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Mike Stone - It's Satanists Vs. Humanity, Not Hamas Vs Israel

October 19, 2023

If you're taking a side in the current Hamas/Palestine/Israel conflict, 

"You're Being Played" 
by Mike Stone

Hamas is Israel in the same way that Al-Queda is Israel, and that ISIS is Israel. ISIS literally stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. 

Israel funds and runs those three organizations and many more. It's called Controlled Opposition.

Remember those fake ISIS beheading videos that were found on John McCain's computer? McCain was heavily involved in running and funding that whole operation. He was also involved in running and funding the overthrow of the government of Ukraine. Those are only two of the reasons why President Trump had him executed for treason.

What you're seeing right now on the television set is nothing but theater. Theater with deadly consequences for some, but theater nonetheless.

All those boot-licking, "conservative" pundits and commentators that you currently see, demanding that we "stand with Israel" are part of the same theatrical production. They're part of the Mockingbird Press, and they are being paid handsomely to spread their propaganda.

All those scum-sucking politicians that you see right now, saying the same thing as the "conservative" commentators - they're also getting paid handsomely. But even more than that, they're doing what they have to do in order not to be exposed as the pedophile rapists that they are. What do you think the whole Jeffrey Epstein saga was about?

Epstein was a Mossad agent who threw wild parties on his island, invited the most prominent politicians, entertainers, and movers and shakers of society to attend, and then filmed them as they engaged in the most sordid and disgusting acts imaginable. 

Thanks to Epstein, the Mossad has got almost every member of Congress by the balls through sexual blackmail with children, child porn, snuff films, and more. Or did you think it was just a coincidence that they always come out on the same side of every issue when it concerns Israel?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a defendant in three separate trials over the last four years, accusing him of fraud, bribery, and more. Over the last several months, hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens have taken to the streets to protest Netanyahu and his government. Did you see that in your idiot box?

What better way to deflect attention than a state of war?



What's occurring right now isn't really that much different than what happened on 9/11. An orchestrated attack, funded and carried out by Mossad, along with help from their Deep State American operatives, and then blamed on someone else as an excuse to conduct retaliatory military strikes and invasions of other countries.

If you find yourself rooting or demonstrating for one side or the other, you're being played for a fool. What's happening has nothing to do with the people of Palestine or the people of Israel. It's a Deep State operation through and through. Frankly, if you're becoming emotional over this, I'm surprised.

I understand being emotionally distraught over the innocent victims of violence. But that's not what I'm seeing or hearing from anybody. What I'm seeing and hearing is a deep-seated emotional attachment to one side of the other that has nothing to do with what is actually taking place.

We've just had four years of non-stop lying in the most brutal and heavy-handed psychological operation ever conducted. Tens of millions of people are now dead because of it and millions more are crippled and maimed for life. Yet people somehow still believe what those very same liars who pushed the virus hoax are now telling them about this latest con job of theirs?

The "surprise" attack that nobody expected? The forty beheaded babies? Come on. This is some of the most blatant lying the media has ever vomited out.

Remember Cardinal Rule #1 when it comes to any story being shoved down the public's throat: whatever the media is telling you is a lie. The actual truth is the exact opposite of what they're reporting. Keep that in mind and you'll never be played for a fool again.

Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man And A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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Comments for "Mike Stone - It's Satanists Vs. Humanity, Not Hamas Vs Israel"

CK said (October 20, 2023):

Mike Stone is of course correct. Good and bad people are everywhere and you can't just look at the banner they are under and decide if someone is good or bad. You must use the criteria of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance to evaluate this.

One thing is certain, the evil is deceiving as many as it can to ruin them. Do not fall victim to this by choosing either side.

RH said (October 19, 2023):

Mr. Stone is spot on. We are being played. What I fear is that it takes a greater evil to defeat an evil.

Connie said (October 19, 2023):

Thank you Henry for putting up Mike Stone's article about being played. That is what I've felt during this ongoing shit show and glad someone is saying the same thing. All these sites are so focused on which side is the goodies and which side is the baddies. Um nope, they're all fucking evil. Apparently, only a few of us who were played during 9/11 can see the same shit different pile being played out again. I vote for Big Satan being behind it all

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