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Patrick O'Carroll - The German Holocaust

January 24, 2024


"Anyone who knows the Germans knows that Jesus MUST well have meant people like them when, in Matthew 5, He said "You are the Salt of the Earth ... and the Light of the World" ("Ihr seid das Salz der Erde ... und das Licht der Welt"). 

"But the biggest secret the Talmudists kept covered up for over 70 years was their genocide of over 30 million Ethnic-German Civilians after "VE Day" on 8 May 1945

By Patrick O'Carroll

WW1 and WW2 were both religious wars for the genocide of Christians: 65 million Christians in WW1, and 85 million Christians in WW2. 

Germans were selected for special punishment for the temerity they demonstrated in creating systems and industries serving to free humanity. So, in 1870-1910, London's QUATUOR CORONATI lodge built Nazism, the Nazi ideals, founded the Thule Society which morphed into the NSDAP, and then installed "Illuminati" Agent, or Stooge, Adolf Hitler on 30 Jan 1933, with his "Mein Kampf" most likely written by Tavistock.

Anyone who knows the Germans knows that Jesus MUST well have meant people like them when, in Matthew 5, He said "You are the Salt of the Earth ... and the Light of the World" ("Ihr seid das Salz der Erde ... und das Licht der Welt"). 

The Talmudists (Zionists and Freemasons) wanted the Germans either wiped out, or under their total control, and had achieved those aims by 1945. 

But the biggest secret the Talmudists kept covered up for over 70 years was their genocide of over 30 million Ethnic-German Civilians after "VE Day" on 8 May 1945. If their gullible audience had known that, it would have stopped falling for the hogwash official-"truth" narrative overnight.

WW1 and WW2 were both religious wars whose main aims were to create Israel as the venue for the reign of the Antichrist and to genocide Christians, exactly as the Talmud commands. And any gullible US Christians who still salute their flag must bear in mind that, in the coming religious war called WW3, they are to be genocided by decapitation in the FEMA Death Camps pursuant to the (wholly invented) Talmudic Noahide "Laws", which were placed on US "law"-books in 1991 by House Joint Resolution H.J.RES.104.ENR. This is set to take place once the USA declares Martial Law at the start of WW3. So, US Christians are now about to get "special treatment" similar to what the Germans were given in WW2 but also in WW1. The Talmudists want all Christians dead.

In 1992, British historian Alan Bullock gave the figure of 3.81 million Ethnic-German Civilians genocided between 3 Sep 1939 and 8 May 1945. This includes the Dresden Holocaust and its likely 400,000, or more, victims.

The brutal expulsion of 15 million Germans from their eastern homelands was the single gravest act of Ethnic Cleansing the world has ever seen. 7 million Ethnic-Germans perished in the process.

 On 23 Mar 1949, Konrad Adenauer gave a speech to the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Bern-Switzerland in which he said that a total of 13.3 million Ethnic-Germans had been forced to flee the East, but that only 7.3 million of those German refugees had arrived in the occupied zones of East or West Germany. He noted: "Six million Germans simply disappeared; they are dead and gone ['Sechs Millionen Deutsche sind vom Erdboden verschwunden; sie sind gestorben, verdorben']".

But Adenauer failed to include a further death-toll of 1 million "missing" since he did not mention Ethnic-Germans fleeing into Austria, particularly those fleeing the Balkans and Romania, and because, when he made his speech in March 1949, many Ethnic-German Civilians were still on the run, in many cases in fact up until the mid-1950s.

In "Crimes and Mercies" (2nd edition dated 2003), meticulous Canadian historian James Bacque presented the detailed statistics, and summarized: "More than nine million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after WW2 - a total far in excess of the figures actually reported. That these deaths occurred at all is still being concealed and denied, especially by Western governments".

Despite sufficient food being available, the Zionist powers (US, GB, RU, FR, PL) "granted" Germans only 1500 calories (about six Mars bars) per head per day for 6.5 years. But the minimum to sustain life is much higher.

 In his 1989 book "Other Losses", James Bacque focused on the German POW-Civilians genocided by Dwight Eisenhower for his boss and Rothschild-Zionist-Handler Bernard Baruch. In the intro, Bacque synopsizes: "The victims undoubtedly number over 800,000, almost certainly over 900,000, and quite likely over a million".

But the single "most official" figure came in 1969, when Germany's foreign-minister Willy Brandt told the German parliament how he had "to 'instruct' Germany's historians on how to 'correctly' write about the 1.5 million German soldiers "still missing 24 years after 1945 ...".

 Wikipedia confirms that roughly 1.1 million German POW-Civilians were genocided by communist Russia: "A commission set up by the West German government found that 3,060,000 German military personnel were taken prisoner by the USSR and that 1,094,250 died in captivity (549,360 from 1941 to April 1945; 542,911 from May 1945 to June 1950; and 1,979 from July 1950 to 1955)". 10,891 Austrian POW-Civilians also died.

So, taken together, 2.6 million POW-Civilians were genocided (1.5 million in the West; and 1.1 million in the East). Note: The other 6.5 million combatants who died for the German side in WW1 and WW2 are NOT included in the total 37 million victims of the German Holocaust, because the German Holocaust only includes Civilians.

The official stats acknowledge that there were over 2 million illegal abortions per year in Germany in each of the four years 1945-48 due to systemic rape (Source: To that total of over 8 million, we must add 0.8 million illegal abortions for Austria for those years given that it had roughly one-tenth the population of Germany. That brings our tally to around 9 million. But we must also add roughly 1 million illegal abortions for each of 1944, 1949 and 1950, thus bringing our cautious estimate to 12 million.

Red Army eyewitnesses confirmed that roughly one-eighth of the German women were actually raped to death.

 In WW1, about 1 million Ethnic-German Civilians were genocided by the Starvation Blockade ("Hungerblockade") led by the British Navy in 1914-19. This blockade took its severest effects on the northern and eastern regions of Germany ( Added to the Starvation Blockade, a further 0.4 million civilians were genocided in Germany, Bavaria and Austria during WW1.

If Germany had not signed the unjust "peace" treaty of Versailles on 28 Jun 1919, Britain would have continued to genocide even more of its civilians by way of the Starvation Blockade, which was a clear case of State Terrorism.

 Now, let us calculate the TOTAL: Alan Bullock's 3.81 million, 7 million dead refugees from the East, 9 million starved under the Morgenthau Plan, 2.6 million murdered POW-Civilians, 12 million illegal abortions on account of systemic rape, 1.4 million Civilians genocided in WW1, and 1.2 million other Civilians, we get the plain estimate of 37 million for the TOTAL genocide of Ethnic-German Civilians in 1914-55, but 30 million of those after "VE Day" on 8 May 1945.

So please tell me, dear reader: Is that why they call WW2 the "good" war?

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