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Mike Stone - Self-Defence for Teenage Males

May 17, 2023


Such is life for teen boys growing up in America today. Schools are now Communist indoctrination centers, staffed by mentally ill teachers pushing all manner of sexual depravity on their students. 
by Mike Stone
How would you like to be a teen boy growing up in today's world?
You wake up in the morning to find your father is gone. "We're getting a divorce," your mother tells you. "The dog is gone too. I called the pound."                   
"But he's my dog," you say.          
"Not anymore."
At school, your buddy shows you a picture of a girl from OnlyFans he's obsessed with. The girl is naked so at first you don't notice, but then you see she's your 16-year-old cousin Sara.
You pass Jenny Hobbs in the hallway, the girl you thought was so cute in the 6th grade. She now has a nose ring and half of her hair is dyed blue. The other half of her hair is shaved off. "She used to be so pretty," you say to yourself. "What happened?"
In math class, you're shocked to learn that your test paper was graded an "F" even though you answered every question right. "Getting the right answer is not important," your pink-haired math teacher tells you. "It's a sign of inherent racism. So I've signed you up for Diversity Training. Be here on Saturday if you want to pass my class." 
In history class, you notice the flag of the United States has been replaced by a rainbow flag. Next to it is a picture of a smiling Joe Biden and the words "Our President." Surrounding Biden's picture are hearts and smiley faces. 
Your friend Davey is absent. He was jumped by a gang of "youths" on his way home from school yesterday and is now in the hospital. Sheila Johnson, a snotty, pinch-nosed white girl, stands up and "confesses" her racism to the rest of the class. She breaks down in tears and is given a standing ovation. That tough guy who beat you up in grade school is now wearing a dress so he can use the girl's locker room. He hides his phone under his skirt and snaps pictures of girls in various stages of undress. You can buy them for ten bucks apiece.
"And by the way," your teacher announces, "Mr. Harrison your music teacher is no longer Mr. Harrison. His name is now Doris. You will address him as Ms. Harrison. Anyone who doesn't comply will be suspended."
"If I can just make it till lunch," you tell yourself, only to discover that Meatloaf Monday in the cafeteria has been replaced by a delicious concoction of bug paste.


Life in Communist America
Such is life for teen boys growing up in America today. Schools are now Communist indoctrination centers, staffed by mentally ill teachers pushing all manner of sexual depravity on their students. 
Teachers have surpassed the Fake News media as public enemy #1. They're groomers, coercing their students into accepting and engaging in homosexuality and then hiding it from those same students' parents.
You might think I'm exaggerating. Believe me, I'm not. In fact, the situation is actually much worse. Teenagers today, and in particular teenage boys, have been abandoned. They have no direction, no leadership, no positive role models. Every man they meet is a mask-wearing coward, every woman a bitch.
"Teen Boy's Success Book" was written to help these forgotten members of society. It's 240 power-packed pages of solid advice for teen boys. This is the stuff they don't teach you in school; the inside scoop that no one else will ever tell you about. Inside you'll find:
The Realities of Race - We're Not All the Same
How Women Think - It Might Make You Vomit
Why Your Teachers are Lying to You - They're All Commie Pukes
An Easy Way to Attract Girls - and Why You Shouldn't
Why Purging Pornography is Essential - Don't Be a Simp
How to Test Girls - If They Do This, Dump Them Immediately
Why You Should Never Enlist in the Military - It Will Be Your Worst Mistake
How to Fight with Your Fists - and Also with Your Words
How to Build Your Body Fast - This is the Best Way
What to Do if Your Teacher Tells You to Eat Bugs - Tell Her to Shove It
How Television is Setting You Up for Failure - It's Even Worse for Girls
How Men Handle Money - and How You Should Too
Why Homeschooling is Essential - Do It Now and Kiss the Dump Goodbye
This ultimate self-help book for boys contains everything a teen needs to know in order to become a man, no matter what their age. It's loaded with successful life strategies, practical advice that works, and tips for teenage boys that they've never heard before.
If you're looking for the typical feel-good book about being true to yourself and "following your dreams," this isn't that book. It's cold, hard, practical advice about the reality of life. Consider it boot camp for boys.
Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man available here: And the book Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right: 


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