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Edward Menez - Is France Our Future?

July 5, 2023

America has been doing unchecked immigration 
these past few years to stockpile immigrants 
for an UPCOMING fake murder that will cause riots.

by Edward Menez

We are told and shown that there is a race war going on in France now--doesn't it remind you of something from three years ago?  Right....the George Floyd riots.  In both cases, a minority citizen was supposedly killed by a rogue white police officer.  In both cases, nationwide rioting broke out, with people of the race of the supposed victim leading the way.  In the US it was black people and in France, it was Arab people.

Those seem to be the exoteric facts, and not many are questioning them.  Leftists in the US quickly joined with the nascent Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, and in France liberals there may seem to feel the aggrieved Muslims are justified, too.  

However, the French riots are in no way spontaneous, as this is another "color revolution" led by the usual suspects to cause mayhem, a justification for killing white people, and a justification to "Build Back Better" once all the libraries, schools, cars, and the rest of French Christian culture becomes ashes and needs to be rebuilt.  My guess is that in the place of the old French cafe and street shopping culture, they will build back 15-minute cities with limits on the peoples' movements in the name of "security."


The playbook they are using reminded me of one of the "color revolutions" from 2011: the so-called "Arab Spring".  I happened to be in Egypt at the time when Hosni Mubarak was ousted in the last week of January 2011, and I just went back to find my first recollection of those events.  This is what I wrote in 2011:

"I went to Tahrir Square yesterday to see if what was shown on television was actually, for once, what was really occurring.  What I happened upon was a Hollywood-like set, with a made-for-TV ambience/audience, including burned-out cars that hadn't been removed, carefully placed barbed-wire and barriers to add to the effect, and imposing goons who frisked me and asked for my ID as I attempted to enter Tahrir Square.  It was clearly a "made-for-TV" production."

Most people thought the Arab Spring consisted of spontaneous riots and protests for change.  I saw clearly that it wasn't, and had been staged with years of forethought.  What spontaneous revolution of the people would have checkpoints where one was frisked and I.D.'d?  


Fast-forward nine years from the Arab Spring psy-op fakery to late May 2020.  The emotions and passions ran wild once a black man supposedly died at the hands of a white police officer, but in reality, the whole thing was staged and another psyop.  George Floyd didn't die.  Miles Mathis was one of the first who published an article on the fakery, but if one goes back and reads Jim Stone's articles from that time, it can clearly be seen that they faked George Floyd's death.  

What happened next?  All the leftists started donating to BLM, which had been set up and planned for just such a psy-op, and BLM passed their huge donations on to the Democratic Party.  The rest of the year 2020 then featured white people groveling at black people's feet, bent knees for the national anthem, BLM logos on professional sports jerseys, and essentially the degradation of white people, who have since then become second-class citizens in the country they founded.


And now this event where a 17-year-old Arab of Algerian descent is supposedly shot by a white French police officer?  Did we actually see the victim get shot?  His dead body?  Any police camera footage from the officers involved?  No, no, y no.  Seems to me like a George Floyd fake killing redux.  

Were the ensuing French riots, fires, looting, etc this past week spontaneous?  Absolutely not.  These Arabs were told to do that, and they knew they wouldn't be stopped.  Moreover, all we can rely on is video of these events as we are not there in person, and as Andrew Anglin's article implied yesterday we are probably getting fake video, or at least only the videos they want us to see.


The Covid-19 hype virtually stopped cold in its tracks in 2020 once the George Floyd riots began, as the next step of The Great Reset was ushered in.  What came after that BLM nonsense the following year?  Unchecked immigration, not just in America, but all over Europe, too.  The French had a huge population of Arab immigrants just waiting to be used in the deployment of these current riots.  

And in America, we now have tens of millions of military-age men who've entered the country in the last decade just waiting for a spark of something similar, and the tinderbox could be set off here once again.  Could this also be part of The Great Reset--the deliberate importation of millions of military-age illegal immigrants to kill off white people in the next fake racial killing?

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Comments for "Edward Menez - Is France Our Future?"

IN said (July 6, 2023):

Some Catholic mystics who might have had prophetic oversight by the Lord did say that riots will engulf France. Could this be the start leading to the Tribulation period?

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