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Flashback: "Is Conspiracy Behind Current Events?"

July 25, 2009

timecapsule.jpg(From Nov. 28, 2001)

---Ten Weeks After Sept.11, 2001, Henry Took His First Baby Steps As a Conspiracy Writer

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Deliberately manipulated outrage-incidents such as the sinking of the Lusitania, the burning of the Reischtag, and the attack on Pearl Harbor, as precursors to elite-planned military campaigns has historically held several functions: it triggers the built-in nationalistic war spirit, channels the resulting righteous wrath toward the nominated enemy, and concentrates power in the executive branch, where elite control is unhampered by popular influence." --From The Constitution Society

This week I read about conspiracies.

I was trying to figure out why the "establishment" finances (let alone tolerates) feminism. Feminism is a synthesis of homosexuality and Marxism. It is anti-capitalist, anti male, and anti-motherhood. It is dedicated to destroying the "patriarchy" which it equates with Western civilization.

Feminism is a dead-end street... with a lesbian bar at the end. It teaches young women to reject marriage and motherhood. What society can thus afford to ignore its own preservation?

What society can turn its education system over to fanatics to destroy its cultural heritage and brainwash the young?

There must be powerful forces who wish to divide and undermine society. The aim is social control. Set women against men; "right" against "left." Emphasize ethnic, class and race divisions instead of a common national identity. They seem to want the population to be as clueless, dysfunctional and sex starved as possible.

I am just beginning my research but I am already finding a recurring theme. There seems to be an international financial oligarchy determined to undermine the institution of the nation state. Apparently this is behind "globalism." Let me record part of my past week's journey.

Like many homosexuals and feminists, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, author of the famous "Kinsey report"(1948) wished to undermine the nuclear family. He was the father of sexual liberation: "If it feels good, do it." He said that 37% of men have gay experiences and it is "normal" to be gay.

According to Judith Reisman's "Kinsey: Crime and Consequences," Dr.Alfred Kinsey was a homosexual pedophile. His research was fraudulent. His sample was composed largely of sex offenders in prison.

According to Reisman, the richest family in the world, the Rockefellers, financed Kinsey and ensured that the "Kinsey Report" would be greeted by hosannas in the mass media. (290ff.) In other words, the Rockefellers had an interest in the promotion of homosexuality and the dissolution of the family, and its attendant consequences.

I have a hunch that the heterosexual family is the model and source for all morality. For its survival, the family requires values such as loyalty, love, devotion, hard work and honesty and it infuses these values in society.

On the other hand, I suspect that sexual relativism (homosexuality) is the basis of moral relativism. If we don't know what is male or female, we will not know what is good or bad. It is no coincidence that the people who advocate sexual relativism also advocate moral relativism and their rise is parallel.


Inspired by Reisman's Rockefeller revelations, I read "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution," by Anthony C. Sutton.

Sutton makes a convincing case that Wall Street, specifically Rockefeller and Morgan interests, financed Communism. Sutton argues that the loyalty of monopoly capitalism is not to capitalism, but to monopoly which is best provided by centralized state control. He says the "left-right" dichotomy is a fa├žade to confuse and divide. The real power is held by an ultra rich oligarchy. This would explain why the rich have always encouraged the left.

I called a bookstore to order more of Sutton's books. The owner was intrigued by my selections and wanted to talk. He had just read in the LA Times (Paul Richter, "Military May Shift to US Patrols" Nov.22) that the army may be assigned to "homeland protection."

"They're using the war on terror to set up a police state and take away our freedom," he said. "What if September 11 wasn't an intelligence failure after all? What if the Islamic radicals were set up to perform an act of terrorism in order to provide a pretext to clamp down on freedom and to go to war?"

Could anyone be that cynical? I asked.

"Terrorists have been hijacking planes for decades," he said. "They already targeted the World Trade Center. Would it have been so hard to put 2+2 together? The NSA monitors everyone. I don't believe they didn't know about this attack. "

He drew parallels to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City which he said was a cover-up.

"McVeigh and Nichols weren't acting alone. A fertilizer bomb in a truck parked outside could not have done that damage. Seismic records show there were two blasts. At first they were looking for John Doe #2 etc. but suddenly it was only McVeigh they wanted."

The bookstore owner kept me on the phone for an hour telling me that George W. Bush wants to try terrorists in Military Tribunals so the public won't discover their ties to rogue elements in the CIA. He said the aim of this war is to open Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to "globalism", just like the Kosovo war opened Yugoslavia.


The aftermath of Sept. 11 certainly suggests that it may have been a setup. We braced ourselves for a long dirty war, with bombings in malls and biological warfare attacks. Thankfully, except for some scattered letters containing anthrax, this has not yet materialized. (And, if it does, will we know who is really responsible?)

When someone yells fire in a crowded theatre and there is no fire, we must ask why. I do not question the sincerity of the America's leaders. But I wonder: Is someone using "terror" to manipulate us all? Is this the same international oligarchy that is promoting social disintegration through homosexuality and feminism? Are we pawns in a larger game?

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Comments for "Flashback: "Is Conspiracy Behind Current Events?""

Lisa said (July 27, 2009):

It's funny, accidentally discovering 911's facts led me to discovering the new world order, which led me to discovering the Rockefeller's involvement in bankrolling feminism which led me to your site, which is now probably my favorite site of which I visit daily. You explain everything so clearly & confidently--in a style that brings everyone in without scaring them. I mean, maybe the info scares some people (it should), but the delivery couldn't! It's so professional! You're doing great, great work!

Mike said (July 27, 2009):

Comment for Dave;

Dave, same thing happened to me. Many things going on in the world did not make since in early decade and I asked God to show me the truth and it is truly amazing what he has guided me to. Quite the awakening to say the least. Mike

Dave said (July 26, 2009):

It's like looking back at home movies of yourself taking baby steps. We all have our own awakening stories. I got divorced in 2003, and that was my epiphany on alot of subjects, including the perversion of the nuclear family, and the 911 false flag terrorism. It all started by myself realizing the stories I was being told just were'nt adding up. I said a simple prayer for God to show me the truth. WOW! Be careful what you wish for. What a long strange trip it's been ever since. Your articles have been very enlightening along the way. Thank you very much for taking the time to write and post them. Even though sometimes it seems like a lonely path, there are others out there who thirst for truth. And I think alot of 'em visit your website...kind of like a local watering hole for truth junkies. I am reminded of what Ghandi once said, "Even if I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."

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