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Control Freak: Jeff Rense Couldn't Keep a Job

May 6, 2012



Jekyll & Rense: A Third Ex-Wife Speaks, Part Two

"Jeff needed to be in control ...  As a result, I saw him get fired and/or quit a number of his TV station jobs because of his personality problem."

MAKOW NOTE: I was not married to Jeff Rense but we had a fruitful 12-year collaboration. Like seven other wives and numerous girlfriends & fiancees, I had no idea who he really was. Now Jeff's "Ex's" are exposing this man who has convinced thousands that he is the champion of  truth, integrity & freedom. Significantly, his psychopathic behavior is consistent over 35 years and continues today. The painful truth is that he is an imposter and we have been dupedClick here for the complete Rense File.  

Part One is Here

By Anonymous Ex-Wife

In the four years we were together, Jeff was unemployed about half of the time.  When he was working, he would not allow me to work. 

When he was unemployed, I would work, but Jeff would drive me to and from my job.  I was not allowed to socialize after work with my co-workers.

We moved frequently; 12 times in 4 years!  I got to the point where I could pack up a 3-bedroom house in 24 hours, with boxes that I would save from the previous move.

The first move after listing the Santa Barbara house, was to Spokane, WA, for a job that he took with a TV station there.  The movers picked up our belongings and we drove up to WA  to get ourselves settled.  We rented a place.

After Jeff's first night on the job, he came home, white as a sheet, and told me, "I can't work there!"  He hated it and said that we would leave WA immediately.  We called the movers and told them to hold our belongings until we knew where we were going.

We drove to Reno, NV, and stayed at his Grandparents place.  He applied for work at a TV station in Reno, and we started looking for a place to live. 

Keep in mind, Jeff was very talented at what he did, but always had personality issues with the people he worked for. He needed to be in control and did not like being under somebody else.  As a result, I saw him get fired and/or quit a number of his TV station jobs because of his personality problem.


We were so broke by this time that we couldn't afford to do anything, other than to go see an occasional matinee. 

But movies were a horrible experience because Jeff couldn't tolerate the sounds of people chewing on their popcorn -- "feedbags", he called them. 

We would have to get up and change seats numerous times to escape the "feedbags".  Once, I recall having to move six times in the theater!  I no longer enjoyed going to the movies.

When we finally sold the Santa Barbara house, Jeff used the money to buy a half-acre property in Reno, so that he could again build his "dream home". 

Unfortunately, the person who bought the Santa Barbara house went into default within a year, causing us to repossess it and put it up for sale again. 

Now we were in worse shape with two properties we couldn't afford, and moving back and forth from Reno to Santa Barbara to take care of business.
If it weren't for my parents lending us money, we would have lost it all.

Jeff was working for the NBC station in Reno, as News Director.  He worked there while the Reno house was being built, but was fired soon after the house was completed.  

While residing in Nevada, Jeff said he wanted to "divorce on paper only", but continue to live together as a married couple.  He said this was for "tax purposes". 

This was less than two years into our marriage.  I agreed to the divorce because I already knew that I wanted to get away from him as soon as I was financially able.  I hid this from him, but was already formulating my escape plan.  Unfortunately, it took me another two years to finally make my escape.


When in Nevada, Jeff let me celebrate my birthday by allowing me to enjoy my favorite sport: snow skiing! 

Jeff could not ski due to his knee disability, so he said he would hang out at the lodge.  While on the ski slopes, Jeff stood at the bottom of the hill and watched me like a hawk.  I was not allowed to ski where he could not see me. 

While riding a chair up with another girl, she asked if I wanted to ski with her to another run.  I was having such a wonderful time, that I felt  there would be no harm in following her for a short while.  Within 20 minutes, I went back down the hill again, where Jeff could see me. 

He frantically waved me over to him and was very angry with me.  Because he lost sight of me, he was extremely upset and told me to get out of my skiis, because we were leaving immediately. 

I was so sad, but did as he requested.  On the drive home, he told me that I was through snow skiing, and that I would never ski again!  I cried over it but never argued with him.  I just told myself that I would leave him as soon as I was able.


Jeff was also cruel to my cats.  I had a cat when we got married.  When we moved into the Reno house (it was in the forest at the 6000 ft. elevation, with a creek running through a portion of it), my cat started hunting squirrels and other small critters.

Jeff told me that once an animal gets a taste of  blood, it becomes wild and won't stop killing other animals.  He forced me to take my cat to the veterinarian's office alone and have it euthanized.  He said, "It's you cat, it's your responsibility!"  Needless to say, it broke my heart, and I cried all the way to the vet and back.

Jeff eventually allowed me to get another cat in it's place.  After our final breakup, he convinced me to let him take our dog and this new cat.  Jeff liked dogs.  He said the cat and dog were friends and the dog would be lonely without the cat. 

So I allowed him to take my cat to Oregon, where he had a new TV job.  Within weeks, he informed me that my cat urinated on his new recliner chair, so he threw it outside, where it was quickly eaten by coyotes.  Jeff killed two of my cats!


Prior to our breakup, we finally sold both houses.  We were able to pay off all of my debts, including my parents.  He finally bought me a replacement car (a used Volvo sedan) and we still had approximately $100,000 left.  This was what I had been waiting for.  I was now debt-free and able to move on.

At this time, we were living in a condo in Santa Barbara, and I had a good job at a local bank.  Jeff had just gotten a new TV job in Oregon.  He begged me to move up there with him.

I was adamant about wanting my freedom and I told him that we were through. 

He tried to manipulate me into staying with him by telling me that I was a "29 year old two-time loser", (I had married at 18 and divorced at 22yrs. old, being too young, and the split was amicable).  "Who is going to want to date you!"

The only way I could get him to leave was to allow him to take all our profits from our four years together.  We would never have had this money if it weren't for selling my car, possessions, and borrowing from my parents. 

He took all $100,000 claiming that he would never have anything without it, but that I would someday have an inheritance  when my father died.  My mother had already passed away the year before, and I was devastated by her death.  She had been my best friend as well as my mother.

I knew my life and sanity were more important than any amount of money. 

Jeff left me flat broke and I had to borrow $1,000 from my father in order  move to another condo.

My dad said, "He sure showed his true colors", by leaving me to start completely over again.  But I moved forward in life and the best thing I did for myself, was to get away from Jeffry Rense.

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Comments for " Control Freak: Jeff Rense Couldn't Keep a Job"

Irish Dan said (May 8, 2012):

in regard to Ed Hutch assertion that Henry is 'demonizing' Jeff Rense, if so, this I believe is inadvertent, it is collateral damage and not the main intent of Henry's articles. Henry in these articles raise certain fundamental issues that need to be addressed and among the foremost of these are, do the personal character of the messenger effect the message?

I would agree with Henry that it most certainly do, especially where the messenger is relying on a carefully cultivated, public persona to propagate this message. At this stage not only is Jeff's personal life not credible, it is completely incredible when judged against any norms of accepted common decency, never mind the Christian value system that he purports to uphold and advocate.

The sad and sorry picture of the private sphere Jeff that has emerged here in recent months when compared with the carefully cultivated public persona, would appear to make Jeff a prime candidate for the State Agency 'dirty tricks' blackmailers to manipulate and control Jeff's output. Rationally and logically based on Northern Ireland and other such State 'hearts and minds' media manipulation experience, this is not alone possible but sadly also very probable. In this context Henry's ongoing exposure of the contradictions between the public persona and the very flawed private person that is Jeff Rense is necessary! It is also a very worthwhile service to all concerned with exposing the reality of State power and wrongdoing.

Tate said (May 7, 2012):

Thank you so much for bringing the truth out about Jeff Rense. I notice he doesn't try any longer to defend the indefensible. There will be more stories, each another layer fitting seamlessly upon the next. The pattern of abuse and exploitation is clear. It is very clearly a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder

These people tend to be very talented, loners, and they cloak themselves in false humility as a cover for their intense self-worship. Marriage for them is a one-sided game. Jeff has such a seared conscience that he pursues victims who have something to leave him when the predicable fight comes to an end.

But US courts don't take kindly to men who systematically victimize women. I see a class action suit possible in this emergin pattern of abuse that will truly end the pain for other would-be brides.

The Truth Movement will live on with or without Jeff Rense. His positive and professional contribution can't be denied. However, if it is a package deal to accept his services along with his abusive nature, I say good riddance!

Ed Hutch said (May 7, 2012):

Dear Henry;
demonizing Jeff Rense creates the sense that Rense is legitimate. I don't understand, his personal life has little to do with his work. If you have a problem with the man's work, maybe you should focus on that. Henry, has your page been hijacked? Are you bound and gaged in the corner?


Jeff's supporters are morons, Why am I not surprised?

Leslie said (May 7, 2012):

Rense is definitely a psychopath.

I had a long relationship and engagement with a man just like this.

The script is the same.

As soon as he thought he "had me" he turned into a demon.

I had several cats.

He was abusive to animals, always a big RED FLAG HERE.

There is no changing these creatures who are Reptilian in nature.

Thanks for the heads up.

I hope your articles will warn and discourage women from getting into these types of relationships because it was hell on earth when I was with this man.

It took a long time to escape.

It was a nightmare.

P.S. Rense said he hated Jews, is he not a Jew?


Thank you Lesley

So few people can feel outrage any more let alone express it.

Jeff's mother's surname is Shearer, which is a name many Jews have.

The most famous is Harry Shearer, who voices Mr. Burns on The Simpson's. In the Jewish religion, if your mother is Jewish, you are Jewish. Then there was the actress Norma Shearer who was married to Irving Thalberg of MGM fame.


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