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Brilliant "Antisemitic" Movie Flew Under the Radar

November 17, 2022

education-door.jpgThe movie "An Education" (2009)
is a metaphor for the corruption
of Christian (Western) civilization
by Organized Jewry.
Too bad the goyim are incapable
of learning this lesson.

Updated from Dec. 29, 2010

by Henry Makow PhD

I was prepared to pan this movie which I thought treated  an affair between a teenage girl and an older man as "An Education."

But I had badly misjudged. The movie is a brilliant metaphor for the corruption of Christian (Western) civilization by Organized Jewry,
as projected in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It should have been called "A Seduction."

The majority of critics missed this and gave the film an 84% positive rating. It was nominated for Best Picture and Best Actress Oscars in 2009. However, it won neither as the largely Jewish Oscar committee must have cottoned on to its real message.

"An Education" is a rare movie that doesn't patronize Jews. It's well aware that, while many Jews are decent and honest people, a segment consists of pathological liars, satanists, thieves and perverts. Unfortunately these Illuminati  (Masonic) Jews seem to have leadership positions.


Art captures the universal in the particular.

 Here, the seducer is a Jew, a petty crook, David Goldman, played by Peter Sarsgaard.  He is the classic smooth talker, as you can see from this YouTube clip.

edu-paris.jpgJenny is a bright, precocious non-Jewish schoolgirl played by Carey Mulligan in her break-out role.  She and her parents see marriage to the flamboyant Goldman as a path to security, sidestepping an arduous and expensive Oxford education.

Jenny doesn't just give her body for the "glamorous" life he offers; she gives her soul. Her mother and father also compromise themselves.

Goldman's behavior is a reminder that Jews were in the vanguard of crime in England. They have been called "gypsies with brains and money." Jenny witnesses  how Goldman and a friend steal a painting. 

Jenny is ready to leave him but he wins her over by saying, "People like us (Jews) aren't as sharp as you and we have to cut corners in order to finance the night clubs and trips to Paris."

She agrees to look the other way, anxious to escape from her stifling 1961 London suburban lifestyle.  Later, when he betrays her, she reproaches his Jewish friend.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well if you want to have that conversation," he says. "You saw us stealing and you looked the other way." (You are complicit in your own corruption. Ouch.)

She lies to her parents but they couldn't reproach her either. "Goldman" had compromised them with gifts and flattery as well.

Jenny's fall symbolizes a society seduced by money, sex, war profit and lies.

The only people Goldman didn't take in were her teacher and headmistress. The teacher refuses her gift of Chanel perfume saying that she would not condone Jenny's degradation.

headmaster.jpgThe headmistress, played by Emma Thompson, is portrayed as an "anti-Semite" but she is the moral center of this film.

"The Jews killed Jesus," she tells Jenny.

"But Jesus was a Jew," Jenny replies.

"Yes. Jews betrayed themselves by rejecting Jesus and now we imitate them," the headmistress should have replied but didn't, indicating the Christian's own confusion.

Jesus represents the universal God of love. "Love thy brother."

By murdering Jesus, the Pharisees and Cabalists rebelled against God. They made Jews metaphysical outcasts like Lucifer.  They're their own God. Their leaders presume to redefine reality and makes the laws.

Judaism is defined by Cabalism, the view that Cabalists were Chosen to inherit the world and enslave the goyim. This is Agenda 2030 in a nutshell. Climate Change and Pandemics are just means to this end.

Secular society has no moral legitimacy because it is an invented reality instead of actual reality. It is a solipsism (like jiggling a key ring over a baby's crib.)

God, the ultimate reality - consists of spiritual ideals like Truth, Love, Justice and beauty. You don't need to believe in Him to be Jewish.

It's no coincidence that David Goldman is the wrong kind of Jew.  Masonic Jews promote "sexual liberation," homosexuality, pornography and other ways of undermining the Gentile as well as other Jews.

220px-Lama,_Domenico_(1823-1890)_-_Giuseppe_Mazzini.jpgAs Masonic Grand Master Giuseppe Mazzini, left, (1805-1872) said, "we corrupt in order to govern. We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth...their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family virtues."    


Critics totally sidestep the Jewish subject matter. In one sense, that's positive. Antisemitism is a red herring. Everyone knows there are good and bad Jews. On the other hand, they are missing the point of the movie.

Illuminati Jews and Freemasons are deliberately undermining social values and institutions under the guise of feminism, liberalism, socialism, and communism. 

"An Education" is a metaphor for this corruption. Jenny represents the new generation. 

After her first experience of sex, she says, "I can't believe they make so much fuss about that."

To her Headmistress she says, "What is the point of all this studying? You had better prepare an answer next time a student asks."

"An Education" lays bare the plight of a civilization cut adrift from its spiritual moorings. Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are agents of the central banking cartel and its agenda for world government tyranny.  The New World Order is a solipsism, an attempt to evade Reality (God) and replace it with illusion (Lucifer.)

It's inspiring that such a movie could be made today.


Note: The only other movie I have seen that has an unattractive Jewish character is "The Upside of Anger" (2005), featuring another cradle robber.  

"An Education" is based on a memoir by Lynn Barber. The brilliant screenplay is by novelist Nick Hornby. The Director is a woman, born in Denmark, Lone Scherfig. Amazingly, it was made partly by BBC Films.

First Comment from D

Thanks for recommending "An Education."  Yep...displays characteristics all too typical of The Jew. Saved us from attempting to find something worthwhile on Netflix...owned by this same tribe...endless crap.  Thanks again!

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Comments for "Brilliant "Antisemitic" Movie Flew Under the Radar "

Thom said (November 18, 2022):

Reading your article the other day (about "An Education"), and seeing you mentioning that you didn't know of other movies with bad jews in them, I want to mention two more that I know of.

The first is Carlitos Way (1993), which is an excellent movie that I think you'd enjoy. The other is Drive (2011). It is harsh and brutal (I'm not sure if you're into such), but very well made, and not ultimately immoral, I'd say, despite the violence.

Al (Brazil) said (December 31, 2010):

I thank you for your very interesting review of "An Education". Fortunately, and perhaps even surprisingly, I found a copy of this movie at my local video store down here in Brazil.

I would just like to note that David Goldman (temporarily) did to Jenny what the FRANKFURT SCHOOL (permanently) did to the education of millions of Americans (and, from the USA, to millions of students all around the globe).

According to Ralph de Toledano, in CRY HAVOC! - The Great American Bring-down and How it Happened - (Chapter 8, p.88), The Frankfurt School was transplanted to the USA (Columbia) on Rockefellers money, with John Dewey?s collaboration (among others). Coincidentally, there is a scene in the movie displaying the fueling of David Goldmans car (with Jenny inside) at an ESSO gas (petrol) station.

Marty said (December 30, 2010):

I really am repulsed at the idea that people can exploit others as though they are not people at all but objects to be used for personal pleasure and gain.

If I consider my own motives I wonder if they are sincere or are the manipulative, quickly however I those thought out of my mind. Who knows the thoughts and motives of a mans heart but God. But still, I ask, am I doing what I am doing because I am looking out for their best interest or am I looking out form my own interests? Can I fool myself? Am I the fool?

All of life is a spiritual matter and for a Christian it is a spiritual battleground. Do non Christian have this battle? I don't think so.

I have met non Christians who seem more sincere than most Christians, and even Muslim's seem to contain more godly characteristics that many Christians. How can that be? So I must conclude that sin is an indiscriminate master that brings man to the pit of hell regardless of his ethnicity.

However, it does seem that God has given the race of those who killed Christ over to the forces of darkness to be plundered by them. But not all, for God has reserved some for salvation.

I thank God that what good I see in myself and others comes from Him. And I rejoice knowing that if I am doing something according to His will it is Him working according to His good pleasure.

Overcoming sin only happens when God moves in us and the fruit of that eternal life, which is of itself a gift of God.

Thanks for the good article, I have learned to appreciate your clear talk on controversial topics such as the ethnicity of those who want to rule the world apart from Christ. A sad commentary from a delusional people who haven't yet understood that the stone that felled Goliath and the Stone that crushed the serpents head is the same stone that is putting an end to their evil kingdom.

May God be glorified in the salvation of His people and the destruction of His enemies.

Tom said (December 30, 2010):

As I see in the news constantly of the ADL complaining about this or that, always coming across as whine asses, ( and therefore bolstering the “anti-semitic” label) , I can’t help but think that they (ADL) speaks for ALL jews, as I never , ever see jews retort against the ADL, and it would be a breath of fresh air to hear at least more than a handful of jews who do speak up against other jews, as you are one of so few who do.

F said (December 30, 2010):

Your recent article, "An Education" is a breath of fresh air, not for reasons of so called anti-Semitic, quite contrary, because it does not rely on 'labels'. Anti-Semitic is based on Political Correctness that relies on 'signature' key words which are used as anchors (i.e Neuro Linguistic Programming) so as to define perception and guide reality to a calculated point and thus avoid critical discussion and analysis and thus objective truth.

I believe what you articulate so well with this article is that old axiom: "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are!". We must be responsible for the company we keep, yes there are "bad apples"in every community, culture and creed. If we do not renounce, distance our selves and point out these bad apples then are we not guilty of aiding and abetting the destruction of our own community, our own home, our own nation?

Morris said (November 26, 2009):

hi henry,

that insight [re. anti-Semitism, below] rings true with me.

i would say that the good jews, like brother Nathanial, and yourself, shine the light on the dark demonic aspects of the degenerate bloodlines, some in the garb of Jews.
the water is getting hot and the butterfly is busting out of her/his chrysalis!
well done.

Bill Borst said (November 22, 2009):

I thought your review of "An Education," cut through all the diversions and went right to the heart of the issues raised. Half way through the film, I realized that it was not about the underage seduction of a young girl but of culture that was overtly impressed with the material benefits of their culture. Like so many of us today, Jenny's parents were deeply impressed by David's slick personality and and suave verbal powers.

As custodians of their daughter, they serve as a perfect metaphor for our own religious and cultural custodians of faith and morality who have allowed the barbarians, like David Goldman, who serves as his own metaphor, just as you described in your review, to seduce our culture and pillage our values.

I recommend that everyone forget the Jewish "red herring" and view the movie in its larger context.

Dr.S. said (November 22, 2009):


I apologize for cursing, but you're attacking my people like we have an exclusive on lying, criminal, perverted behavior. What you attribute to us is to true of any race, religion or creed, isn't that obvious. To say that 'While most Jews are honest, a segment consists of pathological liars, criminals and perverts,' is infuriating and it's degrading. So I apologize for my rude response, but stop attacking the Jews.



When are Jews going to stop defending their deviants and taking the blame for them?

A certain segment disgraces,discredits and jeopardizes all. The proper reaction is to disown them.

The power of anti-Semiticism (and racism) lies in the assumption that all Jews are alike and represent a single, uniform entity. You are enforcing this idea.


David said (November 22, 2009):

An excellent review of 'An Education,and beautiful explanation on the Jews rejection of Christ which has been blurred by modern (Judio)Christianity post Cromwell/Vatican2.

Films like AN EDUCATION and even Tarintinos atrocity; DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARDS should prompted people to see the underlying tribal and reactionary hate Judaism in its Pharisaical form really is. However will these observations only prompted the eruditions and sharp?These under currents lost on those conditioned since birth to literally worship Jews as God?

A few nights ago I met the brilliant, brave and controversial historian David Irving for the second time. During and after his talk,we the well versed in his monumental books were appalled by the obtuse comments by some of Irving's own fans! Do they see his work as just observations of horror tales,and gossip not the seeking of truths by a serious and courageous man?

But even those, who traveled far and wide into a big city to hear deep historical research and insight can't break from the Jewish/religious/left-right mind control which constantly blares out the Pharisees media/theological power.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at