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Freemasonry - The Elephant in the Room

November 1, 2016

Cl6bf7GWgAQaI3y.jpgClearly Nigel Farage is also a Freemason. In Masonic grip with Doug Carswell,
the only UKIP MP at Westminster.

Jews will be guilty fall-guys for Freemasons like Nigel Farage

In Denial:

Humanity is never going to address its problems, let alone save its skin, until it recognizes that most problems are due to the influence of Freemasonry, 
 which is empowered by the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. Here, I revisit an important article from 2002 which identifies the Satanic
secret society that controls the world.

"Freemasonry is Jewish Cabalism. Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion, and first Jews and now humanity
have been bamboozled by it.
Cabalism is materialism, modernism, secularism and humanism. Humanity is becoming a sex cult."

("Freemasonry is the Common Denominator," from Sept 30, 2002)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the past, I have ascribed humanity's woes to a conspiracy of inbred British aristocrats, Jewish central bankers and their American toadies. So far I have overlooked the most important ingredient, the "Freemasons" the world's largest secret society with five million members (including three million Americans.) Only their inner circles are aware that the "Craft" is in fact devoted to Satanism.

The conspirators all belong to it. George W. Bush is a member. As a student at Yale Bush joined its "Skull and Bones" chapter and referred to it in August 2000 in these terms: "My heritage is part of who I am."

freemasonry9.jpgDick Cheney and Colin Powell are also high level Freemasons. So is Al Gore and Ariel Sharon. Past Presidents FDR, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan and Lyndon Johnson were also members. So are Henry Kissinger, Allen Greenspan and former World Bank President James Wolfensohn. In fact devil worship seems to be a prerequisite for power and success today.

Freemasonry has been blamed for many cases of child sexual abuse and ritual murder. There are people who claim to have been brainwashed and sexually exploited as children by certain members of our power elite. "The Franklin Cover-Up" (get the 2nd. Edition, 1996) by John W. DeCamp describes a homosexual and satanic child sex ring based in Omaha, which serviced members of the Reagan administration. In "Trans-formation of America," (1995) Cathy O'Brien describes her experiences as a mind-controlled sex slave for members of the current and past administrations.

It gets more bizarre. In addition to oil, the assault on the Arab world is part of a long-term plan to establish the rule of Satan on earth. The New World Order is Masonic. Islam represents an obstacle to the Masonic plan to rebuild Solomon's Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This will be the seat of a new world religion subtly devoted to Lucifer.

The war is the latest in a step-by-step plan to enslave humanity. For example, the United Nations' true character is revealed by the fact that the only religious chapel at its headquarters is run by a satanic cult, the "Lucis Trust." The name was changed from Lucifer Trust to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous. For more background, see Lyndon Larouche's article entitled "The Real History of Satanism."

Hope.jpgThe Satanists disguise their agenda in warm and fuzzy buzzwords like "economic justice" and "international peace." They have drafted a new world constitution called the "Earth Charter." In 2002, the Earth Charter was presented to the United Nations in a pantheistic 21st Century replica of the Ark of the Covenant called "the Ark of Hope." Stephen Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund were behind this initiative.

According to Joseph Farah, "these are dangerous and diabolical folks making long-term plans to seize even more power and destroy any vestige of freedom left in the world." World Net Daily, Sept. 24

I don't have the heart (or stomach) to explore the philosophy of Freemasonry in detail. I refer you to an excellent web site. It is called "Freemasonry Watch")


I only want to point out the essential difference between a true religion like Islam or Christianity and a naturalistic cult like Freemasonry. A true religion believes that God is the ultimate Reality (Truth, Love) and that man has the Spirit of God within.

"God is a spirit and we worship him in spirit and truth." (John 4:24) Liberation is defined as overcoming the limitations of ego.

This is what it means to be "born again." Jesus said, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32).

Collectively mankind is in a process of transformation, of becoming more God-like or "Real." By loving God and obeying our "higher" self, we outgrow our baser instincts. "Be ye therefore perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect," Jesus said. (Mathew 5:48)

Civilized life and culture involve a respectful debate about how to find happiness. I believe everyone must approach God individually, and therefore must be free to choose his own path.


(Left. PM David Cameron congratulates London mayor Boris Johnson with a Masonic handshake)

In contrast, Freemasonry is a pagan cult that pretends to embrace all religions in order to negate them all. It says there is no God but man. Man not God is the measure of all things. Our lust for more power, money, and sex is unleashed. The lower instincts become the higher. Accordingly, culture has been degraded. We have no real collective identity or ideals. Just animal appetites.

As I have pointed out in numerous other articles, Freemasonry is Jewish Cabalism. Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion, and first Jews and now humanity have been bamboozled by it. Cabalism is materialism, secularism, humanism and modernism. Humanity has become a sex cult. 

Cabalism is satanic because it maintains that evil is an aspect of God, yet God is formless, unknowable and not even in the universe. The Cabalist Jew (i.e. Masonic bankers) interpret God's will, i.e. the Cabalist Jew is God.


For the many centuries, the world has been subject to a gradual and subtle process of Masonic indoctrination. Religion is portrayed as irrelevant and "liberation" is defined as being able to have sex with anyone and to talk about bodily functions in public. Have you noticed how much toilet humor and sex permeates prime time? This is the slippery slope of consciousness.

Recently a reader emailed to object to my "religious fundamentalism" saying that God could not exist or else He would not permit so much suffering.

We are God's agents. We embody His spirit to create heaven on earth. God can't do it without us, and He certainly can't do it if we succumb to Satan.

elephant-room1.jpgModern history is understandable only in terms of the ongoing campaign by the Illuminati (which took control of Freemasonry in 1781) to destroy Western Civilization and enslave mankind. Nesta Webster's book "World Revolution" (1921) and John Daniel's "Scarlet and the Beast" (Vol. 1, 1994) both describe this process.

Communism has been the main instrument of the Illuminati. (The Communist anniversary May 1st refers to the date the Illuminati was founded in 1776.) The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a Cabalist Jewish document.  Illuminati Jews like Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky were front men for the Rothschild syndicate. 


John Daniel  believes that Bolshevik Russia was a French Orient Masonic state. He says the slaughter of millions of Russians by the CHEKA was Masonic ritual murder. He points to "the numerous Masonic symbols carved into the flesh of victims' heads, faces, necks and torsos." (495) The assassination of Czar Nicholas II and his family was also a Masonic ritual murder (512).

We don't hear much about the "holocaust" of educated Russians between 1918 and 1922. The Bolshevik Freemasons slaughtered 3,200,000 people. Husbands, fathers and brothers were compelled to watch as their wives, daughters and sisters were brutally raped. (497)

Published in "The Scotsman" on November 7, 1923 are the following counts of the slaughtered to bring about the Craft's "dictatorship of the proletariat":

"28 bishops, 1219 priests, 6000 professors and teachers, 9000 doctors, 54,000 officers, 260,000 soldiers, 70,000 policemen, 12,950 property owners, 535,250 members of the intellectual and liberal professions, 193,290 workmen, 618,000 peasants." (495)

G.K. Chesterton said the study of history should be a study of power elites. Instead historians obscure and deny the truth. The more I read, the more I am convinced that the function of the news media, the arts, education and entertainment is to deceive and make us stupid. While we are numbed and distracted, our leaders carry out their orders under occult discipline (or blackmail.) As human life becomes degraded, it seems less worth saving. The devil is afoot and all-powerful. As long as he uses deceit, good people seem helpless to resist.

Three things give me hope. 1) The Constitution gives Americans the right to own guns. 2) The Internet. (Tyranny has never had to face instant communication.) 3) Our ingrained habit of freedom.

We must recognize Freemasonry for what it is: the satanic secret society that controls the World.



The Hidden Hand controlling world exemplified in Masonic Hand Sign (See Stephen Harper)

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First Comment from Marco:

That was a great article Henry, I think you really hit the nail on the head again. Especially when you state that humanity is becoming a sex cult, and that as human life is degraded, it seems less worth saving. Lately I have been somewhat aware of similar feelings.

It seems that everywhere I turn and look there is a hypersexual culture being thrown in my face. Now I'm a young man I obviously am in my prime and find women attractive - but it has come to a point where there is hardly any modesty anymore in women (men included), so a lot of attractiveness is taken away and just replaced with an appeal to lust. Also a young guy, a lot of the time I don't even seem to have a problem with it other than the fact that because of this hyper-sexulized and feminist culture, the potential wife pool is slimmed down a lot. But at the same time I always think back to some of your old articles when you or others mentioned that a true man isn't in need for a woman - especially if (God forbid) a woman turns out to be a snake.

Also as humanity is continually made sicker by this cult that rules us, and as man becomes more beast-like, its hard not to succumb to feelings of negativity and just say 'to hell with mankind'. But that's probably a condition of "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold," Matthew 24.12. And this is probably a goal of the evil powers as well; to not only degrade a large portion of humanity but also to crush the spirit of the rest and rout out any true brotherly love - so that the sick and enslaved have even less hope because no one will pray for them or help them. So, this is just something else to be on guard against, I guess.

Lately I have become aloof towards the overall true state of things though and I just observe the world from the outside, uncaring. I tend to just laugh when another false flag or other absurd thing arises, its probably one of those things when you either laugh or cry. If Ottawa decides to have another ten false flags this week, so be it, it's just a circus.

But in my more perceptive of times (perhaps), it seemed like the overall goal of the evil powers has been to destroy innocence. Whether it be indoctrinating humanity into a sex cult or degrading man into some demonic animal (like you mention). Satanism seems to have a hatred of innocence and if a man ever finds the innocence he had as a small child (baptismal innocence I'd call it), I think he will have to be ready for a fight, because the devil can't let that happen because innocence leads to heaven - not hell.

I think it goes back to what Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."
In my mind this whole evil Satanic-Masonic effort by the powers that be (demons and evil men) is a war against innocence, which is essentially a war against children and the people of God. Because with innocence you can't go along with this whole demonic agenda; it goes against the grain of your soul.


 I was surprised and delighted to see your reprise of your classic 2002 essay.  It has certainly stood the test of the intervening years.  Now it is vintage Makow.
For those who have [now] been initiated into what the Elders of Zion call 'the Political', only the operations of their Agentur, which is the both the Gentile, Jewish and the 'Secret' Masonry of the Cabal itself, explains the power of the international superstate and its hold over nations.
Your work has given to an international conversation the thought tools and perspectives that allow discussion of the reality of 'the Political' in a way that does not push the hot button issues and programming "among those whom we have sown discord."  (Protocols 5.11)
Really the entire quote is relevant here.  "There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative: if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord."  (5.11)
Your research, perspectives and thought tools, Henry, allow those who want to join this discussion to see Protocol terms like "our legislative corp", "our press corp" in action and to understand "the successes we arranged for Darwinsim, Marxism, Nietzsche" ... (2.3)
The Agentur has so infiltrated and modified the fabric of all national and social living that, what to a sane mind would be the pillars of humanity itself: the national identity, the family identity, the gender identity, the religious or faith identity,  are made to become "the causes of torment" through the operations of the Agentur or Freemasonry in play in every dimension of social life.   Only the power of the Agentur can explain how "we have fooled and bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim by rearing them in principles known to us to be false"...(9.10).
The "show army of the masonic lodges"  both arranges for these successes and "throws dust in the eyes of their fellows" - as the true objects of Masonry are known only to the apex.
Congratulations on "Freemasonry: the Elephant in the Room" reloaded.

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Comments for "Freemasonry - The Elephant in the Room"

Joe Ortiz said (December 2, 2014):

Henry, ​In regards to the three things that give you hope, you forgot the most important:​

…8 but to those who are selfishly ambitious and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, wrath and indignation. 9 There will be tribulation and distress for every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek, 10 but glory and honor and peace to everyone who does good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.…(Romans 2:8-10)
For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you? 20 Indeed, you are our glory and joy, (1 Thessalonians 2:19-29)

Dan said (December 1, 2014):

An incredible tip from 'Under the Sign of the Scorpion' by Juri Luna, a quote in a 1935 book by George Solomon, "Among the Red Autocrats".

“The Bolshevik Freemasons needed human sacrifice. According to Lenin they sacrificed people to Molok (sic)".

Solomon was an American Jew who had gone to Russia to support the revolution, only to become disillusioned. I actually managed to obtain a first edition of this book. The book was edited by Arno C. Gaebelein, a close assistant of C. I. Scofield, who produced the infamous Scofield Bible. (This would seem to shed a reasonable doubt on the authenticity of the story presented in "Among the Red Autocrats".)

Still, the notion that the perpetrators of mass genocides have occult reasons for what seems to us SENSELESS, incredibly gratuitous wastage of mostly innocent human lives seems to make more sense than any of the alternative reasons that have been given.

George said (November 30, 2014):

Another terrific article. Incidentally, let me just focus on one tiny point, about guns. The Constitution of the United States says nothing about the right to own guns. The Second Amendment says that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The first Ten Amendments are collectively known as the Bill of Rights, added because the Constitution does not specify the rights of the people, but the structure of Government. And yes, the creators of the Constitution were largely Freemasons. The arms are not specified.

Guns are always useful, but RPGs (Rocket propelled grenades) are pretty basic equipment in much of the world, and fill a necessary role if you are up against armored vehicles. But it is a terrible mistake to ever say that the government grants you rights. You can say that they are granted by God, and the Bill of Rights is merely an acknowledgement of some God-given rights. But governments repeatedly trample those obvious God-given rights.

So the ultimate guarantee of our right to bear arms (not merely guns, if it comes to that) is our own personal resolve. The three most common paths to slavery are (1) brainwashing about the authority of other humans (2) wanting things we cannot afford and (3) uttering the fatal words :"Don't hurt me or my loved ones. I will do anything you want."

As long as you are able to see behind the masks of illegitimate authority, refuse to want things you cannot afford, and are genuinely determined to fight to the death for your freedom, you are unlikely to become a slave.

Robert K said (November 30, 2014):

You state: "God can't do it without us, and He certainly can't do it if we succumb to Satan." This is a very profound observation that many skeptics will jump on as providing proof of the imperfection (powerlessness in some respects) of God. However, God is Love, and we are made "in His image". This clearly implies that we too are created to be Love.

What is commonly misunderstood is that love is an act of will. Jesus is the perfect exemplar of this, for he consistently willed his submission to the will of his heavenly Father, even unto death on the cross. God is Love; Jesus accorded all his actions with Love, and thus demonstrated for us what it means to be at one with the source of our being.

So God indeed cannot interfere with our freedom, our choosing of ourselves to do His will, for this would supersede our own will to love and make us essentially other than how he created us. Etymologically, the word "love" derives from an Old English word meaning "free".

Gordon said (November 30, 2014):

Thanks for a very good article as usual. However, I am not so sure that the 3 things that give you hope are relevant.

1. The US constitution has already been done away with by executive order – at the stroke of a pen Americans could no longer be able to own guns

2. The internet – it is already controlled and policed. How do you think they catch child sex rings and purveyors of child porn. Not to mention that Google tracks your searches and makes it available to the NSA

3. You and I may have an ingrained habit of freedom, but unfortunately most Americans do not. They are in love with their junk food and TV and are too obese to do anything about the status quo and when the trouble comes they will willingly exchange their freedom for security.

I agree with you that Freemasonry is the link that glues everything together, however I have a simple question for you.

Does the Jesuit General report to the Freemasonry General or vice versa? If it is the former, your premise regarding Freemasonry is correct, however if it is the latter you will have to think again.


Thanks Gordon

When I look around i see masons not Jesuits running thing


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