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Zionists Use "Divide & Conquer" Tactic in North Africa

January 2, 2010

by Wah Fkir (North African Correspondent)


(Berber protesters, left)

The Illuminati plan to dominate North Africa is focused on the usual "divide and conquer" tactics : Championing  "minorities   using "Human Rights Watch, NGO's, political opposition, and other proxies...

In Algeria-Morocco-Mauritania-Libya-and-Tunisia, Zionist-Talmudist stealth maneuvers have now linked to Berbers (Amazighs ) "identity" claims, i.e. return to ancestral values, away from current Islam-Arabic.

This was followed by a hellish propaganda campaign, backed by European-Zionist media, web based networks,  Human-Rights and NGO's employees-mercenaries, government officials. 

Local governments facing public unrest incorporated the new paradigm into new laws and constitutional amendments. They  cool ed and then neutralized all provocateurs by allowing teaching of dialect-Amazighs in schools, opening TV channels, etc... The bubble burst and things calmed down.  Dissent seemed to have been intelligently neutralized.

That is, if we ignore the "eternal conspirator's tenacity for causing ill." The unrepentant revolutionary agent-proxies now upped the ante, demanding regional autonomy, the neocon "Kurdish syndrome", reshaping and "balkanization" of target countries.

Berber leaders bluntly announced their return to...Judaism!

Openly supporting Zionism, they alienated most of their own militants, by a 180°- turn many didn't expect.

Berber leader M'Henni of Algeria, a useful idiot handled by Mossad, while at a UN's conference on "Rights of minorities", declared himself President of a new "autonomous state of Kabylie", a predominantly Berber-dialect-speaking region.

Previously an unsuccessful folk singer, M'Henni, is now a 'newly reborn Jew' who openly airs views and insults against Islam and Moslems.

Once financially broke, the new Berber "President" now enjoys a golden umbrella with unlimited funds and financial backing (private jet-open forums-media outlets, sweeties handed by his Masters. )

A classic example of chicanery and useful idiocy, he is currently in exile avoiding an Algerian-court's warrant for arrest. His son, rallying the "Chosen Ones" says: "I'm longing for Israel's flag flowing over embassy at Algiers". Servants never share their masters' table, so  Rabbis have disowned him and denied his "Holiness".

They said the Berbers were slaves converted to Judaism, and not real Jews ! (Anthropologically and ethnologically true)

With same undercover tactics, Dr Saadi (leader RCD, a predominately Berber political party) called on Bush's intervention - now winking at Obama's- to insure fairness in Algerian elections!

Another front: Christian minorities, traditionally-Catholic,are courted by "Christian Solidarity International / USA", in exchange of heavy financial bribing and donations, or/and immigration visas to Europe, US and Canada.

Facing Zionist-led sponsoring of unrest, governments play down upheaval stewed by Mossad orchestrated propaganda, while avoiding confrontation and eluding a major Jewish onslaught on the region (of Iran's type).

 Conspiracy seems temporarily fading away not finding enough grips on local populations, but let's keep in mind the Zionists are not giving up, standing-by and simmering alternative plans. 

Wah Fkir,, comments on currents events:


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