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Edward Menez -- Three Crypto Jews Who Changed Everything

September 28, 2022


(Pope Clement VII, 1523-1530)

The Catholic Church was infiltrated by two Jewish Popes and a Jewish Reformer that changed everyone's mindset. 

From 1513-1533 two earth-shattering events took place: the Protestant Reformation, and the Pope's acceptance of Nicholas Copernicus's heliocentric model of cosmology (that the earth revolves around the sun).  Were they coincidental, or was the Catholic Church intentionally being dismantled from within?

(Disclaimer - Menez is a flat earther. I am not. Nonetheless, I respect his intelligence and present this for your consideration.)

by Edward Menez

The word "catholic" means "universal"
and the Catholic Church was really the "one and only" Christian Church until Martin Luther began his Protestant Reformation and made a schism in the Catholic Church.  Now all the Protestant denominations in the US--Lutheran, Baptist, Evangelical, etc--have more members combined than the Catholic Church.  So that was a pretty big deal to split the Catholic Church in two like that.

Another big deal was the fact that the Pope accepted the heliocentric model of the world at the same time.  That had never been done before because all Christians (and all other religions, too) accepted that we lived in a geocentric world up until then.  In fact, it changed the world entirely because the Earth was no longer at the center of everything.  

The Bible states over 30 times that the Earth does not move.  Now, under the heliocentric model, the sun was at the center of the universe and the Earth spun around it.

I discovered through experimentation and extensive study that we have been lied to about so many things, one of which is the place we live and our importance on it.  I believe we are created in God's image, and everything was created by God.  I no longer believe in evolution, the Big Bang Theory, and other modern lies.  

Satan is the "Great Deceiver," after all.  My life has changed completely and I have come back to God in the past 7 years, when I had been a big sinner until that point.  


From 1513-1533 two earth-shattering events took place: the Protestant Reformation, and the Pope's acceptance of Nicholas Copernicus's heliocentric model of cosmology (that the earth revolves around the sun).  Were they coincidental, or was the Catholic Church intentionally being dismantled from within?

From 1513-1521 Pope Leo X reigned, and from 1523-1534 Pope Clement VII reigned, which covers this 20-year time period.  Both Popes were from the de'Medici family, a BANKING family, and outed as crypto-Jews by Miles Mathis (though being "bankers" was obvious).  Both Popes were officially cousins, but were in fact raised as brothers as Leo X's father, Lorenzo the Magnificent, brought up both Popes under the same household as brothers after Clement VII's father was murdered just before his birth.

Whether you believe in Protestantism, Catholicism, or some other religion, the fact is that Leo X allowed Martin Luther (a Jew) to fragment Christianity, which had until then consisted of the Catholic Church; and whether you believe in a geocentric or heliocentric model of the universe, the fact is that Pope Clement VII accepted Copernicus's theory of a heliocentric model of the universe for the first time, which went against all prior and Biblical belief in a geocentric model.  

These two earth-shattering events occurred between 1513-1533 while the two brother-cousin Jewish Popes from the fantastically wealthy Medici banking family were in charge of Christendom.


"Pope Leo X (left: Leone X; born Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici, 11 December 1475 - 1 December 1521) was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 9 March 1513 to his death in 1521."

Pope Leo X was not a priest, but a usurper, as he was the last pope not to have been in priestly orders when elected to the papacy. In fact, the Medici banking family he came from were the most powerful bankers in the world at the time when he became pope.  

Pope Leo X was also accused of being a homosexual, and was said to take advantage of the handsome young men who were his chamberlains.

After Martin Luther posted his "Ninety-five Theses" on Halloween Day of 1517, Pope Leo X didn't fret: in "February 1518 he directed the vicar-general of the Augustinians to impose silence on his monks" and not mention the obvious threat Martin Luther posed towards Catholicism.

"Possibly the most lasting legacy of the reign of Pope Leo X was his perceived failure to not just stem the Reformation but to fuel it."

After Leo X's  death, Pope Adrian VI (1522-1523), placeholder and puppet of future-Pope Clement VII (then Cardinal Giulio Medici), became pope: "During his 20-month papacy, Adrian VI "seemed to set great store by Cardinal Medici's opinions... And all the other cardinals were kept distinctly at arm's-length."[44] In this way, Cardinal Giulio "wielded formidable influence" throughout Adrian's reign."

What happened for Cardinal Giulio to become Clement VII?  Clement VII (born Giulio de' Medici) was Pope from 1523-1534, and was later deemed "the most unfortunate of the Popes".  

Giulio was born illegitimately on 26 May 1478, in Florence, and the exact identity of his mother remains unknown.  His biological father was tragically murdered a month before his birth.

"Thereafter, Lorenzo the Magnificent raised him as one of his own sons, alongside his children Giovanni (the future Pope Leo X), Piero, and Giuliano."

Giulio was not supposed to be able to attain the highest offices of the Catholic Church due to his illegitimate birth, but three months after becoming Pope Leo X, his brother-cousin removed that obstacle through a papal dispensation and appointed Giulio Cardinal.

When Cardinal Giulio became Pope Clement VII shortly after the death of Pope Leo X, he was accused of draining the Vatican treasuries through excessive nepotism to his Medici relatives, and reform measures to prevent such nepotism in the future were enacted by the Catholic Church after Pope Clement VII's death.

Pope Clement VII's "contemporaries considered him worldly and indifferent to the perceived dangers of the Protestant Reformation."
Thus, he continued the work of his cousin Pope Leo X in abetting the shattering of the Catholic Church.

But Clement VII's most well-known legacy is tied to what else he allowed:

"In matters of science, Clement is best known for approving, in 1533, Nicolaus Copernicus's theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun--99 years before Galileo Galilei's heresy trial for similar ideas."

Luther-809958352.jpgMARTIN LUTHER

Who was Martin Luther?  Miles Mathis says it best: "Luther's mother's maiden name was Lindemann. A Jewish surname. They admit Luther's father was very wealthy, though they rush you by it as usual."

"And now for the kill shot. If you think Lindemann wasn't a Jewish name, we can go to Luther's maternal grandmother, who was a . . . Ziegler."

"But there's more. Margaretha Ziegler's maiden name was Rosenzweig."

What else did Martin Luther do?  He allowed banks and individuals to begin low-interest loans for the first time ever.  Up until then, "usury" was forbidden by the Catholic Church (as stated in The Bible), and usury was defined as the charging of any amount of interest.  
What is low interest anyway?  It might have started out as 1% or 2% in Martin Luther's day, but nowadays 10% interest might be considered low in some places.  We all know what a can of worms Martin Luther opened by allowing any interest at all.  The banking industry has him to thank, though, in the end.


So from the above information, what ties Pope Leo X, Pope Clement VII, and Martin Luther together?  Well, apart from all three being Jewish, these supposed Christians attained the highest posts in Christianity and appeared to be in confederacy to break up the universal and unified Catholic Church. 

But not only that, in 1533 Clement VII approved the heliocentric theory of Copernicus that the Earth revolves around the Sun, contradicting the geocentric beliefs of every culture of the world up until that time and The Bible itself: that we live on a flat, stationary earth, and the sun, moon, and stars are lights in the sky revolving around the Earth, and attached to the firmament above us.

All of this happened in the 20-year time period from 1513-1533. 

Again, was that a coincidence, or was the Catholic Church intentionally being dismantled from within by the aforementioned three crypto-Jews?

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First Comment from GW

Let's get at least one thing straight about Martin Luther.  The notion that he single-handedly brought about the movement rejecting the authority of the Pope of Rome,   is ridiculous.     Professor Marshal McLuhan explained to us how the new technology of the printing press producing  Bibles cheaply, made the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven available to the masses and all classes.  Never forget that the Papal Agents were burning those newly-printed Bibles when and wherever they found them. 

From scholars to ordinary folks right down to the plowboy in the field,  someone who found out the difference between what was preached in the pulpits /  practiced by wicked priests, versus what the Word of God says plainly,   rejected Roman Catholic-ism.    At the personal level, that Reformation continues to this day. 

Mr Menez' notion that the weight of 1ooo years of human tradition,  was upset by a few mortals in 20 years,   is absurd.       Ivan Illich said "every human institution winds up doing the very opposite of what it started out to do."  Which is never truer than as applied to Roman Catholicism.    What is now known as 'the Reformation' started out as an attempt by sincere Christians to reform an institution which had become unspeakably corrupt.   Perfect illustration, being, Luther's complaint about indulgences being sold ... telling credulous parishioners that "the moment the coin hit the bottom of the box, his sins were forgiven".   Religious racketeers traveled the realms of Medieval Europe,  issuing a license to sin IN ADVANCE !   Then those funds spent to build Saint Peters where the Egyptian obelisk was set up in the very centre of the circle on the Square : classical symbols of the ancient Mystery Religion. And Mr Menez would have us  accept that all that was the work of a couple of miscreant Jews?  Hardly!  The Reformation was a process that took centuries to play out.


Especially >  Menez' assertion re Luther's position on usury, is so far-removed from the facts on record, that his credibility is utterly ruined.    Luther preached that the sin of usury is equivalent to murder.   Here is one link with a short explanation of Luther's preaching re usury.

Mr Menez's problem, is >  explaining why the Roman Catholic position on Usury changed officially in the 1880s.  With the Bible as the ultimate authority on Faith and Morals,  it couldn't be clearer that the God of Israel abhors usury among Israel-itish people.   Of whom we Caucasians are the direct descendants.  

Ultra-montaigne tradition has it that the Holy Spirit instructs the Magisterium, immediately.       Onus is on him to produce evidence of the very date - and by what means -  God Almighty advised a Cardinal or 2, that the policy of Heaven had changed?


Required reading for anyone who cares about 'who's to blame for the Reformation', is = the masterpiece by Tupper F Saussy : Rulers of Evil.     Saussy lays out how the book "Art of War'  - pretended as the work of one,  Sun Tsu -  was cooked up by the Jesuits for their Counter Reformation.

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Comments for "Edward Menez -- Three Crypto Jews Who Changed Everything "

Joe said (September 30, 2022):

Menez errs when he blames Luther for causing a “schism” in the Catholic Church. His aim was to return Christianity back to the faithful-to-scripture church that had existed in the 1st century apostolic period.

Menez, a flat-earther, is flat out wrong in rejecting the Copernicus’ heliocentric model of our solar system. Great astronomers like him, Galileo and Kepler, proved that it was an astronomically observable fact. The Catholic Church simply had to concede the point.

This was not “dismantling the Church from within,” as he foolishly claims. Also, regarding his criticism of Luther causing a “schism”, Menez forgets the fact that there had already been a major schism in Christianity in the 11th century, when the Eastern Byzantine Church spilt from Rome over the latter’s refusal to accept the primacy of the Pope in Rome.

I reject Menez’ fact-free claim that the Medici banking family - which produced two Popes, Clement VII and Leo X - were crypto Jews. He offers as “proof” that they were bankers - as if no Gentiles were engaged in that business at the time.

The bankers in Europe, up until the modern era (18th century) were Gentiles. The Jews in Italy were forced to live in ghettoes (an Italian word) and, in addition to being segregated, were rigidly proscribed as to what occupations they could practice.

There was no Rothschild banking dynasty at that time, or anything like them.

The Medicis were an ethnically Italian, and Catholic family. Their financial power translated into political power in the church.

A similar, fact-free assertion Menez makes is that Luther’s Jewish ancestry is proved by the fact that his mother’s maiden name was Lindemann, and his maternal grandmother was named Ziegler.

He singles these out as Jewish names, when they are in fact just German in origin. There are undoubtedly many Germans, living in Germany, and in the U.S. today, who bear these names, and are not Jewish.

WS said (September 30, 2022):

Dr Henry ,I totally disagree with Edward Menez on the catholic church. They absolutely were not the original Christian church. Other faiths or beliefs came from the reformation. But the Baptists and any group that came out of the Baptist faith did not come out of the Roman Catholic Church. A very good information source is from Jack Chick publications. They cover the story of Alberta Rivera, former (now deceased) Jesuit Priest. He left the Vatican long before he passed away . I believe he was murdered. He tells all about the origin and inner workings of the Vatican system.

Dr Henry, I myself believe the Vatican controls all or almost all the globalist systems in the world. Including the Rothchilds and their minions.

The Black Pope ( Jesuit General ) controls the Vatican and Catholicism. The pope Francis and those before him are just the face of the Vatican and all their churches . They do practice satanic and luciferian rituals in the Vatican.

Religious show business. Follow the religion and follow the money of the religion. They have just enough false Christianity to put on a show to fool the world. Well that's my input.

J said (September 29, 2022):

I disagree completely with Edward Menez's statement that "the Catholic Church was really the 'one and only' Christian Church until Martin Luther began his Protestant Reformation and made a schism in the Catholic Church. IMO, the Catholic Church was never a "Christian church." It has so many beliefs and practices that are simply unbiblical. Too numerous to mention. There was also a Celtic Church in the British Isles at least until A.D. 597. It was a theocracy based on the laws of the Pentateuch and included the keeping of the Seventh-day Sabbath. It took the Catholic Church centuries to stamp the Sabbath out of the churches of the British Isles and the continent.

Martin Luther and John Calvin were contemporaries, and they both played a role in permitting usury. Oliver Cromwell also played a major role by advocating the readmission of the Jews to England. Edward I had banished the Jews from England in 1290, and for the next 3 centuries England thrived. England was free from the empire of usury.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at