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Be Known by the Enemies you Make

August 8, 2012

left. Kevin Annett, the only Minister in the history of the United Church of Canada to be defrocked. He opposed sales of Indian lands held in trust; and exposed past genocide of Indian children in church-run residential schools. Both Catholic & Protestant churches were involved.

"With all that shit they say about you, f**k man, I knew you were the real thing!"

by Kevin Annett
(edited by

spencer.jpegThe nasty creep was named Phil Spencer, left, and his eyes shone with the same weird glow worn by the kid on our street in Winnipeg who used to  smash prairie dogs to death with a mop.
Phil was a fellow United Church minister.
It was June,1995, and just months earlier, Phil had spearheaded my  removal from a United Church pulpit in Port Alberni. With the same infantile bullyness, Phil now sauntered over to me to as I passed out leaflets protesting my firing.
"Hi Kevin!" he exclaimed, thrusting his smirking, triumphant face into mine.
Revulsed, I thought of my wife Anne's inconsolable tears and her nervous breakdown after I was summarily fired, and of my two small daughters who had lost their home and friends - all because of Phil. A rage boiled up in me, a loathing for this man, and my fists clenched.
"Hi Kevin!" he jabbered again, as he danced and jumped in front of me.
Disgusted, I looked past the leering buffoon, and walked away from him.
I regretted my forbearance for weeks after that. As every new attack rained down on me, and as my family and I were systematically ripped apart by the church, I imagined that at least I could have landed a well placed blow.
But another truth came to me later that summer when I received a phone call from a woman,
another minister from Vancouver island.
"We're behind you, Kevin, even if we can't say so" she said. "It's just sickening what they're doing to you".
"Thanks, but it's not over yet" I replied. "Phil Spencer sure has it in for me."
The woman laughed.
"He's doing you more good than you know. Every time he attacks you, everybody sees he's just a crazy, angry guy. His drinking is out of control again. You just keep the high ground, Kevin".
The system always rewards its own, of course, starting with its sicko hatchet men. The same year I was defrocked, Phil Spencer was appointed to head the Comox-Nanaimo Presbytery.
Phil Spencer was an unwitting ally of mine that day, and he and his kind have been ever since. For his attacks helped launch me on my new calling, and his deceit gave rise to the truth movement that is bringing down his United Church of Canada and its legacy of child rape and murder.
I suppose I should thank him someday...

In reality, the "rulers" of church and state keep revealing by their responses to us where they are the most vulnerable, and how even a small group of us can trigger their downfall.
kevinannettjusice.jpgOne case in point: the day that fifty of us briefly occupied Holy Rosary catholic cathedral in Vancouver during a Sunday mass in early 2007.
We carried a banner that day that declared "All the children need a proper burial". The pew crowd were respectful and curious. The priests, however, went quite ballistic: one of them lost his saintly guise altogether and tried putting me into an arm lock and wrestling me out of the place.

And small wonder: for by entering their church and confronting their crime, we threatened not only the public image of Catholicism that Sunday, but, more specifically, the cash in their collection plates.
Sure enough, within a few weeks of that catholic church occupation and after we publicly announced that similar occupations would continue, the Canadian government declared that an apology for the Indian residential schools was forthcoming, along with an "official inquiry".
Loose cannon tactics? Confrontational methods? So be it. They work! And they sure scared the shit out of the Catholic archdiocese in Vancouver, whose lawyer called me up afterwards and literally pleaded with me not to lead any more occupations of the cathedral.
The fifty of us who invaded Holy Rosary church were mostly poor, homeless native men and women. We had nothing going for us except our own resolve. But our tiny group was nevertheless able to do the impossible, and use the very weight of the wealthiest and most "powerful" corporation in history, the roman catholic church, against itself, and force a change.
Frankly, the problem doesn't lie in such methods, as some claim, but rather with the inconsistency with which we rely on such direct action. Still today, few people are willing to challenge the church like the fifty of us did, even when its crimes have been exposed and the mass graves of its victims located. Too many of us, in truth, are still captive to the illusion that the powerful are unassailable.
The reality is that our campaign to bring down criminal church and government bodies has now reached such a level of successful, critical mass that the criminals in our cross hairs are acting ever more desperately, and are trying to strike at us with the only way they know how: with lies and confusion. Yet by so doing, they are exposing their real nature more quickly to wider numbers of people, many of whom are abandoning the catholic church in droves.
Put simply, the mask of church and state is slipping, and the illusions that have allowed their crimes to continue for centuries are evaporating daily. And it's up to us now to take full advantage of that golden historic opportunity.
Despite what Christian Sunday school may have taught you, light and darkness are not opposites but rather co-dependent forces that work together for a third and higher purpose, unknown to either. Our enemies, and all that they inflict on us, are the means by which we not only learn endurance, courage and clarity, but have opened to us the real purpose of what we have struggled and suffered through.

I began this journey twenty years ago, and only now am I aware of what it's really all about.
The-united-church-delivers-on-its-promise1.jpgA religion and a culture that could so systematically kill off generations of children and then hide the evidence and continue to maim the innocent is an abomination that must be gotten rid of. The more seasoned and far seeing of us know this already, and have given up our naive hope that church and state can be "held accountable" for doing the atrocities which come naturally to them. Instead, we are committed to abolishing those murderous institutions altogether, as international law and the safety of children demands.
We have pledged our lives to the fundamental shakeup of our society. And our looming common law court of justice is the first stage in that shakeup.
Yesterday, I was accosted on the streets of Vancouver by a young man who grabbed my hand and exclaimed,
"You're Kevin Annett! Man, I love you!"
I must have looked self-conscious or something, for the guy smiled and continued,
"With all that shit they say about you, fuck man, I knew you were the real thing!"


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Comments for "Be Known by the Enemies you Make "

Kevin Annett said (August 10, 2012):

I noticed some odd comments about me on your discussion group, as always coming from people I've never met but who seem to be self-proclaimed experts about me.

I never imagined my work would boil down in some peoples' minds to whether one believes I;m a saint or a devil. I;m not the issue, after all.

My only request to my critics is 1. That they provide actual evidence, not hearsay and rumor, when it comes to my work, and 2. They show the same if not more passion and commitment in confronting people and groups that are actually criminal, like the government and churches. What's revealing is that the same critics rarely do so, and are nowhere to be seen when something practical is being done to protest at churches, demand answers from the churches about the mass graves of children under their care, etc.

I take seriously those critics who back up their rhetoric with action. Sadly, the Internet activists aren't doing so when it comes to dead Indian kids. It's easier just to call me names.

Jeff said (August 10, 2012):

I have known Kevin Annett personally for almost 10 years. He very much deserves the name awarded to him by the Aboriginal Elders who bestowed the honour on him. His life emanates with an unwavering commitment to truth, justice and mankind in general (not just First Nations people who were treated so viciously by so many people who could have done much better).

When people comment as they have on this post negatively about Kevin they do so with an agenda. It is too confuse people. The tactic is tiresome really. Nothing more. Those that cover up crimes are just as guilty as the perpetrators and they should recognize this aspect of their character. My only question to these people is why?

For anyone with questions about what Kevin has accomplished take time to inform yourselves, without lame-ass distortions and loopy claims made by people hiding their real agenda, by reading his work, seeing his film or even contacting him directly. It is easy. It something that any reasonable and prudent person would and should do.

Ben said (August 10, 2012):

he latest article on Kevin Annett is most interesting even though, as some of those posting comments have said, it seems that Kevin does have some problems of his own. I can see where Heather is coming from in her post but I disagree that Kevin is doing 'real and permanent damage to the Aboriginal people' - on the contrary he is exposing a very serious situation to us all and I am sure that most who read this on your site have not come across this before. The way Kevin goes about this exposure might not suit everyone but we should be less interested in this than the actual story itself which, from the sound of it, has a very deep and most serious truth running through it. I have been involved here in the UK in working with a survivor of one of those catholic schools in Ireland where so many were abused and damaged in the 1960s and later and there are many similarities to what I uncovered and what Kevin describes in his story. I also think that for Heather to focus on Kevin's Marxism is wrong or rather a red herring and also, I do not see the logic in her statement: ' The issue is not whether the Churches were guilty of these crimes, but is instead what lengths we are willing to go to make them accountable' - I disagree with this. The issue IS very much whether the Churches were guilty and the rest follows on from that. Heather also makes a seemingly valid point concerning the evidence, why does Kevin not just present it? The point is, as I discovered in my own research mentioned above, to whom? The normal avenues and authorities would be instructed from above and any evidence would just happen to disappear. Look at what happened when Kevin tried to enter the UK from Holland, someone did not want him to speak here and that type of someone would also make sure that any evidence or documents presented to 'them' would vanish. By the way, I have never met nor spoken to Kevin Annett nor to any of those named in his article.

Heather said (August 9, 2012):

Have you done your research on this man? For I would wager that you, like most people, have simply viewed the fact that Kevin is anti-Vatican, and jumped on the old band wagon.

What few people know, or can accept is that he will do real and permanent damage to the Aboriginal people in this country by his irresponsible conduct. People, like the "hey man you must be Kevin Annett" - people, rarely ask questions about what he is doing and how he is doing it. The ones who have asked questions, get labeled black-operatives and are accused of psychological warfare tactics called 'bad-jacketing'. These people are some of the previous supporters of his who had it with his shennanigans and called him on it. People like Jan Longboat and Lydia and Royce Whitecalf, who worked with Kevin at the start of this 'Tribunal' to spread the word... his behavior to them, and his taking of their money to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, had them asking questions. They wanted to know what he was doing and why he was doing it. He then publicly slandered them, painting himself as the victim.

Henry, the real tragedy here is that a greatest opportunity in history to bring guilty parties to justice is being made into a sideshow circus. He refuses to produce the concrete evidence that human (let alone childrens) bones were excavated, he regularly makes the Church the focus of his tirades (and not justice for murdered children)... he is hardly a Martin Luther King. He paints himself as a man of God and follower of Christ, yet behaves in no way like someone who seeks peace and harmony.

The issue is not whether the Churches were guilty of these crimes, but is instead what lengths we are willing to go to make them accountable. There is no honor in a victory won through deception. I believe that Kevin has some psychological problems and is acting out his fantasies as being the savior of the world. He is a dangerous man, because he fails to temper his passion with wisdom and humility.



I posted an article by Kevin. I have met him about four years ago and read his book. I have not vetted his activities for the past 10-15 years and am not in a position to judge him one way or another. I post more than 365 articles a year. This article spoke to me.


Kris said (August 9, 2012):

I like your site a lot but the article about the united church ex minister made think how blind people can be.

I come from Poland but now live in Australia.

During the 2nd war over 2500 priests where murdered in Poland alone,by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

They where carefully selected before the war,for their anti masonic/satanic preaching.

So many atrocities happend during and after the war, but not many in the west know about.

After the war the Jewish polish communist/Russian government ,in order to infiltrate the church.

The enlisted over 5000 of their groomed clergy into the church.
And just like the protocols state.
They began to corrupt the church .
Eg. Pedophilia,immorality ,scandals etc draw people away from.

No wonder Vatican 2 was such a success. When by then most clergy was indoctrinated by them or was them.

So yeah some where butchered in north America some in south America some in Europe some in Asia ,middle east and
Africa and some in Australia.

The beast is global,no one is spared.

As Jesus said "You shall know them by their fruit"

The people that did those things to the North Americans natives are wolfs in sheep's clothing, thats what im trying to say.

Stephan said (August 9, 2012):

The bible says "Beware when organised men say good things about you" (paraphrase). Conversely, as with Kevin Annett, I can also say "I knew you were the real thing"

I am one of those who had to escape about 4 organised religions before I found the truth of God's word and real peace. Even the Assemblies of God who operate under numerous name like "Christian Community Centre", Christian this or that, I found were all copies of the other similarly named AOG churches. They all had the same formulae and I could not escape the fact that they did not exhibit the variety that God's Spirit would inculcate in individual churches. Carbon copies - there is something wrong with that in my mind when we have a God who loves diversity. Look at all the beautiful different nationalities that God created and see how Satan wants to blend us all together in his NWO to destroy God's plan.

Love the phrase "got kicked out of the whore house" - how fitting a phrase for being kicked out of the Babylon Mystery Religion, Mother of Harlots religion

Dan said (August 9, 2012):

Dan said (May 16, 2008):

Kevin has a great lecture recording on the origins of genocidal policy at the beginning of the colonial era. If you haven't heard it it's worth a listen as the real history lesson. The file title is HFH-04-06-28.mp3

You're quite right that there's always the outer artifice structure of religions and institutions, insulated from the reality of the secret structure behind all our institutions. Since he got wise, Kevin's traced the history of insitutional Christianity back to it's root as the convenient new cover for the Roman empire as it's ability to control the world through military force was on the wane. He identifies this beast as Christendom (the 'Kingdom of Christs') as opposed to the early gnostic form.
I think of the insulated 'nice' outer temple of institutional Christianity as 'Christen-dumb'. The useful public is always given this insulated institution which is so much the antithesis of the dark orders within political core. They can't believe it when atrocities committed by their church come to light, since their experience all their lives with their church is entirely different. For example, to my knowledge, the wealthier Catholic diocese of the world weren't given pedophile priests. This protected them for a long time, though church pedophilia went too far into blue collar, lower middle class Catholic diocese. I suppose that's why they've gotten caught.

Once we understand this it's evident that we cannot 'save' the institutional churches. No matter how good the ministers and people currently in the insulated artifice churches, they are still controlled and funded through the old Establishment. Whether it be the Vatican, or the Protestant heirarchy. Currently these institutions are being deliberately collapsed and morphed by the Illuminati heads of these establishments into their own new artifice. Beware -- the New Age model they're morphing us toward have also co-opted the gnostic and native religion concepts too in order to 'own' them, just as they owned Jesus for 18 centuries.

Sincere Christians and ministers must to go back further, and create their own self controlled churches.

Joe said (August 9, 2012):

wanted to say to Kevin that you are in league with the true rebels like Jesus, Martin Luther, Galileo who protested the corrupt religious powers of their day.

When I think of the lower level ranks and useful idiots of the Illuminati, I assume they are characters like Phil Spencer. Naturally in life they are losers but due to their association they can bark without fear cause their chains are held by rich and powerful masters. They get a bone once in a while but once they have served their purpose they will be neutered and shipped to a glue factory.

Leslie said (August 9, 2012):

I too, love Kevin Annett and what he is here to do.

I've done the research on Mr Annett and what he knows and is up against.

Only the strongest of the strong and bravest of the brave would dare venture where he has gone and is going.

Mr. Annett is revealing the horrific story set in 1964, of the 10 native children at the Kamloops Mission school run by the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church who went on a picnic with the Satanic Queen Elizabeth Windsor, (Hanover) and her evil consort, Prince Phillip. These children were lead away from the picnic by the Monarch the Prince and were never to be seen again.

There are signed documents by witnesses who were at the picnic. These Mission school survivors have sent a letter of Demand to her Royal "Highness" on January 24, 2008. Demanding she comply with their requests. Pope Ratzinger, along with the Queen named as responsible for genociding many of the residential school survivors. . The Pope's Demand is to follow.

The survivors want the Lizzie and the Rats Zinger to fess up and come clean about their crimes.

Annett is the organizer.

Read more about the unholy crimes of the Satanic Roman Catholic Church and the Illuminati "Royal" Family in the provided links.

Check out the photographs.

There is no denying any longer just what and who these de facto rulers really are and it's not pretty and it's not human.

Aidan said (August 9, 2012):

Self righteous douchebags make a lot of enemies. A man that would do that to a mass deserves every one.

Al Thompson said (August 8, 2012):

There is never any reason for anyone to ever go into their churches again. I've gone through one church after another and they never stick to their own doctrines. The "pastors" are liars and hypocrites and they have little to no morals. The problem for a lot of people is that they want to go somewhere to improve their moral and spiritual welfare. So they go to any church where they feel comfortable, then these groups suck people's brains out, steal their money, and confuse them even more. These churches teach a bunch of nonsense. You give me any "Christian" doctrinal statement and I can find the trouble in about five minutes or less.

The reason these churches engage in child rape and murder is because all of them are satanic trash heaps; both government and religion. I've studied the Bible for over 25 years and I can safely state that I have never seen a true "Christian" church. All you have to do is to watch their behavior; that tells the true story. If you want to make yourself crazy, join a religious organization. Leave your brains at the door; you won't need them after they get done with you. The best thing people could do is to head for the exits and stop feeding the beast. Most of what is passed off as "Christian" is pagan. In fact, I'd say all organized religions are pagan.

So for Kevin to get defrocked....well...I'd wear that as a badge of honor. That would be like getting kicked out of a whorehouse (he didn't know he was in) because he had too much dignity. While it didn't feel good to him at the time, this is a lesson learned. Organized religions are on the intellectual trash heap of history. Think of organized religions as spiritual whorehouses that want to steal your life and your soul.

Oh, BTW, all I did was to go onto the United Church of Canada's website and see all of the "Swooshes" 666 on the logo..More evidence of it's pagan roots. And if that's not convincing enough, look at Henry's article about Ontario's City Logo. Again, Kevin was in a spiritual whorehouse; good job on his part for getting kicked out.

Jean Luc Guilmot said (August 8, 2012):

Please forward my warm regards and words of encouragement to Kevin whose book ‘Hidden from History- The Canadian Holocaust’ I edited in French four years ago:

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at