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Christian Zionists are Morons

October 31, 2023


(Stupidity is no excuse)

Christian Zionists have joined the ranks of Christ's executioners. 

They believe Christ's Gospel of Love (God is Love) allows Israel 
to starve and slaughter the descendants of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine.

The Hamas massacre of Israelis was planned by Netanyahu to justify genocide
and start a world war which could destroy Israel. This may explain why they regarded Ukraine as the new Israel.  False flags and "atrocities" are the hallmarks of every war.

COVID did not kill enough people. The coming world war will. We are all Palestinians,
squatters on their planet. 

In the Christian world view, people were encouraged to achieve their Divine potential by serving God, 
while in the Satanist view, humanity is intended to serve them.

We are experiencing a violent shift to a world dedicated to Satan.  Obviously they are motivated by a visceral hatred for us. But if we say anything, we are the "haters." The Zionists say the Palestinians are animals, not human. But this is what the Talmud says about us all. 
These people lecture us about systemic racism! White supremacism! Their vendetta against humanity is our pathology and irrational hatred. They live in a satanic solipsism. Mankind will be destroyed if we can't excise this cancer.

by Freddie B

The leaders of the Christian Zionist movement (Faith Bible Chapel) are not only in bed with the methods of the Jewish Zionists, but also they are led by the false and heretical beliefs of Christian dispensationalism, where they think they have some duty to help make the biblical Apocalypse happen.

Christian Zionists are every bit as guilty of the atrocities and crimes against humanity as the murdering Israeli military marching through Gaza in their ethnic cleansing and land-clearance operations.

"Although dispensationalism is best known for its eschatological doctrines, at its heart is the distinction between Israel and the church. . . . What this distinction means for dispensationalists is that there are two peoples of God. Israel is one of these and consists of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The church is the other, and it consists of all those and only those (whether Jew or gentile) who are saved between the Day of Pentecost and the rapture. Part of the reason for the pre-tribulation rapture is to remove the church from earth so that God can begin dealing with national Israel again."

The Scofield Bible--The Book That Made Zionists of America's Evangelical Christians

Trump, Political reality show actor, Crypto Jew, Satanist and Traitor

At The Least 150 Year Con-job on Christians?

Giving credence and support to the idea that Christians can be God's little helpers by brewing up the End Times, the Apocalypse, and the Great Tabulation (no doubt akin to the Schwab-Harai Great Reset), the 2008 publication by Dr. Elizabeth Phillips of St. Edmound's College Cambridge, clearly points in that direction:APOCALYPTIC THEOPOLITICS: DISPENSATIONALISM, ISRAEL/PALESTINE, AND ECCLESIAL ENACTMENTS OF

She concludes her paper in reference to the Faith Bible Chapel (FBC) movement in saying, "We may learn from the Christian Zionists at FBC not only how not to make apocalypse-as-cataclysm an ethical guide; they have positive lessons to teach us as well. Though they may not articulate it thus, their  apocalyptic eschatology is related to their social ethics through an entirely persuasive series of convictions: that apocalyptic 16 The book of Ezekiel is not technically considered an apocalypse, but is recognized as a precursor to the apocalyptic genre and shares many of its features. 

In Christian Zionism, material from Ezekiel is necessary in conjunction with other prophetic and apocalyptic texts in the construction of predictions of the cataclysm of the great tribulation. 208 points us toward God's ultimate intentions for human society, that a central task of eschatology is to discern God's ways of enacting these intentions within history, and that the church is meant to cooperate with God through participation in those intentions and those ways."

Accordingly, Dr. Elizaeth Phillips at Cambridge, now heads up the Cambridge Woolf Institute which features programs in "contemporary antisemitism studies".


First Comment from Imran

God is the Prime Mover of events on the planet.  I believe Iran was plotting to use Hamas to attack Israel along with Hezbollah and the Houti from Yemen in a massive attack, but the Exalted One arranged it so that Hamas jumped the gun and ruined this plot and surprised everyone who was behind this evil plot.  Rockets fired from Yemen recently on Israel proves strongly that this plan was very real.  It would have been used by the globalists in next Summer's UN meeting to plan a world government in a very big way.  So why did the Israelis move tanks to the North?  Because some in the know (but not the full details anymore than Hamas knew their role in the grand plan) thought the attack had begun and Hezbollah was the bigger threat.  

As for Bibi supporting terrorists all nations have supported Hamas in the past.  The Israelis who were not in the know wanted to give the Palestinians a lesser (but fair)deal.  Hamas was part of this scheme.  Of course the plot by a few was to have started the war mentioned above.  

I agree 100% with the author that Dispensationism is a heresy:

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Christian Zionists are Morons"

Rudy said (October 31, 2023):

They are worse than morons, they are spiritual fraudsters who serve Judaism. Everything that is wrong with this country can be laid at their feet. Instead of salt and light to season the culture they are worshippers of the creation rather than the creator, Romans chapter 1.

Anyone can read the 8th chapter of Hebrews that declares God recognizes a new covenant with a new sheriff and the old covenant was fading away, which it did when the ultimate antisemite God used the Prince of Rome Titus to destroy Jerusalem, the Temple, and the Jewish people in 70 AD. Flavious Josephus writes that 1.1 million Judeans perished.

There is a solid ministry out of Texas that has a valuable booklet to elucidate the history of Scholfield and John Nelson Darby. It is titled wanna hear a whopper. Read for free online or request a hard copy.

Savvy Granny said (October 31, 2023):

But let's hope the Jews, who the judeoXtian Zionists regard as 'our Elder brothers in the faith' can persuade the useful idiots not to fight for Bibi and Demented Joe in WWIII.

This should be a no brainer, but the Elder Brothers are going to have to roll up their sleeves and get their rabbis to come up with an updated version of the Scofield. The judeoXtians should talk to their parents and grandparents who will dust off the blast from the past: 'Hell no we won't go' - the rallying cry of the anti-Communist Americans when Westmoreland was thrown under the bus after he countermanded Washington and won the TET Offensive. Of course the Executive Office, CFR etc was strategizing a 'no win' war for the Americans and allies who were determined to oppose the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution.

Another 'no win' is here being strategized. A Big One.

Back in Soviet Russia - those who won't go and fight Uncle Vova's wars for Eurasian integration under the 'empire of empires' go to jail for 'Hell NO we won't go', but they are saying it anyway and going to jail anyway. Looks like that war pig Prigozhin has surfaced on Vlad's second front in Africa. Nothing says 'Communist Revolution' quite like an entire continent of Russian and Chinese colonies, failed Marxist states where humanitarian crisis is the basis of the economy, human tsunami is the major export, slavery is again legal and cannibalism is OK.

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