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Are You Ready for She-Male Judges?

December 3, 2010

frye1.jpgThe promotion of homosexual and transsexual "rights" masks a vicious underhanded  attack on heterosexuals, and an audacious attempt to re-engineer humanity to better serve the Illuminati. Lesbians & transsexuals  are legislating this pernicious agenda from the Bench

(Judge Frye, left. As a man, below)

Imagine any other candidate running on their sexual history. If the media covered them at all, it would be to ridicule them.  Only same sex and sex reversal is celebrated as "freedom", "progressive", even "evolutionary".

by Richard Evans

As millions of jobless Californians were being denied unemployment extensions, that states' 1,338,164 lesbians, homosexuals, and transsexuals cheered the election in San Francisco of the first known post-op transsexual judge in US history,   From the official campaign web site:

"Making History! If I am elected, I would be the first transgendered trial court judge in the United States.  Electing a transgendered person to the superior court would be transformative...."

Two days later on November 18th in Houston Texas, openly lesbian mayor Anise Parker appointed Phyllis Randolph Frye, a national transgender activist to the municipal bench.  It's only a part time spot in traffic court, just enough to establish precedent and the title 'judge' without cutting into Frye's busy career as a leading gay transgender rights attorney.   However municipal court judge is a stepping stone to other positions such as Family Court and Probate, which happens to be the specialties of the newly elected California post-op she-male.

Currently Frye is involved representing a local post op she-male trying to collect life insurance benefits for her husband, a Houston fireman killed in the line of duty.  His family is challenging her claim, saying the marriage was a fraud.

PHYLLIS-FRYE-with-son-1972.gif[Frye, left, as bearded father with son in 1972, and boy scout in 1962 on Frye's own website, "Transgender Legal" - ]

Imagine any other candidate running on their sexual history.  A nun running as the first openly celibate candidate.  Or a heterosexual male running as the first openly nudist candidate.  If media covered them at all it would be to ridicule them.  Only same sex and sex reversal is celebrated as "freedom", "progressive", even "evolutionary".

While the media celebrates what Seattle Weekly calls "The Gayest Election Ever!" and LGBT activist lawyers take their bows, a woman state senator Nancy Schaefer  - a real woman - was murdered execution style for exposing their racket - the Child "Protective Services" industry for what it is:  deliberate separation of natural families and endangering children.  Schaefer also succeeded in getting the equivalent of California's Prop 8 banning gay marriage passed by the Georgia Legislature in 2009. Pay attention during the next two years and see that heterosexual women with traditional values will be pushed out of office and marginalized by media.


This phenomenon is a lot bigger than it first appears.  The she-male judges are part of the daisy chain of lesbian judges appointed at an alarming rate starting in 2008.  Google shows 1,190,000 results for search term "lesbian judges".  The links below are just the first page.  Any one of those would be a story, but this is so big I need to  show how these current events are preceded by over 30 years of strategy.  

This isn't about a few liberals taking advantage of a temporary 2008 swing to the left.   You recall the feminists started with taking over the university and public school systems back in the 80's.  The Feminist movement is using the LGBT movement to take over the judiciary of the United States all the way up to US Supreme Court. 
Every new lesbian and she-male judge is on record as hyperactive members of multiple LGBT activist organizationsThe sudden emergence of the first two she-male judges is truly the tip of the iceberg.

kagan666.jpg(Elena Kagan, left)

The magnitude of these appointments has been under-reported by the national media. When I reviewed case after case in different states, the same pattern emerges. A LGBT judicial assembly line is being created which will feed lower court appeals up the chain to the Supreme Court, which has two lesbians already and a third in the queue in the shape of a new Obama appointee to DC Superior Court, Marisa Demeo.  That position is a traditional step to Supreme Court nomination, so she's next in line.


Media presents this as a a wonderful evolution of fairness and freedom, on par with racial equality. Yet mainstream media never shows you the speeches given at the confabs of the LGBT and feminist NGO's, and they do not quote their manifestos, mission statements and explicit agenda timetables.   

The premise of Feminist Legal Theory is that all law created by heterosexual males in the past subjugated women.  Feminst lawyers are therefore "dedicated to changing women's status through a reworking of the law and its approach to gender."   Obviously when a feminist lawyer becomes a judge they will use the position to change law from the bench.  This is judicial activism.
What does this mean in in feminist family court? Feminist Legal Theory explicitly considers unity of spouses " a legal fiction which exempted the family from state intervention".  There you have it, feminist law dismisses the essence of traditional marriage as 'a legal fiction' for the 'subjugation of women'.  Now further, feminism frowns on mothers who devote full time care to their children.  Who then will a feminist judge be inclined to grant custody?  The answer is the State.  This is the meaning of cute slogans like "it takes a village to raise a child". (Sonia Sotomayor, left) 

sotomayor_0715.jpgThe most prestigious law schools have feminist legal theory in their curriculum. [ ].
Feminist Legal Theory is by nature radically activist.  But a judge who thinks this way is engaging in 'judicial activism', more specifically called 'legislating from the bench', which is unconstitutional in any democracy.

These people are committed to such instruments as their International Bill of Gender Rights which obviously dismisses any nation's constitution.  They prefer to change law from the judicial bench in appointed positions rather than public referendum. Their perception of Constitutional law, marriage, family, emotional well being and mental health are not merely incompatible with heterosexual marriage and family, but "dedicated" to interfere in traditional family right to privacy.


Homosexuality was erased from the list of psychiatric disorders by  the American Psychiatric Association in 1973.  However, transsexuality remains described in the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) as a "gender identity disorder".   Transsexual organizations are quiet about  this because it enables them to make medical insurers pay for sex "reassignment" and cosmetics surgeries they want.
This would be a legal obstacle when transsexuals reach their objective of presiding over family courts.  This is why open lesbians are being stacked in the US Supreme Court and state courts in the gay strongholds of California and Massachusetts.  Plans are in the works in the new socialist Federal  'health care'  to make tax payers pay for abortions as birth control.   A Supreme Court ruling by an activist majority could make sex change surgeries a civil right, then the APA could strike Gender Identity Disorder from it's psychopathology diagnosis list.


Transsexuals are not born looking like the girl next door.  It's more than getting a wig and silicon implants.   Adam's apple's have be sliced up, chin and jaw has to be hacked and reduced.  The forehead requires fancy surgery.  Then to be really convincing is liposuction and buttocks and hip implants and such madness.

Sex 'reassignment' takes years and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for the 'full Monty'.

Brutal video of a burly she-male's radical plastic surgery and 8 months of recovery time to pass off as female.
Facial feminization surgery


American population is 307,000,000 by latest estimate.  Same sex deviancy cycles between 2-4% if you believe LGBT sources.  Media has presented gays and lesbians far out of proportion to reality, and as mainstream society since the 1970's. 

The movie, television, and music business executives are all gay or bisexual.   Anyone who's tried to get an actor's guild card in Los Angeles will confirm that.  As for politics, during my first tour of the District of Columbia in 1977, an insider confided to me casually, "half the Senate's gay and the other half likes little girls".

Just as 1% of the population owns all that's worth owning and controls over 90% of the wealth, a small elite coterie within that,  2% of sex deviants control media an Capitol Hill.  He told me there is an army of people in DC whose profession is to entice and corrupt politicians with any vice imaginable. 

The governments of nations have become whores for the Globalists.  They're addicts - sex, money, power, and obedience keeps the fix coming.

But this is not the result of a "Gay Conspiracy." They would never get anywhere without empowerment and management from the hidden hand above law and politics.

About 20 years ago a Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bevmenov explained that the lunatic fringe minorities, "the leftist celebrities, intellectual dissidents and homosexuals are useful idiots"  empowered only during the de-stabilization stage of subverting a target society.  Soon as their job is done and real communists take power, they're "just taken out and shot".


Listen to long speech by Phyllis Frye, 1st transsexual Judge in Texas & 2nd in the US

READ article by Houston Judge Phyllis Randolph Frye, "TRANS FORMING FAMILIES"

Sen. Nancy Schaefer, assassinated for investigating the Family Court / CPS state kidnapping racket.

Los Angeles Judges Rule In Favor Of Lesbian Partner as "Dad"
"Though the act is predicated on determining legal 'motherhood' and 'fatherhood' ... the statutory language does not restrict the parent-child relationship based on gender to a mother and father. The act requires that we read it in a gender-neutral manner."

"Ex-girlfriend of D.C. Superior Court Judge Janet Albert gets maximum sentence at Judges' request"
Ex-girlfriend's lawyer, "The lesson of this is don't have a bad break up with a lesbian judge. It means you go to jail for five and a half years."

"New York Governor David A. Paterson Appoints Two Openly Lesbian Judges to state Supreme Court, Appellate division"

Chicago. "New alliance is raising profile of gay judges"

Lesbian Judge Wins Statewide Race in New Mexico

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Martha E. Bellinger's new book,  "From Robe To Robe: A Lesbian's Spiritual Journey,"
Before she was appointed Judge she was a Methodist preacher, espouses her "progressive Christian perspective that God created and loves gay and lesbian people".

Another Obama appointee Lesbian Judge on D.C. Superior Court
"The DC Superior Court is known to be a steppingstone to the Supreme Court"..

California Gov taps lesbian as San Francisco judge

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