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Patrick O'Carroll - "Neutral" Switzerland is an Illuminati Whore

March 11, 2023


"Major Swiss banks have been involved in financing BOTH SIDES
of all major "Illuminati"-planned wars in the world since around 1800 AD.
Like Britain, Switzerland is yet another Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
that has successfully managed to deceive the whole world for centuries."

by Patrick O'Carroll

Many great historians, such Professor Carroll Quigley, Professor Antony Sutton, and Fritz Springmeier, proved beyond all doubt that WW2 WAS THE SINGLE MOST CONTROLLED "CONFLICT" IN HUMAN HISTORY. And Switzerland played a key role in that rigged "conflict".

Throughout WW2, Allen Welsh Dulles lived at HerrenGasse 23, Bern, Central Switzerland, right beside Bern's central train-station. In 1945, Bern was only a two-hour journey from Basel by car or railway. Along with London and NYC, the "Illuminati" used Basel as one of their three main financial hubs for financing, and controlling, both "sides" of their wholly artificial WW2.

 Still today, the address HerrenGasse 23 belongs to the residential part of the five-floor building complex that houses the famous Loeb retail-store in Bern, which is still owned today by the Swiss Jewish "Illuminati" family Loeb. See picture here.

Certainly, the name Loeb is a cognate of the German "der Löwe" for lion, and that is also a common surname adopted by Jews of Levite origin throughout Central Europe. Indeed, the birth name of the Jew Levi Strauss of Buttenheim-Bavaria was Loeb Strauss, or Löb Strauss. Other Swiss Levite Jews go by the surname Leu, which is a Swiss-German form of "der Löwe", with a lion also featured on the logo of the important Swiss private bank Clariden Leu, now defunct.

dulles.jpg(Allen Dulles, 1893-1969)

One of the top tasks that the "Illuminati" assigned to Allen Welsh Dulles was to oversee the theft of bullion, art and other loot from NSDAP-occupied countries and regions, which the NSDAP plundered for their "Illuminati" bosses. The final transfer stage for the swag was the 20 km trip from Lörrach-Baden in Germany to the BIS headquarters at CentralPlatz 2, Basel, Switzerland, where NSDAP officials passed it to their "Illuminati" bosses, who then conveyed it to storage points in Switzerland, London and NYC. Most of the profits and gains the "Illuminati" bloodlines wrought from WW2 were bunkered in NYC because Pax Americana was about to start in 1945.

 Around 1800, the long-term "Illuminati" plan was for Pax Britannica (1815-1914), followed by an "Interregnum Era" (1914-45), followed by Pax Americana (1945-2025), that now is soon to end.

But just before the "Illuminati" launched Pax Britannica at the Congress of Vienna in 1815, they first ORDERED the Five Great Powers (GB Britain, FR France, DE Prussia, AT Austria, and RU Russia) to have their "parliaments" approve acts and laws guaranteeing that Swiss Neutrality would be recognized during all the wars the "Illuminati" were planning over the coming decades and centuries.

In the event, all Five Great Powers had already approved Swiss Neutrality by March 1815, and Switzerland was granted PERMISSION to spend just over TWO CENTURIES as a NEUTRAL country. Switzerland did not participate in any planned international "crisis" after 1815 until the launch of the COVID-PHARMA GENOCIDE in 2020, just over two centuries later.

At the end of WW2, the NSDAP was not required to sign the Deed of Surrender which was organized by Kenneth Strong, a lofty member of the Committee of 300, who had been the mil-intel director of Zioinst Britain in WW2. And that, right there, is proof positive that the Nazis were in fact the "Fifth Victorious Power".

The "Illuminati" granted Hitler, and most of the NSDAP, their freedom in gratitude for having totally smashed Germany on their behalf and for helping them to perpetrate the German Holocaust in which the Zionist powers (US, GB, RU, FR) genocided 39 million German Christian Civilians in 1914-55. CIA insider John Lear revealed that Hitler, who was a very enthusiastic Zionist, died in 1968 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN.

 The main train-station in Bern still has a SECRET PLATFORM (Platform 11 not accessible to the public) that has always been used to load and unload bullion, diamonds and other loot that the "Illuminati" still store in massive deep-underground facilities in the Swiss Alps, notably in the cantons Bern, Valais, and Grisons-Graubünden. By a "terrific" "coincidence", Davos, St Moritz, and Klosters are all located in Grisons-Graubünden. The INFORMATION DESK at Bern station will confirm that Platform 11 exists but that it is "not used for normal train services". An ordinary passenger might search Bern train-station for Platform 11, but in vain, as he will never find it.

 At his "WW2 headquarters" in cental Bern, Allen Welsh Dulles was well sheltered from stray Allied bombs that actually hit Switzerland during WW2. Notable targets included Basel, Stein am Rhein, Schaffhausen, and even Milchbuck, an urban neighborhood of Zürich (which Allied pilots claimed they had "mistaken" for Pforzheim, 240 km away in Germany). Clearly, Allen Welsh Dulles knew from the start that regions directly bordering Germany would be too risky for him to live in, so he selected the most central hub in Switzerland for his "WW2 headquarters."

The best way to show how the Swiss population is concentrated is with a diagram of its main A1 autobahn, that was built mostly in 1956-93, and which today passes through the whole lowland region from Geneva to St Gallen, and finally ends at the Austrian border in St Margrethen:

But, in a nutshell, Bern was one of the safest major cities or hubs along that route.

 The "Illuminati" used Basel as one of the key financial centers for financing both sides of WW2, and Allen Welsh Dulles was always close-by in Bern to oversee all financial activities but, more importantly, to hold face-to-face meetings to give ORDERS to his German NSDAP lackeys.

biis.jpg (Bank of Int´l Settlements in Basel)

Basel was also the venue for another notorious "jour fixe" or regular meeting throughout WW2. In 1934, the "Illuminati" installed Hjalmar Schacht as their Chief Financial Agent in the NSDAP Regime because he ticked most of their boxes: Schacht was a New Yorker, a native-speaker of German, and a top Talmudic Freemason.

Throughout WW2, Hjalmar Schacht met regularly in Basel-Switzerland with Siegmund George Warburg, who was a top member of the Committee of 300, an MI6 Agent, and a co-founder of "Illuminati" bank SG Warburg & Co. More than any other rendezvous, this top-level "jour fixe" gave the "Illuminati" the opportunity to dictate terms regarding the single most important issue for them throughout WW2, which was the financing, or at times financial curtailment, of their controlled-opposition stooge Adolf Hitler and his military apparatus in this, the single most controlled "conflict" in human history, known as WW2.

 Before WW2, the "Illuminati" bloodline Rockefeller financed the 1930 election campaign of the NSDAP Nazi Party and also financed the NSDAP eugenics plan via the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. During WW2, Rockefeller also ORDERED Hitler not to take southeast France because Rockefeller wanted to supply Germany and Italy with oil so as to profit enormously from WW2. The Rockefeller oil-line ran from Spain, through southeast France (dubbed Vichy France) and on to Switzerland. There were several major transfer-points for Rockefeller oil along the Swiss-German border, including Basel-Lörrach, Kreuzlingen-Konstanz, Schaffhausen-Blumberg, and St Margrethen-Lustenau. But there was only ONE major Rockefeller oil-line from Switzerland into Italy, which was Lugano-Milan (40 minutes). This was all "fuel" for BIG Rockefeller profits.

 Finally, of course, major Swiss banks have been involved in financing BOTH SIDES of all major "Illuminati"-planned wars in the world since around 1800 AD.

Like Britain, Switzerland is yet another Wolf in Sheep's Clothing that has successfully managed to deceive the whole world for centuries.
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Comments for "Patrick O'Carroll - "Neutral" Switzerland is an Illuminati Whore"

IC said (March 11, 2023):

greetings, Switzerland has the most severe deformity in the world out
of incest, not that "decent", "clean" "honest", "harmless", and

Doug P said (March 10, 2023):

Now tell me that Chabbad and various other suicidal death cults such as freemasonry aren't run from the same location. I would bet that organized Judaism - ie synagogues and such are managed by an outside source. Their philosophy is insane which means they are not running anything - it's just mind-control cults. No way these organized hate groups are permitted autonomy.

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