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The French are "Narrow Minded and Naive"

October 10, 2010


"I tried to make some French friends but they just do not know such notions as: (true) friendship, loyalty, compassion, altruism, respect etc. "

by "M"

I am a young woman from the Caucasus currently living in France. I came here as a political refugee a few years ago with my parents and siblings. Materially speaking, life has been much easier for us but we have had to adjust to a harsh contrast in moral values. I especially had a hard time adapting myself to this new lifestyle.

My life in France wouldn't be that spiritually and intellectually empty if there were anything or anyone to shine a small light within this thick darkness of narrow-mindedness and naivety of French people.

First impressions are the lasting ones, and mine do last because I see them confirmed every time I go out in the streets or just watch the TV for a few minutes. My image of "Frenchmen" is as follows:

They are seriously and effectively brainwashed from childhood on.

You cannot talk about spirituality or religion with a French (religion? God?? "We're too intelligent and self-reliant to believe in unscientific, ancient crap! Mankind has to move on and leave unnecessary things and ideas behind. I only believe in Myself" etc.)

Anything concerning conspiracy 'theories' or anti-feminism immediately makes them make fun of your "lack of general knowledge" and "paranoia". Not to forget, you are somewhat "retarded" and "strange".

As concerns feminism- IT IS HOLY. Although there are practically no university studies in that particular subject ("I cannot believe such a modern and advanced European country as France doesn't even give that priceless opportunity to young men and women!").

Women are so masculine here. There is practically nothing feminine about them at all. From their appearance to their manners, everything is rough and rude, even vulgar. I must admit they often look pretty, but they just tend to ruin this natural beauty with their behavior and, of course, appearance.

By the way, more than 90% of the French women look absolutely alike. Originality is reserved for fine/visual arts students and the Japan-obsessed groupies.

Being shy is a real sin. You just do not have the right to be shy in France. You either need a therapy and a lot of self-confidence to "open yourself up", or you will just be ignored whether or not you are a talented and lovely person. Shy and/or feminine women are not looked at by French men; they just don't ATTRACT them. By the way, French men are the most feminine men I've ever seen. Except gays, of course...

Good manners and being a gentleman or a lady did not survive the French Revolution. But they remained an urban legend among the elderly, how cynical! Does being modern imply being ill-mannered? Doesn't today's youth NEED goodness and compassion in their hasty and yet so hollow life?

Career is THE word to define the whole life of the French. I know most any Western country is like this, but the French really do center their whole lives around career.

The world is SO huge and beautiful, so full of wisdom and unknown things, why do so many people block themselves from all this knowledge, hiding behind pathetic excuses? All of this to illustrate an average French woman's/man's narrow-mindedness.


Henry once said he "wouldn't send his son university unless he had no talent." But many eventually do go- "for the certificates and the social life". This was my reason for entering a French university to study Applied Foreign Languages.

Do I regret it? Yes and no.

Yes, because I know I'm being brainwashed all the time. Fortunately, by being aware of it, I can filter the information, while most swallow everything as it is given.

Distorting the truth about historical events; planting seeds of hate against Islam, eventually even hate speeches against it; ridiculing religion in general; demonizing anything resembling national pride (modern Germans are always given as an example); promoting the holiness of the Holocaust, feminism and Darwinism etc.

Almost forgot to say that one doesn't learn anything new. It's such a waste of time.

No, because of the insights into psychology of the French it gave me. I was also able to make a few absolutely lovely friends. They are not French, of course. I tried to make some French friends but they just do not know such notions as: (true) friendship, loyalty, compassion, altruism, respect etc.

They're way too egocentric and spiritually underdeveloped for that. What doesn't benefit them doesn't interest them, friends and life partners included. All forms of self-sacrifice are seen as "crazy" and "masochistic". When the feeling of self-importance is given the holiest place in one's personality, there is no place left for God or other "abstract" values.

I reckon there are lots of good and intelligent people who are either French or grew up in France, it's just that I haven't seen or known any. I did not mean to offend anyone, as I truly respect everyone who quests for the Truth, goodness and knowledge.

As for me, I will continue my own way, even if it might sometimes be lonely or darkened by the inhumanity of humanity :) Knowing self is the first step to knowing and understanding the whole world.

Isn't it delightful to see goodness and intelligence in people? It sure fills one's heart with warmth :)

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Comments for "The French are "Narrow Minded and Naive""

Bastien said (October 13, 2010):

Really enjoyed that article, it couldn't be closer to the reality. The school system is a mass brain washer. Since the education system is "free" the vast majority of students end up 3 to 5 more years after high-school in a university to earn a useless degree... the result is 18 years in the system, difficult to be able to think for yourself after that...

I remember how I was ridiculed by my friends when I became a Believer... You are considered mentally insane if you believe in God...
My wife was looked down at when she decided to stay at home to raise the kids: "how can you survive intellectually?" would be the standard comment...

The best thing that happen to me was to fail in that system and leave it at age 16... Now I am a pilot. I sincerely hope that Canada will never follow the "French way", it doesn't look good though...

Alexandre said (October 11, 2010):

As a French I can relate to what said "M".

Most of my fellow country(wo)men I've come across until now (I'm 38) are materialistic, narrow minded narcissists without a shred of spirituality.

Last month I tried to expose to some guy the true reality of the French "revolution", how it was engineered by the Bavarian Illuminati. The almost predicted response I got was laugh and ridicule. He dismissed the whole thing because as any "skeptical rationalist" he rejects any notion that challenges his close minded world view. I bet that moron didn't even bother to research the subject.

Since this country has been hijacked by the Masonic cabal it has been systematically destroyed; feminism is rampant, the privately owned and government media are a disgrace, the environment is under constant attack, people are constantly brainwashed and identify with their work, the social fabric is rapidly disintegrating and that nation has never been so heavily indebted to the banksters.

Everything is becoming sad and ugly, and it has got worse since Sarkozy (real name: Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa) has been elected as "puppet" president.

It's all going down the drain.

Gerard said (October 11, 2010):

We are a nation influenced by the Jesuits. (Charles de Gaulle’s father was the director of a French Jesuit school at the end of the 19th century) We have been molded to deeply hate ourselves while faking a proud exterior appearance. So we are easily manipulated by our leaders. The Jesuits have put ugliness into everything, their sense of humor is very crappy. For instance, the Illuminati Mitterand called his first son Pascal which can remind of the Easter sacrificial lamb, and surprise, the kid lived only 99 days. By the way he was married on the same day when the last train of Jews were gassed in Auschwitz (28 October 1944) and on the very day of his death, 8 January 1996, an Antonov crashed on the ground in Kinshasa, Congo killing about 350 locals at a market near the airport, I think none of the 6 Russian crew were injured.


Reference to de Gaulle found in his obituary in the New York Time

About the last train gassed in Auschwitz, I read it in the International Herald Tribune in 2005 when they commemorated the end of WWII in Europe.

Everything else can be found in Wikipedia and in Aviation Safety Network

Marie said (October 11, 2010):

I find your latest article about the French to be quite insulting.

If "M" is not happy being in France, please tell her she is most welcome to leave the country and go live somewhere else.

I am sick and tired of these immigrants who are coming to live here and all they do is criticize the country and its people while at the same time they are taking advantage of all the social benefits and free money given to them by the French government.

My next door neighbour is Belarussian. She lives off State money, I have never seen her working and all she does is complain about France and how unfriendly the French people are. I recommended that she go back to Minsk but she is given too much of an easy life here getting money doing nothing - the same wouldn't be true if she went back.

These people, among which the "M" quoted in your article, are an insult to France.
They bring nothing good to our land. They are parasites. We certainly don't need them.

catdog said (October 11, 2010):

For quite some time I kept trying to "define" the French. All along there was something elusive I couldn't put my finger on. This article made it all crystal clear. No doubt it all goes back to 1789, the destruction of what was Christian values and their replacement by masonic/Jewish legacy.

Len said (October 11, 2010):

"M' is describing (and very accurately and with genuine insight) the results of the Illuminati feminization of (mostly passive-aggressive) Western men and the virtual and actual destruction of the truly feminine in women throughout the world. - this makes everyone more "identity-controlled" and further destroys the necessary values of the Judeo-Christian ethic.
Up to now: they've done a pretty thorough job.
Sickening, really. The evils behind it all are actually mind boggling.

Dan said (October 11, 2010):

It's absolutely surreal to me to hear that French are now consumed by that mythical Corporate Golden Fleece word, "Career". The French I knew were about leisure time for long quasi philosophical conversations over aromatic coffee with real cream, or wine, and cigarettes. The workaholic "Career" driven "A type" persona was anathema to the French.

During the 1990's I had respect for the way the French seemed to have a natural resistance to the Corporate Borg mentality and punch clock that ruined genuine community based society. I recall smiling when an acquaintance returning from a trip to Paris said the new Disneyland which had opened there was a local flop, and also MacDonald's was rightly frowned upon by indigenous French.

The last good news to come out of France was in 2005 when they rejected the proposed EU Constitution in the public referendum vote. Their saying 'no' ruined "the Plan" to ram it through that year. The example made the Brits grow some long atrophied balls - Tony Blair had to cancel the UK referendum on the EU Constitution abruptly to avoid the humiliation of the British following suit with the French vote. Just when they were having the G-20 Summit in the UK. The Queen was so mad she ordered a few cars blown up in the London Subway that summer to castrate the public's new balls before they got any bigger.

Everything I've heard out of France has been steady downhill since Sarkozy took over.

Peter said (October 10, 2010):

Yes. You are describing western women quite accurately I am afraid. Not just French. As you notice, you eastern european women are completely different. And that is why I only date women from the east now. You know how to be ladies like my grandmothers used to be. And I loved my grandmothers dearly. Men like me have a clear preference for women who are ladies. Women like our grandmothers used to be. Alas, there are not many around now. Welmer just did a searing article on this on Spearhead.

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