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July 10, 2009

Oh, dear HENRY! I was almost killed by the Sabbateans in ASHEVILLE NC! Go to and read my reports on Asheville satanism! The coven I uncovered in Asheville had MANY Jewish Sabbateans in it...Dr. Phillip Kittner, Dr. Benjamin Weiss, and many others in a list given to me by a former long term member come out finally to tell me all.
I wrote a letter pleading with KITTNER to come out of this horrible darkness, reminding him of his Jewish heritage that forbade such horrors. After that,I was warned by the satanic crime investigator in that area, that now that I had challenged them and written a letter to KITTNER, they would move against me to KILL ME! Meaning abduct and sacrifice! And they tried. And KITTNER would have been one of the major people murdering me on their altar there.
I know too much about him and many others there. I had to carry a glock 9MM for a while when police told me they were out to abduct and kill me. But it was only my faith in God through my Savior Jesus that kept me from their abduction attempt in 1995. I LIVE IN PRAYER, and that is the only reason I am still alive.
A satanic crime investigator confirmed the Jew Phillip Kittner from NJ (an abortionist now retired in Asheville) was a major part of the power people coven in Asheville, NC. SO did others from the coven.

More Sabbatean Jewish satanists include: Leonard Millman, CIA drug money launderer and SILVERADO SCANDAL figure from Denver Colorado, a BIG human sacrificing/child raping/nailing Christians abducted for sacrifice to crosses SABBATEAN. His former son-in-law told me a lot and my father's former high priest warned me against him. They claim he is deceased, but I don't know. MANY of them finally fake their death in the papers to go underground to escape legal consequences.
The BRONFMANS are Sabbatean satanists. Joe Lieberman is one. George Soros is one. And the list goes on and on and on. They all aspire to be the rich, the elite and the powerful like THE ROTHSCHILDS. And everyone who investigates such crimes knows that the ROTHSCHILDS offer brutal human sacrifice to Satan for power  continually.
You see, AL GORE was a hard-core human sacrificing satanist from TN, multigenerational, confirmed to me by my Pentagon source, Al Cuppett. The ONLY kind of VP Gore would ever have, would be a satanist himself. Satanism is rampant throughout the Senate and House and Capitol building. They are called DC SATANISTS.
I say Gore WAS, because AL GORE IS DEAD! You only now see his DOUBLE. That is why even magazine articles coming out write things like, "THE NEW LOOK OF AL GORE."
Gore was sacrificed by the Bush Illuminati SKULL AND BONES gang for daring to challenge that BUSH WON THE ELECTION. Rival factions of the Illuminati were vying for that position. The Bush Illuminati bloodline wanted THEIR SON to have it.
Gore dared to challenge it with the backing of OTHER Illuminati factions who wanted HIM in power, as SHERMAN SKOLNICK confirmed in one revealing article about AL Gore being the choice of some Illuminati to win that election and bring America down under the NWO and MARTIAL LAW.
I read a shocking article by several independent investigative journalists who feared for their lives after uncovering and writing the report about Al Gore being sacrificed in retaliation by SKULL AND BONES right after the election. In one ritual they were able to gain access to , they heard and wrote about the words uttered at that ritual of human sacrifice, "REAM HIM LIKE YOU REAMED AL GORE!"
Meaning brutally sacrifice and hack into pieces, etc. Look carefully at all modern pics of "AL GORE." Compare with much older ones. You will see immediately that THIS IS NOT AL GORE! But to cover their murder crime, they must use a double to carry on his role.
Just like SADDAM HUSSEIN. He was NEVER executed nor tried! I can prove it! Look at photos on the internet of the REAL SADDAM HUSSEIN...perfectly white and perfectly aligned teeth. NOW look at the "SADDAM HUSSEIN"  pictures of the one they tried and allegedly killed. CROOKED AND YELLOWED TEETH! NOT SADDAM HUSSEIN! A fake trial to appease the masses.
There is so much we do not know.
Former Illuminati (including CIA ones)told me CHRISTIANS WERE THE MAJOR TARGET in the future, because they would never accept their NWO because of the BIBLE THEY BELIEVE IN. And they further told me that every Christian arrested under martial law would count as ONE MORE SACRIFICE to get power to bring down their NWO. Therefore, they told me, brutal rape and torture and death awaited them once they start arresting them under martial law in America and Canada.
This is what they do to Christians once they abduct them for sacrifice. They brutally rape, torture, humiliate and tempt them to deny Jesus. And if they will not, they are sacrificed. And they LOVE to use crosses to sacrifice Christians on...especially Jewish Illuminati Sabbateans. Former members told me all about it.
This is what they planned to do to me in 1995, according to my father's former high priest: abduct me in the mountains of NC and haul me away in chains and duct tape and a knock out drug in a RYDER RENTAL TRUCK and take me to their caverns in the Great Smoky Mountains of TN. (A place Gore and family often joined in for sacrifice rituals.) You can read about this on
I asked a Jew I was talking to in NYC one day about HOW could Jews be so foolish as  to turn to Satan, when they had the Bible and covenant and promises of God to the Jews. He said to me, "Well, if JESUS IS NOT THE MESSIAH, then who else do we have to turn to....." But SATAN through the false messiah Sabtai Z'vi and his SABBATEANSIM!
How tragic! Sabbateanism is big in NYC and NJ. Many aspire to be rich and powerful like the ROTHSCHILDS who once had their base in NYC. Same in WASHINGTON DC region well. And FLorida. And California. It is everywhere.
However, I fight the tragedy of SATANIST FRONT CHURCHES in America also. They form these churches to hide behind. By day the pastor preaches a person, and by night he offers sacrifice with the members that attend. One such in the CHURCH OF THE OPEN DOOR in Elyria, OH. A former long term member told me all about it and took me there. Horrifying.
You while you deal with your JEWS into this, I also deal with and expose it in the Christian circles as well. SIN IS SIN. And you find it in Jew and Gentile circles everywhere. Satanism is big in the Vatican! And in the Mormon "Church."
There are REAL Jews, and pseudo apostate Jews. There are REAL Christians who really try to live in love and truth and goodness like Jesus, and pseudo apostate deceivers for whom hell was prepared.
G-d BLESS you and your wife and family! Canada is going down under martial law as well, and the camps and prisoner boxcars I write about are all in place in Canada as well. I network with NWO watchers in Canada at times. Same agenda. Same foreign troops. They have assigned RCMP to help round up and terminate PEOPLE ON THE LIST.
One Canadian, Richard,told me that because of his selling survival food in Toronto area to survive martial law and NWO takeover, he was visited by a RCMP. The RCMP advised him: "I was assigned to take you out under martial law. Your name is ON THE LIST. But because you are an innocent man, and I am a good man, I resigned this assignment. I just wanted to let you know your name is ON THE LIST...."
I revealed all this when I was on CLOAK AND DAGGER in Toronto with Lenny Bloom. When I got to the RCMP information, the Canadian government CUT ME OFF IN MID-SENTENCE! They feared the truth coming out!
You can count on your name being ON THE LIST for pick-up under martial law in CANADA because of your exposing the NWO and your reports.
I would advise you to think about disappearing from CANADA and this continent, as many Americans have been doing now for years, going to SA and Central America, where I lectured to an EX-PAT group. They will not only be coming after we Christians, but ALL NWO RESISTERS, as my CIA sources said, to take them to the camps for elimination. It is all in my former reports of years now. Once martial law is declared in Canada/USA, they will seize airports and you cannot leave the country, according to two FBI sources. We know round up time is close in America for folks like me, and it may be near for Canadian NWO resisters as well.
One former CIA told me, "Oh all of us in the CIA know what the camps are for! We all know they are to TERMINATE THE FUTURE RESISTERS OF THE NWO under martial law!" Source: Michael Maholy, 20 years Naval intelligence, CIA, come out to expose the NWO in 1995.
I am now praying for you and your wife/family for safety and wisdom and grace to escape any persecution they have planned for you.  I am publishing your reports on my site and promoting them as well. I know you are a nice and thoughtful person who really cares about our future. Thankyou for your work!-Pamela

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