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25 Ways Hinduism Promotes Heterosexuality

February 19, 2011


"The goal of human life is to go back to God at the time of death. The most powerful chain that binds us to this temporal fleshy world is sex. To diminish sex and increase our devotion to God, saints have promoted the following behavior."

by "Maah"

[Editor's Note: This was sent to me by a devout Hindu living in India. I do NOT endorse every point,(i.e. #4)  but present them to learn about an Eastern belief-system which predates the modern heterophobic assault on women, marriage and family. Many people will find this material quaint, and sometimes extreme and objectionable. However, it is a reminder of another place and time, and another way of living that in some ways is more realistic and healthy. I welcome your comments -- [email protected]]

Here are some more ways to thwart demonic attempts to destroy humanity by polluting male/female relationships:

1. Females need to be protected by their fathers in their childhood, husbands in their youth and by their grown-up sons in their older age. Protected from what? Illicit sexual involvement with irresponsible men.

2. Women are considered to be 9 times lustier than men. They are also easily seduced, like children are easily mislead.

3. Maturing girls are not supposed to be touched by any man but their husband, which means dating is not allowed. As soon as a young girl experiences her sexual urge in physical connection with a male, if it is not abusive, she usually gives her heart to that male. The heart should be given to only the husband. A girl who has given her heart to one boy is not suitable for marriage to another.

4. Thus, girls should be married BEFORE the age of sexual awakening to assure she awakens with the man she is to love and serve her entire life. Womens' strong bonding to their husband is the auspicious glue of civilized human society.

5. The marriage of a daughter is considered a great responsibility and brings honor and blessings to devoted parents. The father should carefully consider the groom's family, the nature and desires of the young people and try to ascertain by astrology or some method that there will be a successful, happy future for the daughter, when arranging her marriage.

6. Girls should be raised to expect to be married, to be faithful and chaste wives for the sake of good progeny and peaceful society. She should know how to cook, sew, clean, manage help, tend a garden, serve guests, take care of husband's parents and the children, manage household finances, speak pleasingly, be tolerant and patient, massage, give natural health care, associate only with good wives and make husband and God the center of her life.

7. Most girls do not require to be educated beyond reading and some math. Girls by their nature like taking care of children and desire to be subservient to a man. Men, especially young men, naturally desire to show their authority over a wife and this should be tolerated by the understanding wife. In the same way, women get much satisfaction being the authority over the small children.

8. Boys' schooling should consist of learning self-control and self-sufficiency. He should know about the soul, the world, action, nature and God. He should have a career based on his talent and interests, usually the same one or similar to his father. If he enters a marriage with these qualifications, the boy and girl can be happy in married life and the girl will naturally respect and want to serve her husband; as he will naturally feel satisfaction in working to maintain his wife and family and not be overwhelmed by attraction to the female form.

9. Girls should be taught not to feel any sense of degradation at the selfless, valuable service they perform in their role in life. They should willingly encourage and support their husband's endeavors.

10. Men should not indulge in illicit sex including porn, gambling, meat eating or intoxication, including smoking, coffee and tea drinking. They should not waste the family money. Nor should women.

11. When women are free to mix with men and sexual relations develop outside of a committed marriage, the woman, not the man, gives birth to children who are not wanted by the father or society. The women have to be supported by government aid or struggling families. Sometimes the women and child are abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the world. In many cases the unwanted child is murdered in the womb. This is against the first commandment of God and is a great sin for the woman. Unwanted children are the cause of many ills in society.

12. Boys should be taught from an early age to look upon all women except their wife as mothers. They should think of girls as being the possession of their fathers, and not in a position to give 'themselves' away.

13. As a matter of policy, men and women should not sit together alone in a secluded place, even family members, as the sex desire is so strong.

14. Boys and girls should not attend the same schools. Nor should boys be exposed to music, books, movies, TV or other mens' examples which promote womanizing as the standard of manhood. Girls should not be exposed to movies, books, music, TV or other womanly examples which promote looseness, nakedness and sexiness as the standard of feminine behavior.

15. Humans are naturally divided into four classes; from highest to lowest these are:  Priestly or intellectual class, Administrator or warrior class, mercantile or agricultural producer class and assistant or laborer class. Girls can be married to boys of the same or higher class but should never be married to a boy of lower class. Such marriages result in unhappiness for both parties.

16. Sex is meant for procreation, to produce God-conscious children. It should be proceeded by prayer and spiritual intention and voluntarily avoided once the family has reached the intended size. If it cannot be avoided entirely, at least men should not pollute virgin girls or ruin the lives of other married couples. They must remain within the marriage.

17. Illicit sex should be strongly socially condemned.

18. As far as possible, all women should be married and have children to raise, as the selfless act of motherhood raises her consciousness, gives her happiness and confidence and purifies her of selfish female tendencies.

19. Boys should be taught to retain their semen to enable them to produce male children, to encourage good health, bright faces, self-confidence, strong memories and intelligent discriminatory powers.

20. Man's interest needs to be on service to God, saintly teachers, society and his profession. He looks upon wife as help-mate. He should not blame her for his failings and weaknesses, but should attempt to correct and advance himself. He should treat his wife with firmness, fairness and reserved kindness. She should treat him with respectful deference and affection.

21. Shyness in girls is a safety valve to help protect them from male exploitation. When they mix freely with boys and this valve is loosened it invites illicit sex (unwanted children) and girls loose a special charm, innocence and attractiveness.  

22. Girls must be married while they still have the bloom of youth. Even an unattractive woman will be attractive at this age. Boys should be married before 30. An age difference of 10 years is perfectly acceptable. That kind of age difference helps the girl naturally respect the husband which inspires the male.  

23. After the age of 50, the husband is to leave home and go to the forest or travel for spiritual pursuits and educating others about spiritual matters. The wife stays home in the care of the grown up children.

24. If there is no mother at home and the wife deals harshly, it is better for the man to leave home and go to the forest.

25. Every morning and night the family should read the scriptures together, pray and glorify God's holy names together for a half hour or more. That is the best foundation for family and society.

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Comments for "25 Ways Hinduism Promotes Heterosexuality "

Maah said (February 22, 2011):

As so many commented, for the most part, these ideals are how our Christian forfathers used to live, how the Muslims used to live, Hindus used to live and even how we would like to continue to live. Shouldn't be surprising as we worship and hear from the same source, creator, maintainer of all-- just known by different names and various manifestations and sought in different relationships.

Misunderstanding and conflict between the theists is always caused by the demonic in the guise of the devout. They limit, secularize, invalidate, twist teachings, use teachings for wrong purposes and ultimately attempt to themselves take the position of the Supreme. But genuinly faithful do sense and respect each other no matter what religious practice and scriptures they adhere to. You have a nice readership.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of it.

Sprocket said (February 21, 2011):

What an interesting list you published at
It was almost as if you'd published the twenty-five destroyed principals that have crumbled Western culture. Just a few hundred years ago, perhaps less, those same Hindu rules would have been found common and proper use in Christian society.

I repent that I, personally haven't kept a one of them. Fortunately the sub-headline on the page resonated with my changed behaviour, that is, to have diminshed sex in order to increase devotion to God. Would that I had another hundred years to practice it.

Brad said (February 21, 2011):

The idea that women are many times more sexual than men made me fall on the floor laughing. Perhaps this is true in India but this is far from true in North America. Perhaps this is why there is such a large population in India.

I think there is something in the water in North America that makes men want sex more and women to hate it. North American women make the whole idea of persuing them so tiring it makes one want to do other things like watch television or engage in one's hobbies. One thing I will say about the article on Hindu society, men and women are probably much more happy than they are in North America.

Bill said (February 21, 2011):

re: "25 Ways....." Even a generation ago, it was common practice for an American woman to cover her head before going out in public. It is we who have changed --and not for the better.

Vidala said (February 20, 2011):

I agree with point #4 because it understands the reality of Oxytocin Bonding. Females "fall in love" or chemically bond via Oxytocin with males that sexually arouse them by 2 factors: 1. scent and 2. sexual stimulation. Oxytocin is so powerful that after 20 seconds of smelling a male with the "right scent" --that is a male that smells good to the female, she will begin to Oxytocin bond by developing feelings of trust.

The male may be completely untrustworthy and having only the worst intentions towards the female but she will be "blindly in love" because of Oxytocin bonding. That is why some females have a difficult time leaving men who abuse them as they are literally addicted. Oxytocin bonding is twice as addictive as heroin! Detoxing from love --not being able to smell the loved one is very painful for females as their brain chemistry and health becomes dependent on his smell.

However, there are numerous exceptions such as: females who use drugs, like the birth control pill alter the brain chemistry's natural Oxytocin bonding, females who have nose jobs can destroy the glands in the nose that perceive scent thereby destroying their ability to bond and females with multiple sex partners bond less with each consecutive partner --depending on scent. And females who are low estrogen bond less compared to their high estrogen sisters because Oxytocin bonding is linked to estrogen levels.

Which is why, I believe, beautiful females are prized as they have higher estrogen levels --as studies have shown a universal hardwired male point of view on beauty. Therefore beautiful females can easily fall in love from one long hug to a blue beard/bad boy!

That is why their fathers need to understand and respect this and thus protect females.
Since young males comparatively have much less estrogen as menstruating females they do not oxytocin bond to the same degree as females. That is why it is easier for young males or high testosterone men to walk away from intense sexually encounters with women whereas the women are stuck "in love" --Oxytocin bonded!

Alvin said (February 20, 2011):

"Many people will find this material quaint, and sometimes extreme and objectionable." On the contrary, actually this is the world I want to live in.

Hill said (February 20, 2011):

i'm surprised you have never mentioned the islamic view of man woman relationships in the same manner since pretty much 20 of the 25 points mentioned are just about identical w/ islamic teaching

the understanding that women are more sexual (#2 on the list) shouldn't surprise any man---we all know that---still the west pretends men and women are the same

this is why women are ideally cloistered because the combination of womens beauty and sexuality and mens aggression makes it impossible otherwise to avoid illegitimate acts; so the society is kept in order and marriages are made more certain (and illegitimate children less) by keeping the un married men and women separate from one another and keeping temptation at a minimum through various means (dress code for BOTH men and women ; although propaganda has it that only women have this in islam)

the evil one and his minions know this difference between men and women (i.e. our 'weaknesses' in fact) so co ed dorms, less and less clothing, degradation of the "need" for marriage (i.e. sex and children---if this is free why marry for it?)

finally one of the most pernicious fallacies we've been fed is that men and women ideally and naturally need to 'fall into love' in order to 'decide on their own' who it is they will form a family with; again the evil one has played with people through this false model --- the reality is its EASY TO LOVE so that's never the problem for two people and that's why families traditionally still help the children w/ this choosing of a spouse

William said (February 20, 2011):

This article on the Hindus shows what the feminists were once complaining about: i.e. arranged marriages, limit careers to home and hearth, and being totally subservient to men.

While indeed, many women never reached their vocational dream and might have been happier marrying young and having a family, a number of them do feel they have it all and have been helped immensely since then by the law and courts systems, which favor their every little whim when it comes to men. It has leveled the playing field according to them. And my proof of this is, if it were NOT so, wouldn't the majority of women be protesting or lamenting the feminist movement that spawned this?

Where is the hue and cry, the outrage if you will, over the egregious laws passed against the rights of men in the last thirty years? Where are all the good church women saying "hey, this ain't right!"? The commandment against false accusations is one of the 10 big ones in the Bible. Yet numerous men have suffered through this with false accusations of rape, sexual harrassment, child abuse, etc. and the loss of every personal asset through the courts. Reagan may be touted as the great communicator, but his signing of the no fault divorce law led to innumerable suffering among couples and unneeded divorces here in the US.

Women got what they wanted, but they paid a heavy price for it; neurotic kids, mad-dog loners with access to firearms, semi-literate graduates, and addictive behavior to sports, sex, video games, rock music, or whatever new fad comes along. Part of the reason is that it lets women off the hook for promiscuous activity and the fact that they can't say "no", which is ridiculous. They certainly can control themselves if the guy doesn't meet their ideal profile, and if they suddenly have a pang of conscience, they can change their mind in the middle of the act and say they were accosted. It's been stated that women had equal rights in the US long before the ERA was ever passed. Now they have carte blanche. Thanks for all your great articles.

Dravida Raja said (February 20, 2011):

This is a great article that introduces the basics of Vedic family life. I have a couple of corrections: After age 50, vānaprastha, "there is no question of separation between husband and wife until the time when the husband takes sannyasa. At that time the wife cannot remain with the husband. Even in the vanaprastha stage, or retired life, the wife remains with the husband, but without any sex relations." [Śrīla Prabhupāda, Letter to Himavati, Los Angeles 24 January, 1969]

"Actually there is no 'Hinduism.' Hinduism is a phony religion created by the British for political purposes. If you doubt this, then just Google 'British created Hinduism.' The British created a false polytheistic religion where God is ultimately impersonal, the soul is ultimately nothing, and karma or fatalism is supreme. Then they picked the most atheistic sect they could find to be the titular head of their syncretic religion. The result was a religion so weak that even Christianity could easily defeat it. Which was the whole point, of course.
Then they made 'Hinduism' a required course in their schools and universities, so anyone who wanted a good job had to study and adopt it.

Finally, to add insult to injury, they gave it a name that is a Persian racial slur against the Vedic people. Just like the real name of the country the British called 'India' is Bharata. It's still on their flag and currency. Hear our podcast series "Vedic History" for more information on this topic." [David Bruce Hughes (Gaurahari Dāsānudās Bābājī), Kurukṣetra Forum, 20 Jul 2007 11:55 AM]

Salah said (February 20, 2011):

I read, with interest, the latest published article entitled "25 Ways Hinduisim Promotes Hetrosexuality". Whilst most of the proposals are beneficial I cannot but help see that a few of them are discriminatory in a flagrant way which, if deeply contemplated, may raise an unhealthy sense of inequality between men a women and this may constitute a lethal bullet in what is otherwise a stable relationship.

I disagree with point 4 as prior to the age of sexual awakening a girl is incapable of making sound decisions for herself and whilst parental input is important it is certainly not conclusive. Therefore, for a happy marriage a woman at least has to desire the man and feel that the choice is hers in marriage. We must always remember that a lack of choice produced ultimate blame.

Point 7 is also debatable. Women must never be made to feel inferior to men but encouraged to feel different. The problem of society today is the blanket promotion of equality as by nature, emotionally and physically, men and women are different. Suppression of a woman's intellectual ambition is not only unreasonably suppressive but also a waste of an input of half of the world's population. So long as the principle of chastity and faithfulness is entrenched in a woman's mind she should be allowed to, within reason, to make a contribution to society. We must always remember that the feeling of inferiority can be devastating to any individual be it man or woman.

Point 12 cannot be right. No individual can be described as a "possession" this is a lethal description one that will be refuted by any woman. Rather, a woman must value her purity herself, and work on preserving it, before expecting other to do the same. Such a description will lead to the husband to adopt it which, in certain circumstances, may lead to severe cases of abuse.

Point 15 is totally unacceptable. Humans do not fall into pre-determined classes as nothing can stop any individual from starting out in one class then choosing another. Condemning a person because of their class is unacceptable especially in marriage and whilst family history is important class should not as many great personalities in the world came from classless humble backgrounds. This promotes social inequality and imbalance.

In conclusion, the solution to society is for men and women to understand that they are different, and that one completes the other forming a complete society. Blanket equality leads to confrontation and instability of the family unit. It promotes flagrant independence thus polarising views on how life should proceed for the sake of humanity.

The solution is a thorough understanding of how society functions best whilst at the same time having God as the source of divine flawless guidance to pursue and neglecting all other deviant paths. In essence this is the process of constructing a formidable castle in which we can all lead a happy and stable life.

Austin said (February 20, 2011):

Anyone who tried to keep even half of these tenets in Western society would be tarred and feathered as 'old fashion' or 'patriarchal'. Even so, many of these points have been found out by the experience of those practising Hindu belief and culture, perhaps over many generations, and so some credence should be given to certain parts of it.

While the author and your readership may differ (due to their own beliefs or no beliefs at all) the common points between each belief system, if self enforced, should make at least those involved better off, if not the society around them.

Trouble is, that in this day and age, the morals of both Eastern and Western societies are cracking and crumbling at an enormous rate, and even many decent people would regard such teaching, in a practical sense, as outmoded and simply unviable in the 'modern' world. It would be like inviting your Amish relatives to live in your city based apartment...

Isaiah said (February 20, 2011):

Sir, Hinduism sounds great, but it shouldn't be glorified. Remember, Hinduism came out of Israel, and I mean true Israel. Not the Jews. Hinduism was formed by Israel when they were in their fallen state, sort of like Buddhism was. Budda was a Saxon. The Jews are not God's chosen people. They have nothing to do with the Tora. Even Satan will look godly. He appears as an angel of light. Don't be deceived, Hinduism is a Satanic religion.

Christine said (February 20, 2011):

With regard to the latest article, I stopped after 2, which I found insulting. It is a common pagan error that women are more impure than men. Unfortunately, this error has also infected Islam, and has led to the practice of mutilating women physically. It has also led to the habit of draping women from head to foot with a burkha.

Isn't that what Adam did, blame Eve for his own weakness in allowing her to mslead him?
Shouldn't we learn to control ourselves rather than blaming others for our own weakness?
The word virtue stems from the word manly strength.

We have come to a sad place in time when we allow pagans to guide us morally. The constant teaching of the Catholic Church and the bible is that the worship of pagan gods is actually the worship of demons. Thus hinduism, which worships pagan gods, is the worship of demons.

In fact, millions of Catholic martyrs died precisely because they refused to worship the pagan gods of Rome. For example, the Romans placed a live burning coal in the hand of one of the Catholic martyrs. They told him that if he let his hand drop, it would be a sign of sacrifice to their pagan god demons. He let the coal burn through his hand, which caused him to go into shock and die for Jesus Christ.

Catholic martyrs gained their strength from Almighty God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That is how they led chaste, heroic lives no matter what the Romans or anyone else did to them. And what we should do, too.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at