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Facebook Bans Covid "Wrong Think"

December 3, 2021

censorship-fb.jpgFacebook has almost three billion users world wide.

That's almost 40% of the human race.

In an Orwellian move, they are banning "wrong think"
--anything that challenges the bogus covid narrative.

This is for your own protection --

to prevent you from committing a "thought crime."

by Mike Stone

Did you know Facebook was your friend?

No, really, they are. They're your friend, your best buddy, your lifelong companion. They love you so much they're going to protect you from misinformation, lies and mean-spirited propaganda.

They are prohibiting any content that mentions medical products that guarantee you won't catch "covid."

But does that include face masks? Is Facebook saying that face masks don't really work after all? No, I must have misread their statement.

Your pal, Facebook, also wants to protect you from pureblood bullies. They will now prohibit any content that encourages people not to get vaxxed.

Your pal, Facebook, cares so much about your health, they will now prohibit any content that claims the virus is no more dangerous than the flu or cold.

They will jettison any content that claims people have been seriously injured or died from taking the vax. They will scrub any content that questions whether the virus is connected in any way with 5G technology. That's it, Facebook! Give it to those tinfoil hatters.

Facebook is so altruistic, they will now prohibit any content that claims medical or herbal remedies can guarantee recovery from the "virus," as well as content that claims the vaccines are experimental. Isn't that nice of them?

Your new best friends at Facebook say they will now prohibit "Claims that the spike proteins created by the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous."

Wait, what? That sounds like Facebook is admitting the vaccines have spike proteins ... I'm sure I misread that.

thot-police.jpgFacebook will now prohibit "Claims that being near vaccinated people causes adverse effects on unvaccinated people." Ah, yes. The old "shedding" routine.

Wasn't there a school in Florida that barred vaccinated teachers, because of all the miscarriages women suffered after being around vaccinated people?

Shame on them!

Facebook is really going to town with this. They've going to prohibit "Claims that hospitals kill patients in order to inflate the number of COVID-19 deaths, to get more money, or in order to sell people's organs."

Who in the world would claim that? It would have to be someone who escaped from the conspiracy theory loony bin. Good for Facebook!

Facebook has your back. They say they will allow claims that express personal experiences, but only if those experiences don't promote harmful actions. So don't worry about all those people who claim their father, mother, son, daughter, wife or husband became seriously ill from the jab. Facebook won't allow them to post!

I don't know about you, but based on all this, I'm a Facebook customer for life. Hurray for Facebook! Mark Zuckerberg for president! Yippee!

Mike Stone  is the author of -
"COVID-19 and Kids: A Parent's Guide to the COVID-19 Pandemic" available here:
"Reversing the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Heal Yourself from Adverse Reactions to the Trump Vaccine and Protect Yourself from Shedding," available here. 
"COVID-19 and the Mark of the Beast: What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Trump Vaccine"
He is also the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

As people around the world confront this unprecedented public health emergency, we want to make sure that our policies help to protect people from harmful content and new types of abuse related to COVID-19 and vaccines...

Under our Coordinating Harm policy , we prohibit content that:

    Coordinates, depicts, admits to, or promotes the active and deliberate spread of communicable diseases by you or your associates.

tshirt-if-you-want-a-picture-of-the-future-imagine-a-boot-stamping-on-a-human-face-forever-george-orwell-1984-d001004136233.pngWhen we have additional information and/or context to identify it, we also prohibit:

    Content coordinating in-person events or gatherings when participation involves or encourages people who have COVID-19 to join.
    Content coordinating interference with the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.
    Content calling to action, advocating, or promoting that others not get the COVID-19 vaccine. ...

 We remove claims that deny the existence of the disease or undermine the severity of COVID-19. This includes:
        Claims that deny the existence of the COVID-19 disease or pandemic
        Claims that downplay the severity of COVID-19, such as:
            Claims that COVID-19 is no more dangerous to people than the common flu or cold
            Claims that no one has died from COVID-19
            Claims that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is the same or lower than seasonal influenza
            Claims that getting a flu shot or flu vaccine is more likely to kill you than COVID-19
            Claims that the number of COVID-19 caused deaths are much lower than the official figure (requires additional information and/or context)
        Claims about the cause of COVID-19 that are linked to 5G communication technologies, such as:
            Claims that COVID-19 social distancing orders are really just a way to install 5G wireless communication technology infrastructure
            Claims that the symptoms of COVID-19 are actually the effect of 5G communication technologies
        Ex: "No one has died from COVID-19," "Social distancing orders are really just a way to install 5G infrastructure," "COVID-19 is not real!"
2plus2.jpgCOVID-19 transmission and immunity: Understanding how COVID-19 is transmitted and who can be infected is a critical component of protecting people from getting or spreading the virus. Public health authorities state that COVID-19 can be transmitted in any location and primarily from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth, which are expelled when a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or speaks. Public health authorities also agree that all people, regardless of age or other unique characteristics, can be infected with and spread COVID-19. We remove false claims about how and where COVID-19 can be transmitted and who can be infected. This includes:
        Claims that any group is immune or cannot die from COVID-19 or that a specific activity or treatment results in immunity
        Claims that COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through the air, in certain climates, weather conditions, or locations
        Claims that COVID-19 can be transmitted from anything other than human-to-human transmission, such as:
            Claims that COVID-19 is the cause of or transmitted by 5G technologies
            Claims that COVID-19 is transmitted by the flu shot or flu vaccine, or that getting the flu vaccine or shot makes people more susceptible/likely to get COVID-19
            Claims that COVID-19 is transmitted by house flies or mosquitoes
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are the cause of or infect people with COVID-19
        Ex: "Elderly people are immune from COVID-19," "COVID-19 cannot be transmitted in tropical climates," "the COVID-19 vaccine causes COVID-19!"
    Guaranteed cures or prevention methods for COVID-19: Public health authorities, such as the WHO, say there is currently nothing that can guarantee recovery or guarantee the average person will not get COVID-19. We have also heard from public health authorities that if people thought there was a guaranteed cure or prevention for COVID-19, that could lead them to take incorrect safety measures, ignore appropriate health guidance, or even attempt harmful self-medication. This is why we don't allow false claims about how to cure or prevent COVID-19. This includes:
        Claims that for the average person, something can guarantee prevention from getting COVID-19 or can guarantee recovery from COVID-19 before such a cure or prevention has been approved, including:
            Consuming or inhaling specific items
            Medical or herbal remedies
            External remedies for the outer body or skin
        Ex: "Take Vitamin C - it cures COVID-19," "If you take this herbal remedy, you will not get COVID-19," "This topical cream will prevent you from contracting coronavirus."
   clown-world.jpg Discouraging good health practices: There are a number of good health practices public health authorities advise people take to protect themselves from getting or spreading COVID-19. This includes wearing a face mask, social distancing, getting tested for COVID-19 and, more recently, getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Public health authorities have issued emergency use authorization for several COVID-19 vaccines, so in addition to false claims about face masks, social distancing and testing, we do not allow false claims about the vaccines or vaccination programs which public health experts have advised us could lead to COVID-19 vaccine rejection. This includes false claims about the safety, efficacy, ingredients, development, existence, or conspiracies related to the vaccine or vaccination program. As more information becomes available about COVID-19 vaccines, we will continue to iterate on how we apply this policy. This includes:
        Claims about wearing a face mask, including:
            Claims that wearing a face mask does not help prevent the spread of COVID-19
            Claims that face masks include or are connected to 5G technology or that face masks contain harmful nano worms or harmful particles
            Claims that wearing a face mask can make the wearer ill
            Claims that health authorities do not recommend that healthy people wear masks where this is not the current public health guidance (requires additional information and/or context).
        Claims that social/physical distancing does not help prevent the spread of COVID-19
        Claims that can discourage someone from getting a government approved COVID-19 test, including:
            Claims that COVID-19 can be successfully tested without an approved test
            Claims that COVID-19 tests actually come pre-infected or can infect you with COVID-19
            Claims that COVID-19 tests approved by public health authorities cannot detect COVID-19 or that PCR tests cannot distinguish between COVID and the flu
            Claims that COVID-19 tests cause cancer
            Claims that COVID-19 tests contain harmful nano-particles or nano-worms
            Claims that COVID-19 tests are being used to harvest people's DNA
        Claims about COVID-19 vaccines that contribute to vaccine rejection, including:
            Claims about the availability or existence of COVID-19 vaccines, specifically:
                Claims that COVID-19 vaccines do not exist or have not been approved
                Claims that there are no Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved COVID-19 vaccines or that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has not received full FDA approval (does not apply to claims about the vaccine for children aged 5-15, which is under emergency use authorization)
                Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are not approved by the FDA if that content also suggests the vaccines are unsafe, ineffective, experimental, or have not been appropriately tested. Otherwise, we will allow claims that the FDA has not approved the vaccine, or make a clear distinction between a full

zuck-big.jpgFDA approval and an Emergency Use Authorization with appropriate context such as distinguishing between different types of COVID vaccines.
                Claims that something other than a COVID-19 vaccine can vaccinate you against COVID-19
                Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are experimental, if the context of the claim also suggests that vaccinated people are taking part in a medical experiment.
        Claims about the safety or serious side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, including:
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines kill or seriously harm people, which we define as leading to any of the following harmful side effects:
                Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
                Multiple sclerosis
                COVID-19 or a new COVID-19 strain
                Infertility or sterilization
                Birth defects
                Altering DNA
                Blood clots (except in relation to specific vaccines for which public health authorities have found possible links or are officially investigating such reports)
                Prion's disease
                Bell's palsy
                Erectile dysfunctions
                Other side-effects which are impossible or irrational, such as taking the vaccine turns you into a monkey (requires additional information and/or context).
            Claims that the spike proteins created by the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous / cytotoxic.
            Claims that building immunity by getting COVID-19 is safer than getting the vaccine
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe generally, or for a certain specific group of people, if that group is identified based on protected characteristics or other identifiers not directly related to their personal health, age, or disabilities (e.g. social status, religion, or political views), or that vaccines are unsafe for menstruating women.
            Claims that being near vaccinated people causes adverse effects on unvaccinated people
        Claims about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, including:
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines do not provide any immunity to people
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are not effective in preventing COVID-19
            Claims that people who are vaccinated are more at risk for getting sick with COVID than people who are unvaccinated
        Claims about how the COVID-19 vaccine was developed or its ingredients, including:
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain toxic, prohibited, or harmful ingredients, microchips, animal products, or anything not on the vaccine ingredient list
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are untested
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain the mark of the beast
            Claims that people died as a result of the COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine during clinical trials (Note - We allow claims that people died during the COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech clinical trials) (requires additional information and/or context).
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain, or were developed, produced or designed from/with human tissue from aborted fetuses / aborted fetal tissue.
        Claims involving conspiracy theories about a COVID-19 vaccine or vaccination program, including:
            Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are designed to or were developed in order to control a population for non-public health purposes
            Claims that specific populations are being used or targeted in order to test the true safety or efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine
            Claims that vaccines are the reason behind the emergence of COVID variants

        Examples of claims that violate the above-listed policies include: "Wearing a face mask doesn't help prevent the spread of COVID," "Social distancing does nothing to reduce COVID in the community," "COVID tests come pre-infected with the disease," "the COVID vaccine will kill you," "the COVID vaccine contains a microchip," "the COVID vaccine provides no immunity," "the COVID vaccine causes autism!"

orwel-truth.jpgWe also prohibit:
        Claims that misrepresent the access, availability, or eligibility of health services, such as hospitals, emergency responders, ambulance response, treatments, vaccines.
            Claims that hospitals or a specific hospital is closed and will not permit infected people.
            Claims that only certain people are allowed to receive medical care for COVID-19.
            Claims that hospitals kill patients in order to inflate the number of COVID-19 deaths, to get more money, or in order to sell people's organs
                Ex: "Hospitals kill patients to increase their COVID numbers and get more money!"
    Similarly, for the duration of the COVID-19 public health emergency, we remove content that repeats other false health information, primarily about vaccines, that are widely debunked by leading health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The goal of this policy is to combat misinformation about vaccinations and diseases, which if believed could result in reduced vaccinations and harm public health and safety. The claims we have applied this to include:
        Vaccines cause autism
            Ex: "Increased vaccinations are why so many kids have autism these days."
        Vaccines cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
            Ex: "Don't you know vaccines cause SIDS?"
        Vaccines cause the disease against which they are meant to protect, or cause the person to be more likely to get the disease
            Ex: "Taking a vaccine actually makes you more likely to get the disease since there's a strain of the disease inside. Beware!"
        Vaccines or their ingredients are deadly, toxic, poisonous, harmful, or dangerous
            Ex: "Sure, you can take vaccines, if you don't mind putting poison in your body."
        Natural immunity is safer than vaccine acquired immunity
            Ex: "It's safest to just get the disease rather than the vaccine."
        It is dangerous to get several vaccines in a short period of time, even if that timing is medically recommended
            Ex: "Never take more than one vaccine at the same time, that is dangerous - I don't care what your doctor tells you!"
        Vaccines are not effective to prevent the disease against which they purport to protect
            Ex: "Vaccines actually don't do anything to stop you from getting the disease."
        Acquiring measles cannot cause death (requires additional information and/or context)
            Ex: "Don't worry about whether you get measles, it can't be fatal"
        Vitamin C is as effective as vaccines in preventing diseases for which vaccines exist.
    Pages, Groups, profiles, and Instagram accounts that repeatedly post misinformation or coordinate harm (see Coordinating Harm policies at the top of this entry) related to COVID-19, vaccines, and health may face restrictions, including (but not limited to) reduced distribution, removal from recommendations, or removal from our site. On Instagram, accounts that repeatedly post content that violates our policies on COVID-19 or vaccine misinformation may also lose the ability to be tagged or mentioned, or may see pop-ups asking if they'd like to delete certain posts that may violate our policies.


Thanks as ever to K

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Facebook Bans Covid "Wrong Think" "

JG said (December 3, 2021):

Wow! Did f---book miss anything in this memo?
How about not being allowed to say that you live in a country that has a constitution in place that guarantees it's citizens freedom of choice against all involuntary medical treatment and procedures against their will.

Or, how about not being allowed to give the mega dollar figures of all the pharmaceutical companies and their stockholders profits that they have already been made from their massive vaccine jabs on the innocent arms of the public since this exercise began.

BW said (December 3, 2021):

There are still THAT many people using “goat face”?(facebook)?? Get out of that “internment camp” once and for all! The TRUTH IS OUT anyway! Spread it as much as you can on OTHER networks!

Below- The Satanist Jews Behind Covid (scroll down) ---------------get uncensored info at

They Knew Covid "Vaccines" are Ineffective

December 2, 2021


fiona-godlee.jpgFiona Godlee, Editor in Chief, British Medical Journal

The project to string everyone along at the greatest human and financial cost
was outlined in August 2020 by the editor of the BMJ (British Medical Journal):

'So instead we are heading for vaccines that reduce severity of illness rather than protect against infection,

provide only short-lived immunity, and will at best have been trialled by the manufacturer against placebo.

As well as damaging public confidence and wasting global resources by distributing a poorly effective vaccine,

this could change what we understand a vaccine to be. Instead of long term, effective disease prevention

it could become a sub-optimal chronic treatment. This would be good for business but bad for global public health.'




Covid 19- Less Haste, More Safety

By Fiona Godlee



Few can doubt that we need a vaccine for covid-19 as soon as possible, and great strides are being made, including in our understanding of the immunology of SARS-CoV-2.1

But what damage may result from the race to create one?

The World Health Organization has produced guidance on minimum characteristics for a vaccine, including 50% efficacy, temperature stability, potential for rapid scale-up, and proper evaluation against comparators.

But, writes Els Torreele, these basic requirements are being rapidly eroded by the prevailing view that anything is better than nothing.2

So instead we are heading for vaccines that reduce severity of illness rather than protect against infection, provide only short lived immunity, and will at best have been trialled by the manufacturer against placebo.

As well as damaging public confidence and wasting global resources by distributing a poorly effective vaccine, this could change what we understand a vaccine to be. Instead of long term, effective disease prevention it could become a sub-optimal chronic treatment. This would be good for business but bad for global public health.

"Vaccine nationalism" is also a concern, says Daniel Altmann.3

Russia's approval of its vaccine, based on a small unpublished phase 2 study in 38 volunteers, suggests we are already in the grip of a cold war style arms race, he says. Side stepping the need for a large phase 3 trial is like "entering a marathon, running the first few metres, then unilaterally crowning yourself the winner as all the others run ahead."

Proper testing for patient safety is at the heart of a new drive for ergonomic design of medical equipment, writes Jane Feinman.4

Ergonomics, or human factors, means reducing the likelihood of human error, and is especially important for high risk equipment being used in stressful and unfamiliar situations such as those experienced by staff at the height of the pandemic. Perhaps covid-19 will inspire a widespread passion for good design, evaluation, and procurement, so that staff are no longer scapegoats for mistakes caused by poorly purchased equipment.

Are we in the UK ready for winter? John Middleton predicts a perfect storm of resurgent covid-19, flu, a backlog of untreated long term conditions, excess cold related mortality, and the effects of economic collapse and a possible no deal Brexit.5

To be ready, he concludes, we will need all the public health interventions that weren't properly implemented from the start: surveillance, test and trace, physical distancing, quarantine and isolation, and protection of staff and vulnerable groups. Now is the time to prepare, but for this the UK needs a strategy rather than a continued round of knee jerk reactions to events.6

Thanks for sending this Kat!


Sewell HF,

Agius RM,

Stewart M,

Kendrick D

. Cellular immune responses to covid-19. BMJ2020;370:m3018. doi:10.1136/bmj.m3018 pmid:32737031

Torreele E

. The rush to create a covid-19 vaccine may do more harm than good. BMJ2020;370:m3209doi:10.1136/bmj.m3209.

Altmann D. Finding the best covid-19 vaccine should not be a race. 14 August 2020.

Feinman J

. How covid-19 has highlighted the importance of design as well as price in the NHS supply chain. BMJ2020;370:m3192.

Middleton J. Winter is coming: is the UK prepared? 14 August 2020.

Adebowale V,

Alderson D,

Burn W

, et al. Covid-19: Call for a rapid forward looking review of the UK's preparedness for a second wave-an open letter to the leaders of all UK political parties. BMJ2020;369:m2514. doi:10.1136/bmj.m2514 pmid:32576551

View Abstract

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Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "They Knew Covid "Vaccines" are Ineffective "

BM said (December 3, 2021):

I think Fiona Godlee is full of it.

She claims "Few can doubt that we need a vaccine for covid-19 as soon as possible"

In Australia, the death rate is a whopping 0.008%

So fucking deadly!!!!!

JG said (December 3, 2021):

Shame once again on the MSM. They have refused to report on any of the deaths or injuries that were a direct result of having this Covid 19 vaccine injected into their body.

It has been medically proven that this vaccine IS NOT FULLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

The MSM has become a full time disinfo agent for Big Pharma on this one and they have lost their integrity and trust with the public.

More people are catching on to this medical atrocity and won't be the easy jab victim like they were last year.

By taking this jab you're not doing your neighbor or yourself any favors. You're only doing Big Pharma and their profiteers the favor.

Brian said (December 3, 2021):

These injections are NOT vaccines in any way.
They created and released Corona to kill millions of people, but it didn't.

So they created the "solution" to Covid, the "vaccines" that do nothing.

These "vaccines" kill people in many ways, mostly by damaging the heart.

A slow death, so It won't be traced back.

It has been estimated that a third of our population will be dead by Feb/March 2022.

Below- WHO Admits They Want to Modify Humans (scroll down)

The Jewish Satanists Behind Covid

Some stories require rereading. 

In 1989, on national TV, a courageous young woman exposed the satanic Jewish forebears of the Illuminati cult that now dominates the world. They are Sabbatean Frankists who hate assimilated Jews as much as goyim.

Respected members of the community by day, 
they sacrifice babies at night.

We are sleepwalking to catastrophe. Donald Trump is part of this death cult. So is Communism & Freemasonry. We are all its mental prisoners.

Jewish Insider Described Child Sacrifice  
from March 31, 2009 and April 29, 2019

by Henry Makow PhD.

On May 1, 1989, a "nice Jewish girl", age 29, Vicki Polin appeared on the Oprah Show and said her family was part of a satanic cult that dates back to the 1700s.

Although they appear to be upstanding citizens -- lawyers, doctors, police officers etc. -- they engage in Satanic ritual human sacrifice, incest and cannibalism, often in synagogues. They drink blood and eat babies.

VickiPolin.jpgShe is describing the Illuminati which originated in the Frankist Movement in the Eighteenth Century. Jacob Frank, born Jacob Leibowitz (1726-1791) led a major Satanic heresy that shook the Jewish world. They believed that the Messiah would return if the world went over to evil completely. Thus they encouraged all sexual license and satanic evil as the ultimate good. 

Financed by the Frankist Rothschild banking syndicate, they subverted other Jews and the goyim by assuming every religious and political hue. They took over Freemasonry and are now in the final stage of establishing their world government, a.k.a "globalization."

The incest abuse Polin suffered is a textbook example of how Illuminati families --Jews and non-Jews-- treat their children. George W. Bush and Barack Obama may have suffered similar trauma and, (like Polin) have multiple personality disorder. Vicki is from Chicago and there is no telling how many Chicagoans surrounding Barack Obama are part of this satanic cult. Think Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett.


Polin told Oprah that she witnessed babies sacrificed and consumed for the "power" this gave. These babies are bred within the extended family for this purpose.  She said she was raped several times, and elsewhere says she had five abortions due to intercourse with her father.

Polin said her family was "extremely involved" in these practices. Her mother is "on the human relations commission of the town that she lives in, and she's an upstanding citizen. Nobody would suspect her. Nobody would suspect anybody involved in it. There are police officers involved in it. There's, you know, doctors, lawyers..."

dees_bohemian_grove (3).jpg"I mean, to the outside world, everything we did was proper and right, and then there were the nights that things changed, that things just got turned around. What was wrong was right, and what was right was wrong. That's what helps to create some of them to develop MPD."

Polin's therapist, Tina Grossman was on the show but not on YouTube. She told Oprah she had treated over 40 survivors from many states and Canada. They have never met each other yet say the "identical same things."

Ms GROSSMAN: They are describing identical rituals, just the same as, since I'm Jewish, you could go to New York or California and describe a seder in one state or another and, as a Jew, you would recognize it. This is the belief system in evil and the power that evil gives you, and so it has these certain rituals, so they are very similar with all of the survivors.

OPRAH: See, but I am very surprised because the Jewish faith is the Jewish faith and worshipping the devil is not a part of the Jewish faith. I mean, Jewish people do not worship the devil.

Ms GROSSMAN: But before there was Christ and before there was a system of one God, there was Paganism- and it still exists in the world, and in many cultures, you still find the belief that there are strength and power in the actual consumption of human flesh or animal flesh.


In spite of the fact that both Vicki and Oprah said many times this behavior was not typical of most Jews, the B'nai B'rith-ADL attacked the show as "anti-Semitic."  Oprah did her penance and obviously has been forgiven.  Vicki was stopped on the street and told her testimony would start "another holocaust." Vicki's response was that denying these crimes was akin to holocaust denial. In July of 1989, she penned this statement and sent it to all concerned:

schumer-wife.jpeg(Chuck Schumer & wife)

"Our society believes the myth that Jews can't be pedophiles, or abuse their own children. This is a MYTH, they do abuse children. There are even those who practice cannibalism and perform human sacrifices. Believe me, I saw it with my own eyes. I've come to the point in my life where I feel I need to bear witness. I have and will continue to until I'm sure what I had to endure as a child is believed by you and others like you. I will do whatever is possible so what happened to me doesn't happen to anyone else!"

Vicki became a therapist herself, moved to Baltimore and opened "The Awareness Center" to help other victims of satanic abuse.   She has articles about the Frankists on her website. I attempted to contact her without success. But I found an extensive profile with interviews on Luke Ford's website. There is an Affidavit from a rabbi Vicki contacted in 2004 regarding an exorcism of her cult upbringing. She described their intent to him in these terms:  

"The essence of her story was that there are currently many rabbis involved in this cult who brought their satanic rituals with them to the USA from Europe. That she was born into one of the Jewish families owing allegiance to the cult. She claimed to have been used as part of an organized child sexual abuse ring organized by the rabbi of her synagogue, and that the sexual abuse took place on Sifrei Torah Scrolls laid out on the floor of the synagogue. That the abuse began in early childhood and continued over a period of many years, through her teen years and into adulthood, and that she was only one of many young children, boys and girls used in this manner. I did not ask for specifics of the rituals but she mentioned cannibalism, defecation and the sacrilege of sacred objects."


A friend believes that the Illuminati want power but he can't believe they worship Satan and eat babies.  I certainly wouldn't invent such an implausible scenario. As J. Edgar Hoover said, "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst."  (Elks Magazine, August 1956.)

People like my friend have little knowledge of history. Does he really think over 180 million people could be massacred in the 20th century merely by accident? Hiroshima, the Holodomor, the Holocaust and 9-11 were the products of a single Satanic mindset. Does he think the steady decline of popular culture into degeneracy and obscenity is a coincidence? Does he think the gradual mainstreaming of incest homosexuality, pederasty, and the occult is random? Does he think the destruction of higher education (in the humanities) and the family is a coincidence too? (Forty per cent of US kids were born to single mothers in 2007 compared to 4% in the 1950s.) Mankind is in the thrall of a powerful Satanic cult intent on destroying and enslaving it.

As the therapist Grossman said, Vicki's claims are corroborated by many others. I have reported on them in articles like "Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture;" "The Root Problem: Illuminati or Jews?"  and "Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy." Both Svali and Fritz Springmeier have described Illuminati trauma brainwashing and satanic rituals. These activities are also practised by high-level Masons and members of intelligence agencies like MI-5 and MI-6.

As long as we deny that society has been subverted by a Satanic cult, that our leaders are dupes or agents, we won't be able to address our predicament. As long as we smear truth tellers like Vicki Polin, we will either implicate ourselves or continue to be accomplices in our own demise.

The logical outcome of this demented ideology is the destruction of everything we hold dear.

Obviously, society needs a major cleansing but this won't happen as long as the levers of power are in Illuminati hands and the masses remain apathetic. 
Related: The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World

Sabbatean Frankists - The Key to Understanding Evil Today

The ongoing controversy over Sexual Abuse in Jewish Community

MTV's Satanic Christmas Commercial

More on Blood Sacrifices

Petition to Stop Oklahoma City Black Mass

First Comment from Dan Butler:

I recommend a novel 'Satan in Goray', (1955) by Isaac Singer. NYT Review Here

This novel should definitely be read by anyone involved in the 'Christian Charismatic' movement.   In any case, anyone interested in how a community seeking salvation can fall into Satanism.

The egregious practices of this network of Jewish Satanists that Vicky Polin described are identical in all generational Satanist families.  The Donmeh is just a part of that network that's been exposed, just as Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati was just a branch.  Weishaupt and Jacob Frank were actually backed by money from the House of Saxe-Gotha through Illuminati bag man Mayer Amschel Rothschild.  Can't people see that Weishaupt and Frank were prophets of the same esoteric cult?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Jewish Satanists Behind Covid "

JG said (April 30, 2019):

Yes, there has been a progressive mainstreaming of about every kind of social evil you can think of especially in the last 20 years. It's also true that this didn't happen by chance.
I do believe that the "New Age" thinking that has been propagated into the minds of Americans today has made them apathetic to Church doctrine and has also made them tolerant and ignorant of all the evils that surround them.
The "New Age" dogma is about prosperity and self gratification. It takes away repentance and redemption and replaces it with disobedience and apathy.
This is all not going to end well. All nations that have gone this way have eventually failed. No nation has ever been exempt from judgement including the Israel of the Old Testament.

A person who does not retain God in his knowledge is given over to a reprobate mind (Romans 1:28) This is where the evil comes from. And, this is why these people are the beasts that they are.

Lynda said (August 28, 2018):

You might be interested in a recent video by SGTreport – an interview with Fiona Barnet who makes the claim that the CIA is behind all child trafficking worldwide. She also affirms that the Soviet Socialism and National Socialism were two sides of the same coin. She states that in her Luciferian bloodline family history (Lithuania) they collaborated. The USSR and its Communist Revolutions were controlled by the same Apex that controlled the National Socialists in Germany. She does not say this, but it fits this model that the secret intelligence of the SS – Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsfuhres would have been folded into the OSS ---> CIA which is the intelligence arm of the Crown of the Empire of the City (HQ on the sq mi of the City of London).
The Rabbit Hole is Much Darker and Far More Sinister Than You Imagine
(unless, of course you read

The Luciferian child sacrifices, MK Ultra, pedo trafficking (which is the currency of the Elite) cut across all the boundaries and like CR issue money, the drugs, the DUMBs are all centrally organized by a Global/Communist deep state which owns nations through a central bank.

If we are up to date with the diabolical plot so far we are working to get our people/group (however conceived) out of this thing. I want us to all meet in the middle. I want to see Jewish names on the honour roll and yes Muslim names too.

Keep up the good work.

Kristine said (September 3, 2014):

I recently read that a “Rabbi” is nothing more (or less) than a satanic high priest.

This filth has been masquerading since the “holocaust” (which I believe is yet to come and to be perpetrated on Christians) as holier than thou and feels itself definitely above reproach and beyond all questioning.

Just take a look at the FACT that these rabbis circumcize unanaesthetized babies with their fingernails and then suck on their bleeding genitals. Barbaric - demonic.

These types of sadistic arrangements are demanded of the doer by the devil, whom they worship. Murderers do not gain power but the illusion of power, bestowed upon them by that wreck of a fallen angel, Satan.



I don;t think we can generalize about all "rabbis"


RR said (September 3, 2014):

After reading your latest, Incest Survivor Exposed Illuminati Satanists (Updated)
I'm reminded of an old saying.

"The biggest deception that the Devil play on us humans. Is that he make us believe, that he doesn't exist."

And sure lots of people get fooled by it!

Linda said (September 3, 2014):

About 15 years ago I met a woman approximately 40 years of age who told me that she was a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. "Mary" (not her real name) was from an Irish-Catholic family in Massachusetts that practiced satanism. She said her mother had violated her with a crucifix, and she witnessed some of the things that Pollin told Oprah.

Mary told me that she had been consulting with a radio preacher by the name of Bob Larson who helped her get rid of most of her alters, as she had eight different personalities. I had never heard of satanic ritual abuse or multiple personalities before meeting Mary.

At this time she held a job as a teacher at a high school. She mentioned that one of her alters was a call girl who frequented parties of well known men in high places. She was at a party for the IRA where she met Ted Kennedy. She said Kennedy was a big financier of the IRA.

Mary told me that a number of well known individuals in the town I live in S. Florida were practicing satanists, one of which was a female Gynocologist I knew. Mary is a very credible individual, and I have no reason to doubt her story or the one told on Oprah's show.

Debra said (September 2, 2014):

We are in hell (on Planet Earth) dependent upon Christ Jesus’ Rescue Mission.

Robert K said (September 2, 2014):

Shortly after seeing images of the alleged beheading of journalist James Foley, I was in a popular store that was highly reminiscent of the event: there were severed heads and limbs by the dozen, as well as instruments of torture and symbols of pain. It was a standard display of Hallowe'en merchandise, for some strange reason laid out months before the day it celebrates.

All for the kiddies of course, with the amused complicity of their stupefied parents. Why would someone who has had such gore thrust upon them year after year through their childhood recoil from a photo of a body with its head posed on its back? Perfectly normal, is it not?

Mary said (July 11, 2009):

I have no doubts about what you say being totally true and came across an organisation right here in the UK (Scotland Actually) called Ritual Abuse Network Scotland ( the lady running that Laurie Matthews has been helping survivors of this abuse for decades. She has written about 5-6 books on the matter. Fight! Rabbit! Fight!, Who Dares Wins, Behind Eneny Lines (this has stories of some 27 survivors), Where Angels Fear, Be Aware and The Living Proof. Her books are non sensationalised but to the point. She is located in Dundee and tends to be lowkey but has won many awards for her good work. I have a copy of one of the books Who Dares Wins that I would be prepared to send you, but failing that she has them all on her site. If you ever plan to visit UK please let me know I would love to hear you talk and even meet you. Kind regards, Mary

Below- God is Testing US -----------Scroll Down

WHO Would Modify Humans "For Our Health"

December 1, 2021


Those who warned that Corona "vaccinations" were the first step towards the genetic manipulation of humans faced harsh attacks from quality media, politicians and activists who denied this and ridiculed the corresponding fears.

But all that is now moot: on 12 July 2021, the WHO itself let the cat out of the bag and published recommendations - available to everyone on the WHO website - on the genetic manipulation of humans "to promote public health" (1).

This article published by Global Research on July 30, 2021 confirms unequivocally that the WHO is complicit in what might be described as a profit driven "criminal agenda".


The World Health Organisation, about which one could read in the media before the Corona crisis sentences such as "The WHO is itself on the Gates Foundation's money drip", writes in its news article "WHO issues new recommendations on human genome editing for the promotion of public health" on the modification or manipulation of the human genome (1-3):

„Two new companion reports released today by the World Health Organization (WHO) provide the first global recommendations to help establish human genome editing as a tool for public health, with an emphasis on safety, effectiveness and ethics.

The forward-looking new reports result from the first broad, global consultation looking at somatic, germline and heritable human genome editing. The consultation, which spanned over two years, involved hundreds of participants representing diverse perspectives from around the world, including scientists and researchers, patient groups, faith leaders and indigenous peoples.

tedros.jpg‚Human genome editing has the potential to advance our ability to treat and cure disease, but the full impact will only be realized if we deploy it for the benefit of all people, instead of fueling more health inequity between and within countries,' said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General." (left)

It is therefore a „good thing" that since its last amendment, the genetic engineering law in Germany no longer includes all living beings as before, but now "all living beings except humans".

The WHO, on the other hand, is apparently rock-solid in its assumption that „its recommendations" on DNA manipulation will be implemented worldwide, although the population does not yet know anything about it. This is what the above-mentioned communication of the World Health Organisation says:

"The recommendations focus on systems-level improvements needed to build capacity in all countries to ensure that human genome editing is used safely, effectively, and ethically."





German version (original)...

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Beow- Wife Describes Dr. Andreas Noack's Death Ray Torture (scroll down)

Muslim Reader - God is Testing Us

November 30, 2021

the-chickpea.jpg("Cooking a Soul" - The Fairy Tale of the Chick Pea" by Rumi)

God is watching his creation. Which of his servants will rise
to the occasion and fight the evil and which will roll over for
the sake of a temporary comfortable life.

"We are quite possibly entering one of the most evil moments in the history of this world. The antichrist system is in full flow, evil has spread over the entire planet."

AS is a professional engineer living in the UK.

by AS

As the prison cell doors slam shut one after the other, our options are rapidly running out.

I don't  mean to be defeatist, but I've met so many decent well educated people who have fallen for the  COVID scam. I can't help but think things have to get a lot worse before people will wake up and take action so things can start to get better.

We aren't losing because the NWO is smarter, we are  losing because our faith teaches, we are about love of humanity and therefore we have a moral  bar which prevents us from stooping to the levels of our evil overlords.  

A war consists of many battles, and if the satanic NWO wins the first few rounds that does not guarantee they will win the war. In the Christian and Muslim scriptures we have been forewarned of the epic battles of the end times.

Satan played the long game in the west, he slowly took people away from their faith. It{s reached the point now where you can display a crucifix in a jar of  urine and call it art and it is defended under the banner of freedom of expression. At the same  time some Christians are denied the right to wear a crucifix around their neck. 

amuslim-beach.jpegIn France you can were a T shirt insulting God and walk down the street without anyone  challenging you and the law will protect your freedoms. But if you're a Muslim woman who believes she should dress modestly and cover her hair, just like Mary mother of Jesus, the French  police will prevent you from entering government buildings. Muslim women have even been fined for wearing too many clothes at the beach !

Why are we being tested by God, why can't we live in peace and tranquility ? This world is a test,  we are sent here to grow spiritually.

Rumi sums it up in a story about the chickpea in his Magnus  Opus "The Mathnavi" translated by Reynold A Nicholson.

Chickpea to Cook:
A chickpea leaps almost over the rim of the pot where it's being boiled.  
'Why are you doing this to me?'  
The cook knocks him down with the ladle.  
'Don't you try to jump out.
You think I'm torturing you.
I'm giving you flavor,
so you can mix with spices and rice
and be the lovely vitality of a human being.
Remember when you drank rain in the garden.
That was for this.'

Grace first. Sexual pleasure,
then a boiling new life begins,
and the Friend has something good to eat.
Eventually the chickpea will say to the cook,
'Boil me some more.
Hit me with the skimming spoon.
I can't do this by myself.  
I'm like an elephant that dreams of gardens
back in India and doesn't pay attention
to his driver. You're my cook, my driver,
my way into existence. I love your cooking.'
The cook says,
'I was once like you,
fresh from the ground. Then I boiled in time,
and boiled in the body, two fierce boilings.
My animal soul grew powerful.
I controlled it with practices,
and boiled some more, and boiled
once beyond that,
and became your teacher.'
God is watching his creation. Which of his servants will rise to the occasion and fight the evil and which will roll over for the sake of a temporary comfortable life.

God says in the Quran "the worst creatures in Gods eyes are those who are wilfully deaf and dumb, who do not reason" 

In this epic scamdemic battle between good and evil, we must never lose hope.

Had the evil ones not suddenly rushed forward, we would likely still be asleep as they slowly turned up the heat.  Whatever the personal outcome, we can still be victorious. We either stop them from poisoning us  or we die trying. We really have nothing to lose; they will give us no quarter, they are playing for  

Ultimately we will all die and return to our creator, what matters is how we lived our lives.

Rumi explains, between God and his servant are just two veils and all other veils manifest out of these: they are health and wealth.

The person who is well in body says "where is God ? I do not  know and I do not see."

As soon as pain afflicts him he begins to say "O God, O God, communing and conversing with God.

anti-c.jpgSo you see health was his veil and God was hidden under that pain. As much as man has wealth and resources, he procures the means to gratify his desires and is  preoccupied during night and day with that. The moment indigence appears, his ego is weakened  and he goes round about God.  

We are quite possibly entering one of the most evil moments in the history of this world. The anti christ system is in full flow, evil has spread over the entire planet.

The Prophet Muhammed warned us that the Dajjal (anti christ) will present fire and water. Those that are cast into his fire will be saved and admitted to Paradise and those that think they are being placed into his protective water will in fact be diving into the hell fire.

When I see people arguing for the covid injection, I think of the antichrist story, people think they are being saved by the antichrist protective vaccine and those same people think the anti-vaxxers are doomed !

First Comment from SC

There is a purpose to all this chaos and having our rights taken and it's not what it seems.

The purpose is for mankind to wake up and realize that politics, religion, academia and the industrial medical complex are hopelessly corrupted and to cast away our faith from any of these. We must fully realize that nobody can save us except ourselves and to stop relying on religions, institutions and governments to be our saviors, which we can all see are not working for us.

It is high time now to take full responsibility for ourselves, for our own progress and to throw off the shackles of institutions and religions. We need to wake up that all these organizations are institutions of control and suppression.

The reason for the decaying worldwide economies, corrupt academia, religions and institutions are our own collective fault because we have put our faith into governments and organizations to be our saviors.

It is time to take back our power and to never again give our control away to others, whether it be in the form of institutions, criminals or individuals.

Even with the act of voting we are giving our power away to somebody else to be our savior. Obviously none of these saviors have made much of any improvements for decades in the situation and their lack of fruits are becoming plainer every day no matter how well-intentioned they may be.

"Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21)

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Muslim Reader - God is Testing Us"

Gord said (December 1, 2021):

the Bible tells us that "there are gods many and lords many"
thus, it is of utmost importance, to name the one being referred-to

whoever this "Alah" is to whom the Mohammedans pray, he / it's not the same God know to the faith once delivered to the saints, lately called "Christianity"

the God of Israel is a jealous God ... he sez "I will not share my glory. Beside me there is none other"

DD said (December 1, 2021):

The great field of the world is as the days of Noah all over again as prophesied. Jesus said it would happen just before his return. Every kind of wickedness would be worldwide again. The thoughts of people evil continuing. This is the final chapter in the world of iniquity. The tares of the field are obvious, especially in our end-time government, the house of satan. Matthew 13 starting at verse 36 declares the final outcome of all the tares then the righteous shining forth as the sun in the new kingdom. Evil is in its final days.

Below--GMO Vaccine People Belong to Patent Holder (scroll down) ------------------------Get all the info at

Wife Describes Dr. Andreas Noack's Death Ray Torture

November 29, 2021


The details have not been confirmed yet
but it appears that Dr. Andreas Noack, left,
a vocal opponent of the "vaccines"
was murdered Saturday. From his wife's
description, it may have been a direct energy weapon.

A German research chemist, Noack said, "Graphene hydroxide was found in all the vaccines studied. Graphene oxide form structures in the blood stream approximately 50 nm wide and 0.1 nm thick. They are very thin but very strong. They act like little razor blades in the blood stream that can cut the blood vessels. They do not decompose. Once in the bloodstream they will be there forever (short of the person getting a blood transfusion to remove them). Their effect on the blood vessels is cumulative. The longer they stay in the bloodstream, the more damage will be done to the blood vessels over time."

German reader sent this summary- 
This is the video from his wife or partner: released Nov 29, 2021

00:10 It was on the day when the Graphenhydroxid video was released and the interview with Harald Thiers took place.
00:24 Then we went upstairs onto the gallery; we relaxed, talked, laughed told each other how much we love each other
00:40 then he wanted to go downstairs into the kitchen to get something to nibble on.
00:47 and normally he does not spent more than one minute there
0050 so I went downstairs and said joking "you eat everything away from me again"
01:06 in that moment he started to sway and I thought he was making fun of me - it looked like he was playing (pretending)  a drunk person.
01:31 SO I went to him and said, ha ha, Kissed him, but he did not stop it.
01:34 I said stop it, it is not funny. In that moment electricity went off
01:44 and the whole thing happened 20 min-30 min after the interview (I did not look at the watch)
01:53 and then Andreas collapsed in my arms

02:00 He began to moan, had severe pain
02:07 His body completely tensed, all of a sudden could not talk anymore
02:19 At first I thought he might have been poisoned because he made some choking sounds
02:25 So I instilled him with Sole (like salt water), then he vomited what he had eaten during the day. Which wasn't much. I had also eaten from the same food so it couldn't be a poisoning
02:41 I just couldn't do anything. I was just with him and had to watch
02:50 I have never seen anything like this.
02:57 It was an ordeal for him as if he was tortured from the outside.
03:04 it lasted about half an hour or so. Or maybe longer as it seemed to me like an eternity
03:15 He could not speak. Was was somehow like paralyzed - I cannot really describe it
03:30 I just held him so that he would not strike his head
03:34 At some point he got calmer, his body was exhausted from the whole thing
03:42 Then he could again get up , was a bit dizzy
03:51 He went upstairs, has somehow  hoisted itself up
03:57 then he recovered, he was very exhausted, did not want to talk, was withdrawn, and I noticed he was really very exhausted
04:19 I don't know if he recognized what had happened to him
04:29 But he needed lot of rest, but then said, he would feel good and he did not want that someone gets to know this (in the night from 25th to 26th Nov 2021)
04:44 I noticed his restless sleep, that he sweated, perhaps fever. But I didn't wake him up because he needed the rest
05:00 At some point, I can't really say which time intervals - at some point he started breathing very heavily and to rattle - this is when I got really scared. I noticed nothing is well anymore.
05:25 and I have asked him what is up, but then he had this paralysis again, he couldn't talk anymore
05:38 also this cramp was there again
05:41 the breath, the terribly heavy breathing - he couldn't breathe anymore
05:48 I started to scream, I yelled at him he should get out of this condition and come back to me
05:59  crying
06:11 I cried and he tried to comfort me
06:14 crying
06:24 I was busy then to make sure Andreas can breathe well, I had to change his position so he could breathe more freely
06:39 He had more and more water in his lungs, rattled, and could not spit out the stuff
06:46 Even took it out with my hands
06:56 Emergency called me during that time and told me to make resuscitation
07:02 So I just did that, I did a heart massage and ventilated - just did what they told me
07:18 it felt like hours
07:23 at some point his belly bloated, then he said I should stop ventilating him and only do heart massage
07:30 and I couldn't anymore but just continued
07:40 And at some point they arrived , about 6 people, I don't really remember, and connected him to the machines
07:54 this automatic machine  (crying)
08:00 gave him injections, like  adrenalin and other stuff
08:12 They had their masks on all the time, I asked them to take off the masks, so they can breathe better (not literally translated)
08:20 I asked them at some point "is he still alive"
08:29 they replied "at the moment not" but were in the course of resuscitate him"
08:34 and then they had him apparently alive again and in that moment they could transport him and bring him downstairs
08:45 and then we started
08:52 and the paramedic - this was also a coincidence - that he knew the way as the paramedic lives here in the valley
08:59 and then we went to Wolfsberg
09:01 But I could not be with him because I could not do anything and they had to put him onto the ventilator which she was not allowed to enter
09:15 so I asked" before you bring him inside may I see him
09:22 and I asked how he is now, and they said yes they could bring him back (to life)  and it would be looking good
09:30 I asked " what is regarding his brain damage" and they replied that because I was constantly made heart massage and his circuit was always held up (not sure if translated well - means blood circuit was not interrupted due to heart massage), so he would have good chances all would be well again
09:59 then they took him out and I went to him, put my head onto his chest, he was intubated, I told him how much I love him
10:18 then they pushed him inside again. I had to sit outside and not really noticed anything anymore
10:30 then the physicians, came out,  put their heads together
10:42 This was actually immediately after. they hardly had him in the hospital before he came out again
10:51 When they put their heads together I knew.
10:55 Then they said, "his large heart valve has failed completely. He had a heart attack and died from that.
11:10 Person who filmed: "Many have understood that people had attacked him, but what you meant to say was that it was a ray attack"
11:19 I do not know anything about these things. It is hard to imagine how how something like this works
11:26 But he had always said, that they would have these technologies
to be continued - end of the video

(this means the video ended with "Fortsetzung folgt - to be continued"

Earlier statement by Noack's pregnant wife

Wife's Video published Nov 28 2021
English transcript (English subtitles on video by Stefan Reich)

It is Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021 [in Germany].

Tuesday, Nov. 23, 10 A.M., the video about Graphene Hydroxide was published. The video hit like a bomb. At the same time, Andreas had a Zoom call with someone (sorry, I didn't recognize the name). I operated the camera and followed the chats. The interview took about two hours. After this, we had some exchanges and told each other how much we loved each other and laughed.

noack-wife.jpgShortly afterwards, Andreas was attacked brutally. The assault was extremely sneaky and unexpected. I have the terrible job to tell you that sadly, Andreas did not survive the assault. The news is extremely shocking for all of us. But Andreas is in me and I am a part of him. We are one.

All information is out there. We know everything we have to know. I need all of you now... It is now time for action. It is now time to believe. We have to implement his plan now. We have nothing more to lose. It is about all of humanity. He did it for you. He died for you. He was not afraid of death, he accepted the possibility. It's horrible that it had to happen this way. It wasn't the plan for him to leave us this quickly. As I said, assume the enemy's energy. We must use this energy now. Turn it against them. Use it for us. I need you guys now. I can't do it alone. Please get going.

I will tell you more details. Please don't panic.
[spoken in English:] "Together we stand, Divided we fall. Let's stand together as a team to maximize, see our voice"

Significant Quotes made by Dr. Noack
"Getting the Vax is like playing Russian Roulette. The people who die immediately or soon after getting the vax are like victims of Russian Roulette. It is when the graphene oxide hits the blood vessel wall immediately that causes the death or collapses immediately after getting the vax.
Doctors performing autopsies on victims of the Vax are not going to find anything. These doctors are looking for something biological as the cause of death but the graphene hydroxide is not biological so it will not be visible in their tests.
There are pictures of coagulated blood coming out of the nose. People bleed to death from the inside.
Especially the top athletes who are dropping dead have fast flowing blood. The faster the blood flows, the more damage the razors will do.
As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood then you are a murderer.
The question to ask the vaccine makers and the politicians is this: WHY ARE THESE RAZOR BLADES INSIDE THE VACCINES? How can they justify them being inside the vaccines?
And now they want to force vaccinate children from age 5 with this horrible thing!

Nano Graphene Hydroxide Acts As Razor Blades and Remains Forever in Blood so Hemorrhaging & Clotting are Inevitable

Describing the Nano Graphene found by spectroscopy in the vaccines as Graphene Hydroxide rather than Graphene Oxide-it has actually been identified as reduced graphene oxide-Dr. Noack stresses that the monoatomic layers of carbon which it comprises can form chains 50 nanometers long and 0.1 nanometer thick and the jagged edges of this nano carbon layer can cut blood vessels like razor knives. The dangerous, jagged edges of graphene oxide found in the vaccines has previously been remarked as such by Dr. Campra's team and by Dr. Robert Young in analyzing the findings.

Stating that toxicologists do not yet have the tools to understand the phenomenon he says chemists are better equipped to understand the consequences and that what is happening essentially is that people are hemorrhaging on the inside and athletes dropping dead on the field because of the internal slicing of blood capillaries and hemorrhaging as well as blood clots that is occurring.

Of further alarm is his statement that the rGO is non-decomposing-it will remain in the bloodstream and cannot be removed except by blood transfusion which means its effects will inevitably occur over time if not immediately. The amount of rGO in the batch given to anyone lining up for the shot will determine the Russian roulette of whether death is instant or delayed. The question to ask Pfizer, he says, is why these carbon razor blades have been put in the vaccines.

(Nano graphene has actually been found in all 4 major vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca.)

Many doctors and naturopaths have made different recommendations for removing the nano graphene oxide, many noted here. Dr. Young recently discussed detoxifying with French Montmorillonite clay, while Clean Slate from Root Brand has been found recently to remove graphene oxide from the blood of the vaccinated. Clean Slate can be found here at this link, which also supports the podcasts at Ramola D Reports.

Dr. Noack made these comments around the time Austria announced a vaccine mandate for all citizens on November 22, and said that Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg needed hundreds of thousands of letters from people informing him the rGO in the vaccines would act as razor knives and death machines, and that if Mr. Schallenberg went ahead with the mandates then he would be functioning as a mass murderer.

The information presented here suggests that all COVID vaccines be halted immediately, given their clear exposure now as killing machines. While mainstream media refuses to publish the facts of discovery of Nano Graphene Oxide in the vaccines, the multiple confirmations using electron microscopes, optical phase contrast microscopes, and energy spectroscopes by different teams of scientists reported here earlier and here and here, now makes it impossible for educated readers to question these findings as dubious. Ultimately, it will have to be informed readers and viewers to take resolute action such as writing informative and questioning letters and continuing mass rallies (which are already taking place worldwide) to stop governments from imposing mandates and encouraging vaccination with these deadly injections.

The situation in Austria seems quite dire since this chancellor seems to be planning vaccine mandates for five year olds and up as well.

"As a chemist I say these are razor blades. And I see how doctors do not know enough about chemistry. But they are doing chemistry in the body, in small children, in pregnant women. But now you doctors know what you are doing-and if you continue to inject, you are murderers. Go out, give this information to your doctors, your politicians-and if you continue, I promise no court in the world will save you." Dr. Andreas Noack

This video is a must-watch, regardless of all questions surrounding. Please explore further and post any further information in comments if you have any.

Please also inform all government officials of the findings reported here as in other articles at this site, so they cannot say later they were never informed. Government officials need to recognize their individual liability and culpability and act decisively to halt these non-vaccines.

Graphene "razor blades" found in the COVID vaccines (Dr. Andreas Noack)


First Comment from TP

Bottom line:
Dr Andreas Noack is an expert on graphene. He did his PhD on it. Then worked for the leading manufacturer of carbon nanoparticles.

He helped design techniques to make graphene and graphene hydroxide (GH).

He says that there is GH in vaxx. He says that it is soluble and stable in water.

That it is visible using a Micro Raman spectrometer.
He says he knows the effect that GH has on the body.

GH acts like nano razors and destroys the vessels by lacerating them invisibly.

He says that the greater the blood flow, the greater the laceration (see athletes).
It is obviously not degradable and the toxicologists cannot detect it because they are not chemists and use petri dishes to detect germs or viruses.

He says that the mRNA problem is a detour. Because it is the GH the killer.

The perfect abominable crime.

And he was probably murdered for revealing the horrible truth.

His widow who was pregnant testifies. He may have been murdered with directed energy weapon.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Wife Describes Dr. Andreas Noack's Death Ray Torture "

TP said (November 30, 2021):

I want to add this anagram that I found making a little mix : Delta (Illuminatti pyramid) + Omicron (inspired from the Eye)

Is Omicron is the last step to the NWO implementation ?
=> Are they ALL IN ?

JB said (November 30, 2021):

There was a video recently by Luxemburg doctor Benoit Ochs talking about the very high D-dimer test results in vaccinated people, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Rochagne Kilian and many others also observed this in their vaccinated patients.

D-dimers indicate clotting. Since no big blood cloth appear on scans, they believe theres million of small blood clots.

Millions of small razor blades cutting blood vessels would explain it very well I think.

Have cryptos sidelined gold for ever? Chris Pirnak doesn't think so.

November 25, 2021

Bitcoin-vs-Gold.pngHave cryptos sidelined gold for ever?
Chris Pirnak doesn't think so.

by Chris Pirnak

For those who have followed my recommendations and have done well, I stated that we buy gold for certain reasons. The reasons why I recommend gold have little to do with what the gold shills promote. We are to buy gold as personal catastrophe insurance against calamities in our personal lives, such as lawsuits, catastrophic medical costs, or acrimonious divorces.

We are not to buy gold because of monetary printing and social largesse. There are other classes of assets out there that are more effective hedges against Central Bank policy than gold, or even cryptos. Most income-generating assets make for a more predictable inflationary protection hedge as the income generated typically rises with the rate of price AND monetary inflation. Because the income generated tends to rise with inflation, so does the value of the underlying income-generating asset.

While gold looks like it's down and out versus other types of assets, I think this will prove temporary in many regards. Certainly, gold looks tenuous as the central banks around the world begin tightening. As interest rates rise, gold and cryptos are going to have a tougher time. They'll have a more tougher time than even stocks and real estate.

There's some good news for the longsuffering gold bulls. I don't think cryptos have replaced gold for good, but if we recall the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, we know there is a concerted effort by the synagogue of Satan to acquire the entire supply of the world's gold. What better way than to get everybody chasing a bunch of electronic digits on the screen?

Has gold been replaced for good? Absolutely not. There will come a time in the future when these elites will pull out most of the world's supply of gold, and we will marvel at how "godly" they are.

There is a silver lining for low gold and silver prices. You are afforded more of an opportunity to buy more gold than if were operating in a free market. Gold will always be good, and these low prices afford the accumulator the opportunity to buy much more gold than if prices were $3,500 to $7,000, which I think is gold's true monetary value.
BTW I own a little crypto. I own mostly btc. With btc, I can gain exposure to crypto and not have to spend any time analyzing this unique sector. I have always theorized on my blog that Bitcoin was burped up from dark intelligence as nobody seems to know it's origins. This was my primary reason for being a long-term bull on bitcoin.

Anecdote about Hollywood Depravity

October 28, 2021

harvey-ophrah.jpgAn anecdote about Hollywood Depravity

My eldest daughter moved to LA in the summer of 2016 after graduating from college. Moved out there with the education, desire and abilities to get into the entertainment industry with the end goal being to get movie acting roles.

She managed to land a few minor parts, but met quite a number of famous people like Jamie Foxx, Oprah, Leonardo deCaprio, and a few others. She also networked and became friends with several other aspiring actors and actresses to find out about auditions and opportunities. Some of her friends landed significant roles and spent time on and off set with several A-lister actors and actresses.

Sometime in early 2019, we were talking on the phone and she said she had some bizarre stuff she wanted to share with me. I said let's hear it, and she went on to explain to me about Adrenochrome (no one had heard of it in 2019), what it was, how it was obtained, who was using it and why.

She also told me that so many of the A listers were into child porn, child sex, torture, etc. She broke down and cried as she described it.

She also said that Oprah's magazine was going to shut down, Ellen's show was going to get canceled, and Tom Hanks was going to disappear because these people and many others were eyeball deep in this sickness. Just like clockwork, in the next 6 months, Oprah's mag and Ellen's show shut down, Hanks moved to Greece and some of the other things came to pass as well regarding how the child trafficking world was going to get exposed.

She said she was not going to be able to live out there and strive to work in such a dark sick industry. I'm happy to report that after a Covid-delayed timetable, I helped her move back to the Midwest in January 2021. This sick crap is real, folks.

This website is fake news but this father's comment rings true.

"Are Biden's handlers deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance? Or do they fear it?" (2 replies)

October 17, 2021

"Are Biden's handlers deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance? Or do they fear it?"

NH replied-

Yes, Biden's handlers are deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance, and no - they don't fear it.

Anyone who thinks TPTB fear anything we, the mere "Goyim", do is badly mistaken. Everything is governed by force (violence) and they are the master's of that.

In other words, our central banks, governments, institutions, families and us, individually, are all held at "gun-point".

They are simply instituting temporary chaos, out of which will they will phoenix-like "raise" their new CCP-like management style that they have already decided on.

They want massive civil unrest & violence, banks closed and ATM's down, power-out, internet down, crops failed, infrastructure hacked, transportation collapsed, stock market and economy crashed, massive food shortages, population "die-off" and so on.

They call it "Helter Skelter" and even plan to release dangerous prisoners to make it more fun for them.

Dark Winter - this winter and for the following 4 years until they get what they want (and they want absolutely everything this time).

Martial law (already in effect), internment camps and chipped / vaccinated slave populations are what's in store.

(((They))) have decided to rule as Jewish pharaohs over a radically reduced and disarmed population, not realizing that that will be even more boring for them than owning almost everything indirectly, as they already do.

Somebody said: "The Jews are our misfortune" - which definitely was the understatement of all time.

G wrote-

Am I saying what you already know?  That is that Biden's handlers are the same as Trump's handlers even though they are given different pieces of theater to act out. 

The tippy-top handlers implementing The Protocols/Yinon Plan/Noahide Laws certainly are calling us out.

They want us to reveal ourselves as to who is a resister/fighter. Yes, they fear us, so in drawing us out, they see an easy "Identify and kill" opportunity. 

They are so very desperate.  If only real spiritual truth could somehow overtake them where they admit their evil wrongs and then crawl away into oblivion, leaving the good people of the world to clean things up and once again get life up and running. 

But it doesn't look like they'll do that.  Fight ahead, for liberty.  Slavery is not an option, nor is agreeing to be murdered. Love, honor, and courage bless us all.