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Again, Zionists Set Up Jews for Holocaust

May 31, 2010

israel_navy_boar_675541artw.jpgby Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Israel is the primary source of anti-Semitism in the world today, and jeopardizes the security of all Jews. Proclaiming itself the "Jewish State" but acting as a rogue state, Israel exposes all Jews to revulsion and retribution. 

The murder of Gaza peace activists provides more evidence that the actual goal of Zionism is not to protect Jews from anti-Semitism but in fact, is to create anti-Semitism.

The purpose is to make Jews a pariah unto the nations with no choice but to follow Zionist dictates.

Eventually, they will be sacrificed for Zionist goals, as they were in the holocaust. This is because Zionism is a Masonic (Illuminati, cabalist, satanic) secret society intent on building a totalitarian New World Order. The majority of Jews have no part in this, except to be sacrificed again for a cause of which they have no inkling.

Zionists are stripping Israelis and Jews of moral legitimacy so they can be liquidated again without any compunction. And most Israelis and Jews  cooperate by supporting Israeli outrages with feeble excuses, blithely indifferent to the possible consequences.

Do the moral arithmetic: In 2006, Israel kills 1400 Lebanese and inflicts $10 billion in damage because 2 soldiers are captured. In 2009-10, Israel kills 1300 Gaza civilians and levels countless buildings because of a few popgun rockets. Now this- killing unarmed international peace activists bringing aid to the beleaguered Gazans.

Israel jeopardizes the security of Jews everywhere by its actions. Similarly, in 1933, Samuel Untermeyer, representing organized Jewry, "declared war" on Nazi Germany. This while a half a million Jews still lived in Germany and were subject to Nazi reprisal and persecution! Jews today are hostages to Israel's shameless behavior. 


Israel would never have been created if it were only "a Jewish Homeland." Israel is intended to be the capital of the Rothschild Cabalist World Empire. Ordinary Jews have no role in this except as cannon fodder.

My grandparents died in the holocaust. I blame the Illuminati bankers who brought the Nazis to power.  I blame the Zionists for collaborating with the Nazis. I blame the Zionists for preventing European Jews from being rescued. I blame Zionists for stopping aid from reaching ghettos. I blame Zionists for rounding up Jews and sending them to concentration camps. I blame Zionists for sabotaging Jewish resistance.

Israel was not created as result of the holocaust. It was the other way round. The Nazis were brought to power partly to force Jews to set up Israel for the Rothschilds and the Illuminati.  


History is full of ironies!  The "freedom flotilla" reminds me of the ragtag Haganah ships who ran the British blockade to bring Jewish refugees to Palestine. Now it is deluded young Israelis playing the role of the British.

Before it was Jews who were starving in a ghetto surrounded by Nazis. Now it is Palestinians in a Gaza ghetto surrounded by Jews!

As usual, the Israelis are trying to portray the murder of 20 unarmed peace activists as an act of self defense. Machine gun toting commandos were attacked with sticks!!! One commando got skim milk powder thrown on his clean, freshly pressed uniform!

This is the classic Zionist tactic: despoil and kill and take everything. Then blame the victim for raising a hand in protest. Anti-Semites!!

Of course, the pathetic Zionist-controlled western media takes the Zionist line. 

Most Jews are decent, good people. They believe in the Moral Order not the new world order.

Zionists aren't Jews.  It's about time more Jews realized it.


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Netanyahu and his fellow Zionist-Israeli "Pirates" were FULLY AWARE that Turkey's PM had informed Israel the ships were carrying NO ARMS (or "Terrorists"). Read below...

    Excerpts from a recent column by Paul Craig Roberts...
     Americans will never hear from the US media that Turkey's prime minister Erdogan declared that the aid ships were carefully inspected before departure from Turkey and that there were no terrorists or arms aboard:
    "I want to say to the world, to the heads of state and the governments, that these boats that left from Turkey and other countries were checked in a strict way under the framework of the rules of international navigation and were only loaded with humanitarian aid."

     Let us hope the above statement by Erdogan will be read by the knee-jerk Israeli apologists including LImbaugh, Hannity, Newt Gingrich - and Silly Sara Palin (didn't McCain's staffers say on TV she was the "DUMBEST woman" they ever handled? Palin just proved it again with her flippant, juvenile Facebook blog, defending the Israeli raid, calling the people on the Aid ships "thugs" and "enemies.")
   *Read the following... Proof Israel committed an international crime, by unlawfully attacking and seizing a ship in international waters, injuring and killing persons in the process...
    ALL AT SEA   By Yvonne Ridley
    Excerpts only...
    June 01, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- I wonder how many of you remember the hijacking of the Italian cruise ship the Achille Lauro way back in October 1985?
    And this is the reason for the brief history lesson - under article 3 of the Rome Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation of 1988, it is an international crime for any person to seize or exercise control over a ship by force, and also a crime to injure or kill any person in the process.
     The treaty necessarily adopts a strict approach. One cannot attack a ship and then claim self-defence if the people on board resist the unlawful use of violence.


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Comments for "Again, Zionists Set Up Jews for Holocaust"

Keith said (June 2, 2010):

How Zionist Israel, the Synagogue of Satan, is following an old, Satanic-Freemasonic script to bring about WW3 in order to wipe out Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and pave the way for a New World Order!

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose
deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."
Since the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, world events, and in particular in the Middle East, show a growing unrest and instability between Modern Zionism and the Arabic World. This is completely in line with the call for a Third World War to be fought between the two, and their allies on both sides. This Third World War is still to come, and recent events show us that it is not far off.”

See full story at:

This explains why Israel and The U.S.A. are committting war crimes and terrorist activities against Islamic nations on a regular basis. Zionists have infiltraited American government and are using America to achieve their goals!

See the following for the names of these criminals:

“Jew Traitors: Master List (Part I)”

“300 Zionist-Controlled Reps 'Sign' Allegiance To Israel”

Bob said (June 1, 2010):

If it were to be discovered that Israel did 911, it would be put in the same box that the killing of the activists puts it in. Americans don't put up with people killing Red Cross or aid workers. Doesn't matter what your cause is. Israel just crossed the line and hasn't realized it. It just branded itself as a nation of thugs.

Bruce said (June 1, 2010):

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I’m mad that every minute of every day I’m sick to my stomach over what’s happening in Gaza. I’m mad that my government abstained from the U.N. resolution calling for a ceasefire. I’m mad that while the rest of the world condemns Israel’s war crimes, our Congress passed a resolution giving them America’s unconditional support. I’m mad that my tax money is being used to supply Israel with weapons that are slaughtering fellow human beings.

But most of all as a Jew, I’m mad at Jews. Not just Jews in Israel and not just Jews in America who actively support Israel, but the ones who passively allow these atrocities to be committed by a self-proclaimed Jewish state without so much as a word of protest.

The Jewish tradition is based on law and social justice, both of which are being violated in an appalling criminal act by Israel. Gaza was first turned into a concentration camp where the prisoners were deprived of their basic needs and rights. Then Israel marched in and began exterminating Palestinian people, stating that the goal was to rid them of their democratically elected government.

As the genocide continues with the United States blessing, the bodies of men, women, and children pile up in the streets and morgues. Thousands have been cruelly wounded, families literally blown apart, their homes and neighborhoods utterly destroyed. It doesn’t matter who “started it,” there is no justification for Israel’s disproportionate war on the Gazan people.

Given our past, it makes me physically sick and mad as hell that Jews the world over are not uniting in one loud voice against this hideous atrocity, for which all Jews bear responsibility, and will ultimately pay the price. Israel is fomenting anti-Semitism around the world and attacks on Jews are already beginning.

So I say as a Jew to all Jews who do not stand up for law, justice, human rights, and an immediate ceasefire: shame on you. You may have doomed us all.

Steve said (June 1, 2010):

You're definitely correct Henry - the Zionists are going to bring great anger against the decent Jews. To an experienced researcher, it's obvious! BUT to the average Joe, getting this info via the general media I cannot see anything but the average man getting enraged by this incident! Its been done on purpose.

These Zionist people hate Christians and Jews! I will pray to God to protect us !

You know that God has a plan for both Christians and the descendants of Jacob - Satan hates that plan

In the bible it says that Christ [God in the Flesh - Messiah] can not return unless the [corporate] Jews calls for Him to come from their hearts first. That's a condition before Christ can return!!! Satan knows this and that's why Satan wants to wipe out all/most Jews - Yes Henry you have just learned a great truth! Satan thinks this is his earth forever and wants it to stay that way! Satan's greatest fear is the return of the Messiah! and he will go to any lengths to prevent it! If that means wiping out all Jews and Christians, he won't hesitate! Christians because they are to be the [corporate] bride of Christ and join him in at His return to defeat him and his minions.

Clark said (May 31, 2010):

You are very correct about Z causing another holocaust for all Jewish people.
I am hearing it when I shop in Walmart, various other places.
I do not agree with that return to such a horror again.
My father was at Buchenwald with General Patton.
He saw General Ike leave the side of Patton and go to a drainage ditch and throw up for a few minutes.
Z must be replaced.

Dan said (May 31, 2010):

You make what I believe is maybe the most important point regarding Zionists using Jews.

As the Jesuits say: "Give us a child till he is seven and he is ours for life.

In my opinion: Religion, party politics, secret societies, and nationalism, etc. are all examples of divisions used in divide and conquer.

"Through deception thou shalt wage war"

When the smoke clears it is suddenly
"last man standing"
Then all the "righteous" combatants
will be no more to interfere
with the foolers' rise to world domination.

MINIONS get even more contempt from the users
that have commandeered these useful idiot groups
then the victims do...

So will go Israel if the brainwashed don't wake up...

Prolly so will go us all...

Peter said (May 31, 2010):

Alan Hart wrote "Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews". Neturei Karta Jews and other True Torah Jews equate Zionism with Nazism.

You are correct in saying that the Jews are yet again being set up for another pogrom by their Zionist enemies. So why are intelligent Jews supporting Israel and the Zionist DECEPTION en masse? They keep going to their synagogues, they keep supporting Zionist Israel and they keep quiet about the real nature and agenda of Zionism - which is a threat to their very existence and that of their children.

Only Jews can rescue Jewry from what is clearly brewing on the horizon. You and other enlightened Jews ("Jews against Zionism", "Jews say NO", Neturei Karta Jews, etc.) are trying to do the right thing BUT if there is not greater urgency in these efforts, Jews will be exterminated along with the real Zionist criminals (sub-human demons, actually)!

John said (May 31, 2010):

I just saw your latest posting. As a Jew, I am shocked and horrified by what the Israelis have done to this humanitarian shipping convoy.

With regard to your comments about Jews being set up for another holocaust, do you believe this will involve Israel being attacked by a nuclear armed Iran?.

Do you believe Diaspora Jews such as who live in North America will ever see any sort of government sanctioned persecution from Canada or the USA?. With both Canada and the USA being such multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-lingual, multi-cultural places these days which were built by immigrants, I find it very difficult to envisage a Nazi style political party taking control of Canada or the USA and persecuting Jews. What are your thoughts on this possibility?



The primary threat of a holocaust is in Israel. I suspect Iran has nuclear weapons and this conflict over their acquisition is a charade.

As for the West, things could get nasty in a severe depression. If the Illuminati feel threatened, they will try to offload blame on average Jews. All they need to do is say, "the Jews did 9-11."

Omar said (May 31, 2010):

Doesn't this whole fiasco just seem staged ?

Like... someone encouraged the aid ship... and knew this would be the outcome ?

Is the NWO now going to destroy Israel ?

Nick said (May 31, 2010):

I have lived with all kinds of jews in new York in the course of my life and have never found 1 Jew that was not a Zionist. I have been spit on, told I am not their kind and lost many friends because they became of age and were told by their parents that they can only associate with god’s chosen people.

Where are these innocent Jews you speak of?



Hiding under a rock, apparently.


Steve said (May 31, 2010):

While I was appalled and saddened by what I saw this morning in the news, I cannot say I was the least bit surprised. When I read the article on your site describing the irony and similarities to the Dunkirk flotilla, the first thing that passed through my mind was, “The Israelis aren’t ever going to let those ships through. They’re going to claim the ships were carrying weapons, or some other nonsense and they’re going to board them with commandos, long before they ever get to Israeli waters.” Imagine my utter shock (rolls eyes) when I switch over the and saw that’s exactly what they did, killing a bunch of them.

It seems to me that the NWO creeps set the whole thing up to create a crisis atmosphere all centered on Israel and the middle east, once again. Keep the heat turned up, and everyone focusing all their attention and displeasure in that direction by sowing the seeds of war and strife, and then ride in to “fix it”. This whole thing smells like a set-up. If someone like me can see through the façade, it’s got to be pretty damned thin. God help us all.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at