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Why? - The Hate-Fuelled Attack on our Gender Identity

December 5, 2019

The Jewish Cabala is "a powerful system for gaining control over people 
by harnessing and perverting sexual energies." 

Yesterday: Illuminati's Planned Parenthood: Teach Your Pre-Schooler, "Your genitals don't determine your gender." 

Greg (a reader): "
My niece is a student at the University of Oregon where there is a growing movement to eliminate gender references altogether.  For example, if you do not want to be considered a male or female, the University will acknowledge this on official records. I
t's crazy." 

  An occult hidden hand (Freemasonry) controls government and media and seeks to dehumanize and colonize us by eliminating gender.  This prophetic 2008 article explains how "sex magick" works. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

God's Creative Force enters humanity through a man's love for his wife and desire to raise his family in a secure and wholesome environment. It is reciprocated by a woman receiving her husband's seed (which symbolizes his spirit) and nurturing it.

cab2.jpgThus, the Cabalist central bankers are keen to neutralize the male-female (active-passive)  dynamo by making women usurp the male role. The bankers usurp the initiating male or "God" role for themselves.

According to the book, "Light bearers of Darkness" the Jewish Cabala is a powerful system for gaining control over people by harnessing and perverting sexual energies. (20)

In Studies in Occultism, (quoted in "Lightbearers of Darkness")  Henri de Guilbert says the Cabalist Jew
"looks upon himself as the sun of humanity, the male, opposed to which other peoples are but the female, manifesting and assuring the
coming of the Messianic era. In order to realize this sociological manifestation, the Jew organically extends his influence by means of secret societies, created by him in order to spread everywhere his initiating force...(hoping to realize ) the universal republic controlled by the god of humanity, the Jew of the Cabala." (p.21)

fb-marriage.jpgERASING GENDER

In the Protocols, the Cabalist Jew vowed to destroy "every collective force except our own." They have taken down nation, religion and race. By destroying gender, they destroy family.

Thus everywhere, the cabalist bankers have used education and media to neuter the populations of the West and undermine the institution of marriage and family. 

"We have castrated society through fear and intimidation," Harold Rosenthal boasted in 1976. "Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings...their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present and with the next meal." ("The Protocols of Zion Updated" )
In a recent article, "Man-Child in the Promised Land",  researcher Kay Hymowitz  says American males have extended their adolescence into middle age.

"In 1970, 69 percent of 25-year-old and 85 percent of 30-year-old white men were married; in 2000, only 33 percent and 58 percent were, respectively. "

"What Kind of Man Reads Playboy?" The description best fits a homosexual. Meanwhile women have postponed marriage and usurped the male role as protector and provider.

"In 1960, 70% of American 25-year-old women were married with children; in 2000, only 25% of them were. In 1970, just 7.4% of all American 30-to 34-year-olds were unmarried; today, the number is 22%. That change took about a generation to unfold, but in Asia and Eastern Europe the transformation has been more abrupt. In today's Hungary, 30% of women in their early thirties are single, compared with 6% of their mothers' generation at the same age." (Hymowitz, "The New Girl Power" )

Meanwhile an estimated one million US children were conceived using sperm donors, with 30,000 added every year. Many are born to lesbians who are determined to change the "hetero-normative" basis of society.

California is on the vanguard of the cabalist banker plan to replace heterosexual norms with homosexual ones. A new law requires schools "to positively portray  sex changes, cross-dressing, homosexual marriages, and all aspects of bisexuality and homosexuality." This mandate affects children from kindergarten through 12th grade in California public schools.

andro.jpg(left-female; middle-unification; right-male) 

Bruce Shortt, author of "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools" notes, "No longer will children raised in these schools understand that God made us male and female. Children will be told that because there are many sexual orientations and gender identities, they simply have to reach their own conclusions about which sexual orientation and gender 'possibilities' are 'right for them.' Along with this will come the message that you really can't tell whether you like something unless you have tried it. The likely consequences of this for children, the institution of the family, our churches, and our culture are horrendous."

The Christian European majority is subjected to a relentless program of social engineering by the Cabalist bankers. Brainwashed ("guilted") to think that only minorities have human rights, the majority is being undermined and transformed into "slaves who love their slavery."


Who are these cabalists? For our purposes, they are the dynastic families who own the central banking cartel and dominate industry, culture and government, world wide. The names Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and Schiff will suffice.

cab1.jpg(left, the Divine Hermaphrodite) 

War, and modern history in general, is an occult inspired charade designed to destroy Christian civilization by undermining our relationship to God, family, nation and race. The real meaning of  the word "revolution" is to turn the world upside down, and place the banker in the role of God. (See "Rothschilds Control Red Symphony" )

Every "revolution" since 1640 was dedicated to this goal. The bankers are behind all wars, and most "modern" social, political and philosophical movements, including Communism, Feminism, Diversity, Zionism, Nazism multiculturalism, post modernism, gay rights and sexual liberation.

"The History of Political Correctness"  shows that these movements were devised by intellectuals of "The Frankfurt School" to subvert Western civilization. Some of these "cultural Marxists"  literally were Soviet NKVD Agents. Almost all were Marxist Jews. The video shows how Americans were gulled to think revolution was trendy and to welcome the destruction of their society. These dupes now occupy all the positions of power in US culture.  

Basically mankind is the victim of a "cruel hoax" of cosmic proportions. When you create money out of thin air, you can buy a lot of "change agents."  Our elites actually think they are creating a better world. In fact, they are  building a world police state, the "New World Order" secretly dedicated to Satan. They are complicit in the cover-up of 9-11; and the "war on terror" is a ruse to deprive  us of our rights.

The "Jew of the Cabala" is the central banker, his allies and minions. The average Jew doesn't know anything about this plan. However, he is wrong to assume that because he is unaware, it doesn't exist. He is wrong to assume he won't some day be blamed for it. All groups and religions have been subverted. Whether Communist or Zionist, many Jews have been duped and manipulated by organized Jewry.

The average Jew is as much responsible for the NWO as the average American is responsible for the war in Iraq. However we all must take exception when our religion or nation are appropriated for evil.

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---------On Sex Magick - Background 

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First Comment from John:

This article is almost 9 years old and what is talked about here has come deeper into the fruition of human error as predicted.
I recently had a discussion with a young black woman who just graduated from high school. She said that in her freshmen year students were predominantly " strait" and the gay and lesbian students, if there were any, stayed in the closet.

But, by the she graduated the school had been turned upside down. In just three years what was once the exception had now become the new fad. She said that same-sex encounters were being performed in the locker rooms and that the straight students were afraid to come in, not knowing what they might walk in on.

Also, she said that nothing was done about it because the principal himself was gay as well as with some of the teachers. And thanks to the "bullying law" you cannot challenge or criticize them for this behavior.

The whole game plan here is to alienate and eliminate the Christian  from the norm of society. She said that kids were being taught to believe what the Bible says about this issue is wrong and that sexual perversion is a good thing.

America's days are numbered now and will have the fate of all past world empires that were infected with this disease who no longer recognized or protected the Law of God and his plan for humanity.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Why? - The Hate-Fuelled Attack on our Gender Identity "

ony B said (August 5, 2017):

There is one error the satanic/talmudic types always make in their plots. They have no sense of proportion nor of timing. Each jump of their agenda which they put into practice is too soon followed by the next, more perverse step. Eventually those they are bullying get fed up with the insane progression being forced on them and they get rid of their vexing problem.

Unfortunately that usually means mostly the wrong Jews are attacked but it makes the satanists pull in their horns, sometimes sets them back by centuries as people return to the normalcy of God's laws and have to be weaned away from them again.

There is a difference today. Although control of the mind seems easier than ever due to technological advances, effective control of the truth is almost impossible due to the same reason. It likely boils down to a matter of percentages. When the needed percentage of people has the truth, the evil agenda will be overthrown, one way or another. It is already way past being obvious and each new agenda step awakens another large number of people.

The reversed tide in Syria may be the beginning of the return to God and sanity in the world as it has the whole satanized "west" at a loss as to how to reset its agenda there showing a true weakness in its abilities. Even though most who partly see the truth there posit the U.S. against the east, more and more are discovering the true force behind all forces is the Rothschild cabal in its City of London, the main satanic headquarters in the world today, running all evil agendas everywhere via its money monopoly.

We do live in interesting times.

Jude said (August 5, 2017):

It may seem a stretch to link the current transgender insanity to 9/11, but in my view the two things are connected - albeit obliquely.

All the paleo-cons, mainstream anti-Zionists, and Christian traditionalists who went along with the official 9/11 story (not to mention the Hebdo event, Nice, Manchester etc.) embraced an absurdly transparent lie in order to maintain their own intellectual and cultural respectability. The Zio-illuminists never sought to fool intelligent people into believing the official stories of false flag terror - instead they got intelligent people to fool themselves - or to put it another way, to place a lie at the heart of their life in obeisance to the false gods of social and intellectual respectability. When the Zios saw how willing so many ostensible opponents of the NWO were to go along with the lies of false flag terror, they knew the emasculation of western man was complete.

Say what you will about the Zios, but they gave their enemies a fighting chance to destroy their power. If 9/11 truthism had ever gained critical mass, the New World Order would have perished in a thrice. Instead paleocons, and "respectable" anti-Zionists gifted the NWO merchants the authority and credibility to push their absurdist agenda to ever crazier extremes. And these "respectable" anti-Zionists never did get around to explaining what was so "wacky" about disbelieving the news narratives of corporate media and politicians who portray chopping off kids genitals as a giant leap forward for social progress.

David said (October 10, 2015):

Henry, marriage between man and woman -- if it is entered into with the ultimate goal of having and raising the next generation responsibly -- involves a degree of staying power, self sacrifice and selfLESSness I've never witnessed in any gay couple. The degree of narcissism and obsession with surface attraction I see in most gay couples is not a foundation on which to sustain the human race. From all the media attention, gay marriage or "coming out" is, to me, about the most selfISH act imaginable. Marriage between two gay males or two lesbians is a "dead end" in more ways than the obvious one.

But I also believe the global elite are behind this blending of gay and straight concepts of marriage because they want to depopulate the planet. They think the rest of us are just "useless eaters"

James C said (January 24, 2015):

This is one of the best articles you have ever written. I completely agree with your statement that the bankers are behind all wars and all major movements. I can't prove it, but I believe that during the temptation of Christ when Satan offered Christ "all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them" (Matthew 4:8-9), he was in reality offering Christ the money power, which actually makes it all possible. The satanic money power was conceived in ancient Babylon. From there, it has spread worldwide. After the 70 year Babylonian Captivity, the Jews took their version of it back to Palestine (see Nehemiah 5).

Dan said (January 23, 2015):

This influence has been coming out in places that people didn't expect it -- like their church. I think the Episcopal church was first to sanction openly gay clergy and redefine sodomy as 'love'. Then the American Lutherans, Presbyterians.

By the time it's done officially, it's been in the works for many years. As it's happening, in can seem like the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".*

I had my suspicions in my own church, but the last straw was when I heard the pastor had a men's group reading Richard Rohr's "From Wild Man to Wise Man". A man I know in the group told me that I should read it: "I didn't get it at first" he said, "some men even got mad and left the group. But now I get it". And he looked at me with a glazed trance-like eye. I asked him, "which part made some of the group walk out?"

He said, "they didn't get it, but it's real clear in Genesis. God originally made Adam and Eve as one person. That's why we're always looking for our feminine side".

I just looked at him. "That's messed up" I said, "That's Plato, not Genesis." Then I said, "When did you first starting looking for your 'feminine side"? He said, "I always was..I just didn't know it till I read this book. It blew my mind! You oughta read it!"

That's when I knew it's time to come out of the churches where this is happening. I pay as little attention to Biblical prophecies as possible because that's another gimmick being used to distract people from the truth. But if your pastor starts promoting doctrines that your religious grandmother never heard of, then this line from Revelations is good advice:

'And I heard another voice from heaven saying, come out of her My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues.'.

* 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' "They looked like Christians..but they've changed..."

Debra said (February 23, 2008):

I just wanted to thank you for your website. I have recognized in my 55 years how the women's liberation movement has degraded our men and our families. I'm tired of people questioning me why I stay home to care for our daughter, home and my husband.....and why I don't have a job outside our home. To me it's very obvious why I do it, and why I should be doing it. I also do not watch sitcoms.....all they do is make our men look stupid. The trouble is....some men are convinced that that's the way things really are and should be. My husband and I budget and sacrifice so I can stay home to care for our child. I get up at 5 am every morning to get my husband his first cup of coffee, kiss him and send him to work hard for his family. We show and tell each other all the time how much we appreciate each other....we work as a team. I just want to say thank you for saying what needs to be said.

Eddie said (February 23, 2008):

In my opinion you are correct in every aspect of the article on
consider.........Yes, they have led us like sheeple down a dark path. But unlike real sheep, there are no fences. There are infact, roadsigns (symbols), left for anyone, smart enough, or brave enough to follow (or open-mindedly research). On one path, the same bunch you mentioned, own and control our "establishment christian organizations". These powerfull groups keep our path shiny, with the promise of forgivness, and the fear of hell.
They uncovered years ago, that these same establishment groups, are mostly occultists.
h e l l o................Also uncovered years ago, our bible has been tampered with. h e l l o.......
If you start researching what they have tampered with, you discover.......
One truth......Many mistranslations of this same truth. I dont care where you look. This truth is everywhere hidden.
One is an easy, yet fear based path. The other is a path, that has a karmic law of balance. You cannot just ask for forgiveness. Everything is accounted and balanced. Also you cannot just sit back and be saved. It awakens a responsibility, to follow your true will to its highest possible manifestation. Most importatantly, to give your life to your fellow man.
The problem is, these neocons and false rulers, have stolen what was only meant for those "of the higest character.

MS said (February 23, 2008):

The Cabalist Plan To Enslave Humanity was a excellent article Henry. I believe you are right. Without the ability to fall in love with a person of the opposite sex, one can never understand the true spirit of God and connection to the universal spirit of Gods Love. This is all part of the plan. They don't won't anyone to be spiritual. They want us to remain materialistic worshiping fake religions.

I remember in the 70''s how CIA agents infiltrated most of the churches in the SF bay area and taught so-called marriage enrichment courses. I don't know of a single couple who came out of these courses still married. The most popular book of the time was called Open Marriage by Nena O'Neill and George O'Neill (who ended up getting divorced). It replaced the Bible in most of these church related seminars.

Then the most evil concept ever invented came latter. It was called COAA. Children of adult alcoholics or something like that. It's premise was that Love was an addition and if you loved someone, you were mentality ill and needed psychotherapy. Everyone I know was in some kind of therapy to learn how to leave your spouse.. In fact you were ridiculed if you needed someone. They convinced everyone that you needed anti-need therapy so they could subvert the whole concept of marriage.

But I think this whole plan started in the 50ths with the Psychiatric movies. Splendor in the Grass, 3 faces of Eve, Autumn leaves and many others to make people believe than only a good psychiatrist could fix your life. Hollywood is the greatest propaganda machine ever devised. It was a method of the CIA to get everyone to confess there innermost feelings to one of their agents so they could control us better.

I finally moved to Eastern Europe in 1990 to get away from it all, married a wonderful women, and un-brainwashed myself of psyco-bullshit. In retrospect, fact North America has become so strange to me now, that I seldom go back for a visit.

keep up the good stuff

John & his Iranian Penpal said (February 21, 2008):

I read that review of Shalit's book and I see how women giving up their modesty to be "one of the guys" has caused a lot of our societal problems. I visited the high school in Virginia where I graduated in '85. This was maybe 2 years ago.
Every girl in the whole school was wearing blue jeans just like the guys. Not a skirt or dress to be seen. It reminds me of how they had this unisex clothing in the Mao days during the cultural revolution. To me there is nothing appealing about seeing women wear blue jeans.

I have a friend in Iran whom I have known for almost 3 months. I met her through a language exchange site. She's very intelligent and has some sort of job relating to computers, websites, etc. She's single too at age 30. Unusual for a Muslim culture? So, I started asking her why she's still single. She tells me that she takes the Holy Koran very serious.

Everytime that she's gone out on a date, she says that the men just want sex. She told me she's a virgin. She says that only a small percentage of people attend mosques and those that do are hypocrites. They just want to be seen there
to help their personal advancement. She has nearly given up on the hope of finding a man who shares her views.

Most young men she says are pigs, to use our terminology.

[It seems that things are the same no matter where you live. My community is overwhelmingly Catholic. We have a magnificent mini-cathedral downtown that was built by German artisans shortly after the community was founded
by app a dozen families from catholic SW Germany. It's like a building you would see in Europe. So I asked our housekeeper
(with whom we talk openly) if she'd take me down there to attend a service sometime. Hell No! I'm not going in there.

It's just a bunch of hypocrites, the holier than thou crowd (but are actually reprobates)]

I showed her a video in which Pres. Ahminejad (sp?) does the Illuminati goat sign, along with Bush and lots of other politicos.
She was shocked and said she would be mailing this to other Iranian friends. The internet is filtered by the govt. Your website is blocked. The video I sent her was blocked to but she has the intellect to get around that.

When I first met her I was still a big fan of the Prez. After all the guy hosted a holocaust revisionist world conference and talks about the end of the zionist regime in Israel. I assumed from the US jewsmedia that she would be gung ho for the guy.

But no. She said he is widely despised by the working people. Personally, she told me that she'd like to shit on him.

She says that his policies have been badly damaging the economy. He is only liked by a segment of the rich.

Holy Shit! the jewsmedia here would have me believe that everyone in Iran was behind him and ready to march out and spread islamic revolution across the world. This sounds like their claims that every German was behind Hitler (so they all
deserved to be bombed) although we both know that in the last open election in '33 the NSDAP barely cleared 30%.

That's when the burning of the Reichstag became necessary.

Oliver said (February 21, 2008):

Hello Henry,

just one condition to accept world goverment: You be the king! ;-)

So many times when reading your articles I felt you really hit right into the center. Homerun! I started a few e-mails to thank you for your website as one of the very last resorts of sanity in a nuthouse with almost 6 billion inmates, but rolled the words back and forth and didn´t send the e-mail. This time I don´t "try to be intelligent" and just send you a big, big THANK YOU!

Thanks you Oliver,

I ran the idea of becoming a benevolent dictator of the world past my wife and she nixed it.


Maria from Argentina said (February 20, 2008):

As you usually do,your article about sex was a great one and I agree with you in everything you´ve said.

I,just like you, belong to a decade where everything was allowed to do but...premises really existed.

We had values,may be in my country Argentina, a litle more than in yours,talking about having sex at a very short age,just because of having grown up with catholic religion principles.

Goodness and evil existed,they were not only concepts as "they" had made the impossible to make mankind beleive in...and they did.

Since then,from the seventies up to now,every family value has been put upside down.
We must make the impossible too to reverse this awful situation and you are really doing it.
We can if we go on working together all over the world.

Carlos said (February 20, 2008):

You are right in saying that their aim was to destroy the traditional roles of men and women. However, they were also the creators of these traditional roles!

The ruling elite hijacked religions like Christianity, (the Catholic Church) in order to ensnare western society and keep it in the dark about the true origin of man!

You well know Dr. Makow that the Roman Empire was the greatest proponent of the current model of social structure, (Roman law and the Family). Why do you think the European aristocracy of the 18th century worshipped Classical civilization. Marriage is also their creation, it hasn’t freed but made people more complacent about their place in the world. Any philosophy or ideology that places significance on all the archaic traditions just mentioned, isn’t interested in helping humanity grow and move forward. They now want to confuse the people of the world with these conflicting views that they themselves manifested.

Marriage, Feminism, atheism, nationalism, internationalism, fanaticism, etc. all spring from the same source. Cabbalism is probably practiced more by the upper reaches of the Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry in their secret rites, (just goes to show you how naïve and superstitious these people really are) than any other group.

The bankers weren’t all Jewish either, let’s use France as an example. The central banking system in France was created and controlled by Swiss protestants and Jews of German origin, Mirabaud and Rothschild being the biggest. Later even Catholic bankers vied for power and worked with the first two groups to conquer and divide France among themselves. Let’s not detract and dilute the reality of our current state of affairs with so much mythology, it only creates fanatics that serve the purpose of the world ruling elite! It should be noted that the U.S. currently mirrors the Roman Empire in every way!



I appreciate your contribution here. However I think you are ignoring the obvious biological and psychological differences between the sexes.


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