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Mike Stone - Hidden Hand Guides College Demonstrations

May 1, 2024

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There are pro-Palestine anti-genocide demonstrations on college campuses across America.

Although the cause is just, there is no question that these demonstrations are being helped along by George Soros et co.
Mike Stone thinks Donald Trump is behind them. I think Mike is out to lunch this time. 

by Mike Stone

What we're seeing with the current college student protests is political street theater. It's very similar to the street theater we saw during the virus hoax.

Remember all of those people collapsing on the street in China?

Remember people fighting over toilet paper?

Remember people calling the police on their neighbors for sneezing? Remember all that?

Back then, just as now, almost none of the people who participated in the "pandemic" street theater were aware that they were being used. They thought everything happening around them was real.

Thus we had people donning face diapers and lining up for the kill shot "vaccine," thinking the entire time that they were doing the right thing. To this day, there are tens of millions of people who still believe that the phony pandemic was a real thing, that there was an actual virus going around killing people. 

And no amount of facts, evidence, or plain common sense is going to change their minds. They'll go to their graves believing that what they saw on television was true. Indeed, many of them have already gone to their graves, thanks to the fake vaccine that killed them.

I'm not the only person who thinks we're being hornswoggled here. The 2nd Smartest Guy in the Room says, "The anything but organic protests currently metastasizing across American college campuses is yet another example of the Ideological State Apparatus deploying ever more of their Hegelian Dialectic psyops across the most self-entitled, impressionable, and brainwashed demographic; namely, the useful idiot student."

Those are harsh words, but then he gets even harsher: "Combine the surge of illegal invaders, the imploding welfare scam, the worsening political crisis, the slow kill bioweapon "vaccine" poisoning of society at large, the Ponzi financial system and untenable debt supercycle, and what we are witnessing is the horror-show Cloward-Piven Strategy endgame on roids en route to the global Great Reset dystopia."

He criticizes the students relentlessly: "These students are literally being primed for a lifetime of debt-servitude to the State and their partners-in-crime like BlackRock and the Intelligence Industrial Complex; these people will be the early adopters of the AI-based X Everything App social credit score system which will grant them Universal Basic Income (UBI) and discharged college debt in the form of CBDC payments, but only if they obey the Statist mandates like being current on all "vaccinations," complying with their carbon footprint allocations, abiding by the latest groupthink psyop, remaining in their 15 Minute City zones, etc. & etc. At which point in the near future, protesting the latest psyop will certainly earn one some bonus CBDC credits."

I don't agree with that, as I find many of the student protesters to be far more intelligent than the average American. In fact, here's one example:

Still, it's worth checking out his complete article. And if you really want to take a trip down the rabbit hole, look at what Miles Mathis has to say:

He calls out both the student protests and the entire Hamas/Israeli war as nothing but fakery from beginning to end. That Americans are falling for such nonsense really says something about our country's intelligence level.

Nothing Happens on Its Own

I believe it was Mike King who first went public with the belief that nothing ever happens organically, that every time we see a "color revolution," a street protest, or any sort of mass uprising, it is always the result of a coordinated effort. An effort that is being led by a small handful of individuals.

Thus the students that are out protesting actually believe they are doing the right thing - and they are; it's never wrong to protest a genocide - however, they are unaware that they are being used to create a groundswell of energy against the Democratic Party. Their actions are being coordinated and carried out by a handful of "organizers."

I mentioned in my last piece that it wouldn't surprise me if we saw provocateurs embedded among the protesters causing violence in order to elicit a violent government response. Well, that's now starting to happen. It could be the next step in the scripted drama we're witnessing.

In the same way that the left organized and carried out the violent riots of 2020 (an election year) to try and destabilize the Trump presidency, the right is now doing the same thing (in an election year) to destabilize the fake Joe Biden presidency. Only while the 2020 riots were violent, today's protests are peaceful. At least they were, until the provocateurs were brought in.

It's this writer's opinion that the protests are actually being orchestrated by the Trump campaign, either by Trump himself, whom I maintain is our acting Commander in Chief, or by other factions who want to see him elected in 2024.

These actions are actually brilliant when you think about it. They are going to get all the braindead Evangelical "Christians" who grovel before the feet of Israel, AND the radical left, who are now super-pissed at the fake Joe Biden presidency, all voting for Trump in November.

And summer hasn't even started. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Police in riot gear entering Hamilton Hall at Columbia single file through a second-floor window:

Police arresting protesters at Columbia. Why does this remind me of the phony Pulse Nightclub shooting?

Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of police in riot gear entering Columbia:

Swat vehicles and snipers pulling into Columbia:

A lone voice of reason:

Mike Stone is the author of the new book 101 Reasons Why You Might Have a Low IQ and Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: 

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Hidden Hand Guides College Demonstrations"

"Insider" said (May 2, 2024):

("Although the cause is just, there is no question that these demonstrations are being helped along by George Soros et co. i.e. antifa
Mike Stone thinks Donald Trump is behind them. I think Mike is out to lunch this time." )

Now let me start by saying, Mike your part right on that !!!!!

But, Trumpf is nothing more the ROTHSCHILD'S FAMILY GREAT WHITE BITCH BOY !!!!! { By Blood } - { Just like H.R.C. }
Yes, They are both ROTHSCHILD'S By Blood and are kin !!!!!

That's why NOTHING is gong to happen to either one of them !!!!!
FAMILY protects FAMILY when it comes to the Takeover of America !!!!!

Hence the saying, SHIT SHOW !!!!!!!

It's all shit no matter who calls out who, it's all part of the show !!!!!

Doug P said (May 2, 2024):

There are some things that you can never learn in an institution of learning. You could read every book in the library and not understand hate. I have been hated and I have hated and, from experience, no amount of money or power can compensate for a heart filled with hate, fear and vengeance.

My hate was directed at the law profession, now I understand that they are just stupid and have been hired to commit suicide. The exact same thing can be said about Jews and Freemasons.

Most Jews today do not understand the effects of their hate because the establishment keeps the fires burning...on both sides and everyone is blind. Due to their hate, the Jews have been trapped in a mental environment of hate and vengeance.

I guess it's what Christians have been saying for 2K years - (the ones that understand it, not the Christian Zionists). I am angry about what is happening in Palestine, but I try not to fall into hate, instead, I think about it and see this terrible genocide, but without falling into hate.

Hate creates a need for kings, and all kings are the same. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, let the Jewish hate fall back onto itself. Don't fall into this fire. Jews would have been better off in Madagascar.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at