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Satanist Insider: "The Party is Beginning!"

January 20, 2011


"The Kenyan won't be re-elected. I was told this on New Year's Eve by two of our people from America. Obama will be blamed for the mess that's unfolding."

[Editor's Note: AJF is an Australian satanist who has established his credentials by first releasing this to the world. This material is presented for its information value. We do not endorse the content.]

by Aloysius James Fozdyke

America is an increasingly dark place and this will continue apace. "Change that you can believe in!" A little more change and Americans will be able to buy a coffee. Europe and Asia will follow almost in lockstep. We're coming up to the tenth anniversary. So much has been achieved in a decade. The sheeple appreciate that it's better to live on their knees than to die on their feet. Remember the old 'Duck and Cover' films? Today it's more like peasants under glass. The only problem with treating sheeple like slugs is that your shoes get dirty.

The constitutional issues of Australia, Canada and New Zealand have been put to bed. Freedom will soon be a distant and distorted memory. It won't
alp_200_182.jpgbe so bad. Everyone's already on their knees waiting for Yeshua. We silenced Kelvyn Alp (left.) You can always rely upon the legal profession. Lions beneath the throne and all that. We silenced Ken. As the story will never be published, just take it from me: The constitutional issues of Australia, Canada and New Zealand could have destroyed all of the sacrifice, work and dreams of the Alpha Lodge, efforts going back to long before I was even born. That's not going to happen.

The United Nations isn't interested in national sovereignty. The U.N. is interested in global control. If the constitutional issues had been fixed, this would have destroyed so many well laid plans and conceivably caused international economic and political turmoil. As it was and as it remains, the media and sheeple are otherwise engaged. There's a Writ of Mandamus served on Chief Justice French of the Australian High Court which is to be filed with the Privy Council in early February. That's sorted.

Oil prices are going to rise significantly this year. And oil is the life blood of economies particularly what's left of America's. And American oil prices will rise soon. Your American readers better get used to the truth. They're not getting it from their churches or media are they? They're getting and rejecting it from me!

As I said before: trade barriers will start in earnest this year and coupled with currency devaluation, the emasculation of social security, massive unemployment and losses in the value of real estate, the party will begin. Already fees and levies are increasing and this will lead to crime and the resultant loss of liberties. Big Brother will be watching even more intently than now. Societies are coming apart at the seams, America included.

Corruption will spread outside of government and to the lower echelons of the community. It happens in all economic depressions and this one will be no different. Forget the rule of law. Ghost towns of plywood and plasterboard unwanted, dilapidated and dangerous will change the face of America. The Kenyan won't be re-elected. I was told this on New Year's Eve by two of our people from America. Obama will be blamed for the mess that's unfolding.

Our American guests made a salient point. They said that unlike many countries which are held together by religious or ethnic ties, America and its peoples are held together by 'the American Dream', rising living standards, prosperity and 'the pursuit of happiness'. These intangibles weave together American history, folklore and culture. When these fantasies become obvious chimeras America will cease to exist.

I was told that mandatory blood testing is coming to America, beginning with motor vehicle drivers that the authorities 'believe' to be drunk or drugged. I was also told that these tests are actually to compile DNA databases. I don't know the details but I thought that for what it's worth I'd pass it along.

Prescription medication will be in short supply because few will be able to afford it. This will be one aspect of culling: the survival of the fittest. The baby boomers who grow up expecting the best and living affluently have another thing coming. With the end of their lives staring them in the face and with pension funds already a sick joke the welfare system will be overwhelmed and cease to function.

When the war starts and Iran stops the flow of oil, life will change instantly. American taxpayers have been subsidising Israel for so long it's about time that they got something in return. And they will. Wars are best way of uniting slaves. They'll fight to the death to protect their slave master so that they can go back to being slaves. The only promised hope is the Usher of Desecration. Soon the sheeple will know this.

The left hand path remains the spirituality of the new over-class. Men and women born to become Deities in this life. The multitudes are so decrepit as not to know the value of freedom or life. As such they deserve neither. They are slaves and we will enslave them. In this the Usher will fulfil the longings of the masses before the coming of Vindex.

I can literally smell victory in the morning air! The fools cower and are abased before us. The only agenda is ours, for our agenda is the only option. Now is the time to make a pact with the mighty powers of darkness because nothing can or will halt our domination! The evolutionary current - dammed for nearly two millennia - has been breached.

We will give warfare, not welfare; fiefdom in place of freedom; cruelty for charity and power unimaginable whilst the filth pray! We are warriors, not worriers seeking greatness not goodness. Ours is the demonic not the democratic. For Our Prince offers intelligence in place of ignorance; elitism not equality. Mayhem speaks louder than words as Our God utters the memory and promise of His greatness!

Blesséd are the Warriors for we shall inherit this Earth!

The New World Order will be one of Majesty, Order, Discipline and Honour giving rise to Vindex: The Avenger and Philosopher King!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist Insider: "The Party is Beginning!""

Francois said (January 22, 2011):

They see themselves as warriors ? Let me laugh. They're only good at bending over and riding the gravy. They only laugh because we comply. Remember, they need us much more (not even able to feed themselves) than we need them (none at all, unless we really want authority over our head).

Cornelius said (January 21, 2011):

Aloysius, please make reference to the story of Job. There you shall find the teaching that your master, the prince of darkness, of seduction and lies takes instructions from our Lord, and nothing he can do without His saint approval.

Job’s story is edifying for all of us, including you and your friends, that I consider still humans with the capacity to choose between the true Lord and the false one.

It seems you and your friends went astray into oblivion seduced by the prince of darkness; you lost control of reality. Just have a better look around you inside the laws of life. What happens to parasites? Once the host is conscious of his condition, his efforts go to eradicate the parasite, unless the parasite suicides itself with the killing of fhe host.

Why do you put so much brains, energy and money in parasitism instead of symbiosis?

This planet could be a better place for everyone with efforts for a better education, for stimulating intelligence, creativity, constructive actions and happiness instead of contributing to human decay.

Or maybe that’s why your master and you and your friends were created, for our trial just as for the trial of Job, and finally, when your mission is done and your time is over, your destruction.

Have a thought at this, and don’t be foolish. For your friend Petor is too late..., he is already in the net of your prince of darkness and demons. You are still with the possibility to change your life and your purposes. Remember the Son of man, when offered by your master the kingdoms of the earth? Why do you think He declined the offer? Have a thought at that!

James said (January 21, 2011):

Thank you for your efforts to alert your readers to current and historical events that have and are shaping the real world around us.
As the man says, the satanists are in control. They control the political, military, education, economic, medical, food, transportation, and banking systems of the Western world.

The readers who quote platitudes and Biblical scripture about who eventually "wins" should take note of what the man predicts.

We are at war. Its been going on for a long time. The war is here. It is now. The satanists are attacking us now on numerous fronts.

Unfortunately, too many of our friends, relatives, and neighbors don't realize it. Sheeple don't fight battles, soldiers do. One of the goals of any soldier who fights in wars is to survive to fight another day. Soldiers need buddies to survive in battle. We need each other to survive the battles we face today and will tomorrow. This war "ain't" going away. Its not a dream. I hope your readers have some buddies to rely on as the war gets worse.

Glen said (January 21, 2011):

My reaction to Satanist Insider: "The Party is Beginning!" both surprised and puzzled me. I laughed! Later, at John's recommendation, I read Psalm 37 and found out why. Verse 13 says "The LORD shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming." THAT'S why I laughed. I, too, see that his day is coming.

Malcolm said (January 21, 2011):

There is a cargo cult in Vanuatu. This group believe that some man from the USA is going to return (since his first visit in WW2) and bring with him hundreds of cars, trucks, roads and .......... cargo! Stuff that everyone else has, that they have somehow missed out on. They fully expect this stuff to just materialize without having worked for it ..... and without them even knowing what to do with it. It is a basic failure to understand cause and effect.

Satanists are a little bit like this. They have a plan to trash everything ........ EVERYTHING. They would even trash little children. Unfortunately for Satanists they only ever had what the Sheeple gave away (or was stolen from them).

The Satanists don’t realize that once they kill the host, the parasite will also die. Their reign will be extremely short and self destructive. Unfortunately for them they are just following a plan that is already scripted for them. And of all things by their avowed enemy!

Tony Blizzard said (January 21, 2011):

What most of your responders here are writing shows that they, too, are living in a dream world. All you have to do is read the daily "business section" of any newspaper, even if you don't know how to read between the lines, and you will have already seen that economic catastrophe is imminent in the "west." In many respects, it's already here. So far it has been executed in increments that the majority can still cope with. This without even accounting the political enslavement moves which no westerner would have believed possible just a few years ago. What the satanist writes is what is happening, whether he is an insider or he just reads the papers with understanding.

Life is rapidly changing as indicated already in the manipulated jumps in gas and, especially, diesel prices, because in the west almost every necessity is distributed by truck. Truly, continuing in the current direction, in a short time, with the added engineered collapse of all currencies, there will be murders over a single tomato in a garden.

It is true that God holds the upper hand but I see no evidence whatsoever of this army of Christians, or any other "soldiers" as believers in God. I see engineered decadence, ease, pleasure and comfort as the rule. I see a people made soft, selfish and ignorant who pay no attention whatever to the few who try to warn them of what is coming. More likely, it is the old "kill the messenger" philosophy. The churches are putting most in a sweet, material sleep, not a spiritual defense. This makes words about how great God is easy to write but basically without meaning.

It seems totally forgotten by the vast majority, especially of "church goers," that God has a long history of allowing the most evil and cruel to scourge those who have fallen into giving Him nothing but lip service with no real spirituality, no true belief. The last century was the bloodiest in the recorded history of mankind. But already this century is light years ahead of that record. Most killing being done to this point by the self-righteous, dead wrong, "western" world. The handwriting on the wall this time points squarely at that same west. It looks every day more and more as though it is now our turn. The most spiritual among us will die miserably along with the most godless and the lukewarm. That's how God has always done it, "rapture" or other self-deluding bunk notwithstanding, and we are no exception to His will.

Tim said (January 21, 2011):

Some very good comments here. I would like to point out that what will be his/their undoing is the Sons of God of Romans 8. This is why the earth is going thru its convulsions as of late and will continue to get worse is because all creation groans waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. These are his battle ax and weapons of war that the Father will subdue the earthly kingdoms with. It is as Marisa said,” the light that is coming is Gods light (the Sons, mine) and it will consume and transform all lesser energetic forms and densities.

John said (January 21, 2011):

Henry, in regards to the Satanist letter I would suggest everyone read PS 37. This is a Psalm the LORD laid on my heart when I was getting caught up in the Alex Jones and like current events commentators were spewing the rhetoric of fear. I think the Psalm says it all, I hope its a Divine reminder to all who should be in charge of their lives. GOD bless you Henry and all the best to you.

Psalm 37

Marisa said (January 21, 2011):

This man is in true delusion. The light of God is more powerful than any other energetic entity that exists, including Lucifer or any other demonic force. For those in the know, everything is energy. And all vibrations come under the ultimate power. They may believe that they have the upper hand in the coming time, but in the end, the light that is coming is Gods light and it will consume and transform all lesser energetic forms and densities. All that is unlike itself. They will be the first to face the music. That is something that they themselves cannot change or avoid. They belong to God.

What amuses me is that through all the teachings and secret societies they belong to (teachings I myself am very familiar with), they really don't have a true grasp of the truth. How could they, they are all empowered by their egos and the physical material world. They have inverted and twisted true teachings of the light, nothing good can ever come of this. So for all those that think they are masters of the physical have another thing coming. Because the light of God will never fail.

Time is irrelevant.

''WArrior of the Light''

Debbie said (January 21, 2011):

This Satanic insider mentioned in his first article for your website that - as a proof of his credibility - San Francisco would be severely damaged in the forth coming weeks. Nothing of the sort has happened. Your insider therefore is nothing but a self inflated ego, who assumes he has fingers on taps he hasn't...

S said (January 21, 2011):

There is nothing that this guy says that can't be found in any one of dozens of conspiracy websites. Stop the presses whilst this jackass brays and twirls his moustache....what a joke. Letting him prance out his crap under your name though does you quite a disservice and lessens your own credibility. People like him are nothing new; just like the character of the Duke in Huckleberry Finn, folks just love to hear a tale from a reformed pirate.



If you're too frail to read this material don't. But don't try to suppress it by saying it ruins my credibility. AJF reveals many things of importance, like the whole constitutional issue in Oz, Canada and NZ. There is only one Satanist talking publicly as a Satanist, and he confirms much of what our side is saying. This is his first contribution in more than a month.

Austin said (January 20, 2011):

when will this guy give it up? What he is describing is the emergence, in Christian terms, of the Antichrist system. His prophetic ants about falling politicians and failing economies are well covered in holy writ. As for evil people inheriting the earth, that's true, but only for a short time.

Satanists and witches the world over have been convinced that they are gods, and that they are invincible, but what a sad day for them, as they are thrown into an eternal lake of fire, never to emerge 'victotious, again. A quick read of Genesis chapter 6 will reveal a similar situation just before the flood of Noah's day.

Satan is a liar and a thief, who has come to rob, kill and destroy, and history is replete with examples of what happened when whole cultures turned their backs on God to embrace paganism. Most of them fell within a generation or two due to corruption.

Paganism in any form is really the worship of man/self, and is devoid of any Godly principles. Satanists are no different to other pagans, as they end up at the same conclusion - their own divinity. I find it strange that the ancient Romans also believed their emperors were divine, until certain traitors killed them off with poison, swords and other painful means of execution.

Last time I looked 'gods' couldn't die...

Steven said (January 20, 2011):

I take it A.J. Fozdyke has never been accused of being humble or modest has he?
No doubt your readers will think him a outspoken yahoo right up until events prove him correct. At that point of course there will be no civilized way out.
It will be a situation of kill the satanists and their fans for or be under their boot or be dead at their hands. 99% of the public will find out the hard way.

soldier of christ said (January 20, 2011):

Just like Satan has his evil human soldiers carrying out his demonic plan to destroy our beautiful earth that God created and most importantly to terminate the eternal flight of a human soul in order to give it the same sentence that Lucifer will receive, God also has his soldiers who heard the spiritual call to battle a long time ago. These Goldy soldiers are from all the earth's religions, they are people who made the choice to follow God's laws and love their fellow brothers. They are gifted with supernatural insight, clear minds, courage, strong character and goodness in their souls to mend the spiritual, psychological and physical wounds inflicted on humans by Satan- the hater of humanity. Our leader is God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, our example is Jesus (I speak for Christians now) and we are accompanied by the Holy Spirit who counsels us. We are not seeking power, gold, elitism, human adoration, but we are the salt of the earth and we cover our beautiful planet with prayers which unite us in one consciousness and draw upon all humanity blessings and forgiveness. We live in the world but are not of this world, we are "innocent as the doves, and intelligent like the snakes". We know our enemy well, yet we do not fear the father of lies, horror, deceit, the murderer of souls. We know his tactics of deranging minds, perturbing souls and we guard against his ghosts of doubt, regret, memories, worry, obsessions,disappointment, falsehood, hatred and fear.

The New World Order unleashing is the inversion of God's Order because Satan is always a poor imitator with a demonic twist. That is why we follow God's laws which are meant to protect our mind, body and soul.

God's army of soldiers is ready for battle, we are well trained and superior spiritually to the children of darkness. We travel light, without hatred in our souls and with lots of love and hope because our Leader is the God of the Impossible who loved us enough to die for us.

A Soldier of Christ

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