (and later husband) Elvin. Elvin was put out there as the male that expected his wife to actually act like a wife. And he was torn to shreds by the entire family, continually.

Thus, even "The Cosby Show" was a very poor example of male leadership in the home. Television is truly a pit of trash.

Alfred said (October 24, 2013):

I’m not quite sure how many of our brainwashed programming gets to you up in Canada, but lately; I’ve noticed that popular shows i.e. Person of Interest, NCIS, etc., here in the US, have been endlessly promoting torture as a means to get reliable information from the enemy. I can remember just 20 years ago, this was something portrayed as something the “bad” guys did, yet somehow, this 180 ° change has occurred. I try to stay away from TV programs, (like to read instead), but my wife is still hopelessly addicted, so I can’t help to get the overflow affect. So I pick up on the things my wife seems oblivious to while she watches. I also noticed oddly enough, they are big on eradicating, domestic violence and bullying, all the while promoting violence and bullying in foreign lands. I mean, could it actually be a psy-op to play down bullying, so kids will not be equipped to react, when the government bullies them? What a strange time we live in, I don’t think Huxley or Orwell could have envisioned a times such as these.

Roman said (October 24, 2013):

The problem with people is they will forget their principles just to be part of the group.

Groups are the best way to get hypnotized and brainwashed. TV makes them feel like they are part of the group. Or they watch Jerry Springer so they can feel better about themselves because they are less messed up than people on the show.

They don't care if it's sick as long as they feel accepted. Transformational Marxists use groups to change individual views. This is modern educational system: truth and facts are irrelevant. what group feels and thinks is what matters and is the truth. Culture is a cult.

David said (October 24, 2013):

Fortunately for me I have not owned a tv since the early 1970s . It was evident to me, then, that the emasculating of men on tv and in popular culture was happening, and I started to experience it in my own life.

I, too, was brought up to put women on a pedestal, which only served as a higher point for them to pee down on me. Women were becoming even nastier than when I was growing up in the 1950s.

I always sensed that when I got older and beyond any hope of anyone showing interest in me that sex could be easily attained with girls and women being the aggressors. Now they are so insecure that they allow themselves to be called bitches and hos.

Recently I saw the Richard Roundtree movie Shaft. The gratuitous love scene showed Shaft, the alpha-male, on top. When was the last time you saw a man on top in any one of the thousands of gratuitous “love” scenes in today's movies?

Mary said (October 23, 2013):

This is why I got rid of our television. I used to watch one or two shows; however, the vast majority of shows are complete and total filth.

I have a little daughter, so I do not want her to form her values according to television's sick "reality." I am smart enough to filter through what is decent programming, but she certainly doesn't have that ability.

My teenage sister tells me that the favorite shows of her classmates are Pretty Little Liars (graphic lesbian sex between teenage girls), Degrassi (transgender characters, lesbianism and homosexuality), and Glee (homosexuality). These are all the top rated adolescent programs!

Instead, my daughter reads Christian storybooks, cooks and bakes with me, and plays with her dolls. She is such a happy little girl and everyone notices. Who needs television?

Scottie said (October 23, 2013):

The Illuminati's biggest weapons of course, are weapons of mass distraction". TV is their biggest and most powerful weapon. I observe my little nephew who is 7 years old at times and just shake my head at the brainwashing he is being fed by television,and it doesn't help that his mother (my sister) is the typical modern-day woman who bought into this garbage filled culture.

My sisters first marriage failed, so what does she do ? Well that's not hard to answer, she did what any programmed feminist woman does these days, hops on Match.Com, posts some sexy pics of herself and finds herself a meal-ticket.

The poor guy she married was so hard up he moved her into his house within a matter of weeks and is even paying for my nephews "catholic" school tuition. The guy is being taken and he doesn't even realize it.

I was with my sister at a coffee shop not too long ago which is rare, because I hardly visit with her due to her feminist qualities. She sits here texting a guy she used to work with. I ask her "Does your new husband know you talk to other guys ?" She responds. "He's just a friend".

I don't know about you Henry, but in my book, I would not want a wife or girlfriend to text or talk to other guys. Call me a chauvinist, I don't care...that just isn't gonna happen with me If I pledge myself to take a relationship seriously.

My advice to any young parents out there, get your child away from the TV. Buy your child books, take him to the library, teach him now while he is young to surf the web responsibly and to use it for gaining and learning knowledge...not to later grow up and watch porn or play dumb-downed video games...

Jeffrey said (October 23, 2013):

I grew up watching TV in the 70s (born 1970) watching re-runs of 60s shows like Gilligan's Island and Bewitched. I thought Star Trek was a current show, but they were all over a decade old. We still had variety shows, Love Boat and other seemingly innocuous fare.

Cable came in the late 70-s/early 80s and changed everything. Soft core porn coincided with my pubescent years. MTV made it's appearance, and they played rock music videos 24/7. Revolutionary!

I watch practically no TV now. What has happened in the intervening years has been a downward spiral in all programming that leaves virtually nothing untouched. The message being sent is about as subtle as a flying mallet.

An example so blatant would be "Hogan Knows Best," a reality show on VH1 (another music channel gone pure propaganda, MTV is even worse) that depicts American wrestler Hulk Hogan's family in cheerful "reality" setting, only to have his wife "start drifting away" and divorcing him. This was followed by a spinoff called "Brooke Knows Best," where his teenage daughter, complete with a whored out singing career, moves out of his life and in with a gay roommate. Hulk is then gets reduced to begging for time with his family and accepting their new lifestyles. "A New Kind of Family," to quote the ABC slogan.

The people I knew who got rid of television before me were right. The old shows like Perry Mason are a breed apart. I like old movies, too.

The National Geographic Channel (their Bible series had unprecedented ratings, no Emmys for them) and Turner Classic Movies are worth watching, but you can't get those without tons of heinous shit for too much $$$, so I stick with youtube... and books!

JG said (October 23, 2013):

Lived by the "tube" as a kid in the late 50s/60s and I really do believe that some of those shows had a moral message.

James West ("Wild Wild West")never surrendered to the "hot chick" that tried to trap him.

Matt Dillon liked "Kitty" but respected her too much to go "all the way" with her.

Neither money or flesh could get in the way of Elliot Ness and his dedication to the pursuit of justice.

Dr. Richard Kimball wasn't "bangin" the "hot women" that opened up to him with their problems during his travels. Why? Because he wasn't a scumbag out take advantage.

The spirit of sacrifice and morality was actually scripted into these shows.

By today's culture of immortality these characters might be considered as "gay" by some for not taking advantage.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of the nation is no longer "God fearing" like it once was.

And, their own individual privatized God is their new moral compass where they make their own rules.

Ray said (October 23, 2013):

Love it, Henry.... I agree 100%... Ours was the first generation raised on television, and look at the world we created... a nightmarish dystopia brought to you by Kellogg's.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at