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Jews--You are in Grave Danger

March 24, 2023

TSQ-75-years-600x1024.jpeg"Two things are guaranteed to generate a violent response; 1) when the food supply disappears and 2) people's children are being destroyed.  The Good Jews who had nothing to do with these evil deeds will be blamed for everything, along with the evildoers.

We are at the tipping point, people are waking up as we reach the point of no return; the time to make your choice is here."


To my Jewish Friends,

You are in grave danger.  You know this. 
That's why you are running large scale "anti-semitism" billboards in major US cities.  The victims of the Satanist plots operating under the banner of "Jews" are waking up from their slumber and "the Jews" are going to be blamed for many terrible things you probably had nothing to do with.  It has always ended this wa

Real Jews are Compassionate. They also follow Truth and are Tolerant.  These are the people I have known all my life that I support and will lay down my life to protect.  The good people reading this should know you have many other true friends who will help you in times of need.  Good Jews are all around us and I call many of them my Dear Friends.

You can judge good or evil by using Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. Carefully watch their words and actions.

Those of us who follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance will always uphold the righteous people who stand for these things.

The ones who are doing terrible things under the banner of the righteous religions (this goes for Catholics, Jews and other religions and secret societies) are the "initiated" - they are invited into the "Hex Club", aka Satanism.  Uninitiated Jews are outside The Club.  Unless you stand up soon, you will again be lumped in with the "initiated" Hex Club Satanists and persecuted...again.

You will be the victim again - one more burnt offering ("Holocaust") thrown on the fire along with the billions of ordinary people deemed to be "useless eaters".  The "initiated" are now attacking good people and getting unwanted attention from their victims.  The masses have reached the end of their own Tolerance as they have been minding their own business, but can't help but notice the unrelenting attacks on their cultures and nations, empty wallets and a rising body count of their friends and relatives.  

Two things are guaranteed to generate a violent response; 1) when the food supply disappears and 2) people's children are being destroyed.  The Good Jews who had nothing to do with these evil deeds will be blamed for everything, along with the evildoers.

This article shows what everyone is seeing with their own eyes.  They see a tiny minority of "Jews" (2.4% in the USA) running everything and destroying a country through culture wars and usury.  They see their pockets being emptied through inflation and financial trickery, while the "initiated" prosper.  Media is silent and anyone pointing out the obvious is attacked as an "anti-semite".  They see people being attacked for stating mistruths about Jews, but then see how words have been twisted to invert a lie into "Truth".   Jews claim they have no power and when someone points something out, they threaten to use the power, they say they don't have to destroy them.  Ask Kanye "Ye" how that works.  It is now plainly visible to anyone paying attention.

Good people do not tolerate liars and all Jews, including the good ones, will be blamed for the lies.

-The widely loathed Biden administration is supported 70% by Jews (and not supported by Orthodox Jews).  About 40% of the US likely voters (Rasmussen poll) now believe Biden stole the election.  The Biden cabinet is full of Jewish people.

The Forward Yes, Ranting Against Globalism is Anti-Semitic.jpeg-Banking is controlled by Jews. Central Banking is usury money printing, where interest is charged for something ginned up out of thin air - it's an immoral skimming operation that eventually dies like bacteria that runs out of food.   Who is going to get blamed when they do the banking "rug pull", destroy people's money to bring in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and change the game one more time?  And when the CBDC functions like ration coupons with social credit attached, who will get blamed for that?  Do the Jews always end up with the money because they are that smart, are tipped off in advance ("got the Jew call") or because they control the money printing? (people are noticing that yes, Jews do control the money even when they say they don't)

-The COVID vaccine is perceived to be a Jewish invention, in fact Jews have bragged about this.  What happens when a billion people are injured or die as a result of these untested experimental injections?  Who do you think will be blamed for these deaths?  Trillions of dollars changed hands over "COVID", into the hands of Big Pharma and their buddies.

-Gay and trans rights were promoted by Jews, starting in Weimar Germany.  People are starting to understand which books exactly were burned by Hitler and why - the spell is wearing off.  You are going after their children and the parents will utterly destroy you for this unpardonable sin.

-Communism is a Jewish creation from Marx, Lenin and all the way to Mao.  Good people are persecuted under communism, including arrest, torture, forced labor and organ harvesting (

-Hype about the Holocaust is overplayed and no longer believable, it's an overplayed hand.  Does anyone know the real number of victims?  Even one dead innocent Jew was too many, but exaggerated claims and ignoring other mass genocides don't help the cause.  People also wonder why this is so widely promoted and why it always seems to involve MONEY.  Most of the survivors are dead, so why continue to bleed living Germans for "reparations" who had nothing to do with it and were not even born at that time almost 80 years ago?  I read almost every day to a blind elderly 85-year old Jewish woman who narrowly escaped the Holocaust in Ukraine. She refuses to take a penny of "compensation", as does her son.  (Reagan calls out the Holocaust)

-Reparations expand the money grift to stoke race war .  San Francisco $5m payment per black person who was damaged?  In a state where slavery never existed.  What about Chinese Americans in California who were treated badly?  Look who supported Black Lives Matter (that received over $80B in funding).  This is so far over the top, you will even lose the mainstream in the USA who really are offended by actual racism (a term created by Trotsky, a Russian Jewish communist).

-Hollywood and media are run by Jews.  Acting awards go mainly to Jews.  Who is writing your "news"?

The "initiated" Jews and others who were brought into the Cult are "in the know" about what is really going on.  Most Jews are un-initiated and don't realize what is going on, or they know and they choose to do nothing, hoping it will go away and tolerating evil.  They are unintentionally turning away from Truth, Compassion and Tolerance and following an evil way.  The key is your choice!

We are at the tipping point, people are waking up as we reach the point of no return; the time to make your choice is here.  It's not too late.   Good people are being persecuted around the world, right in front of you.  Will you stand up for Truth, Compassion and Tolerance and turn away from evil?
Makow - Are Jews really in grave danger? Gentiles have shown they are incapable of defending their interests. The majority of Jews refuse to accept the assumptions made by CK because it would require them to challenge Organized Jewry. Their attitude is, "as long as things are working for me, don't bother me."

In the words of Rabbi Joachim Prinz -"The apparent inability of Jews [is] to understand or predict their own catastrophes. The Jews, whose history consists of one tragedy after another, have yet to be prepared for any one of them." Joachim Prinz - The Secret Jews

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Comments for "Jews--You are in Grave Danger"

Greg said (March 25, 2023):

When the poison isn’t neutralized… genocide becomes normalized… leaving condemnation to be realized.

Mike said (March 25, 2023):

What you describe was prophesied over 2500 years ago by the prophet Zechariah. (I would not wish this on even the guilty)

Zechariah 14:2 For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city

Doug P said (March 24, 2023):

The majority of the fault lies with the stupid and the mentally defective that have supported this agenda - under the law, although that may not be the case morally. In common law, it is the hand that does the evil work that is responsible. If I tell or pay someone to commit a crime, they still take most if not all of the responsibility. Freemasonic and Jewish psychopaths run things.

Most people are guilty. They did not resist or protest the income tax, which has paid for this world government enterprise since 1913. The income tax has funded the brainwashing and has lead the simple down a garden path.

RH said (March 24, 2023):

This is a good article. I have been thinking much of the same things. There may be a tipping point where it goes extreme against a number of groups. Reason will be lost and emotions will rule. Many will suffer…but will the oligarchs?

I wonder if this is not what is wanted by the elites. I hear guests on Rense Radio say that Ukraine is now about killing the goyim more than anything else.

Sacrificing assimilated Jews may be just the ticket for these Satanists.

These are dangerous times and most people are clueless.

Keep up the good work.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at