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Mike Stone - America is Steeped in Sin

January 6, 2024


"By continuing to sin, the people of this country are dooming it to failure. And that responsibility lies with all of us individually. Until we stop sinning, the country will never recover. In fact, it's only going to fall further from grace."

Makow - Satanists have taught us to hate the entity we most love and crave: God. 
God is Perfection: Truth, Beauty, Bliss, Goodness, Peace, Justice and Love. Sin is nothing more than the betrayal of these spiritual ideals.  Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect. Matt 5-48

Makow-There is no Alternative to God

by Mike Stone

We're not even a week into the new year and already my predictions for 2024 are coming true.

I said crime would increase, including incidents where dozens of "youths" descend on a store, ransack it, and then run out the door with as much merchandise as they can carry - and no one is allowed to stop or arrest them.

Well, just days ago, over a hundred "youths" ransacked a Los Angeles bakery, stripped it clean, and stole everything that wasn't nailed down. And, of course, there were no arrests. You can read about it and view some pictures here: New York Post.

I said Israel would continue bombing civilian targets. 

Well, just days ago, Israel launched a terrorist attack in the Iranian city of Kerman that killed over a hundred innocent civilians and injured many more. Then they had the gall to claim ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) was responsible. 

And we're still not even a week into 2024.

I wish I wasn't right about everything all the time.


I also predicted a massive win for Trump in the November elections. That's eleven months away, and while we can expect a lot of good to come from another Trump presidency, nothing is going to change in the long run unless and until the fundamental reasons that led to the Communist overthrow of our country are resolved.

Those reasons fall directly on us. We're the ones responsible, because when a nation turns its back on God, it dies. 

Collectively, the people of this country have never engaged in such widespread sin and rejection of God as they are now. And that doesn't look to change any time soon. 

As Cassius put it in the play Julius Caesar, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves."

By continuing to sin, the people of this country are dooming it to failure. And that responsibility lies with all of us individually. Until we stop sinning, the country will never recover. In fact, it's only going to fall further from grace.

What are these sins, you ask? Just about everything.

If you're watching porn, you're part of the problem.

If you're cruising hookup sites and jerking off to OnlyFans, you're the reason why the country is in the mess it's in.

If you've had an abortion or impregnated someone who had an abortion, you're directly responsible for the downfall of the country.

And on and on it goes.


Modern society is a funnel to hell. Not only does society condone every sin imaginable, from murder (abortion), to child molestation (trannyism), to immodest dress, to homosexuality, drunkenness, and more, but sin has become so commonplace that nobody even bats an eye over it. The vast majority of sinners are unaware that they're sinning.

Sin produces blindness, and habitual sin prevents people from perceiving the evil of their actions. Like swine wallowing in the mire, the habitual sinner is unable to smell the stench of his own filth. And so he continues to sin. 

The porn-watcher continues to watch porn, unaware of the stink emanating from his being - a stink that others can detect and one that dooms his relationships with women.

The liar continues to lie, not knowing that others can smell his lies coming a mile away.

The mother who murders her own child does so without knowledge that her actions will hover over her for the rest of her life and project themselves onto everyone she meets. They will all smell coming from her the stench of homicide.

Between the porn-watchers, the liars, the baby killers, and everyone else, we're literally living in the dark. Collectively as a country we're all blind.

Even worse, those who vote Democrat (and some who vote Republican) openly and unabashedly support all of these sins and more. Is it any wonder why the country has fallen so far and so fast?

Another Trump presidency, as beneficial as it will be, is not going to clean up the level of sin currently ongoing. Sure, a Trump administration will crack down on illegal immigration and child sex trafficking, and that's a good thing. But it will do nothing to put an end to individual sin being committed on a daily basis by just about everyone.

A country on the brink of collapse will never recover until the citizens of that country refrain from destroying it with sin. If we wish to save America, we have to start with ourselves.

Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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Comments for "Mike Stone - America is Steeped in Sin "

Tony B said (January 7, 2024):

"WF said (January 6, 2024):
"I notice that most of the sins you list are sex based, as per the Catholic stereotype."

Facts are not a "stereotype." If WF would get over his/her protestant Catholic hate he/she might know that the Virgin Mary told the Fatima children in 1917 that most of those going to hell in our days will be because of SINS OF THE FLESH. Is WF wearing blinders in today's world?

TT said (January 7, 2024):

Those who own America will never give up power because of any election. There is only one way to abolish the money power and that will not happen. 2024 vaccine genocide and a border invasion not to mention the ongoing green new deal agenda 2030 genocide how is it possible to think there will be a 2028 election or that 2024's election will change anything?

Christine said (January 7, 2024):

What is the real source of power of the Zionist state, Henry?


Its big, stupid, dual-citizen-controlled Golem....Ever since the Freemasonic take-over of 1776.

But the kabbalists forgot the warning of Samuel:

"For by strength shall no man prevail." 1 Samuel 2:9

Roshan said (January 6, 2024):

“It is not their eyes which are blind, but the hearts in their breasts which are blind.” (Quran Chapter 22 Verse 46). That blindness is not only affecting America but the entire world including the Holy Land. I imagine the assault is from the Anti-Christ who is living in a dimension different from ours. The way to protect ourselves is by purifying ourselves both physically and spiritually and distancing ourselves from the Anti-Christ. It will end when Jesus returns.
Thank you with love,

rh said (January 6, 2024):

Mr. Stone is correct. Israel has sinned past its redemption. Genocide is not forgivable. We are aiding the Israelis. Ukraine is another example. How many Ukrainians have been slaughtered by sacrifice? As an American, I resent giving weapons and money to any country that practices genocide and America is doing that. We have been sinning for years and we were too dis-informed to know it. Now, we know it. That is when sin becomes damning. We sin, we know we sin and pretend as if it does not matter. It does matter. Just as the Russians had to rid itself of Bolsheviks, we will need to do the same to stop our sinning. I just hope we can stop without tanks in the street!


James said (January 6, 2024):

Bob is absolutely wrong. Jesus of the Bible admonished his followers to do the right thing.

It’s our choice. Real Christians don’t sin. They have a choice to do the right thing or not.

He is full of the evil dogma of Christianity taught by pulpit preachers.

Everyone on Earth today chooses to follow evil or good.

It’s our choice.

WF said (January 6, 2024):

I notice that most of the sins you list are sex based, as per the Catholic stereotype. Mums and dads implicated in a fundamentally criminal financial system isn’t a ‘purity problem’ it seems. I suppose you didn’t mention the traditional Catholic ‘root sin’ of usury because we live in different times and it’s ultimately beyond the power of any single person to change. Right! Now apply that same logic to rest of your self-righteous wind-baggery, then get back to us. Thanks!

Bob said (January 6, 2024):

Hey Mike STONE: its obvious you dont read the Bible.. Real Christians will always Sin.When you put faith in Christ, you are born again and become a better person...But you will Still Sin.. You are right that the Country is in Deep Sin.. More importantly,they have been turned away from God.. There will always be Sin.

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