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Satire -- Feminists Seize Makow's Dog

March 23, 2022

raffismile.jpg(In Memoriam, Raffi, 2003-2013)

When I wrote this in 2012, I considered it a paranoid fantasy.
I had no idea that just ten years later Canada would be freezing
peoples' bank accounts and threatening their pets.

"Bad Dog"
by Henry Makow PhD

The Human Rights Tribunal of the 17th District of the Feminist Soviet of Canada is set to begin. Ms. Rutherford- Armstrong is the Prosecutor.  The Judge is Madam Chegundi Tsunami. The Defendant is Henry Makow of Winnipeg, white male.

"Mr. Makow, at 10.25 a.m. on July 20, 2021 at the corner of Main and Higgins, you were overheard to utter the words, "bad dog" to your pet.  How do you plead?"

Makow: "Guilty with an explanation, Madame. "

HRCcartoon.jpgRutherford: "What is your explanation?"

"I'm teaching him not to chase cats. He has pulled me off my bike and broken many retractable leashes."

"The witness, a Ms. Termagant, reported that there was a hint of impatience in your voice.
This was confirmed by a nearby CCTV.  Is this true?"

Makow: "Yes, it's possible."

Rutherford:  "Do you realize how damaging the words "bad dog" are to his self esteem? Demonizing him? Withdrawing affection?"

Makow: "I was just trying to train him. I wasn't angry. I still loved him."

"Mr. Makow, do you have any professional credentials in the field of dog training? Have you read any feminist theorists?"


3289.jpgRutherford (left): "Then, you wouldn't know how to train a dog, would you?"

Makow:  "Well, I can figure it out. I do praise him when he obeys."

(shaking her head in disgust)  "Your Honor, please note Makow's arrogance, typical of White Male Privilege.  What makes you think the dog should obey you?"

  "Well, he belongs to me."

"How can you 'own' another living creature? Aren't you being patriarchal? Doesn't he have a right to seek fulfillment in his own cultural terms?"

(speechless) "He's dependent on me."

"Neighbours report that Makow often summons his dog by saying, "C'mon, you miserable mutt." That is psychological abuse."

Makow:  "I was just kidding. It was a term of endearment."

judge.jpgJudge Chegundi-Tsunami (left) - "The dog can't tell if you're kidding or not, Mr. Makow.
It's psychological abuse!"

"Your Honor, we've had other reports of Makow leaving his dog outside a supermarket. The dog jumps up on him when he emerges but Makow scolds him. This causes stress and confusion in the animal."

"He has sharp nails. I know he's happy to see me; I fend him off as gently as possible."

"But you are rejecting him, nonetheless."


Makow: "Don't men have any rights? 'When a white male is cut, does he not bleed?'"

Judge Chegundi-Tsunami: "That's enough facetiousness. I won't warn you again. You'll be held in contempt."

Rutherford: "Your Honor, Makow is exhibiting the abusive nature inherent in all white males. The pattern of white male-dog inequality is the template for oppression worldwide. By making an example of Makow, we can end injustice forever."

Judge Chegundi-Tsunami: "I'm in agreement. Makow is interfering with the dog's natural instincts. The tendency of white men to oppress the weak is responsible for war, homophobia, sexism, antisemitism, racism, transphobia, climate change, meat-eating and child spanking.

MakowHenry.jpgMr. Makow, you'll ponder your misdeeds in jail.  Thankfully, patriarchy is dead and you're just a hoary vestige. Your kind will be dead soon and mankind can embark on a very very very long period of peace and harmony.

I sentence you to 30-days in jail and fine you $500 for animal abuse. Also, you must complete a six-month Anger Management Course. I hope you'll think twice before saying "bad dog" again.  Your dog will be raised by professionals. Mr. Makow, do you have anything to say?"

Makow: "This isn't about protecting dogs is it? It's about training white males."

Chegundi Tsunami: "Be careful what you say, Mr. Makow. I'm warning you! 
"Bad man! Bad man!"

Related- Star Trek on gender. I see this as satire but some people take it seriously.

First Comment from Ken Adachi-

Nothing could better underscore the reality of this feminist Marxist hysteria than a Dec. 19 2019 news story of a 30 year Hispanic man named Adolfo Martinez who was sentenced to SIXTEEN YEARS in prison for the despicable and heinous "hate crime" of first removing a cloth LGTBQ banner mounted above the entrance of a church in Ames, Iowa  and then later setting it on fire with lighter fluid in front of men's club some blocks away. He willingly admitted to TV media news reporters that he did it because he didn't approve of the homosexual lifestyle being praised, embraced and approved of in such an overt manner by a Christian church.

In the old days, when some semblance of sanity and judicial temperance reigned in America, the man would have been convicted of the actual misdeed he committed, which is called vandalism and destruction of stolen property. He might have gotten 10 or 15 days  and a fine to pay for the banner and perhaps court costs. But the 'old days' are long gone.

Naturally, the prosecutor was a feminist PC zealot named Jessica Reynolds who wanted to make an example of Martinez. Of course, his 'public defender' was another female attorney who did a bang up job in defending him and convincing the jury that in America we try to fit the punishment to the crime - and not the other way around. Whether the female public defender actually said anything at his trial to defend Martinez was not mentioned in the article, but it probably didn't matter since the judge and the jury were all up on crucifying this guy to the Nth degree because, well, he committed a "HATE CRIME" after all, against the LGBTQCPIEYAXDE community  and we can't have that, can we?

Long Live Comrade Lenin

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satire -- Feminists Seize Makow's Dog "

G said (March 23, 2022):

A most ahead-of-its-time piece and yet more pertinent than ever.

Feminism, and its evil stepchild, political correctness, have put their stain on the grand order of the world. The grotesque overtakes
the beautiful while the conquered torment the unconquered.

There is no better place to stand than with the unconquered. We haven't willingly surrendered our essence or sold our souls.

And Raffi... His trust of you never wavered; he knew you loved him and would ever look out for him, just like a mountain supports a
tree. The arrangement is sacred.

Pedro said (December 28, 2019):

I'd just not feed the dog for a week or two, then take him to court (he surely has that right to) and let him off his oppressive leash. As he terrorised all present (the bar is not too high to leap over if you are
hungry enough) , say "good dog, good dog". He was only excercising his Id, your honor.

JG said (January 2, 2018):

Satirical innuendos have all but disappeared in commentaries, theatre, and editorials today.
In a world where 'political correctness' rules the media airwaves satire is not tolerated because it "offends". Everyone is not a fair game anymore in the world of comedy either.
SNL comedy is not hard to figure out at all. The writers of their skits all seem to promote the neocon view of their political objects of ridicule such as President Trump. They attempt to shape the audience to their agenda. Unfortunately, they have had a degree of success with many who don't know any better.
We can no longer agree to disagree because we are no longer civil.

Jennifer said (December 26, 2015):

Re: New Domestic Abuse Law to Criminalize Emotional Abuse

Too many Men have been brainwashed to be The Bad Boy- generational demonized by their lusts and addictions. They don't want to grow up and be responsible, they want to be James Bond, they want their porn & strip clubs, their pot, alcohol & countless other dissociative drugs (TV, junk food etc) that destroy their rationality. They don't want families but they demand their girlfriends fornicate with them.

Too many Fathers gave their sons porn magazines, condoms & smoked pot with them. Too many fathers were absent. Too many religious "step-in-fathers" raped them. Too many fathers' failed to teach morals, character, integrity, responsibility & respect. While the men were distracted playing the women were forced to step in. Thus the government will step in and do the fathers' job.

Outspoken Pastor Steven Anderson said in a marriage sermon that if a woman wants a great godly marriage -that works -first find a man you can follow who can lead you Spiritually. Yes, of course that's what a woman & family needs. But not one relationship "guru" from John Gray, Pat Allen, Allison Armstrong put it so simply and truthfully. But here's the rub --finding one. Too many young men get sucked into the immoral life by the time they wake up in their late forties (if ever) they're so dysfunctional and their sperm count is shot. What's a 25 year old sober female virgin to do?

Tamara said (June 3, 2012):

just read your "dog trial" and had to suppress loud laughter because it's already 1am here :)) It's too hilarious, really! Too realistic, as well. I still have some hope for humanity, although I pretty much know it's infected and feverish, but prefers to swallow dirt rather than Truth that will heal them.

But, of course, because "it must hurt in order to heal", they run away from it! Emotionally, spiritually and even intellectually weak, pathetic beings who'd rather die than face the Truth. In the end, it's the strongest who are smart and self-respectful enough to accept things outside their habitual tunnel view.

Peter said (June 2, 2012):

Well now, ain't that something. You gave us the perfect example of how those asshole Communists
twist everything out of shape so that they GET you.
My last furry pet had to be put to sleep a long time ago because she went blind and her hearing was bad.

Whenever I had something to say to her, she always looked right back at me and wagged her tail.

Because I'm retired, but not yet retarded, I never got another dog because the vets, south of the border, raised their fees to match that of humans going to the doctor's office for an OV. Then they raised the drug prices. To have a dog today is like having an extra child to care for.

Serena said (June 2, 2012):

Thanks Henry - you deserve a pat on the head and a nice big biscuit for that!

Serena aka Pavolov'sBitch.

Bruno said (June 2, 2012):

Wonderful re-enactment of past and present gender equality training or such lies. The Pavlov dog analogy is actually almost accomplished. The Russians did this experiment back then. They activated a gong or such every time before they gave the dog a goodie dog bone. Before long the dog associated the gong with something to eat and began salivating already.

But then came the cruelty of the act. They rang the gong. But before the dog could get to the dog food dish they shocked him by a live wire with electric shock. Again the dog learned that the gong and the food would cause him to be shocked and so he never again went to the food dish and eventually starved to death.

If you look around they still try the same trick. The girls offer the boys those big fake poison apples. But most of them won't bite any more. Many a teenage boy rather commits suicide. The rest of the men just let them be after so many years of abuse.

The question is what will all those feminist do when they have all the rights and jobs and privileges and more and more? Will they even notice that there are no men left any more?

I won't even tell you what the elitist illumined ones will do with them when there are no men any more to defend them. I guarantee you it will not be pretty. But it will be too late, not just for the men but worse for the women.



Thanks to your suggestion I changed the title! Very apt!


Marcus said (June 26, 2008):

Look at this article henry,

in the uk, a new equalities bill (a draft act not yet law) proposes giving companies the power to dicriminate in favour of women and ethnic minorities.

It will probably be passed, damn it sure is good being a white male.

Doggie do's and don'ts said (June 26, 2008):

Dear Henry,

a great example of the silliness of socialism/feminism as exhibited by all those frustrated old biddys that populate community centres and women's shelters! It's more or less the same here, on my side of the equator.[Australia] I seem to remember another famous dog in history - Pavlov's dog, who was steadily conditioned to respond to certain stimuli. For him its a noise or an action (or whatever - sorry , but can't remember exactly what Pavlov did now) with us, it's the front page of the newspaper or the six o'clock news, and 'celebrities' etc...

It may seem rediculous to some, but what your postulating here, is not as far away from reality as some may think. I remember when I went to a welfare legal centre some years ago, it was called the "XYZ Women's Legal Centre" and men were definitely not welcome. Eventually, the state government funding body made them remove the word 'Women's' from their title outside the office, but they still refused to help any males, by saying that "we're short of funding now, and only the most urgent cases can be taken to court by us." Unsurprisingly, none of them were acting on behalf of men in court for the next little while...

Danny said (June 26, 2008):

As ridiculous as your story may sound to some, substitute the dog for your own child/spouse etc. and we have a chilling example of where we are being led by our owners. At some point people will need to make the choice to take the red pill or the blue pill. Hopefully my waning faith in humanity will receive a lift, but I'm not holding my breath.

Keep up the excellent work, my good man.

Paul in Australia said (June 25, 2008):

Oh! Now you're preventing a canine Quadrupid (repressively identified as "yours") from achieving self actualization through making his own life choices! Does the evil never stop!

Angie said (June 25, 2008):

I'm a recovering feminist and I just want to say that I love your site. We need more people like you with the guts to just say what used to be common sense. We have to fight the "doublethink" and "newspeak". I do it all the time by being as politically incorrect as possible in my personal speech.

It is possible to un-brainwash people, but they have to see the consequences of liberal ideals first hand.

I used to call my father racist--when I lived in all white Maine, but when I moved to south Florida and had to live and work around the joys of multiculturalism, my vision cleared. It wasn't until I got married to one heck of a wonderful man that I realized how dehumanizing feminism is to men. Our marriage is strong because we realize that the most loving thing two people can do is take care of each other and men and women don't take care of each other in the same way. They have very different responsibilities to one another. We have a solid marriage because of traditional morality.

Really the way that people think nowadays is making people very miserable. All this misery and despair in what should be a wonderful world!

How could people want to inflict such suffering? I know they do, I just cant understand why.

Your insights are just terrific. I've been looking for a site like yours for a while. I caught on to the propaganda bit years ago when I spotted far too many white/black couples in advertising relative to the demographics. Since then, I also now spot metrosexual influences and of course feminist themes abound. Violence is constantly poured onto the youth. One of the most disturbing trends is the sexual themes directed at children. My brother was playing a "teen" video game the other day with a fantasy theme. It was fine for a while destroying titans and monsters, and then all of a sudden in the clouds it came to a part where the main character had to have sex with two women?!?

I'm traumatized all the time thinking about the madness being bred right now. These kids will be big someday!

Thank you for speaking out and saying what needs to be said. We all need to be doing this, we need to be talking about this.

Jocelyn said (June 24, 2008):

Now that's a cutey Henry. For years you have dished out wonderful diggings to feed our minds with historical up and outdates. This time, a little brain buster: think solely!

As I do not live any where on your Canada-America-Mexico highway (thank heavens), I don't believe one minute that any Federal Court - be it of the "Feminist Soviet of Canada" - would take such pains to prove itself so ridiculous on a RAFFI fantasy with a paranoid owner case.

However, considering the posted comments, I may be wrong? So, you have a witness (a Ms Termagant) who has a sneaky courage to sue you to court, but uncapable to give you a direct word-bashing on spot (are you 8 ft high)? Let me laugh.

A Mrs Chegundi Tsunami, Judge, "a women of colour", translated BLACK by "Lawrence"? YELLOW is also a colour... Again I laugh. What are her professional dog training credentiels and human medical psycho ones?

And a Crown Prosecutor, Ms Rutherford-Armstrong just confirms that Canada belongs to the Queen? And not to Canadians!

As to the cross question-answers, an excellent parody of all the NWO psyOps, nazi-youth system rebirthing (..."a ward of the state, raised by professionals"). Do I replace Patriarchy by world masters?

Will you be packed to Guantanamo, Henry?
A big kiss on RAFFI's nose, your ex-son.

PS - Think this one out: if all humans were to skin-strip thoroughly before a Court, tell me then how do I recognize reds, browns, blacks, yellows, pinks and whites...

Rob said (June 24, 2008):

Makow: "Raffi, KILL!

Rutherford: "AAARRGHH!!!"

Makow: "Raffi, GOOD DOG!"

Toma said (June 24, 2008):

Lawrence [below] is a retard.

Ooops... did I say 'retard'?? I meant 'intellectually challenged'. I hope I didn't offend anybody. Should you have been offended by my use of the word 'retard', please immediately contact your master.

Lawrence said (June 24, 2008):

I don’t get the point of this article. Are you insinuating that the natural position of the white man is as the leader of black people and blacks should be relegated to a position of inferiority? It was a quick read, hopefully I am mistaken…

Dear Lawrence,

The piece is about how males are being disempowered and all you can ask is, could it be offensive to Blacks or women? They have gotten to your head.

No, I do not think white men are natural leaders of Blacks nor do I think minorities and women are inferior. I do think they are being used to change the European heterosexual character of Western society. That should be obvious by the blatant discrimination and propaganda in their favor.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at