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"Illuminati Pawn" - America's Secret Destiny

October 4, 2011

George Washington, left, in full Masonic regalia. In the bottom right of the photo is a beehive, a Masonic symbol representing the ideal society, a socialist state where the population is ordered like worker bees, the antithesis of a constitutional republic.

by David Richards

For centuries, Americans have prided themselves on being a secular nation, with a government divorced from the domination of any religious group. In reality, America has always been an expression of the occult beliefs of the Illuminati mystery schools.
In America's Secret Destiny (1944), Manly Hall (below, left) revealed that America's planners and founders were occult initiates working towards building a satanic New World Order.
Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990) was a Canadian-born scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult. His works uncovered the secret beliefs of elites throughout history, most famously in his seminal 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' (1928).
manlyhall.jpgThe American war of independence was a theatrical sham. The Illuminati had a centuries-old plan to create an independent US to advance their agenda.
'Through carefully appointed representatives, the machinery of democracy was set up at least a hundred years before the period of the Revolutionary War.'
Centuries before 1776, the same mystery schools were in control of Europe.
'All the petty princes of Europe in medieval times had their Merlin's, wise old men who in many instances were the actual rulers of the State.  It is obvious that if these counselors were bound together by some common purpose their collective power would be considerable.'
'And they were bound together, in the secret society of unknown philosophers, moving the crowns of Europe as on a mighty chessboard.  Men of this caliber bring about the mutations of empire.'

Some revealed America's future centuries in advance.  Michel de Nostredamus (1503-1566) predicted the America we know today. He was an 'advisor' guiding events from behind the throne.
'Nostradamus was consulted by three kings.  Europe's most powerful Queen, Catherine de Medici, also consulted him on numerous occasions.'
Nostradamus accurately predicted the evolution of the US towards its modern state.
'He saw that a great civilization would rise in the western world.  This civilization would free itself from the bonds to its mother country, and then assume a free place among the temporal powers.  The new country would flourish and extend its domain across the entire continent.  It would grow rich and powerful, he predicted, and live at peace with its sister, (Canada).'
A reference in his prophecies reveals that Nostradamus was part of the same secret society that would eventually rule the US. Nostradamus referred to the US as 'the Land Which Keeps the Thursday.'
'It refers to the unique American holiday, Thanksgiving, which always falls upon a Thursday.  And this the only holiday which depends upon the day alone for its observance.'

Hall credits Francis Bacon (1561-1626), a Rosicrucian and court adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, as the chief architect of modern America.
Bacon was the head of a 'secret society that included the most brilliant intellectuals of his day, who were 'bound together by a common oath to labor in the cause of a "world democracy", i.e. the NWO.
'Bacon's secret society membership was not limited to England; it was most powerful in Germany, in France, and in the Netherlands, and most of the leaders of European thought were involved in the vast pattern of his purpose."
Bacon orchestrated the settlement of a secret society network in America.
"The Alchemists, Cabalists, Mystics, and Rosicrucian's were the incisive instruments of Bacon's plan.  Representatives of these groups migrated to the colonies at an early date and set up their organization in suitable places."
'The brotherhoods met in their rooms over inns and similar public buildings, practicing their ancient rituals exactly according to the fashion in Europe and England.'
The American War of Independence is a perfect example of a 'people's revolution' being nothing of the kind.
"It is the general opinion that revolutions begin with the common people, but this is not true; the benevolently informed always guide and direct public opinion," Hall wrote.
The founding fathers were Freemasons, and their worldly power arose from their occult rank. Benjamin Franklin is a good example.
'Historians have never ceased to wonder at the enormous psychological influence which Franklin exercised in colonial politics.  But up to the present day, few indeed have realized that the source of his power lay in the secret societies to which he belonged and of which he was the appointed spokesman. '
'When Benjamin Franklin went to France to be honored by the State, he was received too by the Lodge of Perfection, the most famous of all the French secret orders; and his name, written in his own fine hand, is in their record ledger, close to that of the Marquis de Lafayette.'
The information presented in America's Secret Destiny reveals the United States was an Illuminati concoction. The noble words of the US constitution were designed to ensnare the innocent in the totalitarian and occult NWO.
The US was set up to be what it is today: the instrument of Luciferian world government.. Hall tells us that the American founders 'had sworn an oath to create world democracy'. America's current wars in the Middle East are fought under the banner of 'spreading democracy'. This is the Luciferian manner of expression that Orwell later called "doublespeak."

David Richards, 24, an Englishman teaching in China, is a regular contributor.

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Comments for ""Illuminati Pawn" - America's Secret Destiny"

Neil said (October 7, 2011):

David Richards notes "doublespeak" as a term used by George Orwell -- wrong. Is he thinking of "doublethink" or "Newspeak" which Orwell did invent. It seems to me that Manley Hall is off base on much. (Just look as his mug and deny that he looks like an Illuminati Satanic follower in his own right.)

I would agree with the charges here -- and more -- against Franklin. But on George Washington, how would his wanting the US to stay out of "foreign entanglements" jibe with his being a European spawned Illuminati agent?

In my opinion the last good president was Jackson (Kennedy could have been had he not been assassinated by the Illuminati/Mossad.) But Jackson fought successfully to end the Illuminati's United States central bank from its charter. Does that look like the actions of someone complicit in an "American Secret Destiny"? Or for that matter does the works of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe?

The US started seriously going downhill in 1913 with the egregious Wilson Administration under the influence of Bernard Baruch and other Jews and the sneaky creation of the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve Act.

DR said (October 6, 2011):

They pride themselves on the fact that they re-created the lost city of Atlantis. In reality, they re-created Nazi Germany had Hitler won the war. However there appears to be a great power at work. A power that the ancients understood and is poised to cleanse our world very soon. I am going to throw some dates out at you. Let's see if anything significant occurs on these dates.

December 24, 2011

May 20, 2012

December 21, 2012

Tony said (October 6, 2011):

satan always loves to take the credit for God's creation....but all he can do is twist and destroy...
same goes for his minions....of course they have infiltrated the USA...but there was truth in our founding beliefs that comes direct from the Gospels.

satan wants us to despair and fear....but the power of satan is NOTHING compared to God.
if we learn truth (and not half truth lies designed to convince us to throw out the baby with the bath water in this case) it will set us free.

lighten up Mr. Richards and give God some credit rather than bowing in fear to the great liar.

BG said (October 6, 2011):

"...methinks these bees are not gonna go quietly into that "good night".

Sadly, they already did...

But he's right, that must be it! All the disappearing & dying bees... it's not mosquito spray, nor chemtrails, nor GMO foods, nor cell towers, HAARP, etc. It's those devilish Masons out en masse sneaking through the countryside during their "midnight raids" to sabotage the bee farms in order to repeatedly force our attention back to the bees (another way of leaving their "signature" as a big hint of what we "human bees" can expect). :-/

The above is written partially in jest & partially not... This latest bee story (dated 10/3/11) was so sad, this poor guy in Brevard County (down around Kennedy Space Center) walked out to find all his bees dead. And it happened "essentially in ONE day." The paper called it a "massacre" that spanned a 1.5-mile radius & affected 800 boxes of bees, approximately 12 MILLION bees! The sheriff's office is considering it a "crime scene" due to possible purposeful poisoning. How cruel! This beekeeper is wiped out ($150,000) not to mention he was emotionally attached to his bees which were to be sent to farmers across the country for pollination... (setting us up for the future food shortage). This reader's comment bears repeating:

"...if you really want to know what the Illuminati is up to, study bee hives, and STUDY THEM WELL... "

Ty said (October 5, 2011):

There were Crown/Banker/Vatican spies in the Creation of the original Republic. The Republic was a creation of God and not Satan. Our law was based on Biblical, Common Christian law. The power was from the bottom-up, not the top-down. It was prophesied it would go to sleep and be revived. (Jones,2011)


Jones Stephen, Dr (2011) "The Republic of Israel Part 1,2,3" Gods Kingdom Ministries Retrieved October 5, 2011

Lindsay said (October 5, 2011):

Political science is a mess and that goes for that erroneous term "constitutional republic". There is no such monster. One of the elements that make up a republic is constitution. Constitution makes up the term 'republic'. One can say 'constitutional democracy', but it is absolutely idiotic to say 'constitutional republic'. It makes one look like he doesn't know what he is talking about.

America was never a true republic. America is built on the Protestant brand of Puritanism which during the English Civil Wars they were influenced by Hebraic politica. They were proud to be called "Talmudic commonwealthsmen" (q.v. Eric Nelson's The Hebrew Republic: Jewish Sources and the Transformation of European Political Thought). America is a product of this.

The true definition of a republic is mixed government where one must have a mixed society, a caste society, in order to create one. The definition was purposely changed in the Renaissance in order to promote a Novus Ordo, humanism and secular government.

Classical definition of a republic: This article talks about the original republics and how that term was changed.

Tom said (October 5, 2011):

Thank you for your latest posting. I have heard this many times but I began to believe the Alex Jones rhetoric (again!@#), America is as filthy as it's founder, lucifer. Please keep keeping us on track

Charlie said (October 5, 2011):

Another twist in the story, "William Shakespeare" was none other than Francis Bacon. And Francis Bacon was the legitimate son of Queen Elizabeth. This is perhaps one of the greatest 'secrets' of all time but if you look at the evidence, irrefutable.

Brian said (October 5, 2011):

No doubt America is an Illuminati pawn, but the article seems to suggest that everything has gone according to plan from the outset. Regarding the American war of independence this would imply that the fight was fixed, with the British army 'taking a dive'. But how do we know that the American "colonial rabble" army didn't truly shock the World with a legitimate victory on the battlefield, thus forestalling what would have been an early implementation of a NWO? You know the line, "sometimes the best laid plans..."

But with the Illuminati being the perservering miscreants they are, they adapt to undesired results, go back to the drawing board, and adopt new plans. Then it's full speed ahead to keeping the prophecies fulfilled. But what are these 'prophecies' but reflections of the automaton programming of a hoodwinked humanity, whose ultimate aim is that of an Illuminati beehive?

Right now it's looking more like the controllers "best laid plans" are resulting in poking a stick up into a hornet's nest, and the wasps are getting plenty angry. Not exactly an orderly beehive, and methinks these bees are not gonna go quietly into that "good night". What's an illuminati to do then?

Paul said (October 4, 2011):

I've written to you before about what I feel is the Illuminati's "secret destiny" for the world at large: (a) exterminating the female gender entirely (from the lower social classes); and (b) creating a "race" of (highly effeminate) male "workers", who are encouraged release whatever sexual urges they may have in homosexual manner, and who reproduce strictly through cloning, which cloning is controlled by the Illuminati puppet-masters.

The analogy that the author draws to a beehive is apt.

Although the male worker "drone" bees in a hive are not exactly "clones" in the technical sense of that word, they do only have one parent. Only female bees have two parents:

Thus, a male bee will always have one parent, and a female bee will have two.

Someone whom I felt was relatively "well-connected" once told me that if you really want to know what the Illuminati is up to, study bee hives, and study them well... since that's (broadly speaking) what they're planning for society at large.

The Utah state flag, where Mormonism (an off-shoot of Freemasonry) is strong, features a beehive very prominently on their state flag:

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