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Mike Stone - Thank Putin for Stopping the COVID Hoax

June 24, 2023


"As if in answer to the prayers of millions of people around the world, 
Russia began its military rescue operation in Ukraine. 
And just like that, everything changed. 
Almost to the day that Russia began its military operation,
 the virus hoax stopped. And I mean stopped on a dime."

You Are Witnessing the Collapse of the American Empire
by Mike Stone 

In February of 2022, America and its Western allies were in a good spot. They were flying high off two stolen elections, and the virus hoax, which they masterfully engineered, was running right on schedule. 

According to their own white papers and internal reports, it was scheduled to last until 2025, but actually looked as if it could be completed by early 2024.

Over a hundred million Americans had already subjected themselves to the mRNA injection, and the goal to inject 90% or more of the population was realistically attainable. Very few people were resisting. Very few people were speaking up. It was as if the entire country had voluntarily surrendered their freedom without a single shot being fired. We were on the verge of Australian-style internment camps for anyone who refused to submit, something that over 50% of the population supported.

But then a funny thing happened.

As if in answer to the prayers of millions of people around the world, Russia began its military rescue operation in Ukraine. And just like that, everything changed. Almost to the day that Russia began its military operation, the virus hoax stopped. And I mean stopped on a dime.

In the same way that a two-front war is much more difficult to fight than a one-front war, America and its allies immediately shifted all of their focus off the virus hoax and onto Ukraine.  

("The Global Order" i.e.Communism)

That's not surprising when you consider Ukraine's importance as a center for money laundering, child sex trafficking, and biological warfare development. As Nathaniel Rothschild, heir to the Rothschild family, said above, "Ukraine is an essential piece that we cannot afford to lose in the geopolitical chessboard. . . . Without Ukraine, the global order may not survive."

And that was when the tide turned. Rather than negotiate a quick surrender and a small loss of territory, America and its Western allies made an unforgivable and irreversible error in judgment and diplomacy. They put everything they had into a proxy war with Russia. 

Unlimited money and munitions poured into Ukraine. Heavy sanctions were levied against Russia. Yet despite continuous battlefield losses, nothing changed. They kept doubling down at every opportunity, shoveling more money and more arms at Ukraine, and demanding harsher and harsher sanctions, as if that was all that was needed to make the problem go away. That entire strategy has now blown up in their faces.

Russia has been trading in rubles, and the sanctions, rather than hurting their economy, have actually helped it. Meanwhile, the American economy is tanking, along with the economies of all their allies. The longer the military operation drags on, the better it gets for Russia and the worse it gets for the U.S. and its allies.

In addition to that, despite an endless supply of money and arms, Ukraine is getting absolutely decimated on the battlefield. Now, instead of losing only a little territory, they could likely lose their entire country. 

This response by the U.S. will go down in history as one of the biggest blunders ever to take place on the world stage.


You could chalk these disastrous decisions made by America's unelected leaders up to hubris. After all, everything they'd set out to do over the three years prior to the Russian military operation, from the stolen elections to the virus hoax, had worked beautifully in their favor. They probably thought themselves invincible. But there's more to it than arrogance. There's basic incompetence.

President Trump said something very interesting at the recent New Hampshire town hall that he dominated. He said he and Putin talked about a Russian military operation. That means the state department knew of the potential for a Russian military response to Ukraine. Yet when it happened the state department appeared to be caught completely off guard. The same with Afghanistan. That is sheer incompetence.

Everyone involved in America's current policy-making is where they are due to fraud, nepotism, or unearned advancement. Not one of them has earned their place through merit. In fact, while they've weaseled their way into positions of influence, everyone who would have normally held those same positions due to competency and experience has been expunged. Particularly white men.

The systematic push to remove white men from society has had devastating consequences in every area of life. From government to industry, to white women, they've all taken drastic action to abandon white men and now our entire society is paying the price.  


Take a look around you, what do you see? People live in tents and cardboard shelters on the sidewalks. Crumbling roads. Bridges collapsing. Train derailments. Toxic chemical spills. Do you remember any of these things happening when you were growing up?

The American Society of Civil Engineers last gave the country's infrastructure a grade of C-. And the situation has only gotten worse since then. Look at the highway collapse in Philadelphia. Did American highways collapse when you were a kid? Did trains derail and spill massive amounts of toxic chemicals? Our country now experiences an average of three train derailments a day.

These are all the direct result of removing competent men from positions of responsibility and replacing them with incompetent wannabes.


The recent submarine fiasco, which resulted in five deaths, is a microcosm of society at large. The owner of the submarine tour company and the submarine's pilot, Stockton Rush, forsook all intelligence and made decisions based on arrogance and wokeness. It's symbolic of the entire Western world. 

He used a video game controller as the means to pilot his sub and outfitted it with parts from Camper World. Rush also famously refused to hire competent, middle-aged white engineers because they were "not inspirational." One of those engineers was fired and escorted out of the building by security for presenting a written report stating that the submarine was unsafe.

Just as the country's push to discredit and disassociate itself from white men is causing it to implode, so did Rush's submarine. It imploded on its first day, killing him and four passengers.

Go woke, and end up 12,000 feet under.


As America and its Western allies continue to flounder, both Russia and China are prospering. They're forging new alliances and distancing themselves from America and the West. Other countries see that and don't want to be left behind. In fact, France now wants to attend the next BRICS summit scheduled for August in South Africa. They would be the first G7 country to attend such a summit.

America is fast losing prominence on the world stage and falling further and further behind. That could result in our failed decision-makers saying to themselves, "If we're going down, we'll take everyone else down with us," and triggering a world war. Don't put it past them. Desperate people do desperate things, and right now American leadership is as desperate as its ever been.

They could also engineer another virus hoax. In fact, that option is already on the back burner. It's tentatively planned for 2025, beginning with an outbreak in Brazil. It will be called SEERS and it's designed to intentionally target children: 

You are witnessing the collapse of the American Empire. 

Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And the book Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right: 

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