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Atheists Plan Assault on American Psyche

July 9, 2011

Kathy+Griffin+Call+Action+C+mnf9x0Fh8gzl.jpgMedia Blitz Modeled on Gay Campaign

Joe Solomonese (left) is head of the major corporate gay lobby group, the "Human Rights Campaign." He is seen here with Kathy Griffin during "A Call To Action In D.C." rally  March 18, 2010 in Washington, DC.

American society has been re-defined to treat 2.5% atheists, 2% LGBT as the new normal.

by Richard Evans

Most atheists and gays have one thing in common: they believe Christians are against them.

Here's a surprise: the majority of Americans who belong to churches in 2011 really don't care.

President Obama's 2009 Inaugural prayer was given by New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, a vocal gay rights leader.

This year Lady Gaga released "Judas" in an attempt to spark Catholic backlash as Madonna's "Like a Prayer" did. (Madonna danced in red lingerie before three burning crosses, simulated sex with a living statue of a saint, and displayed bleeding stigmata for her 'persecution' by Christians. The Vatican actually released a statement condemning Madonna over it. Result? The album was certified quadruple platinum in 1989.)

But now it's 2011 and Gaga's best shot at blasphemy got a yawn from the media's favorite 'fundamentalist' Catholic, Bill Donahue. He wrote, "the video is a mess. So incoherent, it leaves the viewer more perplexed than moved. Maybe if she had more talent...."


From the present until the 2012 U.S. elections, you will hear a media drumbeat  about Christian persecution of gays and atheists promoted by the Human Rights Campaign [1.]

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) began in 1980 and is the capstone NGO of the global LGBT movements. Their National Corporate Partners include, Chase Bank; Bank of America; EXXON; BP; Shell and Chevron oil; Micro$oft; Dell; MGM; Starbucks and more. That includes every corporation that the global giants own. That's everybody.

The president of HRC is Joe Solomonese.  He's the top gay activist in the world. HRC's priorities are embedded in six crucial areas of society.

1. Financial - (The Federal Reserve flew the LGBT rainbow Flag to Honor Gay Pride Month. June 2011)

2. Military - ("don't ask don't tell" repeal)

3. Government (multiple gay issues legislation , ongoing)

4. Spiritual (Includes ALL religions from Christa churches to Wicca, and everything else to do with human questions of the existence.)

5. Education

6. Science

All of these departments are now openly supporting the LGBT wish list. There is one exception: the legislatures. There are still many politicians who identify themselves as "Christian", mostly "Fundamentalist Christian" and a few Catholic ones. Most of the other big mainstream Protestant denominations have already been on board long before the government and military.

The transformation of culture from nuclear family clan-based to promiscuous horde required over half a century. The "Lady Gaga" generation was born during the peak of Madonna's career in the late 80's.

American society has been re-defined to treat 2.5% atheists, 2% LGBT as the new normal. 

A plethora of lawsuits contend the small percentage is why the 'orientation' of the vast majority of citizens must be overruled by legal force. With Gay Pride month underway, LGBT activists lobbied Capitol Hill to demand ramming through a national gay marriage Act while Gay Pride Month media pressure was applied to the President to sign it.. There are several more bills in the queue.

The reason? Same sex-marriage fails when put to public vote. It has to be forced either by Act of Congress, or Supreme Court decision.

The back door pressure and promises of HRC lobbyists last month got results. On June 28th New York state's Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed in the "Marital Equality Act"

The California legislature just mandated Gay history in schools. Democrat Jerry Brown has 12 days to sign it. As of July 7th, Brown is stalling because he knows the bill would be defeated by public vote. California public education is already in the midst of low achievement scores and bankruptcy.

Many California students can barely pass standard history finals. The LGBT lobby always wants it both ways - they lobby for bills saying a politicians sexuality isn't important, then demand the sexuality of homosexual historical figures be taught in school.

As California gays and lesbians celebrate programming other people's children by statutory force, Houston's National Cemetery banned Christian funerals.[2.] U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials and Houston National Cemetery director Arleen Ocasio banned the words "God" and "Jesus Christ" from funeral services at the Houston V.A. cemetery


A highly visible alliance of lesbians/gays, and Atheists is emerging.

Richard Dawkins announced the Atheist OUT Campaign in 2007: "Being an atheist is like being gay".

Dawkins' outright association of 'atheist' with gay didn't catch on with the atheist demographic, since being atheist has nothing to do with their sexuality. But the promotion of an alliance based on a mutual resentment of Christianity has proliferated through several sources.

The day NY Gov. Cuomo signed the Marriage Equality Act in New York - June 29th, 2011 - The Washington Post National announced through a columnist, "Atheists should study gay political playbook."  The article equated "closet atheist" legislators and politicians with gays before they came out.

Susan Jacoby writes, "Several months ago, a spokesman for a respected secular organization told me about a member of the House who was uncertain about how to explain a seemingly anti-religious vote in his heavily religious district. He was uncertain because he belonged to a church and was a closeted atheist."

The article is letting us know to expect more of the same. Consider the seemingly spontaneous proliferation of bold atheist news. In the middle of Gay Pride Month NBC left "Under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance before a major sports event.

That omission also happened on the floor of the U.S. Congress Halloween week in October of last year.

Human Rights Campaign CEO Joe Solmonese is known for his policy that the "HRC must make inroads not only in legislatures, but in workplaces, communities, religious congregations, schools, universities and media outlets."

Anyone old enough to remember the first two waves of the 'Gay Movement' recall it was so aggressive and hostile to family and faith-based America that it failed to gain public trust. Famous lesbians and gays made public statements calling children "rug rats" and making jokes about pedophilic "recruiting" in a song called "because 2% is not enough".


The days of the Stonewall riots and A.C.T.U.P. are now ancient history. Under the Human Rights Campaign, the strategy has been to present the public image of 'just like you' -- a plethora of LGBT lawsuits say they want to get married, they love children (strictly Platonic), and they want to be accepted as clergy and church members.

The 'LGBT' NGO's didn't manage their world wide apotheosis on their own.
Larry Kramer of the 1980's radical activist "AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power" (ACT-UP) said he left the organization he helped found when he realized they were acting like the "fascists" they were acting against.

The choice of the "powers behind the throne" is strictly utilitarian. Bertrand Russell and Leon Trotsky both wrote of the need to eradicate the nuclear family and clans because they are the fundamental binding factors of society.

Take one more look at the Corporate Partners that have underwritten the exaggerated power of the LGBT faction. Atheism is the next 'slam dunk' .
Now we'll witness an all-out assault on Christianity in the US on par with what's already happened in the UK and Australia.

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[1.] The Human Rights Campaign

[2.] Houston National Cemetery defies judge, bans saying "God", "Jesus", "Christ" and "God bless you" from veterans' funerals

[3.] Washington Post National Edition "Atheists should study gay political playbook"

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Comments for "Atheists Plan Assault on American Psyche"

Floyd said (July 11, 2011):

As an atheist, I want to state that I do not believe Christians are against me. I believe that Satanists and Communist subversives are against me and the rest of society. I believe that any person who wears their atheism on their sleeve is either a moronic dupe or a bad guy. I believe that any form of organized atheism or atheistic promotion through media should be considered NWO propaganda garbage.

Thanks. Great site.

Oh, and I sincerely pray that a movement of pro-family, pro-moral value, anti-abortion, anti-pornography, anti-LGBT mafia, anti-Zionist individuals hijacks the government, the media, and the culture and stomps the living f**k out of Lady Gaga.

Jay said (July 10, 2011):

After the atheists are accepted we will witness the final act of this entire drama. As soon as atheism has spread and is accepted we will then arrive at the place where they have been taking us all along. If I don't miss my guess here i would say that it in 20 years it will be hate speech to say anything derogatory about pedophiles. The ultimate ending of this entire cultural drama is the acceptance of pedophile relationships.

Al said (July 10, 2011):

Atheists and the other "religions" do the same thing. The only things that seems to work are the commandments. Pointing out all of the evil doesn't increase anyone's wisdom or knowledge. In fact, I would say that "Christians" are more dangerous than atheists because most all of the "Christian" churches are just branches of satanic doctrine; which is, do anything wrong and it is good. If it offends God; do it. "Christians " act just like the muslims. The style is different, but the substance is the same. My thinking is that most religions that I am aware of are total bull shit. There's only one God and that is the one who created everything and the rules are the same for everyone.

While I am not an atheist, I do not believe that they are as much of a threat as the other "religions." Atheists are utterly devoid of any sensible thought processes.

We are dealing with three destructive forces: government, religion, and media. The three combine to destroy the lives of mankind; that is the intention for their existence. Most of us have been raised with virtually no defense against it. But the defense is easy. Keep God's commandments and stop listening to these idiots.

Victoria said (July 10, 2011):

Hi Henry: For any of your readers who are interested, there is a website, run by an American man, Perry Marshall that is called 'Cosmic Fingerprints'. He studied science but, after a period of doubt and subsequent investigations into his true beliefs, he is now a firm believer in a higher power.

Apparently, for some years now (five, if my memory serves me) he has had a statement on an athiests' website that none of them has been able to refute. He says that, while there are naturally occurring patterns in nature (e.g. snowflakes), we have not yet discovered any naturally occurring codes. Since DNA is a code, and all codes that we know of are the result of an intelligence, until and unless we discover a naturally occurring code, we must assume that we, too, are the product of an intelligent mind - i.e. God.

For anyone who is interested in looking into this, here is the link:

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