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2/3 of Men Prefer to Marry Virgins

January 29, 2023


My Twitter poll shows that almost 2/3 of men prefer to marry virgins.

by Henry Makow PhD

As one wag said, "Why would a man buy a used car instead of a new one?"

How many drivers has it had, or the damage done?

Western women are at a tipping point. Our satanist society teaches them that it is chic and empowering to be promiscuous Onlyfans has two million "content creators."
College girls have "sugar daddies."  Thousands are having their breasts removed as they "transition."

Young women today are victims of a depopulation agenda masterminded by the same people who brought you the COVID hoax and deadly vaccines. The goal is to forestall marriage and family formation.

For example, women are naturally hypergamous. They want husbands who are of higher status, who are confident leaders. Our society elevates women to higher status than men, either through idealization of sex, or discrimination. Men have been undermined psychologically. This undermines heterosexual union. Men have lost the confidence to approach and win a woman.

Nature does not give rain checks. Sex is the act of procreation, not recreation.  Women have approximately 15 years to attract a mate and have children. If they fail, they risk an isolated and impoverished old age.

marie.jpgHow to get a man? Be submissive! 

See "The Power of Sexual Surrender"      Read online - Torrent File

Men want power. Women want love. Heterosexual marriage is an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love.  This exchange of power-for-love defines femininity. This is how two people become one. The husband regards his wife as being part of him, and identifies her interests as his own.  She belongs to him. (Yes, a wife wants to belong to a loving husband.)

Of course she must first find a man able to prove his trustworthiness through a long process of courtship.

Most women are defined by their reproductive services. When they are no longer fertile, they are less attractive to men.  This is why men still want women who have consecrated their sexuality for their husbands and families. Women are the heart and soul of a family. They are cherished because they sacrifice themselves for husband and children.

Sexual intercourse is based on an exchange of power-- female surrender and male possession. When a man makes love to a woman, he is showing his appreciation for giving herself to himSee "Having Sex is Not Making Love."

In contrast, a man has no reason to give pleasure to a stranger. He simply takes his own.

Intercourse symbolizes the permanent marital bond.
Disclaimer- I'm not saying all women have to get married and have children. Children are a full time commitment, and are not for everyone.

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"I don't even want to go on any dates anymore. They just feel like a chore." I heard this from my twenty-four-year-old male patient this week. I hear it frequently from men everywhere. I hear it in bars, at professional conferences, over coffee at lunch. I hear it because American women have become undatable.

The typical American woman today projects limitless entitlement, ruthless competitiveness, and advanced emotional incontinence that makes it all but impossible for a man to tolerate her, much less enjoy her company. "

First Comment from CR

I take umbrage at your posting of an article that women are "undatable." Not true my friend. I am a firsthand witness to the fact that most young American MEN are undatable. My daughter is 24 and has been on numerous dates with young "men," most of whom are lacking in basic social skills.

They're trying to get their lives together in their 20's I guess. But it really is a minefield and I feel sorry for the intelligent, well-meaning young women I'm around (my daughter's friends) most of whom simply aspire to meet a nice guy and settle down. Unfortunately, and regrettably, young 20-somethings (women mostly) are attempting to meet Mr.Right on social dating apps. These dating apps are a minefield and polluted with bots and fake profiles. We recently discovered this when our daughter was stood up at the last minute three consecutive times.. She'd be driving to meet someone for coffee and the guy would text her and say, "Oh sorry, can't make it, I have to take my sister to school." What!? Henry, I'm not sure what's behind these "dating" sites but I'd speculate that it has to do with gathering personal data.. 

Henry - please don't blanket-blame American women. Like I said, I know many of them in their 20s and they're mostly intelligent and interested in the right things.

Jennifer wrote-

2/3 of Men Prefer to Marry Virgins article states:  

"Intercourse should be reserved for marriage or a relationship approaching marriage because it symbolizes this permanent bond."

Here's the rub "or a relationship approaching marriage" my experience and that of many of my female friends is that 50% of men pretend, gaslight, and game innocent virgin women in their teens and 20s that they want marriage --that they are serious.  These men will bring their girlfriends home to meet their parents, they will buy them gifts including giving them promise rings and engagement rings (fake diamonds) --all under the guise that they are seriously dating for marriage. There is a huge expectation and pressure on these women to have sex with their "serious boyfriend."   Later these men dump them; they were just using the woman's desire to get married to manipulate them into a fake serious relationship.

Many women lose that marriage-mom window when they are duped into these "relationships approaching marriage."  I did.  My "serious" boyfriend, a nice Midwest guy, with values continually told me he wanted to marry me and have children.  I spent holidays with his family, he called me every night etc etc... But he had a start-up business that needed his full attention. So he wanted to wait until he got his business off the ground before we got married.  I waited from 24 to 32 years old. His company was finally super successful. But then he dumped me, saying he actually never wanted to get married or have children --he opening admitted he just lied.

I know so many nice girls that went through that same manipulation--and there is no way to know because these young men appear normal. They meet your parents and pretend.

The only solution is to reserve sex 100% for marriage only--and even then men will literally marry you for a year or two --as if they are dating and request time together before having a baby--again its just a trick to use women for sex.

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Comments for "2/3 of Men Prefer to Marry Virgins"

DAS- said (January 30, 2023):

It seems to me there is a mental/spiritual and not necessarily a physical “virginity” that 2/3 of men want in their future wives.

Yes they are linked but I am pretty sure 2/3 of women have been ravaged by one of you gents pre-nuptually. But let’s say a man finds and marries this dream girl, will he go the extra mile to protect his wife’s fragility and not run roughshod over her emotions?

Your wife is going to look for support from you. Will you give it? If she thinks she wants power, will you give her love anyway, and just stick to your guns, figure out how to keep loving her?

When a couple marries with the notion that divorce is always an option, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Men have plenty of access to sex outside of marriage, so I think a man who marries really wants a life partner, but then the reality of what he has taken on hits home. Either he never took charge in the marriage or he refused to love her.

PS: I think you pushing the 2/3 statistic leads to cradle-robbing, and that huge power differential if not closely monitored is immoral. But even if it were moral, the young people today don’t even know if they’re a boy or a girl, so good luck with that.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at