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Sexual Debauchery is Instrument of Satanic NWO

January 4, 2010

By Jeff Jefferson

(For Henry 

A recent billboard campaign from the designer, Calvin Klein, has caused a stir.  The ad features youths engaged in group sex on a couch.  The scene depicts a topless girl (I intentionally say girl, not woman) lying on top of a shirtless boy whose head rests on the lap of another shirtless boy.  She is kissing the boy that is sitting..  Another shirtless boy lies on the floor in front of the others.  The sexual messages that this image transmits are very obvious.  

Everyday, the average person is bombarded with sexual images like this. What is striking about the Calvin Klein ad is that it depicts people that are quite young.  From many of the comments that I have read on news-blogs, the outraged are in the minority.  In fact, most of the comments are directed towards calling the outraged "prudes."  What does this say about a society that defends the sexualization of its youth?  Such a society has lost its moral compass.

Of course, this situation has been established incrementally over many years.  There has been a long running, concerted, effort to slowly drag western society into a state of  depravity.  The conspirators  often target children and teens because they are at an age where impressions have long lasting consequences.  Hitler was well aware that to bring about future realities, one must capture the minds of the young:  as he stated in Mein Kampf, "Look at these young men and boys!  What material!  With them, I can make a new world."  A new world is exactly what is in the making.

Just when people have become numb to the idea of students putting condoms on bananas in public schools, the conspirators have stepped up their assault on the minds of children.  In the U.S., President Obama's Safe School Czar, Kevin Jennings, is a founding member of a group known as GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network).  In April of 2005, GLSEN organized events at high schools across Massachusetts to promote tolerance.  In at least one high school, copies of "The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century"," which discusses very explicit sex acts along with a directory of gay bars, were distributed to students middle school age and older.

At another conference, GLSEN handed out "fisting kits" along with detailed instructions on how this act is performed.

Currently, GLSEN is promoting a list of books that they recommend schools use to educate students from grades K-12.  The stated purpose of these books are to promote tolerance, etc.  The children and young teen characters in these books are depicted engaging in various sex acts with other children and adults.  Sample excerpts from these books can be found here:

Hiding behind the façade of tolerance education, these N.W.O. conspirators are exposing young minds to sexual depravity.  Much of the material deals with objectifying one's sex partner: random indiscriminate sex, fetishes, sex between children and adults, etc.  From these stories, students can conclude that people are no longer potential companions with thoughts and feelings with which one can form a solid lasting relationship; instead, people become sexual objects, pieces of flesh to be used to gratify oneself.  Everyone and everything is fair game.  Sex is fetish.  We are all predators.

The Calvin Klein billboard captures the essence of this state of mind.  The girl is an object to be used by the three boys.  One gets the sense that if she were not there, the boys would be using each other. But the real shock is in how average people have become immune to the image.  This is the result of so called "tolerance" education.  What passes for tolerance is really a guise for erasing instincts which distinguish between healthily and sick, good and evil.

There is nothing prudish about decency.  There is nothing prudish about wanting to protect your children from sexual images and ideas that they expose them to exploitation and debauchery. Instead of teaching children about "tolerance," they need to be taught love and respect for other people.  They need to be taught that sex without love and respect is, in essence, just beating off with a helper.

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Comments for "Sexual Debauchery is Instrument of Satanic NWO"

Rick said (January 6, 2010):

About 18 months ago, I moved to a very small town on the west coast of Florida. As a divorce father, I wanted to spend more time with my daughter. The first few things I saw, when I went to pick her up in school, were plain shocking. As a sixty four years old male, I thought I had seen it all. One day, as I was waiting in my car, with twenty-thirty other parents waiting in line in their respective cars, we all saw two girls around 13-14 years old, holding hands and kissing each other passionally right in front of everybody. What I saw next, was even more shocking, these "tolerant" parents, between 25 and 45 years old, did not flinch. What we were watching, was a perfectly "normal" scene of two very young girls kissing each other in a very sexual manner."What's the big deal", they say.
The depravity in our society and around world, is wayyy out of hand and no sign of curbing it any time soon. Simply put it...depressing and there is nothing I can do. The world will accuse me of not being "politically correct" and will be charged with a "hate crime". I am thankful, my time is almost up.

Tony said (January 6, 2010):

All the official hype about "tolerance," including the attempts to force tolerance of evils by law such as those of queers and lesbians, is to try to hide from people the simple fact that intolerance of all things evil is a prerequisite of right order.

Intolerance of evil used to be fundamental in Churchianity as it remains in real Christianity. Today real Christianity thus retains right order while much of Churchianity, preaching tolerance of anything and everything, is in chaos.

It probably sounds strange to the brainwashed but toleration of evil is itself evil while intolerance of things evil and of just plain wrong doing is a positive good. The whole purpose of trying to "educate" conscience out of the youth is so they can't see this obvious truth and/or discern the difference.

However, it doesn't take a genius to see what is proper and right and what is improper and wrong. Almost everyone, by human nature, is capable of discerning the difference. Since God left the holy of holies when Christ died on the cross it has been written in the hearts of all men in lieu of previously having been written on something readable kept in isolation by a small group. Modernists would call this "instinct."

David said (January 5, 2010):

Even my own son and his generation is effected. We all are on some way, if we admit it. As far as I can tell, Islam respects women more than the American West does now. In some ways we have all become "pimps and hoes." In fact, it's cool to be a "pimp' or a "hoe" today in America.

It would seem that since birth control (including abortion), women have been cheapened to simply objects of our lust in Western Society. The mystery and respect for a woman's body and place in creation has been cheapened. Life in general has been cheapened. Look around you. See any death and destruction?

Have we all become just a bunch of cheap sluts giving in to our carnal lust?

Dani said (January 5, 2010):

Well, probably worth mentioning is that Calvin Klein is a homosexual, and was considered by others to be part of the "Gay Mafia." From Wikipedia:

"The Gay Mafia or Velvet Mafia is a term used to describe the amalgamation of gay lobby and rights groups in politics and the media. The "Gay Mafia" and "Velvet Mafia" are typically associated with the upper echelons of the fashion and entertainment industries, and the terms are also used humorously by gay people themselves, some looking to David Geffen as the unofficial head.

"This "mafia" included Calvin Klein, David Geffen, Barry Diller, Truman Capote, Halston, Andy Warhol, Sandy Gallen, and Jann Wenner. The term was tongue-in-cheek, describing a "powerful social clique, not some truly devious alliance ruling either an industry or our politics."[2]"

Interesting that once again, a gay man is behind some sort of degrading and/or depraved aspect of pop culture in the modern world. The Wiki entry makes sure to point out that this "Gay Mafia" is not a "truly devious alliance ruling either an industry or our politics," but Calvin Klein is indeed a deviant, ruling over the fashion industry. The ads he generates speak for themselves. Most all of those people named ruled over their respective industries at one point. That's exactly why they're called the gay "mafia" and not the gay "gathering of harmless men."

Abercrombie and Fitch is another one with the controversial fashion advertisements featuring sexualized youths. They might be worth adding to your article. (A page full of Google images using the search phrase "Abercrombie and Fitch controversial ads"

- Dani

Robert said (January 5, 2010):

This is the accomplishment of goals expressed in Marx's COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, which included the abolition of the family and keeping of "women in common". There was no provision for "men in common" or for allowing women to opt out of the scheme (think about this). Communism didn't end with the fall of the Berlin Wall; the "Soviet bloc" had became redundant because the "free world" was seen as having passed beyond the tipping point in favour of communism. Incidentally, this attitude toward women, and people in general, was earlier expressed by Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati. People have no idea of the pedigree of the ideas that have been inculcated in them by the mass media and state-imposed "free education".

Dan said (January 5, 2010):

Anton LeVay (Andrew Levine) said sleaze first slipped into the mainstream American culture through little ads in the backs of comic books, low budget science fiction and horror movie kid's matinées and drive in movies. Real vice has always been around - on the 'other side of the tracks' -but was kept strictly clear of families, women and children, and decent men. Males weren't exposed to sleaze much till military service away from home. The percentage of men hooked that way was low and culturally it was considered low class until after WWII. But I'm preaching to the choir, you remember the 50's and early 60's and the new father and son 'rite of passage' when dad honored the son by handing down his first used Playboy magazine.

In a 1990 Rolling Stone interview LeVay gloated of how quickly a small army of incinerate Devil worshiping hack back lot film makers, cartoonists, pulp fiction writers and warehouse district publishers had spawned and mainstreamed the multi-billion dollar sleaze industries which turned American culture into the most depraved since Sodom. But he opined that the deviant's thrill of breaking dangerous taboos was lost with legalization and social obliviousness to the criminality of sin. He admitted at 60 being incredibly bored with piles of writing naked women at Black Masses, preferring to spend days alone in his basement 'Grotto' - a reproduction of a sleazy waterfront 1940's sailor's bar populated by mannequins he meticulously clothes as prostitutes and the other sordid denezins of the urban underworld alleys in the urban 'bad side of town'.

The Calvin Klein billboard is pornographic, iconographic glimpse of anonymous flesh for whom lust is their only raison d'etre. In pornographic images no relationship leading to 'the magic moment' exist and neither do consequences. This image is also homosexual: the girl is boyish with no mane of long hair and just a hint of breast, which is the only clear indication it's not a 14 year old boy, and that's intentional.

I witnessed the fruition of LeVay's work externalized in Austin Texas during the 1990's where hordes of college students and college dropouts partied nightly on 6th street and the central city. But the result of any wide open overstimulated environment was emasculated young men and young women frustrated by the effect of their over-sexualization. The sexual externalization of females and over stimulation of males results in an odd 'power exchange' - the men become submissive and the women become alienated and frustrated with the lack of male spiritual strength.

The Supreme Court has been quietly setting up the law to protect the perpetrators. The recent 'hate law' effectively criminalizes parental defiance this 'tolerance' curriculum. But parents CAN get rid of all their televisions, video games, and quit putting computers in their kid's rooms, quit providing them with digital phones, blackberries and iPods. If at all financially possible put their offspring in private school of the parent's own choice.
This must be done AT ONCE.

Sevak said (January 5, 2010):

Here is a link to a video which may give some more insight into why the illuminati have some much sex in society.

Manu said (January 5, 2010):

Dora [below]: “Whatever happened to the beauty of women having some self-respect and the chivalry of men.”

This can only be kept if a nation remains steadfast in its effort to remain civilized and moral. The forces of evil are always pushing for degeneracy and decay to be able to exploit the corpses of the civilizations they plunder and destroy. The world needs America today more than ever, we need the brave man and woman of the United States of America to rise up with courage and fearless of death to overthrow the cabal of vipers that are menacing to impose unto us a world we do not want. We the world need America to unplug themselves from the nefarious indoctrinating media and wake up from its slumber to lead In the real war that is being waged, not against Islamic terrorists, but against the conspiring forces behind the curtains who have been profiting from this orchestrated conflict between humanity.

Here in Europe most people are oblivious, I see little chance that a real revolution against the globalists could be started from here, but I´m certain that in America there are still patriots who carry the in their blood the DNA of those who fought for real liberty against tyranny and were victorious. There´s a lot of us out here waiting for the leading call to give up our lives for the improvement of earth and the fulfillment of God´s plans for Humankind. But while America remains a world military power, we need you to wake up and revolt against the mandates of wickedness, surely everyone who is on the side of goodness, decency and civilization will quickly join your efforts afterwards.

“It is far easier to be a weakling than to be a Real Man. Were the Earth less harsh or the circumstances of life less austere, man would destroy himself before the shrine of the languid goddess. Only Real Man can with safety destroy the tangled forests and wilderness of Earth and make from them gardens, but will those who inherit the gardens be Real Man? The law decrees that they must be, or the wilderness will reclaim its own.”

Brian said (January 5, 2010):

Hello Henry,

I am really enjoying the pieces you are posting written by other concerned readers, and this latest one is right on the money. Our society is being debased on a daily basis. Are we being reduced to the level of dumb animals as some form of perverse entertainment for the high level Luciferians that run our world? Is this happening in order to make us more manageable for them?

Huxley wrote about all this back in 1931. A society of weak minded drones, whose only aspiration is to feel pleasure, is a society that will be easily controlled. All one must do is to keep providing them with the pleasure that is their one and only goal. The population of America, for the most part, has been reduced to this sad level. It will only keep getting worse with each new generation.

And it isn't just people who have no formal education either. I don't want to get on my high horse, but it is hard to believe the level of stupidity of the average high school graduate today. Most of the young college grads I've met aren't much better. It's practically impossible to get them to converse about anything more heady than the latest episode of Lost or who will win this Sunday's football game. All of this was planned, of course. God help America.


Anthony Astrachan

excerpt -


Sex is a primary source of happiness. The brave new world makes promiscuity a virtue: you have sex with any partner you want, who wants you- and sooner or later every partner will want you. (As a child, you learn in your sleep that "everyone belongs to everyone else.") In this Utopia, what we think of as true love for one person would lead to neurotic passions and the establishment of family life, both of which would interfere with community and stability. Nobody is allowed to become pregnant because nobody is born, only decanted from a bottle. Many females are born sterile by design; those who are not are trained by "Malthusian drill" to use contraceptives properly.

Dora said (January 5, 2010):

Henry, first of all I would like to say that I love your website and it definitely is part of my daily routine, keep up the amazing work.

This is the first time I am leaving a comment because I believe this is absolutely outrageous. I am only 19 years old and I am already terrified about what the future holds for me and my future children.

I believe that sexually explicit images/movies/music/etc are everywhere, that couldn't be more obvious. Everywhere we go there are messages about sex, homosexuality, promiscuity and female sexual liberation. Look at those Lifetime Movies, in which males are always devils and women are the superheroes. That's their way of brainwashing older women; their way of indoctrinating girls my age is by bombarding us with Lady Gaga crap (the bisexual slutty queen) and apparently their new way of indoctrinating little girls is by hiring freaks to distribute these disgusting “books” in public schools. I took a semester off in my transition from high school to college, and I have never felt freer.

I am afraid of going to college and be unconsciously brainwashed by so-called higher education. I am prepared though, and I will have to play by their rules to pass my classes, but thankfully I've learned to differentiate, I have found myself and I have opened my eyes. Sadly, these children being indoctrinated in public schools have not, and they will have a very difficult time opening their eyes, if they ever do.

Whatever happened to the beauty of women having some self-respect and the chivalry of men.

Caroline said (January 5, 2010):

Hi Henry, I'm about to rant. Ads like Calvin Klein's are all over TV, billboards, and magazines, and frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach. I could have been born yesterday and noticed that this is not tolerance--this is being shoved in everyone's face, forced down everyone's throat. Since when is decency and morality intolerant?? It's unbelievable that people will put up with this crap for fear of being called something like "prude". Are we all in elementary school trying to "fit in"? I rarely watch television anymore because it's full of brainless shows of teenage sex. It's only by the grace of God that there are some people left in this world with some decency and a grip on reality.

"I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book." -Groucho Marx

Lesley said (January 5, 2010):

The Jeff Jefferson article...brilliant!!!!!! Especially:

There is nothing prudish about decency. There is nothing prudish about wanting to protect your children from sexual images and ideas that they expose them to exploitation and debauchery. Instead of teaching children about "tolerance," they need to be taught love and respect for other people. They need to be taught that sex without love and respect is, in essence, just beating off with a helper.

Henry this should make us all, so so sad!!!!! We are so much more than this.

I'm seriously thinking a modified Burka would not be the worst thing I could wear to hide out in....

What happened to human dignity?

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