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September 10, 2012

Same-sex Marriage Passed in New Zealand  

(Gays demonstrate for their "rights" in front of NZ Parliament.) 

by Susan 

This is just a quick update on the homofication of nz and some of the new laws the government are trying to pass to make sure this all turns out the way they'd like it to.

in case you don't know, labour mp louisa wall's "same-sex marriage bill" had it's first vote (conscience vote) august 29 and passed with 80-40. it requires a select committee hearing and a further 2 votes before it can be passed into law. our zionist pm john key says that may be 6 - 12 months away. he has also said he expects things to get 'tougher and nastier'. strange choice of words?

but wait henry, it's not going to stop there. that very night, after the vote for gay marriage, another member had her bill pulled out of the 'ballot'. personally, i don't think there's any 'ballot' at all.

henry, sometimes i really feel like i'm living in a viper's nest. nz used to be a great country to live in but i see it eroding further and further faster and faster. prostitution is legal. it's not enough for the gays that they got their 'civil unions', now they want 'marriage'. it's not enough for gays that, when they chose their lifestyle they should have negated any need or desire for children, now they want to be able to adopt them too. the child abuse statistics in nz are absolutely horrifying - heterosexuals these days, in this place can't seem to do it properly but they try to brainwash us that queers can.

this country, as much or maybe more, as any other country in the world is fully in the vice-like grip of satanic possession. nz is a country of devil worshippers that don't even realise that they are.

have you ever heard of ian wishart? he's a nz reporter who speaks about alot of the same stuff you talk about. i'm reading a book of his at the moment called 'eve's bite'. i learnt about marshall kirk and hunter madsen from that book.

they call nz 'godzone' as in god's own. not me. i call it 'god's gone'.

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