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July 3, 2009

By Greg Hallett

³At age 15, Creighton had an apparition of a Black Angel¹ who possessed him as an 'Angel of Death¹: I awoke in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat and there he was, standing at the foot of my bed . . . I could not move. With a feeling of utter degradation and terror I realized I was powerless to stop him possessing me -- as he would often do in the weeks, months and years that followed."

³Sounds like Creighton was the victim of a pedophile?² ³That Black Angel was probably Morton.² ³It's possible that some Section M agents may have been mind controlled sex
slaves.²    (From Makow, "Martin Bormann Was a Rothschild Agent--Damning Evidence")

Take a big jump.

Creighton was dealing with international events that would change the course
of history. Those boys are very often body-jumped by Anubis. Anubis is the
original entity, around 5000 years old, first recorded pre-Egyptian around
32000 BC.

Creighton clearly describes body-jumping: "who possessed me . . . I could not
move . . . I was powerless to stop him possessing me . . . often do in the
weeks, months and years that followed."

Whether you're working on a good mission or a bad mission, Anubis appears as
the angle of death, as cold as space, heavy breathing, ultimately the
possessor, the body-jumper. Ultimately Anubis appears to, and body-jumps,
those who will change world events. He is not your séance dude.

As for the connection between "Black Angel/Angel of Death/Anubis and victim
of a pedophile/Morton/mind controlled sex slaves" . . . they don¹t exist.

Nor is Black Angel/Angel of Death/Anubis to be confused with Incubus or
Succubus ­ getting young girls pregnant, and giving small boys blows.

I¹ve just been on the morphine for kidney stones, so I¹ll claim that as


I had similar training to Creighton/Ainsworth-Davis with the Black Angel/Anubis. Mine also started around 14/15. At 18, while at University, I  was fully body-jumped (1980) and by 1983, I was body-jump capable.

Some of the horrific training occurs naturally under Anubis.  The most
information inserted at the deepest level in the quickest time is done
through the most intense fear. I call this 'internal terror¹.

The five minutes I spent battling with Anubis over possession of my body was
cover for an internal download.

These downloads, which Creighton also had, work on the subconscious level .
. . meaning you attract everything you need to achieve those goals. That
includes the training, the trainers, the support crew, the opportunities,
the job as cover, the transport and accommodation and the chance meetings.
It also means that you can act as an independent and run your own constructs
(frame of reference). That means you don¹t need to report back to a
controller or ultimately rely on another crew.

As it turned out, the reconstruction of the subconscious was one of the most
valuable things to come out of the Cold War. It was something we ultimately
had delivered from Moscow.

Just as Creighton¹s role was getting the US into WWII with Pearl Harbor, and
getting Bormann out of Berlin, my role, with similar experiences, was
finishing Creighton/Ainsworth¹s story with the escape of Hitler out of

Berlin with the attached Operation Winnie the Pooh . . . and dropping the
Berlin Wall.


markuswolf.jpg(Left- Marcus Wolfe , not at age 21)

Anubis is 'Man with Wolfe¹s head' ­ hence Mark as Wolfe¹ 'Marcus Wolfe' ­-the head of the STASI. He was very easy to body jump. Just look at the photos of him around 21 -- very open.

Anyway, we spent around a year setting it up. I got into the Ivy League CIA on the reincarnation ticket in Boston and they took care of contacts, accommodation and transport. I made some KGB contacts and I was skipping between Checkpoint Charlie between the two groups.

Somehow we managed to arrange:
1. A prostitute (Russian);
2. Lots of Alcohol;
3. Body-jump;
4. Construct, or Frame of reference. These are kind of like secret formulas
for the subconscious, like the parallel program, the main program, the
sabotage program and the homeopathic program. These are the sort of things
I¹d explain to Carl Jung. Part of the construct we used included me skipping
through Checkpoint Charlie at exactly midnight the year before the wall came
down, like on 8/9 November 1988.

So a year later, Marcus Wolfe tells his wife he¹s going out of town on a
business trip for a week, but he stayed in Berlin with this new mistress and
gets really drunk, standing around bragging in his underwear. His first wife
was also his mistress, so he had a weakness here.

He¹s been at it for a few days, and he¹s like butter. There¹s some pressure
at the gates to open them for humans from East to West, so the guard rings
up and asks for Marcus, then says, no, where Marcus is, not where he¹s not,
at his relaxing place. The guard gets put through to Marcus Wolfe and briefs
him on the situation, on the pressure at the gates and they discuss opening
the dog gates to get the dogs to scatter the people.

Marcus Wolfe goes back to drinking and ruling the Berlin Wall in his
underwear, then there¹s a change of guard at the Berlin Wall.

The new guard rings up and says to Marcus Wolfe: ³There is pressure at the
gates² [body-jump].

Marcus Wolfe replies: ³Open the gates² [body-jump].
Marcus thinks he means the dog gates. The guard thinks he means the human
gates, so the guard opens up the Berlin Wall, and the rest is history . . .
. . . thank you very much . . .

We also did a whole lot of other stuff you didn¹t see. Some of it you best
don¹t¹ see. Most of it, when mentioned, has to go through the whole long
phase of ridicule before it¹s finally accepted . . . but you¹re all living
in it.

Marcus Wolfe was then announced as dying 17 years after the Berlin Wall came
down on the day. ¹17 years¹ doesn¹t mean shit, but ¹18 years¹ does. I took
that as acknowledgment.
At least, on this own, I can claim the cover of Diclofenac, Doxazosin,
Tramadol and morphine . . . Morpheus: "Anyone for another construct?"

PS: There was only one Ivy League CIA, in Greece, who managed to call me by
my correct handle. She got it straight up, straight away, didn't say
anything before. No intros. Straight down to business. We had some fun doing
it. We'll call her 'Catherine'.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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