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Rev. Ted Pike & Wife Battle Satanic Forces

January 8, 2012

pike.jpeg(left. Ted Pike & Alynn)

The temptation is to dismiss Ted Pike as a crackpot.
But he is one of the sanest people around.
That's what makes his account so disturbing.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

On Friday Dec. 9, on his radio program, Jeff Rense asked the Rev. Ted Pike, a leading champion of freedom, if anyone had attacked him lately. Pike replied that it was the usual suspects, the ADL and longtime Zionist bootlicker Joseph Farrah.

On Jan 3, in a jaw dropping account, Rev Pike revealed that
just three days prior to that interview, on Dec. 6, his wife of 27-years, Elizabeth Alynn Pike, had committed suicide by jumping off a Portland OR bridge.

He revealed that both he and his wife have been under intense demonic attack from Cabalist Jews for decades for opposing the satanic New World Order.

Yet in the interview, Pike didn't miss a beat. He gave no sign he had just suffered a tragedy, or that his ministry had been under attack from occult forces. He was the brilliant, articulate, credible crusader that we have always held in high esteem.

His story is so incredible, there is a temptation is to dismiss Pike as a crackpot. But he is one of the sanest people around. That's what makes his account so disturbing to me. 

Ted describes the satanic possession:

"The demons willingly volunteered their names through Alynn's voice: Pitcaw, E-yong, Shit, Contention, It-kid-eva, Oink, etc. It became clear as the years went on that Pitcaw, who told Alynn he was her "private demon," seemed to have been stationed in our house while most of the rest went on to other deviltry. 

Many times, in the name of Jesus, I adjured the demons to be gone. To no avail. It became clear we were under attack, as Job had been, by God's permission.  The demons were not particularly afraid of the name of Jesus.  Often they would exclaim mockingly, "Oh, thank Jesus!" or "Jesus, save us!"

Pitcaw almost always went into a rage, shouting "No, no, no!" when I was about to publish a crucial article resisting hate laws, Israel, or Jewish supremacism. One of the two times he said "yes" was when Alynn asked him if she was being attacked because she was my shield, protecting me so I might continue the dangerous work of warning against Jewish supremacism. She also once asked him whom he was really opposing; he said, "The Almighty."

The demons had power to horribly disfigure Alynn's face, pulling many dozens of muscles in contrary directions almost every day.  Just as common were sudden, blood-curdling screams. Such attacks were often accompanied by howling, barking, roaring, growling, vibrating her lips in exhalation, hissing.  Sometimes her tongue would extend to an incredibly long, serpentine distance. Several times her body assumed animal-like postures, crawling over the floor or sofa like a snake or her back arched and her hands raked like a cat.

Every day for nearly six years, Alynn frequently babbled in tongues. Among gibberish, two names were always clear and repeated many times daily. The first was Baal Shem Tob. The second was Shabbathai. Students of Jewish Kabbalism will recognize these as two of the most esteemed and wicked Jewish Kabbalists in history. Baal Shem Tob founded Hassidic Ultra-Orthodox Judaism. He was an 18th century Polish mystic, miracle worker and pivotal subversive pioneer of the world Jewish revolutionary movement.

Another major figure was Shabbetai Zevi, a Turkish Jewish Kabbalist. In 1648 Zevi proclaimed himself messiah of the Jews. His followers, the Sabbateans, became the most opportunistic and ruthless line of Jewish supremacists, conspirators whose depraved values are epitomized by communism and ADL/B'nai B'rith International.  Communism)

I was greeted many mornings by the cheery voice of Pitcaw through my half-awake wife proclaiming, "Baal Shem Tob, Teddy!" or "Shabbathai, Teddy!" Alynn had never heard of these icons of Kabbalist Judaism. Where did she get their names if she was merely suffering postoperative hallucinations? All this caused us to suspect that we were victims of a present-day Kabbalistic curse pronounced somewhere deep within the bowels of the Synagogue of Satan.
"   (End of Quotation)

Alynn was clearly satanically possessed. She was also mentally deranged. She once spent 45-minutes in an outhouse because she thought she could discern the word "love" in the excrement below. Was this bizarre behavior due to a benign brain tumor removed in 2003 or satanic possession?

No matter. Ted also suffered milder variations of these attacks. But he had no brain tumor and he is clearly rational and sane.
He also witnessed articles disappearing and reappearing days later, and many other demonic manifestations.


I believe mankind is satanically possessed, but the concept is so bizarre, sometimes I can't believe it myself. This is cognitive dissonance.

Where the secret Cabalist Jewish leadership hates mankind and has been subverting humanity for centuries, it has  convinced everyone that they are the haters ("anti-Semites") for resisting their own destruction.

When I read Ted Pike's testimony last week, I felt winded and depressed. If Cabalists have these occult powers, our situation is dire indeed. What happened to Ted and Alynn Pike is happening to mankind collectively.

Cabalists have the means to execute their vendetta against humanity. The Illuminati have control of the mass media; government; finance; intelligence agencies and military. Look at what television has become: porn, propaganda, violence and satanism.

The question is, how do we resist this occult attack? Perhaps, Rev. Ted Pike's courage and unwavering determination provide a model.

Ted Pike's latest on Demons  


Comments for "Rev. Ted Pike & Wife Battle Satanic Forces "

Max said (January 9, 2012):

My heart goes out to Rev. Ted Pike and his wife Alynn Pike, who have been exemplars of faith in God, love of humanity, and courage. I read his statement and was able to see his “joy was of a heavenly level” as he was confident that his wife’s final release from suffering was intended by God.

Some Christians believe that demonic possession cannot affect those who have faith in God or that God makes those who He loves suffer, but I personally do not think that is true. What happens to many of us can oftentimes be beyond our comprehension. But let us keep the good fight. Demons and their human agents (e.g. Illuminati, Freemasons, etc.) may control many things on this planet, including organized religion and even the weather, but “they do not control the hearts of God’s people” (emphasis due to Fritz Springmeier).

Steve said (January 9, 2012):

Henry – read the article and the posts/comments…. Very Constantine like… heavy duty stuff you have here

One Bible bit I might add as I get evil thoughts every day – and they must be fended off by the power of Thought and the Holy Spirit in each one’s Mind

Paul/Saul the Jew who in my opinion is the guy who had more feeling than all the Apostles….. Ephesians 6:10-20 the Whole Armor of God – the Shield of Truth, the Sword of the Spirit , the Helmut of Salvation – the Breastplate of Rightousness..

The fiery darts are there every minute and second of every day from the Demons all around us – how we fend them off is up to each one of us….”get behind me Satan” or “in the name of Jesus Christ be gone” is supposed to work and has for me….. the more subtle and devious things I read in the article – well .. I haven’t experienced myself personally …. But I can comment on my daily thoughts that I know have attacked my being – just bad thoughts during each day and you have to kick them out of your consciousness ….. they are the opposite of angel good thoughts as they are demon bad thoughts and if anyone lets them take over their Mind then look out – but as JC said – “if you only have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains” well I have been hoping for that faith all my life … not only to move mountains but Universes as well…. Galaxy’s even….. so it is there if you need to do and have the Faith in Jesus Christ… just the Christ and the Holy Spirit is all you need …. This material body matters but the Soul matters more and is Everlasting and Life Everlasting is worth more than any material things of course….

We will see how it all goes in the near future as always ….if we each only lived by JC’s 2 rules… “Love God with all your heart, soul and mind and Love your Neighbor as yourself” we might just get thru the next while … but what the heck – it’s only life on Earth….many more mansions are out there…. Sad to see what is happening but it is the way of the World… we need to overcome the evil in our thoughts first …. Then move on to kicking out bigger and worse things like old S hisssself…..

Cannot wait for the day …..or is ti here already?

Cheryl said (January 9, 2012):

I called Rev. Pike and spoke to him on the phone the day after his story appeared on the Rense site. He said he is scheduled to give Jeff an interview on this subject on or about January 18th.
I don't think Rev. Pike would object to my repeating a couple of things from our conversation, which will help those who have expressed questions in the meantime.

First, it is not surprising that Rev. Pike said nothing about the tragic death of his wife in the Dec. 9 interview on the Rense show, nor that the video he prepared with his sister-in-law made no mention of the demonic attacks which lasted for the prior six years.

Rev. Pike told me that he never in a million years imagined he would make those struggles with Satan public.

This would explain why there are probably no videos of Alynn and none of the hard evidence in the form of physical proof which some might expect would otherwise be shared with the public. Rev. Pike never had the intention of making this personal, outrageous struggle the focus of his remaining years of life and ministry.

I failed to ask him, 'Why then, Rev. Pike, have you released this story now?' I would call him back, but frankly, I don't want to bother him. He was very cordial when I phoned, but I knew I was
imposing. My purpose in making the call was to personally express, quickly, my sympathy and support.

He explained to me on January 4 (I think it was Jan. 4) that he had already received an overwhelming response to his article from all over the world, and that he was absolutely "stunned" (that's the word he used) to find out that the majority of people fully believed his account, sending him emails of encouragement.

So sometime between Dec. 9 and January 3, in those sad weeks, Rev. Pike realized that he needed to expose the demons to the world.

Here is a caveat. Those who seriously talk/write/teach about demonic possession do not have a history of keeping their good reputations, or even staying alive. Whatever sins they have
had in their past, or weaknesses they have in their personalities, coincidentally or not, become common knowledge -- to rob their work of legitimacy so that their findings are not taken seriously later on.

Nevertheless, the demonic tsunami we face has already claimed many victims, like Alynn. Rev. Pike sees the birth of the State of Israel in 1948 as a milestone of sorts. Certainly, aware Christians
in the 1960's were already sounding a warning that few were ready to heed. The Rite of Exorcism in the Roman Catholic Church is useless today because of the destruction of the true Catholic faith in the same decade, thanks to Vatican II, and the alteration of the Rite of Ordination, the Sacraments, and the Rite of Exorcism, among other things, in my opinion anyway.

What I find most horrifying is that many Christians today refuse to accept that suicide is a non-negotiable one-way ticket to hell. Mental illness is supposed to make all the difference;
but the argument can always be made - isn't suicide itself the result of a form of mental illness?

I have had discussions on this point with preachers of all Christian denominations, and I find their answers confused and misleading. I pity the people in the pews. The inhibitions
against suicide which were always in place are now being removed in the minds of churchgoers and their families.

Now this is exactly what the Devil wants, I believe. Moreover, the demons were so cruelly determined to force Alynn to take her own life that it plainly shows their motivation:
to get another soul to burn in eternal damnation.

This beautiful, graceful, talented and loving woman lost her battle. She lost it forever.

Yes, this can happen to any of us. We must be prepared.

The spiritual battle we face is war. War is never 'fair'. Hell exists. Satan knows the rules of this warfare. He has been practicing them, manipulating them, for many, many centuries.
We must not underestimate him. It seems we always do.

Ty said (January 9, 2012):

I have experienced some of the things that Ted Pike has, but not to the extent of his wife. Because of this, I have no trouble believing his account simply because I have had so many surreal things happen in my life with the only explanation being satanic attacks. I will not bore you with the details, but rest assured, if one takes a stand against Judaism/Talmudism and the anti Christ's plot against all humanity, they will indeed suffer inexplicable things. Even my non believing family is in total awe when they add up the laws of probably concerning the things that have happened to me over the years.

In conclusion, our only safe haven is Jesus Christ and no matter what happens to us mentally, spiritually or physically, if we don't deny him, he will not deny us.Never give up. The Lord will give us the rest we need and will only allow things to happen to us that we can handle. Every sacrifice of spirit, health, "sanity", for the good fight is chalking up more "treasures" in heaven. We are here temporarily. One day we will go home.Christ said ""Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" Please keep that in mind. Peace!

Marcos said (January 9, 2012):

The incredulity of people in First World countries about demon possession reminds me of the case of the German tourist who went to a macumba ritual in Brazil to see the "cultural phenomenon" and found herself rolling on the floor, speaking with a demon's voice. What a surprise ! I have seen demon possessed people with my own eyes. I have seen deliverance. My own mother was once called by the police to calm down a possessed woman whom four men could not hold.

Jesus delivered people from demons, both the crazy and destructive (Mark 5:1), and the silent ones who caused diseases (Matthew 9:20). He gave His followers the same power (Luke 10:19). You just have to tell the demon: "Get out of this woman in the name of Jesus, by the power of the blood of the Lamb." And they go. Sometimes they offer resistance, but eventually they go. Pastors in the US avoid deliverance because it is uncomfortable and sounds "weird". Thanks to Hollywood for making it look stupid.

However, there are conditions: the person must believe in Jesus, otherwise they can very well get a beating, like the unbelieving Jews who tried to imitate the disciples. Also, complete deliverance only happens when the possessed person receives Jesus as Savior, otherwise demons can come back (Matthew 12:45). Demons also have "legal rights" to stay within a person. There may be involvement with the occult, heavy sin or even hereditary curses. These must be renounced. Of course not all evil and disease is caused by demons, but much is.

It is sad that Pastor Pike didn't apply deliverance, a classic, orthodox Christian doctrine, to his own wife. She could be alive today.

I urge your readers to check some books on spiritual deliverance or at least do a simple Google search:
Blood on the Doorposts, by Bill Schnoebelen
The Bondage Breaker, by Neil Anderson
Defeating Dark Angels, by Charles H. Kraft

David said (January 9, 2012):

I've been on Pike's mailing list for some years now and was very moved by his report. I had no idea, but his account is entirely consistent with what I have known for 30 years.

I would say I was not depressed but thought about this for days after impressed by Ted's unrelenting work before and after. I kept thinking about Jesus' cryptic reference to the those who say they are Jews, and are not but are a Synagogue of Satan.

Jay said (January 9, 2012):

You are missing some important points in Ted's ordeal. First off his faith in Jesus did not help him or her. Though he called on Jesus to save her and them it did not happen. To me this is the most important thing to be gleaned from Ted's account. Why? Because the Jesus story as we know it is incorrect. Jesus was a rebel against the archons. He was killed for that rebellion. He was not the son of God unless we believe that we are all sons of God. He did not die for our sins either. He was a man who looked into reality and saw the archons. It is the archons that attacked Ted's wife. It is the archons whom you and Ted call demons. They are real. And I don't mean that they are spirits although they can use spiritual manifestations to gain the upper hand. Archons look for weaknesses and then penetrate through the hole that is formed by that weakness. Ted is a strong upstanding guy who fights the good fight. But his wife had a hole and they got in.

The archons live here with us. They control us. We are their slaves. But there is a God and there are deep and powerful forces that love us.


In the Nag Hammadi, texts, which were found in clay jars in a cave in 1945, they tell of a human like race of beings who secretly rule the planet. They are seriously advanced. They created civilization to serve them. They created religions, political systems, banking, economies, everything. It is all designed to serve them. They created Islam, Judaism and they perverted Jesus's teachings and removed any mention of his rebellion against them. The Nag Hammadi were hidden for over 2000 years by a group who were being destroyed by the archons, probably the same group from which Jesus emerged. I believe that God left them there for us to find now. They are untouched by church or state. They have a clear message from our brothers 2000 years ago. They tell of our enslavement to a cruel and false god.

The archons are real and they still rule us.

Here is a link to a transcript of an interview I did with Rense.

I have a lot more on them. I have been at this for 20 years and I am narrowing it down now.


Olivia adds: Commenter Jay is so right on. Go to and read what is said about the Archons in the nag hammadi scripts. This is really going on.

Marcio said (January 9, 2012):

Do not underestimate satanic forces: they are quite able to do incredible things.

However, remember to protect yourself through prayer and by keeping away from sin.

Even the saintly get tempted or possessed, though. So find your support in God.

Count on my prayers - for you, Pike and for his deceased wife.

God bless you guys!

Dr. James Carlson said (January 9, 2012):

Thank you for your courage to stand with Rev. Ted Pike.
I also read the tragic account of the end of his wife's life on earth. Sad, sad, sad.

Detractors of his account of demon possession have no real knowledge of the spiritual battle in which we are engulfed.
Jennifer's attack has no basis of reality. She has done no real research. She "knows" nothing about demons.
There are some, including myself, who have first hand experience. We know.
Keep up the good fight.

Edin said (January 9, 2012):

To Jennifer (below):

In this article, I haven't seen anything about bile spitting, so I can't accuse Rev. Ted Pike of making up such stuff. From reading material written by a.o. Australian parapsychologist/metaphysician/astral traveler Robert Bruce, I can only conclude that strange voices, visibly disfigured or overshadowed faces are one of the very real phenomena which go alongside demonic posession. In his own book 'Practical psychic self-defense' Robert Bruce gives examples of physical ailments caused directly by demonic posession or young girls talking in an adult, male voice. While I'm not able to confirm Rev. Pike's story fully, the phenomena which are listed in the article seem all too possible to me.

David said (January 9, 2012):


As a 70 years old Jew, I am reading every single one of your articles.
I am amazed that you, almost alone, have been so successful in exposing the evil Zionists and Rabbis who are manipulating our religion.

We, the majority of Jews, have no way to express ourselves, as all the media is totally controlled by 7 satanic/Jewish/Zionist Americans.

I know of Ted Pike for over 40 years. I trust every single word he says.

Dan said (January 9, 2012):

First, I have watched the memorial video for Alynn. It's tragic what happens when the vision of the world dreamed by a new coterie in power interrupts the visions of the losing order, no matter the beauty.
Was she prophetic? Or have the Pikes' visions inadvertently contributed to bringing this future into being?

Either way, she was a sincere woman in life and I'll light a candle for her before Mass this week. Suicide is never the answer. May her burden be lifted now and she be free of the cares of this world.

Jennifer said (January 9, 2012):

I have a great amount of respect for you and your opinions, but I am quite frankly shocked that you would accept this rubbish without a shred of evidence. The Roman Catholic Church and most other mainstream denominations of Christianity acknowledge the fact that Demonic possession exists. However, in all of the research I have done on the subject, nowhere has any documented account of a Church appointed exorcist (and there have been such documented cases in modern times) ever once described the possessed individual acting like a Hollywood interpretation of this phenomena complete with Linda Blair type spitting of green bile, twisting backwards of the head, growling, hissing, levitating, speaking in a demon's voice, ect. This is pure Hollywood dramatization, which if anything, seeks to undermine the possibility that it may really exist.

Where are the photographs and videotape which Ted Pike would have had ample opportunity to take of his demoniacally possessed wife?. Where are the audio recordings of his wife speaking in these demonic voices and tongues?. Why are you prepared to accept such a tall tale without any hard physical evidence?.

You don't typically accept the left-wing junk science used to justify homosexuality and abortion, so likewise why accept this tripe without any proof at all?.

My guess is that his poor wife was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. It has been documented that schizophrenics can talk in two voices at the same time owing to their brains going haywire and simultaneously using two separate areas of their vocal cords. Schizophrenics can also exhibit involuntary muscle spasms which resemble epilepsy. They can and do exhibit superhuman strength and can have involuntary body contortions. It sounds to me as if his poor wife was in need of heavy doses of anti-psychotic medication.

He said his wife could not have known the sames of these Kabbalist elders as she never knew them,
but how does he know for sure?. How does Is it not possible that she may have read some of his works or perhaps heard the name from another individual who studies the Kabbala?.

Again though, why would you believe this without any shred of physical proof?. This is crap right out of the dark ages and the witch hunts of the 16th and 17th century. Its totally beneath the sort of thought provoking and intellectual stuff you usually post.


Thanks Jennifer,

My credulity was strained as much as yours. It does seem strange that Rev. Pike had never mentioned this in 30-plus years, and that he took this tragedy in stride. However, he has always been credible in the 10 years I have known his work, and my policy is to give people I trust the benefit of the doubt until I have a reason not to.


Assim said (January 8, 2012):

Just read your latest article on Ted Pike and his wife. As a Muslim, I am only to aware of the power of occultic black magic and in Islam, this is something that is very real and destructive. A sheik I know strongly advised me to recite two surah's (chapters) from the Holy Quran after every salah (prayer) in order to seek protection from the very type of potential evil that tragically destroyed Ted Pike's wife. I will give you the English translation:

Surah 114. An-Nas

Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind
The king (or ruler) of Mankind
The Allah (judge) of Mankind
From the mischief of the whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper),
(The same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,
Among the Jinns and among men

Surah 113. Al-Falaq

Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn
From the mischief of created things;
From the mischief of Darkness as it overspreads
From the mischief of those who blow on knots
And from the mischief of the envious ones as he practices envy

It helps me get through these dark times.

CJ said (January 8, 2012):

We will win with: Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. God bless you.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at