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Rosa Parks - Proof Communists Run America

February 15, 2013


Rosa Parks (1913-2005) was a Communist Party member who worked as a secretary for the NAACP,  a Communist Jewish banker front. Her refusal to move to the back-of-the-bus was staged by her handlers.
 Last week, she was
 honored by a stamp. In two week she will be honored with a statue in the Capitol. 
Was Karl Marx unavailable?  

Speaker John Boehner Thursday:

"In two weeks we will have an historic ceremony here in the United States Capitol.  House and Senate leaders will gather to unveil a statue of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.  This will be the first statue of an African-American woman to be placed here in the Capitol, and I can't think of a more fitting honor for a great American hero who still inspires us all."

Do you expect this man to defend your interests?

by Henry Makow  Ph.D.

Rosa Parks was not a simple seamstress whose lonely act of defiance in 1955 sparked the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, she was a trained Communist Party (CPUSA) activist. 

parks2.gifHer refusal to move to the back of the bus wasn't a spontaneous gesture, but a provocation organized by her longtime employer, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).  The white man in the picture was a sympathetic reporter.

In 2005, Rosa Parks' body lay in state under the Capitol Rotunda; an honor accorded only 29 times in US history, to people like Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, and most recently Ronald Reagan. 

This treatment illustrates how the American public is routinely deceived and betrayed by its political leaders and mass media. The New York Times obituary said her arrest "turned a very private woman into a reluctant symbol and torch bearer." President Clinton said her action "ignited the most significant social movement in American history." 


The portrayal of Rosa Parks as an ordinary citizen triggered my alarm bell. Betty Friedan, the "founder" of feminism and longtime Communist activist was also depicted as an average mother and housewife. Thanks to Daily, I quickly discovered that Rosa Parks began working as secretary for the NAACP in 1943 and still held that position when she was arrested. 

parks12.jpgIn July 1955, five months before the famous incident in December, she attended "Highlander Folk School" in Monteagle Tennessee. Myles Horton and James Dombroski, both Communist Party members, started this school in 1932 to train Communist activists.  Betty Friedan was another alumnus. The school was cited for subversive activities and closed by the State of Tennessee in 1960. It seems to be up and running again.

Rosa Parks and many others had defied the bus segregation laws on numerous occasions since the 1940's. The Montgomery bus boycott was planned in advance. Martin Luther King was brought in to lead it. Rosa Parks was chosen to kick it off. (See Aldon Morris, "The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement")

 Rosa Parks was a member of the party. This is something Communists don't advertise. David Horowitz writes in Radical Son that his Communist Party parents claimed Rosa was a member.

The testimony of numerous defectors leaves no doubt the US Communist Party was directed from Moscow. Despite what idealistic dupes ("useful idiots") like Parks and Friedan  thought, its goal was and is to subjugate the American people. 

The Women's Liberation Movement was patterned on the Civil Rights Movement. They are both off-the-shelf Communist psycho-social operations. To be effective, they must appear to reflect a popular groundswell rather than an elite agenda imposed from above. 

While these movements rectified many genuine injustices, their hidden purpose is to destabilize and undermine  American society. 


Banker Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild's agent in the US, and later the paymaster of the Bolshevik Revolution, started the NAACP in 1909. 

In his book, "My Awakening" David Duke paints a picture of the NAACP that suggests a typical Banker-Communist front. (pp.282-284) Although founded in 1909, it didn't have a Black President until the 1970's. Until then, its President and Board were mainly drawn from the ranks of Communist Jews.  

Martin Luther King may have been a typical front man. Privately he declared himself a Marxist. He attended the Highlander School and his personal secretaries Bayard Rustin and Jack O'Dell were Communists. Stanley Levinson, who wrote his speeches and managed his fund raising, was also a Communist.

Apparently King's integrity has also been called into question. King plagiarized large sections of his doctoral thesis. He also had liaisons with white prostitutes, which were taped by the FBI and confirmed by his successor Ralph Abernathy. (And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, 1989) 


I find racial prejudice, discrimination and segregation repugnant. Mankind is a family of races, each gifted and bringing something unique to the potluck. 

At the same time, a balance must be found. Racial and national groups have a right to protect their racial character. I find it odd that countries like Israel, China and Japan can do this without criticism but countries in Europe and North America cannot. Blacks, Jews and Hispanics can do this but Europeans cannot. I also believe discrimination in favor of a "minority" is as bad as discrimination against one. 

I am a Canadian and am not an expert on the Civil Rights movement. However, if the CPUSA was involved, there was a hidden agenda. 

It appears to be spelled out in a document entitled "A Racial Program for the 20th Century" (1912) by a British Fabian "Israel Cohen" quoted by Congressman Thomas Abernathy during the Civil Rights debate, and entered into the Congressional Record (1957), p. 8559: 

"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can move them to the program of the Communist Party.  In America we will aim for subtle victory.  While inflaming the Negro minority against whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause." 

Remember, the central bankers are involved in a massive fraud: printing our money for the price of the paper, loaning it to us and then demanding repayment with interest. The only way they can perpetuate this fraud is to distract us. That involves creating divisions. (More on the racial plan.)


The sanctification of the Communist Rosa Parks  proves again that the American political and cultural elite have achieved this status by collaborating in America's ultimate subjugation. 

Social change doesn't take place in the USA unless the central bankers and their media assets sponsor it. Their long-term plan for world dictatorship is disguised as a spontaneous grassroots revolt.

Increasingly as traitors are treated as heroes,  we recognize that we are already living in a twilight zone and have been for some time . 

Originally Posted Nov 11, 2005  "Rosa Parks: Making of an American Icon" and Dec 2010 as "Our Communist Corporate Elite"

From Ricardo, a Black reader:

Before the civil rights movement there were many economically viable black communities. Segregation forced black people especially black man to take care of business.   The civil rights movement destroyed that. 

Harry Belafonte said Martin Luther King was killed after he realized that he was a pawn, that he was duped. Martin Luther King saw that de-segregation would impoverish the black community.  Now there is no black community, we have no real leadership and we have no collective economic power. Put together we have a lot of money but we are the targets of corporations, this is what the civil rights movement has brought us.  And the Nation of Islam was started by the Jesuits to foment race war. 
Another comment:

Your website has helped me to understand such concepts as social consciousness, civic duty etc.  for me these are like deities that come into being when you manifest manhood and womanhood.  The oligarchs want to keep these things under arrest or stop them from even being born in mankind so that control of the world is easier. 

 Maybe they did not fully understand what segregation would do to the descendents of slavery, it forced them to be adults take care of themselves. Nature doesn't accept vacuums and segregation left a vacuum that black people had to fill.  they had to be their own doctors lawyers, governors, teachers, bankers etc. The civil rights movement was totally engineered and controlled just like the women's rights (feminist) movement, all you need do is take stock of the results. For black people we truly became impoverished, with feminism the divorce rate went through the roof, the moral social fabric of society was literally ripped to shreds. 

The Real Martin Luther King


Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

Comments for "Rosa Parks - Proof Communists Run America "

George said (February 16, 2013):

I am more than aware, that law of action and reaction applies here, nothing happens by coincidence. World Elite has been instrumental in all society affairs for centuries, but perhaps most remarkable are developments since the end of Second World War, the time I have been born in my native (than) Czechoslovakia. Several years after immigrating to Canada in 1968, I begun to recognize first signs of what I have witnessed in my youth, increasing encroachment of state into basic rights and freedoms of citizens under Mr. Trudeau regime. (Fidel Castro's personal friend).

As usual, his personal charisma, bordering on arrogance, took entire nation by storm, in spite of his total "ignorance" of economics... on second sober thought, not so different from president Obama. That same charisma worked wonders for all leaders of totalitarian system before and since. Sadly enough, otherwise intelligent and educated masses accepted his "evangelism" with enthusiasm of almost religious nature. "Useful idiots" came out in droves, young people mesmerized... than youngish long haired Prime Minister elevated to nearly iconic stature. As history teaches us, nearly all "revolutions" are sooner or later "hijacked" by hidden interests and end up somewhere completely different from initial direction.

Dan said (February 16, 2013):

Has there been any event that caused Washington to act that hasn't been staged during the last hundred years? Rosa Parks heroic act was scripted and staged. This is now well known. The Associated Press and United Press International were tipped and reporters standing by to broadcast the pre-written story to the world. Real people who had done the same had nobody watching their back

A staged act is theater. If the public learns and remembers one thing about how our system works it is this: Each time the Federal government is going to enact something new, or take away a right, they stage such theatrical publicity stunts to steer public perception to go along. Not one real thing happens in that context.

Richard said (February 15, 2013):

Ricardo is right. Why did Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Ford destroy self reliant black communities and force them into Stalin architecture 'Projects'?

Inner city mom and pop black businesses were plowed under in the name of 'Urban Renewal'. This assured zero employment options for urban youth.

That's when the CIA flooded the Projects with dope. Result? Drug economy, drug gangs. Prostitution. Fratricide.

Constructive integration would have made capital and economic advisers available to existing black businesses. Many years later I saw this approach work in a city which decided to assist under-capitalized business and housing restoration in the 'barrio'.

Instead of losing their property and business to the bulldozers and banks and real estate vultures, family businesses with a track record were finally given access to capital and professional strategists. That way the natural leaders of the community remained the leaders, which is as it should be.

Martin Luther King went off his leash when he began making speeches against the Vietnam War. His famous Vietnam War speech was on April 4th 1967.

A CIA or FBI sniper shot him one year to the day later, April 4th, 1968. I don't think the date was coincidental. It was a message to other civil rights speakers to let them know they rail against the KKK and racism, but Vietnam was the third rail. .

Stephen said (February 15, 2013):

Henry, I just enthusiastically read the history of Rosa Parks and her bus incident back in the day. Well,the Communists only seem to have one intention,to weave a one-size straight jacket that fits everybody. They have never been interested in civil rights or anyone's rights for that matter.

Those who do come under their influence,however, don't know who they are, where they are, where they are going and don't care, either. Their leaders,usually are trained well in tactics,techniques and tricks. These diabolical methods make everyone they ensnare a victim and court ordered integration of races in the U.S. has done just that, plus given the Communists a strong victory.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at