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"Alpha" Female Instructs Mate-Seekers

August 7, 2012

(left, Nyla)

I'm 28 years old, well-cultured, well-traveled and sophisticated Vietnamese Canadian woman, brought up from upright family with traditional values and norms, whose parents are still married 25+ years.

Alph-Beta Identity Crisis

by Nyla

Men and women nowadays both complain about the difficulty finding  mates.

"Why can't men step up and be REAL men," the women say.   

 "Why are all women all gold digging whores?" say the men.

The Illuminati's degenerate plan to destroy the institutions of marriage and family is working very well. The masses have lost touch with what is natural. They don't stop to ask why they believe the views they do, and who is it really benefiting.

It's time we correct our views on marriages, courting practices and male/female roles in marriages/relationships, so we can have a happy and socially sound society for our children.

- leader
- independent
- strong willed
- assertive
- confident
- high self-esteem
- nurturing
- protectiveness
- compassionate

Here are the three fundamental characteristics that makes a man, a MAN.   I call them the three Ps.

Profess -

It's important if a man is in a relationship or if he is courting someone. Professing and being generous with compliments are very attractive traits and behavior to adopt.  Women love to have their egos stroked, as much as men. Giving genuine compliments is an attractive quality, and a great tool to use.  Making someone smile, laugh and feel good about themselves costs nothing.

Protect -

Women love men who have a strong, masculine energy about them.  It shows through in a man's posture, his confidence, his self esteem, the way he carries himself, how he speaks and treats others.  She needs to feel confident that he can handle himself (not just physically), but in all social environments. He should do things that show that he is there to protect her, like taking the outside of the sidewalk, shielding her from the oncoming traffic.

Provide -

A man's ability to provide is THE most fundamental characteristic that makes him ALPHA.  If he is courting someone, it's definitely not just tradition or customary for men to provide for the entertainment cost. I'd say it's a man's role. 

Men who say, "well, women make more money now, so they should be able to cover their own cost"  are missing the point. You are courting her, not the opposite way around.   

It's the men's role to court (every other male species in nature does, man is no different).  It is unnatural for female to take the dominant role and lead in the courting.  If a woman is doing the courting and paying for things, she's already establishing she's the alpha, and not the guy.  Men need to understand their role and step up to it.

When a man can clearly show he possess these three qualities, it makes them very desirable in many women's eyes.


Most girls and women have NO CLUE the characteristics that make a GOOD woman, the type of woman men want to marry and have a future with.

Here are the three most important ones.


Men need emotional support from their women.  A good woman sticks by their man's side through thick and thin. She doesn't berate a man if he's lost his job or hasn't been able to find one.  Strong words of encouragement, positive attitude and belief will help him get back up, not belittling or disparaging.    

Showing appreciation and saying thank you graciously is an important feminine quality.  Men are working hard to provide for the women, the worse thing that can happen is all the provisions he's provided goes unnoticed, unappreciated and the woman is taking it for granted.  A good woman is one that shows appreciation and gratitude for all the little things that men do for her.


Most women have NO idea how to contribute in a relationship. When it comes to contribution, I don't mean financially.  I mean contribute to making him a better man.

A good woman can transform good man in a GREAT man.  Most women nowadays do not contribute to a man's growth and success, but are a source of distraction and financial drain because they bring absolutely nothing to the table. A good woman contributes by bringing more knowledge, wisdom, humour or anything that makes his life easier, enjoyable, and purposeful.

I know there's not many women out there who possess all these qualities.  I think men would have a higher success rate of finding a needle in a haystack, than find a woman with all these three qualities.  They barely exist in North America. Most women are still emotionally and spiritually immature where they resemble and behave like promiscuous school girls, than a real woman.

The feminist movement was the most destructive movement for a woman.  Not only is she forced to work  in the household, but now she has to work in the workforce as well (so double shift). And more importantly, the feminist movement destroyed the feminine role/identity/energy.

 Women are COMPLETELY out of touch with their feminine role/identity/behaviour.  Men do not want to date overly aggressive, bitchy, demanding and dominate females.  Look at Tyra Banks, she's hot, famous, rich, yet no man wants to date or marry her.  

So women, sort yourself out and restore your feminine qualities and energy, thus allowing the men to sort themselves out to be the alpha.


Nyla writes about herself:    I am an Alpha female, but I'm one of the rare ones that actually knows my role as female in a relationship (co-habital or marriage). I have no problems being a housewife (and would probably prefer it that way, so I can ensure my kids are NOT indoctrinated with public education).  More importantly, I know how vital it is for a woman to know HOW TO BE a woman, and do womanly roles in the house. Western culture disparages house chores as being remedial and taking care of the kids is a nanny's job. However, where I come from, which is Vietnam. We know our roles in the household and we have NO ISSUES being a support wife and companion to our husbands.  We also know how to love and respect our men, but in no shape or form will we put up with disrespect.

My original post has only showed my super extreme side (the Alpha) side which was triggered by Ryan's tireless rant about how slutty and trashy girls/women are, when he should take a good look in the mirror to see that it is He who is attracting these types of women.

I'm proud that I'm an alpha female, because there are positive qualities that comes from it: leadership qualities, independent, strong willed, assertiveness, confidence, high self-esteem, nurturing, and protectiveness.  Because I do plan to have kids, it's important for a woman to possess both alpha and beta traits so she knows how to manage the household. She needs to be alpha when her husband is a way for extended periods of time, so she can take care of herself and her kids (like a lioness), but she knows how to be softer and feminine when her King returns. That's the key that most women do not understand and don't get.  You can't have two alphas in a relationship; it is NOT going to work. Let the man step into his role and the woman step into theirs. Distinction is to know your roles and take ownership of it.


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Comments for ""Alpha" Female Instructs Mate-Seekers "

Doug said (August 8, 2012):

Nyla is a typical western woman who's waking up to the reality of the controllers/illuminati, but she doesn't see how feminism has permeated her very being. Her very forward, aggressive candor is not attractive in the eyes of any real man. From everything she writes of herself, it's blatantly obvious that she will ultimately end up competing with anyone that marries her. She sounds like she'd probably put on a good front to rope a guy in, acting like a woman with old fashioned values... and then, like Jeykyll and Hyde, she'll end up screaming at him and tearing him down. Just my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong. She thinks she's got it all figured out. I don't want to discredit everything she said because she raises many good points, But she definitely needs to read your book, Cruel Hoax.

And her mentions of money, who pays for dinner, wanting a man to take care of her (read that as "foot the bill for her vanity"... she is pretty but dressed like a clubbing slut -- sorry if that's not true. It's just what her look conveys to me)... when I met my wife, she never judged me for not footing the bill all the time; to the contrary, she wanted to pay too, so we would either take turns paying for dinner or we'd just split it. At the time, both of us made very little money and we established that we could go on much nicer dates if we both contributed. We worked as a team from OUR FIRST DATE, and it enabled us to do more together. Early on while going steady, I asked her what her goals in life were. Her response was "I want to have children and be a stay at home mother/homemaker". We married for love, to start a family. Money had nothing to do with it. We've been together for 10 years.

It seems that money is a huge factor to 90% of western women when it comes to marriage. No surprise that so many couples divorce after just a few years.

Frank said (August 8, 2012):

Thank you for trying to restore our culture through these mentoring articles from the mind rape that the ‘Vomitanati/guberment ” have played on us.

My wife does most of these support things as this woman outlined, I must be fortunate.

David said (August 8, 2012):

I agree with Joe. The Real women I have met, have found how to support, respect, and care for their husbands. You can see and feel it in the way they carry themselves; their actions.
She always is a crown for their husband and he loves her and treats her as his queen. He is noble, a leader in the home, provider, protector.

Real women don’t dress to show off their wares; they save it for their husband. They are virtuous. Very very rare.

1Peter 3:3 –4 Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the inner person of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

a website:

David said (August 8, 2012):

I agree with Joe. The Real women I have met, have found how to support, respect, and care for their husbands. You can see and feel it in the way they carry themselves; their actions.
She always is a crown for their husband and he loves her and treats her as his queen. He is noble, a leader in the home, provider, protector.

Real women don’t dress to show off their wares; they save it for their husband. They are virtuous. Very very rare.

1Peter 3:3 –4 Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the inner person of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price

a website:

Anon said (August 8, 2012):

Nyla makes a few good points but her self promotion is tiresome. Her attitude projects an all too familiar narcissistic "I'm awesome" quality prevalent among Western women today, perhaps with the difference being that the "I'm better than you" message is directed at other women rather than men.

Portions of her writing look like they were cut and pasted from her personal ad. And what's with that picture?? She does not APPEAR to be the traditionalist she claims but just another dime a dozen hyper-self idolator.

Art said (August 8, 2012):

I believe I owe Nyla an apology. Sorry for my smart ass comment the other day, I think you hit a nerve (by accident of course). You sound like a swell young lady, and I think your boyfriend has found a keeper. The best of luck to you both. :)

William said (August 8, 2012):

I always find your articles interesting. Roles in past generations didn't have to be defined for most people. And plenty of "alpha" males that I've met are real a''''''oles who think by power or intimidation they are correct about everything. Many women who have been to school have some good viewpoints and have a right to be heard. But where we came up with alpha females I don't know. Being assertive is one thing. Being illogical or nonsensical and feeling you should be in charge because someone told you that you're naturally superior is another. From a biblical standpoint, a couple is a team that utilizes the strengths of both people to obtain the best out of life. Typiically, the man makes the final decision and has to be accountable if he is wrong. However, if his wife is a bio-engineer, and he doesn't consult her first before purchasing a product or service in that field, he is a fool. If the wife wants to hold the pursestrings, yet continually displays she is pennywise and pound -foolish, she needs to rethink her position. It all comes down to common sense, respect, and decency. If the wife is a hot mama, and her husband lets her prance around naked down at the local strip club, while he takes care of the babies, I don't have much respect for him. And she is a bit ditsy.

Lynh said (August 8, 2012):

I just wanted to write in response to Nyla's post - I saw that most of the responses back were from men who were in disagreement, but I think they were missing her point entirely.

I agree with Nyla overall, but I dislike the term "Alpha". I don't think its about being an Alpha male or Alpha female, but rather about respect. Respect yourself and then respect others. I think when you introduce the word "alpha" into dealing with basic relationship principles, that is where we get sidetracked. It's a subjective term. It is not about being 'alpha' but rather, knowing how to respect and love yourself, and therefore you can respect and love your man. Share the same values and morals, and find someone who matches those. If you are a man who fulfills the three "P's" then of course you will find a woman who will match those qualities. It's simple.

Robert said (August 7, 2012):

Nyla seems to have it all figured out for such a young woman who may or not be married and has no children. Again we have another female with “ the list of rules” of what makes a man and what makes a woman. Somehow the so called Alpha woman thinks she is the one who defines the roles of both men and women. While the man must go by her definition. Is a balanced relationship one where one person in that relationship defines the proper behavior for both? And when there is conflict is she going to automatically shift to the beta role? I think not. Especially when she says she will in no shape or form put up with disrespect. And of course she will define just exactly what disrespect is. I don’t think of this type of behavior as Alpha, I think of it as domineering.

Marcos said (August 7, 2012):

One cannot use the same attributes used to characterize an alpha man to define an alpha woman. This is a very basic error.

An alpha man is a guy with high social prestige, respected by his peers and who can get prized women.

An alpha woman is a beautiful (at least 8 in a scale of 10) girl with feminine personality. Carrer, academic credentials, travels, these attributes have absolutely no effect on the sexual attraction of men towards any girl. Angela Merkel may be the most intelligent and powerful woman in the world but she doesn't attract anyone.

Please don't listen to her advice. Stroke often a woman's ego and you will soon have a monster of vanity in your hands. Instead, respect her but neg her (playfully highlight her flaws) frequently. Women like men who have an independent self, who does not "need" her.

Develop yourself, your interests, your goals, and the women will follow.

Brian said (August 7, 2012):

Thank you Joe! I was waiting for a real man to say what I was thinking.

Joe said (August 7, 2012):

I find it funny the way women portray themselves today. This girl is saying one thing and exhibiting another.

firstly all females are women/girls as she said, but vary few are ladies. Its not their fault they don't know any better.
for example a lady would not dress that way nor mention co-habitation.

It is unfortunate but women are their own worst enemies, things will never change for the better they have let things go to far.
they are weak willed they have been prayed upon for this reason since Satan fooled one forces them they are manipulated into doing what ever the powers that be want them to, including murder by the millions which was sold to them as freedom. And they feel for it.

How did we get from June Clever to women being proud of being sluts in such a short time?

John said (August 7, 2012):

It is important that each spouse pray. The Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Mother, the Holy Ghost, and the guardian angel will then teach each person how to sanctify the marriage "real time" according to each individual circumstance. A canonized (by the Council of Trent) Nuptial Mass would set the tone for a lifetime. General man/woman guidelines are in the epistles of St. Paul.

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