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Dec 15 - Christian Backlash Against Satanism Begins

December 15, 2023

cassidy.jpgSatanists argue this is an issue of freedom of religion. But Satanism is anti-religion. It is not a religion. Satanism is the worship of Death, Suffering and Destruction. Either we destroy Satanists or they destroy us. There is no in-between.  Makow- Satanism Explained 

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A temporary statue of the goat-headed pagan idol Baphomet set up by the Satanic Temple in the Iowa State Capitol for the Christmas season was destroyed by a Christian man on Thursday.

Michael Cassidy, 35, a former military officer who once ran for office as a Republican, said he "saw this blasphemous statue and was outraged."

"My conscience is held captive to the word of God, not to bureaucratic decree. And so I acted," Mr. Cassidy told The Sentinel, adding that he was further motivated by 1 John 3:8 (English Standard Version), "The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil."

"The world may tell Christians to submissively accept the legitimization of Satan, but none of the founders would have considered government sanction of Satanic altars inside Capitol buildings as protected by the First Amendment," he said. "Anti-Christian values have steadily been mainstreamed more and more in recent decades, and Christians have largely acted like the proverbial frog in the boiling pot of water."

Police later arrested and charged Mr. Cassidy with fourth-degree criminal mischief, reported Fox News. A Give Send Go fundraiser secured $20,000 within three hours to help cover his legal costs.
Breaking! Iowa Capitol Satan Statue Beheaded By Rogue Christian. The false idol's head was tossed in a trash

Video reminder of the fear porn that left us all traumatized.
COVID Fear Mongers---Never forget, never forgive 
wh-staffers-ceasefire.jpgWhite House staffers hold vigil to demand Biden call for ceasefire in GazaThey obscured their identities behind masks and sunglasses as they called out their boss, President Biden.
French President Macron Humiliated After Shady Immigration Bill Stopped Cold

"The tide seems to be turning against open border immigration policies in Europe, with half measures and false solutions being rejected outright, even by French lawmakers.  
France is now in political crisis and far-left French President Emmanuel Macron has been humiliated after a long sought deal on immigration reform was immediately struck down in a surprise move by the National Assembly without even being debated.  Traditionally, when a legislative effort of this magnitude fails so absolutely, the members of government involved in its drafting are expected to resign. 
Liberal MPs have written to the presidents of Canada's largest universities, asking them to clarify if calling for the genocide of Jews or the elimination of Israel breaches their codes of conduct and to spell out the steps they are taking to ensure that Jewish students and staff feel safe.

Israel actually engaging in genocide but these Zionazis are concerned about verbal threats to Jews

Bergoglio prefers dialogue with globalists and communists than with CatholicsFor the past 10 years, the Bergoglian Vatican has invited a wide range of globalists as guests. Many of them are abortion activists and bitter opponents of the Catholic faith.

Beautiful Jews died because, as children, they were never taught to share

Hamas announces killing '36 Israeli forces in 72 hours'

Also on Thursday, Gaza's Health Ministry said nearly 18,800 people, mostly women and children, had been killed in the war that the regime started following an operation staged by the territory's resistance movements.

Speaking to Press TV on Wednesday, a senior Hamas official reaffirmed the movement's determination to continue standing up to the Israeli regime's unbridled aggression.
Osama Hamdan, Hamas' senior representative in Lebanon, said the movement was ready for "a long war" against the Israeli regime, and would not give up resistance.-Five 

The CDC Stopped Tracking Excess Deaths Linked to the COVID Vax Despite High Death Rate

Life insurance companies say that excess deaths claimed 158,000 more Americans in the first nine months of 2023 than in the same period in 2019. 
Jew says Chabad Jews control Russia

Reader David-"Netanyahu is part of the Kabbalistic "Orthodox" Jews plan to bring in redemption.  Their own convoluted idea of redemption via people like Sabbatai Zvi in 1666, a lawless, godless person like them.  Most Israelis are not aware of this.  The Kabbalistic Jews will use any type of deception or lies to further and hasten that agenda.   Netanyahu is also in league with the elite and its new world order agenda.  "order" out of chaos. 

What we are seeing now in the Middle East is the beginning of a restructuring of the Middle East.  Once the dust settles, look for a new nation of Kurdistan to emerge.  On Its eastern border, and the new Iraq's western border, both nations lying next to each other,. will be the city of Bagdad,  From the old Assyrian part, the new Kuridistan, will emerge "the Assyrian," a crypto Jew in Muslim garb.   The perfect mediator between Israel, and the Arab world to negotiate a "peace" plan for 7 years. .He will allow Israel and the "Orthodox" Jews to rebuild the Temple on the Temple mount and resume Temple sacrifices, and then he breaks the "peace" agreement at the midpoint and turns on the Jews killing 2/3 rds of them.   The Arabs have their own prophecies out of the Koran that call for their Mahdi to play a major role in Jerusalem, at the Temple site.   Many of the Arab leaders are Masons, and Temple building for the Masons is a major part of their new world order agendar where they seat their satanic king, the anti christ.  
God has chastised His people Israel several times throughout history, even dispersing them to Babylon for 70 years, and throughout the world for almost 2000 years because of their transgressions, and rejection of Jesus Christ The Messiah of Israel, but He has never changed His mind about the land being their land.   Israel was a waste land up to 1948 with no one interested in it, Arabs included.  Then Israel became a nation again in one day by U.N. decree.   At this point all the surrounding Arab nations suddenly joined hands in an assault against Israel in order to try to eliminate them.  The old, ancient hatred emerged, and hasn't stopped since.

Another reader, this time on Reddit Conspiracy

-"It is so hard to be anything other than woke these days. You basically lose everything if anyone finds out, and you have to keep the guise up which is just exhausting. You lose friends, relationships, your job, get targeted... even if you get through the filters and have a job a lot of times you have to do things to support the left. ...
Being social in the real world, you can't really even find out if you're among your own people who don't want to send you to a camp, without alerting them so you have to get real close first before asking things to learn that, and if you're white and not overly zealous against the right-wing to the point that you spout it out every other sentence and post it to social media then you're probably assumed to be conservative by default and treated differently in general. 

I'm pretty sure even youtube is shadowbanning my innocent comments. I want answers to because they know who I am. And the worst part is they'll all deny/gaslight that all of this is even happening, while at the same time blaming you.
Oh and for me its also a mental tear because I don't want to be the bad guy, I've always been good and friendly, did what i was supposed to do, straight and narrow, never thought I'd be called all the things I am now, but they've taken it too far, and if you don't take a hard stance against it all then they'll absorb you.
wheres the conspira--shuddup you know full well this is the only place I'm allowed to post this kind of rant. This is not just a place of conspiracies but the last bastion for those who believe them

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Dec 15 - Christian Backlash Against Satanism Begins"

James said (December 15, 2023):

Thank you once again for sharing the event of Michael Cassidy destroying the image of Satan.

He, like you, is a rare human being imbued with courage and fortitude to act out his beliefs.

I say rare in that most so-called Christian men have neither of these attributes. Their so-called
virtues are non like the Jesus of the Bible. Most are wimps waiting for someone else to stand in the gap to do the-right-thing. Jesus of the Bible stood un-afraid against the Satanists of his day and they killed him for his bravery. What will the Satanists in Iowa do to Michael?

I wonder how many of so-called Christian men in Iowa will come to Michael’s aid? Will they have
the guts to identify with him by opposing those who wish to silence his actions? Pay his bills. Go to court.

Support his family. Visit him in jail if needed. Only time will tell.

From my experience with so-called Christian men over the past many years, few will step-up to help him.

Sad it is. I hope I am wrong.

DD said (December 15, 2023):

must disagree on this not being a religion. the worship of the devil, no matter in what form is religion. when you consider what the masons say about lucifer and what is written in morals and dogma: it says religion. it is their religion. yes satan is destruction and death but he has his agenda; his motive. he wants to be worshipped as God himself. freemasonry is lucifers religion. this is also acted very well by the catholic church. they are a religion based on sun worship. this is the worlds oldest religion started by lucifer.


Thanks DD

Religion is defined as worship of God. I am not going to allow you or anyone confuse this issue.
Satanism is the rejection of God's existence and the inversion of the Moral Order..i.e. good is evil, ugly is beautiful, natural is unnatural, truth is lies and vice versa. etc.


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