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Peter Koenig - The People Say, "F*ck the WEF"

January 20, 2024

"Fuck You Klaws Swab!"  See this brief fictitious address to Klaus Schwab by an apparent official WEF invitee, captured by a 19-second video-clip that flashed around the world today, 17 January 2024, in warp speed. It is fake, a satire, produced by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

"Remember the Covid farce? It is now admitted even by mainstream having been largely "exaggerated". People may take note, but the farce goes on, with the next lie, with the next false pandemic, or fake climate disaster, or energy shortages, producing brown-outs and black-outs. As it stands now, people will swallow the lies again, and again - and following the script with obedience, as they did with the covid tyranny."

by Peter Koenig

One of the latest inhuman projects, yet propagated as an environmental savior is industrial "decarbonization" of the world. It is called the First Movers Coalition (FMC), consisting currently of 96 members, with "more than 120 commitments" to purchase near-zero emission goods and services by 2030. According to the WEF, these commitments will represent an estimated annual demand of $16 billion by 2030 - the largest demand for emerging climate technologies ever created by the private sector.

These commitments apparently cover seven sectors: aluminum, aviation, carbon dioxide removal, cement and concrete, shipping, steel, and trucking. Be aware, these "commitments" are nothing more than "promises", or in Cult lingo "Predictive Programming" which is but a warning to the population of what might happen.

This ritual is a MUST for Cults to be successful. They also create fear, which in turn, makes people submissive and drastically reduces the human immune system. That is their main goal. It is one of the more effective tactics of mind manipulation "science" à la Tavistock Social Engineering Institute in the UK.

Remember the Covid farce? It is now admitted even by mainstream having been largely "exaggerated". People may take note, but the farce goes on, with the next lie, with the next false pandemic, or fake climate disaster, or energy shortages, producing brown-outs and black-outs. As it stands now, people will swallow the lies again, and again - and following the script with obedience, as they did with the covid tyranny.

Or not? Will We, the People, stand up?

The FMC was launched at COP26 (UN Climate Change Conference Scotland, November 2021). From then 35 members it grew to 96 today. The FMC "promises" by 2030, their commitments - now some 120, though non-descriptive -- will represent an estimated annual demand of $16 billion for emerging climate technologies (whatever that means) and 31 million tons (Mt) CO2e in annual emission reductions.

Indoctrinated to the bones with fake "science", the "global environmentalists" first reaction will be: "Fantastic!" Another step closer to saving the planet. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What these Masters of the Universe do perhaps not know is that eliminating CO2 is a step closer to destroying Mother Earth. Because CO2 is as important for life and for the equilibrium of climate as is oxygen, the one chemical that is said is necessary for life to survive (other than water), with its symbol "O" or "O2". For more explanation on the symbols, see this.

Without CO2, "food" for the trees, there is no oxygen. Trees transform CO2 into oxygen in a process of photosynthesis. See this.

If there is an excess of CO2, it is absorbed by the oceans (NASA); similarly, in case of a shortage, the seas around the world release CO2. It is a perfectly balanced system.

There is no need for industrial interference, for WEF-UN-promoted industrial disturbance of the equilibrium of the universe. All such interferences as the WEF promotes on many fronts - see below - are "gentle" steps towards euthanizing humanity, and what ever other "useless eaters" (quote from Klaus Schwab's adviser, Yuval Noah Harari) can be replaced by robots, transhumans and AI.

Oxygen is what humans and most life forms need to breath. What the new WEF promotion, FMC, propagates to do, is helping to reduce natural oxygen production.

FMC-participating industries include such heavyweights as the Coca Cola Company, Qatar Airways, Velux, Volvo Cars, Inc., Drax Corporate Limited, Norsk Hydro ASA, and many more.

Guess who are the major shareholders of the FMC companies?

You guessed right: BlackRock/Vanguard. The same financial power brokers are also major shareholders of hundreds of corporations, controlling every life-essential sector in the world's socioeconomics, food, energy, transportation, western banking, and much more - thereby having an absolute stranglehold on humanity.

Guess, who is the major sponsor and financier of the WEF? You are right: BlackRock.

It is, therefore, not difficult to figure out who pulls the strings behind the WEF, WHO, the political UN, the entire UN Network. As long as the majority of (Western) people are feeling comfortable in the system, so long the fist of tyranny around our necks will tighten, lightly but ever more, as in euthanasia. Source on the First Movers Coalition (FMC).

Wanton Chaos, Killing, Confusion

Concurrently with wars and killing in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, spontaneous murderous attacks on schools, subways, shopping malls, even in the streets, keeping people scared and on their guards, too nervous to think about their own good, their children's future.

There is a fight going on between good and evil.

This tug of war is predicted to become even more intense in 2024 and in the coming years. We must not be afraid, and, thus, will be able to resist being pulled into the euthanasia mill - a myriad of tricks and traps, cleverly planned and planted by the WEF around the world.

WEF, as the (Western) world's Euthanasia Agent, is working simultaneously on many fronts. Events and processes playing out at the same time are to confuse the people, to disguise the agent and to gain speed. With people ever more opening their eyes, 2030 is too far away to meet the targets. Speed is of the essence to subdue populations - and to advance the targets.

Many scientists who were silenced from 2020 through 2022 and much of 2023, have come forward and speak the truth about covid, the bioweapon, they called Covid vaccine - the excess mortality related to the poisonous injections called vaccines; the climate change fraud, the energy shortage, the environmental harm done by producing solar panels, building solar farms, and windmills - and more.

The latest fashion of the environmentally-conscious elite - driving an electric car - is the worst for the environment and for fuel efficiency. See this.

Biggest Dam Removal Project in US History

Have you heard about another lunacy being planned and in terms of predictive programming, the people being made aware of - scared? Predictive Programming is the Cult's way of assuring success for their evil endeavors. So, they must tell people, stun them, block them as the shock incapacitates them from countering these diabolical actions.

The first step of this insanity is that four of the six dams corralling the Klamath River--which runs through Oregon and Northern California--are in the process of being removed by the end of the year. Supposedly for "good environment", to safe the salmons
(Photo by USGS).

The US plans to eliminate 30,000 (electricity producing) dams by 2050. This is wantonly causing brown-outs and black-outs with disastrous, life-threatening, and life-taking social and economic consequences. See this Biggest dam removal project in US history is underway ( and this Another Firm Warns to Prepare for Blackouts Across Major Population Centers (

Is this real or a WEF scare-moment? Whatever it is, fear is known to attack the immune system, so that even the non-Covid vaxxed may become more vulnerable to common diseases, but also to all kinds of cancers.

Take turbo cancers: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in a recent interview that turbo cancer (aggressive cancers) are on the rise in young people.

Expect large proportions of young people, as many as a third, being hit by turbo cancer (Bourla).

Pfizer is working hard to develop medication to fight this deadly disease. Bourla did not mention that the scary ascent of cancers are largely the results of the Covid vaxx-injections, a fair share of which were produced by Pfizer. Disease is their golden cash-cow playing into the WEF / UN2030 population reduction objective. See this.

Schwab and Bourla at 2022 WEF

By the way, the Covid "vaxxes" do not just cause harm and kill, they cause infertility in men and women, abortions and dead-born babies en masse. In France, the birthrate has declined by 7.2% in the first eight months of 2023, compared to the same period in 2022, the most ever one-year decline. 

Add to this the excess deaths since the beginning of the Covid vaxx coercion; and add to this the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning, or queer) agenda, arduously promoted throughout governments and schools in Europe and the US. Obviously, gays and transgender couples do not make children.

Are the teachers who promote this crime aware of the agenda, or too naïve, to understand the purpose of what they are promoting? Or simply too scared to object and follow their conscious inner-selves?

Just out: In Scotland, parents interfering with their children's transgender wishes, may face up to 7-year prison sentences. See this.

You cannot see the WEF, but you can smell the WEF.

And there is much more - events, programs, happenings, all in disaster-mode, all simultaneously, all WEF-promoted. Some of the themes are being discussed now, at WEF Davos24. Take the Polygon cyber-attack which was already simulated by WEF and cohorts in 2021 - to happen most-likely in the coming years. No precision. It never says who is the perpetrating enemy.

Take Barack and Michelle Obama's recent Netflix movie "Leave the World Behind". Scary, makes you breathless without answer. Haplessly condemned to wait for what might happen. Or not.

Also on WEF's euthanasia agenda is the mysterious virus "X" - not yet identified, but it is somewhere out there, according to Bill Gates and WHO master Tedros. It will hit sooner or later. Big pharma is already working overtime to develop a vaxx against the yet unknown virus "X", so when it hits, the bio-weapon injections are ready to be forced upon every citizen, with the help of police and military, if needed.

This only, if the World Health Assembly - WHA (WHO's General Assembly) approves the two tyrannical documents, the Pandemic Treaty, and the heavily revised International Health Regulation (IHR). They had no chance at the UN General Assembly in September 2023.

It needs two-thirds majority at the WHA for these documents to become law - actually, there is no international law that would give the WHO the power to become the One Health Tyrant of the world. It would be the by now usual elite made "rules-based order".

WEF Davos24 in closed-door sessions is devising ways of manipulating the approval of these two nefarious documents - they are an integral part of the WEF's euthanasia agenda.

The Black Swan Event. Towards a Financial Catastrophe

And by far not last is the Black Swan event, also predicted for quite a while. Speculations are running amok of what it could mean - disaster in any case. Most speculations go in the directions of a financial catastrophe as never seen before.

Could it be the implosion of a quadrillion-plus derivative market? As an order of magnitude, a quadrillion is 1,000 trillion. Compare this to the global GDP of about US$ 105 trillion. 

All the above may or may not happen. But "Predictive Programming", applied to its limits by the WEF and its associates in crime, is part of the euthanasia agenda. When these events play out, people may die in masses from the events. If they do not happen, they may die from fear-related immune failure or from the outright stress from never-ending fear.

We, the People, must be able to say: F*ck the WEF and its globalist fear cum euthanasia agenda.

Let us go our own ways. New ways, create new societies with independent public banking managed money, leading into a new civilization. It can be done. It MUST be done, for the sake of humanity's survival.


Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and is the author of Implosion - An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and co-author of Cynthia McKinney's book "When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis" (Clarity Press - November 1, 2020). Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.

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