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Bankrupt America Ruled by Legal Scam?

February 4, 2012

jackson.jpg IRS Whistle Blower Sherry Jackson, left, confirmed the finding that income tax is voluntary. The IRS is a private corporation and U.S. Citizens are literally classified as Enemy Aliens by this corporation. Standing against the legal system is the LAWFUL thing to do and participating makes you an accomplice to fraud and racketeering.

by Nathan

Henry, if you have not heard of IRS whistle blower Sherry Peel Jackson (see video) you should read her story.  They have tried to put her in a grave to shut her up and she has courageously stood her ground against the tyranny and corruption that has spread like cancer through the body of this country. 

She was a fraud investigator for the IRS for over 20yrs and she finally stumbled upon one of the biggest frauds in history, INCOME TAX IS VOLUNTARY!  Also, the IRS is a private corporation and a branch of the International Monetary Fund.

One more thing that was not mentioned is that 14th Amendment, Citizens or U.S. Citizens are literally classified as Enemy Aliens to the corporation (federal government/District of Columbia).  They claim a government title but in reality are nothing more than a DE FACTO corporation (District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871) and use force and fear to enforce their COLOR OF LAW.  

Traitors in this corporation (federal government) helped the central banking class fraudulently declared our DE JURE government (Constitutional Republic) bankrupt and insolvent in 1933 and our DE JURE government (Constitutional Republic) was fraudulently dissolved and all that was left at that point was the DE FACTO corporation (federal government/District of Columbia). 

This decade is when we were taken from our DE JURE Common Law into the DE FACTO legal system, which is for corporations (dead entities) and commerce (money).  For those who don't know, legal and LAWFUL are not the same thing. 

There are no judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes.

Executive Administrators or ACTORS enforce Statutes and Codes.  When you are in "court" you are literally standing in front of an ACTOR who presents himself as a legitimate authority but in fact is really enforcing the DE FACTO corporations (federal government/District of Columbia) COLOR OF LAW. 

In reality, standing against the legal system is the LAWFUL thing to do and participating makes you an accomplice to fraud and racketeering.  If you like to read, research District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, Federal Reserve Act of 1913,  Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, War Powers Act of 1933, Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933,  and House Joint Resolution 192.  This will help shed some light on one of the worlds greatest conspiracies.

I also want to leave you with this quote from another whistle blower by the name of Howard Freeman.  I believe this quote was from the early 40's.

"In 1938, all the higher judges, the top attorneys and the U.S. attorneys were called into a secret meeting and this is what we were told:

'America is a bankrupt nation - it is completely owned by its creditors. 'The creditors own the Congress, they own the Executive branch, the Judiciary branch, and they own all the State governments! Take silent judicial notice of this fact, but never reveal it openly. Your court is operating in an Admiralty Jurisdiction. Call it anything you want, but do not call it Admiralty!'"

Howard Freeman goes onto explain:

"The reason they cannot call it Admiralty Jurisdiction is that your defense would be quite different in Admiralty Jurisdiction from your defense under Common Law. In Admiralty, there is no court which has jurisdiction unless there is a valid international contract in dispute. If you know it is Admiralty Jurisdiction, and they have admitted on the record that you are in an Admiralty Court, you can demand that the international maritime contract, to which you are supposedly a party, and which you supposedly have breached, be placed into evidence! (No court has Admiralty Jurisdiction unless there is a valid international maritime contract that has been breached.)

"So you say, just innocently like a lamb, 'Well, I never knew that I got involved with an international maritime contract, so I deny that such a contract exists. If this court is taking jurisdiction in Admiralty, then place the contract in evidence, so that I may challenge the validity of the contract.' What they would have to do is place the national debt into evidence. They would have to admit that the international bankers own the whole nation, and that we are their slaves!

"But, the bankers, at their secret meeting in 1938, instructed the judges and attorneys that it 'is not expedient at this time' to admit that they own everything and could foreclose on every nation of the world. The reason they don't want to tell everyone that they own everything is that there are still too many privately owned guns out there [especially in the United States].

"There are uncooperative armies and other military forces [like the growing militia movement in America]. So, until they can gradually consolidate all armies into a WORLD ARMY [which they have almost accomplished with the UN 'peacekeeping' special forces], and all courts into a single WORLD COURT [which is outlined in the UN Covenant, and signed by 134 countries], it is not 'expedient' to admit the jurisdiction the courts are operating under.

When we understand these things, we realize that there are certain secrets they don't want to admit, and we can use this to our benefit. Since the courts were instructed not to call it 'Admiralty Jurisdiction', they call it 'Statutory Jurisdiction."


Example of Judicial Deceit

(From EJ)

As you may know...

The Georgia judge (Malihi) has ruled against Orly Taiz and the case questioning Obama's eligibility.

"The court finds the testimony of the witnesses, as well as the exhibits tendered, to be of little, if any, probative value, and thus wholly insufficient to support plaintiffs' allegations," he said.

Malihi's decision came without any evidence being presented by Obama or his lawyer after they refused to participate in the required hearing under a state law that mandates all candidates qualify for the office they seek. Malihi essentially tossed all of the information the plaintiffs and their attorneys presented.

Malihi's order looks like it was drafted by Obama's personal attorneys from Perkins Coie.

In regards to the evidence and witnesses, he says, that none of them were persuasive. Well, plaintiffs witnesses were not supposed to prove that Obama is not eligible, plaintiffs were supposed to show, that there is a reasonable doubt. Obama was supposed to provide evidence to overcome this reasonable doubt.

Orly Taiz:

"From now on we have an official anarchy. No rule of law, no real documents exist. Any criminal can create any forgery, post it on line and that would be enough for one to be the President, to be in charge of the military and nuclear weapons. From now on anyone can use stolen social security numbers of deceased individuals from the states, where they never resided .
We officially have a free for all, we officially have a mob rule, a criminal enterprise running the nation and we have no judge that will stop this mob."

For all the ignorant sheep watching football are all dead. The gauntlet has been laid down and beer drinking, snack food munching sheep will be among the first to go when Iran is forced by the Zionist Jews to detonate a nuclear device over the US from the Gulf of Mexico that will push us back into the dark electrical devices will, computers, nothing. But damn, wasn't that a great touchdown pass

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Comments for " Bankrupt America Ruled by Legal Scam?"

David said (February 5, 2012):

Nathan: In response to your article, you make a plausible argument about the IRS and American citizens as subjects to the corporation. In the future, though, advise not to mix subjects as your last missive was clearly wrong. Iran will not preemptively attack America: This is a Zionist message and if you are of higher consciousness, you should know better.

The social engineers would love it that any strong semblance of America fears an attack by Iran. They don't have nuclear devices. Bring truth to power, buddy, it's all about petrodollars and keeping the dollar the world's fiat currency.

Deb said (February 5, 2012):

Actually, you contract with the government "corporation" the moment you pay that first dime into Social Security. You're agreeing to labor for the government in return for that pittance
they promise you in your old age. If you eschew that offer from the beginning, and like you say, also refuse to submit a 1040, you are under no obligation to the system; but if you've agreed to Social Security, you can then be prosecuted if you fail to comply.

JB said (February 5, 2012):

I have no doubt as to the truth of this article - but it does not matter what the law is. Power does what power wants to do. If we had a
viable society of thinking humans then these facts would be more relevant. But the society functions as a herd - democracy is just
public relations BS - its nothing but a storefront to the myth of the liberal society- in reality its a work camp and the people are managed

Has it crossed the mind of the truth movement ?--that perhaps the elite are not an affront to nature, but part of nature's scheme?

Because the majority act in such a way as to make self governance implausible. And this is not simply due to dumbing down by media - all
through history the majority have abdicated personal responsibility for independent thought. They always crucify those who think
independently (the enemy) with relish.

Anyway, lets not pretend that the majority are innocent victims or that they value human life as sacred. One's own tribe or family perhaps. But when its some other people "over there" then its "I support the troops" or some such. So the elite are simply the alpha males of their own kind and the current arrangement is the only
possible system for them by virtue of their own natures. This is especially the case as technology has advanced. But what's going on -
on one level - those alphas have decided that there are too many people on the earth and plan to cull and they want the remaining species on a shorter leash while they are at it.

Al said (February 5, 2012):

I know Sherri and she is a very well principled woman. I was a part of that whole thing and Sherri is the best. We should have more women like her.

I had to of her speeches..she kept me on my toes.

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