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Satanist Insider Gloats Over Dire Prospects

April 1, 2011

SATAN_Logo_baph.jpg"It is again time to reallocate the wealth of the world. We are doing this through an economic depression the likes, depth and suffering of which no one has yet seen."

Gaping at the Dapper Men
With Derby Hats & Canes.

[Disclaimer: We do not endorse this viewpoint but present it for informational value. For example, AJF attributes atrocities like Hiroshima to Christians when they were carried out by his satanist precursors.] 

by A.J. Fozdyke


The Alpha Lodge and its system of Magick have helped many individuals to advance towards their Godhead. In this we continue to use the dregs of society to achieve Our aims. So what? Doesn't everybody?

Currently it is again time to reallocate the wealth of the world. We are doing this through an economic depression the likes, depth and suffering of which no one has yet seen. Think of the Great Depression only more so: longer and deeper. But we will never wholly rid ourselves of the herd, because that would yield a poor return on Our investments. Try to imagine the agony and ecstasy of Our will to be; the Usher of Desecration and the coming of Vindex.

Honestly I feel some compassion. Aiwass states in Liber Al "...Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world."

And I am a King to my Prince! That said, humanity desperately needs to be cleansed and freed from the worthless, the wretched and the weak. I have lived a truly great life and yet I feel the weight of my years. My Deities have given me many things. I honestly have no regrets of which to speak. I feel like I'm living a prophecy. Not a biblical prophecy, but one based on forethought and unadulterated truth.

 'Now is my time to seek the glory of my Gods that I may one day walk with Satan, in His world and with His bride.'

What's happening in Libya is a diversion. People are being tortured and killed in the Gaza Strip but no one gives a damn about that, do they? It's called cognitive dissonance or the cataract of denial. Same in Japan.

Everyone is worried about radiation but no one mentions Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Hardly anyone knows that Xtains dropped the bombs on Japan more than six months after the Japanese government was desperately trying to end the war. Those who followed their loving saviour couldn't drop 'the bomb' on white people.

In Libya what's going on is a stage show to hide what's happening in Saudi Arabia and it's all about oil and the American dollar. And just by the by, it won't save the dollar and America is doomed. We organized that by giving the plebes what they want. Although the masses hate the thought of being controlled, most wish to be controlled. Freedom, power and sovereignty are only words to them!

It's O.K. when followers of the 2000 years dead, gay, Jewish bastard torture, maim, kill and engage in unspeakable acts of pointless cruelty, but somehow we of the left-hand path are evil! It's the will of Ialdabaoth when Palestinian kids are incinerated with white phosphorous bombs or Japanese babies were vaporized by nukes, but it's evil when we exploit, initiate and sacrifice! Yours is a hate filled, vengeful deity killing all before him, babies included: see Leviticus 26:16-39 or Joshua 7:19-26.

Our Prince is a realistic God who answers those which call upon Him. He is 'contradictory defiance: challenging in its purest...archetypal, shape-shifting form. His is the forbidden fascination that creates, nourishes, destroys and redeems. The Prince of the Earth, the Lord of the Air, the Darkness of the Deep, and the God of Fire! The terrifying and majestic Other, reflected in the unimaginable.'

We give the filth what they whim that they want! The Manipulators of the Alpha Lodge are some of the most obsequious, kind and helpful individuals you'll ever meet. We help the sheeple firm up their ideals and notions until these are so rigid they can be broken like glass.

The best way to control is through co-operation. In America we gave them the lightweight Kenyan as a precursor to the one who's coming. And we'll continue to give them the presidents they want.

In Australia we let the white trash think they chose Julia, but she isn't even their prime minister and Australia has no valid parliament. This was orchestrated in order for the Australian government to be more easily manipulated by those that we're kept in the loop.

It's all in the open! There's less reason to hide. Do Aussies care? They're too interested in another Royal wedding. You think that we're not intimately associated with the British establishment and royal family? You think Churchill the Druid wasn't in our hands? The war is now almost over. There is and will be no opposition to; no battles against Our future. We control the political parties; the economists; the educational curricula; the media and many of the evangelical churches. If I was stupid enough to name some names I wouldn't be believed anyway. The young are already Ours.

Sheeple don't play to win. They have been dealt cards to a circus act game they don't know how to play, so they act safe whilst feeling morally superior to the winners: irrational beings capable of semi-rational thought. Their strength is a function of their morality: the more they have, the weaker they are.

One of Our axioms is that even if you tell the truth, perhaps because you tell the truth, no one will believe you. The masses have a strong, but nurtured, imagination coupled with the inability to distinguish the existential conditions of their lives from their hopes, fears, wishes and dreams. The common man is a domesticated primate who lives (if you can call it that) in Limbo. We control the zoo.

By working tirelessly, quietly, secretively and intelligently the disciples of the world and the apostles of apostasy can finally taste the culmination of their dreams. The idealist will always lose to the men and women of passion and commitment with a goal. The idealist works for the 'right' reasons, but we enjoy Our work. The future stretches before Us as Our Prince's.

We will seek Our happiness in victory but never in peace!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist Insider Gloats Over Dire Prospects"

Kate said (April 3, 2011):

The "dialectic aka diaprax" was 1st used in the garden of Eden with Eve by the serpent. It is known as "dragonspeak". With almighty God there is only Truth or Lies and there is NO middle ground. So many of the compromised 501c governmental owned greedy pastors are filling Gods followers with Lies and Deceptions. These same "Profits of Greed "called evangelical leaders are teaching another Jesus. They teach what their true master, the government tell them to teach with political correctness or they lose their tax- exempt status Remember, one can't serve 2 masters. These satanists are leaders in the church and are the sunday school teachers who are teaching your kids. They speak the name of Jesus, but their hearts are of their father satan. One is either circumcised of the heart, or is circumcised in the flesh. Again, there is no in-between with the omnipresent and only True and most Powerful and Faithful God..After reading many of the comments, I wanted to speak to the believers in Jesus Christ the Savior. This is the time to get quiet and be still spending alone time with the Father on your knees in prayer and "studying" the word of the Lord. Here is an absolutely wonderful website :
For we whom testify that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, was crucified and arose on the 3rd day do indeed have the Love of the Truth.( No, I am not affiliated with the website what so ever, but it is one of very, very few sites that studies the word of God in Love and in Truth).

Saul said (April 3, 2011):

Dear Henry,
Your articles from the satanist are interesting, but i don't understand his modus operandi. If he believes in satan, then surely he should believe in God? Then wont he also know what happens in revelations where the unbelievers are cast into the lake of fire Etc, so whats the point of being a satanist?

Michael said (April 2, 2011):

You posted another excellent article by someone else that reached out and touched the very heart and soul of the state of the world..! An excellent article indeed, that although I am not a part of, I do agree with what he says regarding what is happening to society. Mankind in general is being given exactly what they know why..? It is because in spite of what they say and preach.."they love not the truth", and that truth is not Jesus. It is inevitable that they will and can be deceived. Stupid ignorant sheep..christians, a scourge on humanity. In their ignorance, the very one that they raise up and adore as the savior of mankind is by default the very one in ideology that your satanist contributor has sworn his loyalty to. What it boils down to the true God of Israel hates human blood sacrifice of the first born..always has, always will...The Jew that you despise in reality are the ones the whole world will cling to..The true Jew, and follower of the true God would never bend the knee to an idolatrous representation of a human blood sacrifice...they were sent into the diaspora because of practices like these.! .Get it right or be manipulated and deceived with the rest of the brain dead herd. God has sent that strong delusion to the world to weed out the liars who have for years already been preconditioned to accept anything with little resistance. The Spirit of Truth is watching Henry.!

Post more of these articles..The guy is actually trying to do your readers a favor..!

Michael David Warren Author: Into The Rabbit Hole

RWBH said (April 2, 2011):

You attribute the quote on the compassion of kings in Book of the Law to Aiwass, but as you know, Aiwass only delivered the message. The author of the second chapter was Hadit. While Nuit is a form of Nut and Ra Hoor Khuit a form of Horus, just who is this Hadit? Can you find him anywhere in mythology under that name?

FYI Hadit is a form of Atum (whose connection is part of the significance of the imbedded codes in Liber AL) who previously incarnated on this planet as Victorian poet Robt Browning.
More importantly, his wife EBB is the author of the first chapter of Liber AL. That is why an anagram of Anubis says Ba is Nu.

AJ, did you know, and can you tell me why Crowley's moniker TOMEGA THERION easily changes to say TO ME GATHER (Z)ION?

For the missing Z and the rest of the story, why not visit the following site which expounds these things.

Finally, LOVE is the law, not Satanic Pscyhopathism, so work on that, why don't you?

Chris said (April 2, 2011):

Dear A.J. Fozdyke,

I forgive you and will pray for you.

Chris said (April 2, 2011):

Dear A.J. Fozdyke,

I forgive you and will pray for you.

Heath said (April 2, 2011):

think this so called "satanist" Fozdyke has betrayed his ignorance of his own "so-called" religion. Ialdabaoth is the name of a gnostic archon. In the Gnostic religion (founded by Simon Magus-former friend but later opponent to Jesus Christ) the archons are fallen angels who rule the material universe. Separated from the true god, they sought to set themselves up as gods over man, controlling man through his viceand ignorance, keeping him trapped in a cycle of re-incarnation. Not all Gnosticism was satanic, many considered themselves Christians. These Gnostics believed that through the knowledge taught to them by Jesus (and others) Man is able to surmount the Archons because because spiritually Man is superior. The archons have no power except deception. in certain Gnostic christian sects, simply by knowing the names of the Archons a soul seeking heaven can surmount them. I doubt a true satanist, a worshiper of these archons, would reveal the name their chief Archon overlord to the "ignorant" readers of your site. In the Pistis Sophia, a gnostic-christian text, Jesus Christ reveals the existence and names of the Archons to his followers so that they can defeat them. In some sects, Ialdabaoth is equated with Jehovah, a false Jewish god of War and Storms. To these men, Jesus Christ taught that he was sent from the true god, an infinite consciousness of light and love, responsible for all creation in the universe, including good and evil.

In my opinion, these people (the satanists) are ignorant psychopaths, who use ancient religion to justify their criminal actions. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way in exposing these F***ers.

Michael said (April 2, 2011):

Satan is a trickster. He offers nothing because he has nothing. He like Federal Reserve Banking!!!!

Even choice has been given to us by God, Christ wants us to come to him willingly and to understand our choice. Sounds like Satan
wants souls kicking and screaming all the way. Yes we do make bad choices as humans. Dropping bombs is a sign that we are not
close enough to Christ, this is not a power of Satan!!!! Satan lies and deceives!!!

This latest post gives me the opinion time is even shorter and words speak of more desperation by the dark side. Why they have to
convince themselves, I do not know, but every post by them shows their week hand which just confirms Christ is all powerful!!!

As for they will make it really really bad!!! Yes of course, their power to destroy, no big deal. They are children. They do it by taking away money,
which is a human creation, and an illusion!!! The question to them is how they plan even keep together a colony of empty soul starved
people without them killing themselves?? If all good people leave and evil is only left, Satan ends up with no-one to rule, and still is LOOSER!!!!!
You can add as much good to bad........ you still have bad. In end, evil self destructs!!! Maybe they ready to throw up white flag, they
know they have already lost!!!

Oh maybe they have back up plan, cages for everyone, prisons for mind maybe!!! Gee, doesn't seem so all powerful to me!!!! I can
say this because Satan has NO Power over me!!! ((((-:

My choice is Christ, and yes I would rather die than to give my soul to anyone but Christ!!!

Greg said (April 2, 2011):

The article from Fozdyke is absolutely what's happening. People want to deny history. All one has to do is look back 70 years ago at WWII. How many innocent people died for being ignorant. Same will come to Amerika and its sheeple for supporting the Fascist/Communist/Plutocracy.

I give it six months. Maybe sooner.

A.J. Fozdyke said (April 2, 2011):

Thank you for publishing "Gaping at the Dapper Men With Derby Hats & Canes," although I note that you changed the title, which was both a hint at where to keep one's eyes and an in-joke within the Alpha Lodge. (L.T. Martin's work – both musically and elsewise - remains deeply appreciated as well. His Last Train to Heaven was a great joke.)

The web references you kindly published won't change anything. That's why I referenced them. Australians don't care that their Westminster system of democratic government is a sham. Americans likewise no longer care that Our initiates helped sponsor the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (2001), lay claim to helping curtail various freedoms and 'human' rights and helped establish the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. We advised on travel and financial restrictions, suggested militarizing police forces and sponsoring vast invasions of sheeple's privacy. Our stratagems encourage terrorism, bolster the war on terror, support the use of torture, abductions, and holding prisoners for indefinite terms.

Under Our instruction the American government has strengthened Iran whilst concomitantly increasing the threats to Saudi Arabia and consequently to America's oil, guaranteeing war and raising exponentially the chances of direct attacks against Americans! Following the game plan, the US government curtails the freedoms of Americans and subjects them to increasing indignities, invasive assaults and unconstitutional measures. And the funny thing is that Australian and American citizens just can't get enough! Same everywhere! Sheeple are the same wherever they're farmed!

Throughout history leaders have always defenestrated justice and human rights for power whilst committing crimes so that they can maintain and wield that power. We fully appreciate that the herd consecrates this.

One day soon Our alacrity will be much better appreciated.

Paul said (April 2, 2011):

STOP BELIEVING the lies that these demon-possessed little minions like AJ Fozdkye are spreading.

Next, move against these minions like AJ Fozdkye by having them arrested and jailed. Prison was made for people AJ Fozdkye. That's why we have it. You don't want the "lunatics running the asylum" as it were, yes? Plus it's easier to move against the small minions than it is to move against distant bureaucrats. It's easier to file a claim against a cop for exceeding his jurisdiction (

Doug said (April 2, 2011):

Fozdyke, the demons within you were likely drooling with excitement while Jesus was being driven to the cross, believing as they did that their triumph was imminent and that no man could continue to love throughout a day of mind boggling pain and demonic attack while separated from the Father. Yet Jesus proved them wrong and proceeded to win the greatest victory in the history of the universe on behalf of the sheeple.

I suggest you and your legion have short memories and will be disappointed once again come Armageddon.

Martin said (April 2, 2011):

Thank you for being here on this place to allow those such as this sad fool ( AJF ), to express his view. I would read his former rantings
with trepidation and fear almost, but this his latest rant would lead me to pity this fool. I think it sad this " man " would be lead astray
despite his seeming intelligence, but he will find his master has a plan for him, so I would wish him God speed. He is quite right in his
thinking of the control of our world and he is quite right as to the sheeple within, but his faith in his so called lord and his mortality
is his great weakness ( thankfully ).

I would have read his rantings in former posts with some dread, but I now read his meander as the ranting of a deluded and arrogant fool. He
would seem somewhat sad in this his latest arrogant rant so I would try to find some forgiveness in the sadness I feel for him. His
deities have given him many things, and he would be a king to his prince as he would sneer the suffering of Gaza, but he would do well
to think of those as being of this mortal world. My Prince, my King, and my God will in the end have his sway and it is I think not of this

As I said Henry, thank you for giving this cretin the space to rant and jeer. I had thought as I first read of him as to this cretin should not be allowed to print his thoughts, but as I read his deluded rant as to his master and his plan I would try to find strength in those who would read and oppose him and his ilk. He is in the sad
scheme of things I think winning to some degree, but in reading his thoughts we would try to make more effort in educating people as to
the plans of this bastard.

Cleaner said (April 2, 2011):

Does Fozdyke think that pretending to go to a church and pretending to pray makes you a Christan? These are people who go to church in order to conclude business transactions, not because they have any Faith.

As is the classic case with all who follow the evil one... they reveal partial truths to mislead people into a big lie. If we look back to all cases in the past 2000 years, all those who committed such acts of cruelty and evil were in fact satanists like Mr. Fozdyke himself - they had to be because they obviously didn't believe in Christ's teachings. No doubt, someone 100 years from now will imply, never directly lie mind you, but just vaguely imply that Fozdyke was most certainly part of a Christian sect. Why bother with details and say that it was an 'Anti'- Christian group?

It's a bit like telling someone that taking cyanide will cure their headaches permanently. It's absolutely true... but is it the truth? Of course not.

While I don't doubt your groups destructive potential, you control all the leaders, all the money, and all the levers of power. But you always have since day one. So what?

It was the devil himself who in desperation and fear offered Christ all those kingdoms in the desert so long ago. How would he be able to offer them if he didn't own them? And what was Christ's response? After wandering alone in the heat and cold and fasting for forty days in the desert, He looked your master, the prince of this world with all of his wealth, in the eye and politely told him to get stuffed. Because He was only going to bend His knee for the One True God. Not a pretender to the throne.

And now YOU are going to call Christ names? Yeah - I can understand that. Christ exposed the lie for what it was and you hate Him for it. For all the power you have - it means nothing in the long run. We will all die and we will all be judged. The only thing which you can do is try to subvert God's Plan as much as possible in order to drag as many souls into hell as possible. And that will only happen when there are none of us left to stand up to your lies.

Thank you very much Mr. Fozdyke, but we're not gullible enough to believe your tripe and we will not take the blame for all of the evil your lackeys have done over the past thousands of years - from your Masonic presidents on down to the pharaohs. And yes, we did stand up to them - truth to power every time - and each time we were struck down. Those are the people we call The Saints... our heroes, who all lead back to the original Hero, Hi-Ro, Chi-Rho (XP) or Christ as we call Him.

Wave said (April 2, 2011):

We all appreciate that you are as a king in the eyes of Lucifer, Mr. Fozdyke, truly we do. But what’s up with the malignant narcissism and contempt for the human race? Does your arse not point to the ground like the rest of us? And enough already with the Alpha-Xtian blame game! (everyone knows that the Jesuits, chief stage-managers of the ‘circus act’, are your brothers-in-arms). You can excoriate the underclass all you like, but the fact remains that ‘the fish rots from the head’.

Pat said (April 1, 2011):

- It is the little people that matter.
- His arguments are devoid of logic and full of fallacies
- This is perhaps his most pitiful attempt yet
- Morality is not a just a tool, it is not an end in itself, ie. puritans
- "One word of TRUTH conquers the whole world" - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a man who clearly saw through the difference between good and evil.

Christian S said (April 1, 2011):

“But we will never wholly rid ourselves of the herd, because that would yield a poor return on Our investments.”- A.J. Fozdyke

A thing about ”The Harvests”, what the Satanist may not have thought of is the causes of such events in REALITY ..meaning WHERE the souls/people are harvested TO? the “here after”, right? These people will go to the other side, yes

..and this is the same “here after” to where the people doing the “harvesting” will also have to go to one day.

Now.. What if this cosmos, where we live in is a concealed one (of course we might at some point grow out of it ..maybe not). Meaning the “here after” would exist within the same cosmos as this atomic-world. This would mean, and this kind of cosmos is suggested in the ancient scriptures, that the “human here after” is actually on this very same planet ..yes? wouldn’t “harvesting” in this kind of cosmos then actually mean, that the satanic “harvesters” are actually FILLING the other side with people they piss of on this side of the two (or more) worlds?

And when Satanists are only a tiny fraction of Earth’s population, and the Earthly-oven is creating more and more people all the time, that you tend to “harvest” quite frequently ..So the “other side” is getting more and more crowded all the time, yes? ..meaning, the more you harvest, the more there is people on the other side to wait for you

..wouldn’t this mean, especially when the other-side is aware of what is going on around here ..that at some point you Satanist will be quite …Fuct, so to say ..and badly out-numbered at some point?

Have you alpha lodgers thought about this with your “Lucifer”?

(.. his “Lucifer”, in reality is a human-spirit, not a real non-human entity)

But you guys don’t spend much time thinking about the REALITY and how it is constructed, do you? ..with all this being-a-satanist-business on your hands, these things aren’t the priorities?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at